Chapter 549: The End Of The Second Round

    Chapter 549: The End Of The Second Round

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    The pill must be a Tier 5 immortal pill; he could only concoct unique grade Tier 5 pills. However, unique grade Tier 5 pills alone might not guarantee him a spot in the top 50. After all, most of the people here were Tier 6 Pill Kings and they were concocting Tier 6 pills.

    Moreover, during the first round, he didn't pull his score away from the rest. A 6 to 7 point gap in purification was huge, but the moment pill concoction was added in, then it wasn't anything. If a batch of high grade Tier 6 pills was scored at 80 points, then a batch of high grade Tier 5 pills would only get 30 points.

    Perhaps concocting an entire batch of unique grade Tier 5 pills might be equivalent to a batch of high grade Tier 6 pills. However, this was just a 'might', Mo Wuji didn't know the exact scoring criteria.

    But since he could only concoct Tier 5 pills, then his batch of Tier 5 pills couldn't be too simple. This batch of Tier 5 pills must fulfil two conditions: one, the immortal pill must be hard to concoct and have a high value; two, the entire batch must be unique grade.

    After further contemplation, Mo Wuji decided to concoct the most pricey Tier 5 pill, the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill. TheSoul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill was a pill that provided a 20 to 30% chance of allowing a Great Circle Grand Yi Immortal advance to become a Grand Zhi Immortal. If a Great Circle Grand Yi Immortal had prepared himself, had some treasures to support him, and have a certain level of understanding to his own Dao, then using the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill would definitely help him enter the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage.

    It was exactly because of this, that the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill was the most valuable pill among Tier 5 immortal pills. Most importantly, the difficulty in concocting the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill was the top among all Tier 5 pills.

    The main ingredients for the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill were the Immortal Cleansing Fruit and Raspy Half Leaf Grass. Mo Wuji just returned from the Broken World's third level, so he had these two spiritual herbs in excess. Not only that, he had concocted several batches of this pill before.

    The ingredients for the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill were extremely expensive. If not because of saving Cen Shuyin, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't be taking out such precious herbs for a trashy competition like this.

    That's right, Mo Wuji saw this Grand Alchemy Competition as a trashy competition. A true alchemy competition shouldn't be able getting quick and fast results. Instead, it should be able comparing the true Pill Dao standards between pill refiners. The organiser of this current competition, Yong Ying Immortal Domain, only wanted to determine the results as quickly as possible, then open the Yunxian Immortal Valley. The presiding Pill Dao Immortal Alliance also wanted the competition to conclude quickly so that the Yunxian Immortal Valley could be opened.

    To Mo Wuji, he naturally wanted the competition to end quickly as well. But from a professional point of view, this competition indeed wasn't worth anything.

    Strands of immortal herbs were taken out by Mo Wuji and stacked in front of him. At the same time, Mo Wuji started to clean his pill furnace in preparation for concocting the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill.

    "I'm not seeing things, right? He's actually going to concoct the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill?" There were already people in the plaza who recognised the Immortal Cleansing Fruit that Mo Wuji took out.

    Tier 5 pills weren't anything special; in this second round, the worst pill was already a Tier 5 pill.

    What left everyone surprised was that Mo Wuji was going to concoct the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill; the main ingredient for this pill was extremely expensive. Even though it was a Tier 5 immortal herb, its value exceeded average Tier 6 immortal herbs.

    One must know that pill refiners had to take out their own immortal herbs for this competition. Many people started to believe that this young pill refiner was very wealthy.

    Some curious people even started to suspect Mo Wuji's identity. If Mo Wuji was an ordinary pill refiner, could he take out the immortal herbs for the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill?

    One strand of immortal herb after another got sent into the pill furnace. To Mo Wuji, purifying Tier 5 immortal herbs was even simpler than the Tier 4 Jade Pomegranate Immortal Grass.

    Mo Wuji didn't know exactly how many Tier 5 pills he concocted; he had even concocted several batches of this Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill pill before. Even though this earth fire wasn't as effective as his Scholar's Heart, with Mo Wuji's current standards, he should not meet with any difficulty with concocting the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill.

    He went through the familiar steps: dissolving the immortal herbs, removing the impurities, separating the essence, forming the pills, condensing the pills, gathering spirituality...

    Because of the level of the fire, Mo Wuji's speed was slower by quite a bit, but his pill quality did not fall. Different from others, Mo Wuji could purify immortal herbs to the peak. Just with this point alone, the quality of his pills was much better than others'.

    Two hours later, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel began to start on the pill collection technique, light blue pills were swiftly sent into the prepared jade vase. Thereafter, Mo Wuji inscribed his name and his representing immortal city, and kept his pill furnace.

    Mo Wuji's pill technique was completely different from other people, which was why his pill concoction was especially fast. Because of the fire that he used, his speed was already much slower than usual. However, he was still the first to finish among all the contestants.

