Chapter 546: Mother-in-law Looks At The Son-in-law

    Chapter 546: Mother-in-law Looks At The Son-in-law

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    Among the thousands of pill refiners, Mo Wuji was indeed inconspicuous. Even though he had fixed the seals in his Pill furnace, advancing it to become a Grade 6 immortal equipment, it was only average among the many pills refiners. Almost all of the 3000 over pill refiners here were pill kings.

    Don't feel pity because there were extremely few Pill Emperors in the seven Immortal Domains and the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance; there was no small amount of pill kings. Especially Tier 4 and Tier 5 ones were in large supplies in all the Immortal Domains. This time, because of the interference of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance in Yong Ying Immortal Domain's alchemy competition, the level of the pill kings participating had gotten even higher; there were even some Tier 6 pill kings.

    After another incense's time, Hu Zhenyu stood back up onto the main altar and announced loudly, "The first round of the competition has ended. May all pill refiners place your jade vase in the transfer rune in front of you. The transfer rune will send your essences into the sorting array and the results will be displayed on the display screen. If you use an old medicinal essence, no points will be awarded and you will be immediately eliminated.

    Names will appear from the bottom right hand corner of the screen. After the names appear, those that are not in the top 300 and those that do not obtain a placing are to leave the competition area."

    After Hu Zhenyu finished speaking, a void transfer rune appeared in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji placed his jade vase on the transfer rune and sighed in his heart. This sort of method of using the array to judge the level of an individual's medicinal essence was truly hard to cheat.

    However, Mo Wuji was also sure that this sort of sorting array had limits. The moment the purity reached a certain degree, an average array would be unable to accurately determine the exact degree.

    After all the jade vases got transported away, a huge display screen appeared at the corner of the main altar.

    This array display screen was four-sided, so no matter where one was sitting, they would be able to clearly see what was on the screen.

    At this instant, Yong Ying Immortal Plaza was pitch silent. Everyone's eyes were glued on that huge display screen as they waited for names to appear.

    After another half an incense's time, the display screen started to flash. All the cultivators in the plaza knew that the names would be appearing soon.

    All the contestants in the competition area began to look at the display screen with greater anxiety; it would soon show whether they would have the chance to enter Yixian Immortal Valley. All the Pill Kings that came here were only here because of the Yunxian Immortal Valley. Even if they didn't personally enter, being able to obtain a placing would earn him many high tiered immortal herbs from Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    After the light flashed a couple of times, the display screen lit up completely. A name appeared on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. There was no placing in front of the name, clearly, this person did not achieve any results. Behind the name, there was even the word 'Eliminated'.

    After this name appeared, one of the pill refiners in the competition area left dispirited.

    There were only two reasons why a contestant didn't obtain a placing. One was complete purification failure, and two was cheating. If a pill refiner didn't purify the herb on the site, and used some prepared essence, it would be considered cheating.

    There wasn't only one contestant that didn't have a placing; there were more than 200 of such contestants that were eliminated without a placing. After over 200 of such names, the first placing appeared.

    3417th Place: Participating Immortal City - Low Grade City, Sea Orchid Immortal City; Participating Pill Refiner - Yu Jinsong. Points: 32.203. Eliminated.

    The moment this name appeared, Mo Wuji heard a pill refiner near him sigh and leave the competition area.

    Mo Wuji knew that these points definitely wasn't an ordinary score; it must have been due to a failure somewhere in the purification. 32.102 points would mean a purity of only 32.102%.

    After Mo Wuji was done with his own purification, he had observed his surroundings. Even though he didn't specially take notice of Yu Jinsong, he knew that Yu Jinsong should be a Tier 4 pill king.

    However, even the worst of Tier 4 pill kings shouldn't only get 32.102 points for the Jade Pomegranate Immortal Grass. This Yu Jinsong must have lost his calm, causing his purification to fail.

    3416th place: Participant Immortal City - Intermediate Grade City, Dragon Dance Immortal City; Participating Pill Refiner - Ling Ou. Points: 36.915. Eliminated.

    When this name appeared, Mo Wuji started to here some murmurs in his surroundings. Even though the words were scattered, Mo Wuji could still hear the main gist. Ling Ou was actually a Tier 6 pill king from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. A Tier 6 pill king actually only for 36.915 points from refining the Jade Pomegranate Immortal Grass. From the looks of it, this Ling Ou was the same as Yu Jinsong, they both failed their purification.

    Thereafter, Mo Wuji saw a disappointed middle-aged pill refiner walk out; Mo Wuji guessed that this person should be Ling Ou.

    Seeing how this pill refiner looked as though he had lost his soul, Mo Wuji knew that this pill competition would have an adverse impact on this fella's pill dao. Unfortunately, this pill refiner would probably be unable to advance beyond the Tier 6 level. If he was lucky, he could grudgingly concoct a Tier 6 pill. If he was unlucky, he might even fall to Tier 5.

