Chapter 552: Daring To Take The First Slash

    Chapter 552: Daring To Take The First Slash

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    Thereafter, the promotion ceremony for the various immortal cities took place; Mo Wuji did not even have a single interest about it. