Chapter 551: Deficiencies in the Pill Dao

    Chapter 551: Deficiencies in the Pill Dao

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    Don't just see that Heng Jun had more unique grade pills than Gong Yangxue. In reality, among the top 4 pills, Heng Jun's Huang Jade Pill was considered the easiest to concoct. The difficulty of the other pills all exceeded the Huang Jade Pill in difficulty. So, it went to say that the array had been very fair in the scoring.

    By the time the top 50 of the second round were announced, Hu Zhenyu got news of Mo Wuji's origins.

    Mo Wuji: Cultivator from Yong Ying Immortal Domain, accompanied Murong Xiangyu to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. At Sharphorn Immortal Ruins' Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Branch, Mo Wuji entered the Pill Dao Pagoda and participated in the assessment. Then, in a matter of days, he went from an unknown pill refiner to a Honored Grade Tier 4 Pill King.

    It was because of this which earned him Pill Emperor Nong Yong's appreciation, and he was granted a position as a honorary elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Headquarters. At the same time, Mo Wuji was also a full fledged elder at the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Sharphorn Branch.

    Mo Xinghe was clearly Mo Wuji's alias.

    When Hu Zhenyu got wind of this, he almost chuckled out loud. He suddenly felt that he should give the Sharphorn Branch some rewards, it was actually able to pull such an outstanding pill refiner into the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    Pill Emperor Nong Yong indeed got more acute as he got older; he was actually able to see Mo Wuji's great potential. But that's also rather expected, Mo Wuji was a Honored Grade Tier 4 Pill King at such a young age, it would be weird for him to be simple. Even Pill Emperor Nong Yong wouldn't know that over these short few years, Mo Wuji was already a Honored Grade Tier 5 Pill King; he must also be at the level of a Tier 6 Pill King as well.

    Hu Zhenyu, who felt slightly uncomfortable at Mo Wuji's impressiveness at such a young age, now felt that Mo Wuji was talented and outstanding.

    Since Mo Wuji's relationship with Water Ying Immortal City did not seem shallow, perhaps he should give Kui Fengyun some hints to reward Water Ying Immortal City.

    Indeed, a person's attitude was everything. If Mo Wuji wasn't in the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, it would be weird for Hu Zhenyu to be so elated with Mo Wuji's stellar results.

    No matter what, the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance must obtain the 1st place, albeit in overall placings, or in the individual rounds.

    Hu Zhenyu walked to the front of the main altar in carefree spirits. With a brilliant smile, his gaze swept across the crowd as he said loudly, "Even though the overall scores have yet to come out, I believe everyone is already very clear about the top 50. May the pill refiners outside of the top 50 please leave the competition area while the top 50 stay behind


    Following Hu Zhenyu's words, the display screen showing the overall placings started to flash.

    This time, it didn't start from the bottom right hand corner, but from.the very top.

    1st Place: Participating Immortal City - High Grade City, Long Light Immortal City. Participating Pill Refiner - Gong Yangxue. Overall Points: 195.050.

    2nd Place: Participating Immortal City - High Grade City, Lu Jie Immortal City; Participating Pill Refiner - Heng Jun. Overall Points: 191.576.

    3rd Place: Participating Immortal City - Low Grade City, Water Ying Immortal City; Participating Pill Refiner - Mo Xinghe. Overall Points: 189.361.

    4th Place: Participating Immortal City - Intermediate Grade City, Saint Glass Immortal City; Participating Pill Refiner - Wu Yunsheng. Overall Points: 189.331.

    5th Place: Participating Immortal City - High Grade City, Bai Ding Immortal City; Participating Pill Refiner - Kuang Zhiyao. Overall Points: 183.960.


    The top 50 placings were soon shown. Except for a rare few intermediate grade cities, most of the top 50 cities were high grade cities; Mo Wuji's Water Ying Immortal City was the only low grade immortal city.

    Mo Wuji was also very satisfied. He only intended into get into the top 50, he never expected that he would enter the top 3. He even beat a Pill Emperor; even though it was a mere 0.03 points, it was still considered a victory.

    However, Mo Wuji was also very clear that these points did not represent his actual ability. Perhaps he might be in the top 3 when it came to purification, but in overall terms, he definitely wouldn't be in the top 3.

    This was because the Pill Emperors and a few Tier 6 experts did not display their full prowess in this competition. Just the level of the fire alone had already limited a majority of their capabilities. On the other hand, he was still at full power, without much obstacles.

    When the overall placings came out, the clamouring crowd quietened down once more; everyone was paying attention to who was in the top 50. After all, everyone was paying attention to the 55 placings for Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    Mo Wuji, in particular, received much attention. Mo Wuji's origins were unknown; it was very likely that he was a genius rogue pill refiner.

    This rogue pill refiner actually had 2 placings to enter Yunxian Immortal Valley, how could it not incite the covetion of others.

    Hu Zhenyu continued, "Let me first congratulate the top 50 pill refiners who obtained the rights to enter Yunxian Immortal Domain. You can hand your placing to others, or you can choose to enter the Immortal Valley yourself. Before giving out the jade tokens for Yunxian Immortal Valley, there's still one thing I need to do. That is, the pills for the top 50 pill refiners will be publicly displayed and seals removed. Anyone can use their spiritual will to observe these pills."