    Even though he was the first to complete, Mo Wuji was rather contented with his work. A full batch of Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill contained 12 pills; he managed to concoct a full batch and all 12 of them were unique grade. If he still couldn't enter the top 50 then he could only blame his fate.

    Because Mo Wuji's speed was the fastest, and his pill collection technique was really quick, many people did not manage to notice the pills that Mo Wuji concocted.

    The cultivators on the plaza that noticed Mo Wuji began to murmur in discussion again. The difference between a Tier 5 and a Tier 6 pill wasn't especially big; Mo Wuji was actually able to complete his pill concoction faster than the Tier 6 Pill Kings and even some Pill Emperors. This was simply...

    The greatest possibility was that Mo Wuji was not even able to concoct a Tier 5 pill. Thus, it didn't matter whether he finished first or last, his points wouldn't be able to get him a placing, which was why he decided to end it as soon as possible.

    What left many people confused was that if Mo Wuji was going to concede, why would he use the ingredients for the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill. After all, the value of those ingredients were astronomical.

    "He's done with his pill concoction?" Yan Qianling doubtfully retracted her gaze and turned to Tan Liang.

    Wen Hou and Wen Lianxi also stared at Tan Liang in confusion; Mo Wuji was concocting the Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill, why would he finish so early?

    Even the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Pill Emperors Gong Yangxue and Heng Jun had only just completed.

    Tan Liang hesitated before saying, "He should have finished concocting, I saw him collecting his pills. It's just that because of the seals on the jade vase, I'm unable to see the quality of his pills. I can only say that he would definitely be able to get some points in this second round, but I'm not sure exactly what he points would be."

    Tan Liang was a Tier 4 Pill King; if even he was unsure, then Wen Hou and his family could only sit and wait. Mo Wuji obtained 1st place in the first round; to say that they didn't have any expectations, they would be lying. They naturally hoped that Mo Wuji would be able to charge into the top 50. If Mo Wuji was able to enter the top 50, then their Water Ying Immortal City would be promoted to become an intermediate grade city.

    The moment they got promoted to the intermediate grade, Water Ying Immortal City's status and resources would increase by multiple folds.

    Mo Wuji waited for close to four hours before Hu Zhenyu walked to the front of the main altar and announced, "The second round has concluded. May all pill refiners stop stop whatever you're doing!"

    At this instant, it would be useless even if the pill refiners didn't stop stop what they were doing. This was because right after Hu Zhenyu's announcement, the earth fires were all extinguished. Even the best pill refiner would fail in his batch if the fire was extinguished.

    After Hu Zhenyu announced the end of the second round, a small array rune appeared in front of the pill refiners.

    "May all pill refiners place your pills into the transfer rune. The second round will also be graded based on an array. Just like in the first round, the last place will be shown starting from the bottom right hand corner of this display screen. All pills need to be newly concocted. If old pills were used, the total points of both rounds would be reduced to 0."

    The moment Hu Zhenyu finished speaking, he waited for the contestants to place their jade vases into the transfer rune. Mo Wuji followed along with the rest of the pill refiners, placing his vase of Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill into the transfer array.

    After all the jade vases got transported away, Hu Zhenyu continued, "After the results of the second round are shown, a new set of placings will appear on the display screen. This new set of placings will show the final top 50 contestants. The top 50 will be decided by the sum of the scores from the two rounds."

    With that, Hu Zhenyu retreated from the main altar. At this moment, everyone in the plaza were looking at the display screen.

    A black horse like Mo Wuji appeared in the first round. Thus, as they waited for the second round results to emerge, even a few of the Tier 6 Pill King experts were slightly nervous.

    After an incense's time, the display screen began to flash. Everyone immediately went silent as they stared at the display screen, waiting for the second round results to appear.

    Soon, a row of words appeared on the bottom right hand corner of the display screen. 300th place: Participating Immortal City - High Grade City, Lu Yun Immortal City; Participating Pill Refiner - Gong Ke. Pill - Tier 6 Immortal Copious Pill. 4 pills - 2 failed, 2 low grade. Points: 31.276.

    When Mo Wuji saw these results, his confidence rose considerably. Even when he concocted the Immortal Copious Pill, he wouldn't have such pitiable results of of only having two low grade pills. From the looks of it, the quality of these Tier 6 Pill Kings were so good.

    "Father, Brother Mo isn't the 300th place." When Wen Lianxi saw Gong Ke's name, she instantly turned her head to her father in glee.

    Wen Lianxi wasn't the only happy one, even Wen Hou and his wife were rejoicing. If Mo Wuji wasn't 300th place, it would mean that Mo Wuji's pill concoction had been successful.

    Even Hu Zhenyu glanced at Mo Wuji in astonishment. Mo Wuji was the first to finish his pill concoction and was even the 1st place in the first round. He never expected that such a young pill refiner wouldn't be the last place in the second round. There was only one explanation, this young pill refiner was really a Tier 5 Pill King and had succeeded in his Soul Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill.

    This sort of talent, no matter where he came from, must be pulled into the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.
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