Chapter 544: A Messier Situation

    Chapter 544: A Messier Situation

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    Noticing that her daughter was in a loss, Yan Qianling's heart ached because this daughter was her husband's sweetheart. Moreover, their daughter's actions were for the good of the Water Ying Immortal City as well.

    Yan Qianling hurried to add in, "Husband, Wen Lianxi was not wrong because even if we were to let them represent us, it would be extremely hard for two Tier 5 Pill Kings to get into the top 300 let alone top 50 with the lack of restrictions now. I was wondering why don't we let Big Brother Tan Liang represent the Water Ying Immortal City? Since we are going to fail, why should we give this opportunity to outsiders? At the very most, we would leave the Water Ying Immortal City immediately after the competition."

    Wen Lianxi regained her composure and said, "Father, I think mother is right because there is no need for us to curry favour with the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance since we have already offended them. It would at least be a good experience for Uncle Tan to participate in this competition."

    Tan Liang sighed, "I have no objections to this. If I were to participate in the competition with the previous rules in place, I will still have a slight chance but I am certain that I would not have any chances now."

    After remaining silent for quite some time, Wen Hou finally spoke, "Lianxi and your mother are right. Brother Tan, you and I are like true brothers so you shall represent us in the competition this time round. In the event that we lost, we shall leave immediately. I believe there would be some time before the Water Ying Immortal City turned into a subsidiary city so we should be fine as long as we leave before that happens.

    Everyone fell silent because everyone including Wen Lianxi knew that Wen Hou's words were to comfort them only. After the competition ended, those who left the city would be dealt more severely if they were caught.

    Only after a while, Tan Liang answered, "Alright, we would at most leave together. I will also take a look if I have any chance of entering the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance if all else fails."

    Wen Lianxi felt extremely horrible at the sight of her father and mother's dejected looks. She recalled Mo Wuji's guarantee and was hesitant as to whether or not she should let her parents know. However, she was fearful that after she said that and if Mo Wuji failed, it would only make them even more disappointed.

    "Lianxi, are you still hiding something from us?" Wen Lianxi's mother, Yan Qianling knew her own daughter extremely well so she could tell that Wen Lianxi appeared as if she still had something to say.

    Even Wen Hou could tell so he chuckled, "Lianxi, things couldn't get any worse so just speak your mind freely. No matter what happens, our family will never be split apart. I, Wen Hou, had been in the Immortal World for so many years so what have I not encountered before?"

    Wen Lianxi agreed so she replied, "The pill refiner who I invited told me that he was 70% certain..."

    Hearing Wen Lianxi's words, even Tan Liang didn't look too pleasant. 70%? After the changes of the rules, even a Tier 6 Pill King would not dare to be 70% certain of earning a slot so could he be a Pill Emperor?

    "Lianxi, please don't tell me you're cheated," Yan Qianling furrowed her brows.

    Wen Lianxi hurried to say, "No, it was the pill refiner whom I met at the Corner of Yong Ying and even Uncle Tan praised him. Who knew that I would meet him at the Yong Ying Immortal City."

    "Its him?" Tan Liang's expression looked slightly better as he simply sighed, "Before the changes to the rules, he would definitely be 70% certain of getting a slot no, should be 90%. However, after the rules change, even Pill Emperors would be participating, sigh..."

    Wen Hou also got excited as he hurried to ask, "Brother Tan, previously, you felt that the essence he extracted was 100% pure and normally, pill competitions require competitors to purify immortal herbs."

    Tan Liang nodded, "I dare to guarantee that in time to come, this pill refiner would be a Pill Emperor. Only an unbelievable genius would be able to purify a herb to 100% purity because even a Tier 6 Pill King might not be able to do so. The pity was that before he could fully reach his potential, the rules had to change now. My guess is that even the person who came in 50th would be at least a Tier 6 Pill King. In a competition of such high standards, even if they were required to purify herbs, it would be immortal herbs which are Tier 4 and above. The difficulty of purifying such herbs would definitely be incomparable to lower grade herbs..."

    As he said this, Tan Liang paused as he looked at Wen Lianxi before saying. "Lianxi, whether we succeed or fail, you have to introduce him to me after the competition. This person has limitless potential and would definitely be someone who many will look upon in the near future."

    Yan Qianling suddenly thought of something as she looked at her husband, "Husband, what do you think about letting Lianxi and that Mo Wuji fella get married?"

    Wen Hou's eyes lit up because he trusted Tan Liang's judgement and since Tan Liang said that his potential is limitless, it would definitely be limitless. The moment the Wen Clan has a Pill Emperor as a son-in-law, who would dare touch them? Even Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun wouldn't dare to touch his Wen Clan as he wished. As for Wen Lianxi, the couple was very confident because she was gentle, knowledgeable and was the Water Ying Immortal City's number one beauty.