    As for the Pill Emperor tier, he could forget about it for the rest of his life. Unless he was able to open his heart, he would never be able to cast away this shadow.

    Thereafter, the points gradually got higher. Mo Wuji was clear that those that didn't get more than 60 points basically failed the purification.

    Not far from Mo Wuji, Tan Liang was also staring at the display screen in palpitation. He knew that it would be hard for him to enter the top 1000 with his results, however, he still held on to some hope. Because in his entire purification process, he didn't fail at any step. Moreover, he had performed better than usual during this purification. In his usual practices, he wouldn't have purified the Tier 4 Jade Pomegranate Immortal Grass to today's level.

    When he saw his name, his heart turned completely cold.

    The display screen wrote:

    2315th place: Participating City - Low Grade City, Water Ying Immortal City; Participating Pill Refiner - Tan Liang. Points: 75.209. Eliminated.

    Under such circumstances, purifying the Jade Pomegranate Immortal Grass to 75% was already above his usual standards. Unfortunately, in this sort of high level competition, his results really weren't worth mentioning.


    "Haiz, Brother Tan failed." As he looked at Tan Liang leaving the competition area dejectedly, the disappointed in Wen Hou's eyes was no less than Tan Liang himself. There was a hint of grey in the corner of his eyes; even though he expected such results, he discovered that he still couldn't accept it when it really appeared.

    At this instant, besides bringing his family to flee to some faraway place, there was nothing he could do.

    Unfortunately, he knew that he was completely not able to escape. The moment his front foot left Yong Ying Immortal City, his back foot would probably be grabbed and he would be thrown into a prison.

    "Sorry, Wen Hou, I failed." Tan Liang walked to Wen Hou's family and sat down; his voice was filled with disappointment and dejection.

    Yan Qianling suddenly said, "Lord Husband, we are definitely not able to leave. I can faintly feel a spiritual will locked onto us. The moment we leave, the consequences will be disastrous."

    Wen Hou blankly nodded his head, not saying a word.

    Wen Lianxi suddenly said, "Father, Mother, Uncle Tan, we still have someone on the stage that hasn't come down. Perhaps Brother Mo might actually be able to charge into the top 500."

    Only when Wen Lianxi say those words did everyone recall that Water Ying Immortal City was not completely devoid of hope; at least, there was still one pill refiner on the stage.

    Tan Liang recovered a bit of his spirit as he asked urgently, "Lianxi, that Pill Master Mo is still there? Where is he? Hurry and point him out for me to see."

    Wen Lianxi pointed in Mo Wuji's direction and Tan Liang naturally saw that Mo Wuji was still on the stage. Moreover, the display screen still hadn't shown Mo Wuji's name.

    The names on the display screen appeared in an ascending order; the later the name appeared, the better the results. Since Mo Wuji's name had yet to be shown, it meant that Mo Wuji still wasn't eliminated.

    "From the looks of it, he had really advanced to the pill king level. Could it be that his words of 70% certainty were true?" Tan Liang stared at Mo Wuji and muttered.

    Yan Qianling softly whispered to Wen Lianxi, "Lianxi, does that Mo Wuji really not have any special opinions towards you? For example, when he's with you, does he always subconsciously come close to you? Or does he always try to find common topics to talk to you? Oh right, did he invite you to do anything?"

    "Mother, can you not talk about such things? Brother Mo really doesn't have any interest in me, he only wanted to thank me for helping him once. That was all." Wen Lianxi really didn't know what else she should say.

    "Ah, Lianxi... You can't always let others take the first step. Sometimes, when you meet someone you like, you need to be proactive..."

    Even if Wen Lianxi's skin was any thicker, it wouldn't be able to August and this. Moreover, Wen Lianxi's skin was super thin.

    Looking at her daughter's expression of embarrassment, Yan Qianling finally ended the topic and glued her eyes on Mo Wuji. Indeed, that saying is true; the more a mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, the more pleasing she would find him. Even though Mo Wuji still wasn't Yan Qianling's son-in-law, she grew increasingly fond of him.

    "Father, look at that Tier 5 pill king, Geng Ji. I don't know where he got his competition token from but he has already failed, and his only in the 1700s. Luckily father didn't invite him to help us." After some time, Wen Lianxi finally regained her countenance. She immediately discovered that Geng Ji had been eliminated.

    Wen Hou nodded, "I saw it. You're right, we were indeed lucky that we didn't call him to help us."

    A placing in the 1000s and a placing on the 2000s had completely no difference to Water Ying Immortal City.


    The number of people on the stage got lesser and lesser. Even though he knew that his results were not bad, the anxiety in Mo Wuji's heart continued to grow. This alchemy competition was truly too important to him.
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