    As he said that, Hu Zhenyu waved his hand.

    50 jade vases appeared in mid air; at the bottom of the jade vases, there was a trail of words. The words showed the name of the pill refiner that concocted that pill.

    At almost the same instant as the when the 50 jade vases were revealed, countless spiritual wills landed on the third jade vase; that was Mo Wuji's Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill.

    Mo Wuji, on the other hand, had his spiritual will land on the Tier 6 pills of the Pill Emperors. When he saw these Tier 6 pills, he knew that he was completely unable to even concoct them.

    Even though he could concoct low grade Tier 6 pills, those pills did not contain spiritual aura. On the other hand, these Pill Emperors' Tier 6 pills were brimming with spiritual aura; he only needed a single glance to know that they were top grade stuff. In particular was the 1st place Pill Emperor Gong Yangxue's Serpentine Spirit Pill; the moment Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on it, he could feel a sort of spiritual resonance. This sort of pill was clearly very good for the primordial spirit and the soul; he truly deserved to be a Pill Emperor.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji also knew that of his own deficiencies. Even though the Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pills were all unique grade, it was lacking a sort of dao energy. It was a sort of dao energy that couldn't be described by words. Previously, this energy felt blurred and he didn't really understand it. After seeing the pills of the Pill Emperors like Gong Yangxue, Mo Wuji seemed to have opened a new window.

    Previously, Mo Wuji thought that he had lost out by giving that batch of Immortal Cleansing Immortal Pills to the organisers. But now, he no longer thought in such a manner. From this alchemy competition, he didn't merely obtain the chance to enter Yunxian Immortal Valley. If he had the chance to converse with the Pill Emperors, he was sure that it would have many benefits to his Pill Dao.

    At the same, Mo Wuji also knew that if an array wasn't used for the scoring, his Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill shouldn't have obtained 90 points even though it was unique grade.

    After Mo Wuji saw the Tier 6 pills concocted by the Pill Emperors, he started to develop some dissatisfaction towards his own pill. The other cultivators, however, were especially keen towards Mo Wuji's pills. After all, where else could they find unique grade Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pills?

    In a short period of time, the entire crowd went wild. It wasn't because they thought that Mo Wuji's pills were lacking. In fact, in the eyes of many cultivators, each of Mo Wuji's pills were brimming with spirituality and revolved by a great dao energy; clearly they were peak unique grade Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pills. One could imagine that the moment these pills got sent to a merchant house, it will definitely incite a frenzy.

    In comparison, the pills concocted by the Pill Emperors, such as the Serpentine Spirit Pill, and the Ice Soul Heaven Dust Pill...

    Even though these pills were more valuable, higher tiered and harder to concoct when compared to the Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pill, these pills weren't commonly used.

    "Are these pills for sale?" Someone from the crowd cried out.

    Hu Zhenyu waved his hand, collecting all the pills, before he said, "All these pills belong to Yong Ying Immortal Domain. However, the pill refiners that concocted them are all here. Since they could concoct such pills under such conditions, if they had more time and a better fire, I believe that they would be able to concoct better pills. For those who want pills, you can find these pill refiners later. Now, I want to award the pill refiners with the jade tokens to enter Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    Everyone stared with envy as Hu Zhenyu sent out the white jade tokens. Mo Wuji got two of these tokens. The jade token was cold to the touch, but Mo Wuji's heart was burning.

    After distributing the 55 jade tokens, Hu Zhenyu continued, "A few geniuses also appeared in this competition, such as Mo Xinghe who obtained 3rd place. Mo Xinghe is so young, but he is able to obtain 3rd place despite being surrounded by experts; he would definitely be a Pill Emperor in the future. At this point, I would like to specially congratulate Pill Master Mo Xinghe. Congratulations.

    Those that obtain the jade tokens to enter Yunxian Immortal Valley will head to the Immortal Valley in three days. This alchemy competition has now come to its conclusion. After this, Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor will be rewarding the respective immortal cities."

    Hu Zhenyu retreated in the hearty applause of the crowd, while Yong Ying's Heavenly Emperor walked to the front with slight doubts. He didn't think that Hu Zhenyu would be interested in the trivia of his Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    However, that thought was only fleeting as Kui Fengyun didn't think twice about it.

    "Many thanks to all the pill refiners that came throughout the Immortal World to take part in my Yong Ying Immortal Domain Grand Alchemy Competition. After this competition, I would like to specially mention two immortal cities. One is low grade city, Water Ying Immortal City, adn the other is the intermediate grade city, Saint Class Immortal City. What left me shocked and pleasantly surprised was that a low grade city and an intermediate grade city was able to enter the top 5.

    To commend these two cities, I now announce that the two cities will be promoted to high grade cities and will have 15 subsidiary cities under their administration. May Water Ying Castellan Wen Hou and Saint Glass Castellan Zhu Li come up and accept their emblems as high grade city castellans."

    Following Kui Fengyun's words, an intense applause ensued. With the accompaniment of Wen Lianxi, Wen Hou stood up excitedly. At this instant, he felt that his blood was boiling.

    When Hu Zhenyu saw the beautiful Wen Lianxi beside Wen Hou, he turned to Mo Wuji and nodded his head. He seemed to understand why an outstanding Pill King like Mo Wuji would want to help Water Ying Immortal City.
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