    "Mother, what are you talking about? I have only met him twice," Wen Lianxi's entire face blushed.


    Following Mo Wuji's closed doors cultivation, the originally crowded Yong Ying Immortal City transformed into an even messier situation. The main reason was because of the new changes to the rules which allowed every pill refiner to enter compared to the previous rule which only Yong Ying Immortal Domain's pill refiners who were below the age of 500 could join.

    The reason why pill refiners took so long to progress was because pill refining had always been tough. A good pill refiner would have went through tens and hundreds of years of hardwork to gain the experience and knowledge. One could imagine how many incredible pill refiners would come forward to join as soon as this new rule was implemented.

    This was especially so for pill refiners stuck in the world of cultivation solely for the opening of the Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    When the new rule was implemented, the fight for the slots to participate for the Yong Ying Immortal Domain was comparatively more reserved. After all, the Pill Kings from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance just needed to visit the lower grade Immortal Cities and the castellans of these cities would welcome them with both slots readied for them. All they needed to do was to represent these cities in the competition.

    Till the end when the participation slots were getting lesser, even Pill Kings had to fight among themselves for a chance to participate in this competition. Even if all of them were from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, they were ruthless to each other when fighting for their slots.

    Geng Ji and Di Baisheng, who both left the Water Ying Immortal City's castellan's residence angrily, had no choice but to find him again. Even if they didn't have both slots, one slot would suffice.

    "Wen Hou greets both Pill Kings," Wen Hou's family welcomed both Pill Kings back to their living room and if Wen Hou was anxious to not these two leave previously, he was hoping that these two didn't visit him once again.

    Geng Ji nodded his head and asked faintly, "Castellan Wen, have you found that slot?"

    "Ah, I couldn't find it," Wen Hou sighed sincerely. The reason why he sighed was not because of the loss of the slot but was because these two were here again.

    Geng Ji furrowed his brows and said, "Since this is the case, why don't you just hand us the remaining slot? Don't worry because both Baisheng and I are Tier 5 Pill Kings of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance so we would definitely do our best to produce the best results."

    Wen Hou started to feel embarrassed because even if Tan Liang was his friend, he shouldn't keep changing his decision and treat him like a disposable as when he wished.

    Wen Lianxi, who was standing by the side, "Lianxi greets both Pill Kings. My father was enraged at me for being foolish to give someone else the slots and for causing both of you to not have a slot to represent us. Therefore, he had given up on this alchemy competition and simply gave the remaining slot to someone else."

    Geng Ji was furious as he really didn't expect Wen Hou to be so daring. If Wen Hou hadn't offended them previously, he certainly did now.

    "Very well, then I hope your Water Ying Immortal City would find an expert to get a good result," Geng Ji couldn't even be bothered to take a seat as he simply left with Di Baisheng.

    Wen Hou sighed once more, "What is destined to happen will happen and since something like this is cursed to happen to our Wen Clan, we wouldn't be able to avoid it anyway."


    The Yong Ying Immortal City was filled with hustle and bustle and the few months long fight for participation slots finally came to an end.

    Furthermore, the Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Grand Alchemy Competition had drawn its curtain.

    Mo Wuji was called out by Lin Gu and he had already refined 30% of the first page of the Book of Luo.

    Mo Wuji couldn't help but to sigh at the worthlessness of time because he had already been behind closed doors for over a year.

    "Thank you, Lin Gu," Even if Mo Wuji had already greeted Lin Gu previously, he still felt the need to thank her. This alchemy competition was the most important event to him now so he would never be able to forgive himself if he missed it.

    Lin Gu smiled, "For the competition this time round, I've even seen Immortal Emperors experts here. Two of your Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Pill Emperors were also here and even the Vice Alliance Head of your Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was seen in the Yong Ying Immortal City."

    "Let's go, let's head towards the competition venue. Even though I am from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, I have no idea who the Vice Alliance Head was and I only knew Pill Emperor Nong Yong. I wonder if he is here today," Mo Wuji said while packing his clothes.

    "He isn't here yet as it seems. One of the Pill Emperor is called Gong Yangxue and the other one is called Heng Jun. Both of them seemed to be representing two different immortal cities," Lin Gu continued to explain while Mo Wuji packed.

    Mo Wuji was full of regrets because he joined the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance not because he liked it a lot but because he needed to find a place to protect himself.

    He had yet to meet the important figures of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance as well as the President of the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins Branch. Mo Wuji had only met Nong Yong and if Pill Emperor Nong Yong was here, he was intending to thank him properly. Now that Nong Yong wasn't here, he could only regret.


    The venue for the alchemy competition this time round was the biggest open roof plaza in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    Yong Ying Immortal Domain's largest plaza would naturally be the Yong Ying Immortal Plaza. Even if millions of people were to gather here in the Yong Ying Immortal Plaza, it wouldn't appear clustered and was even slightly spacious for everyone here.
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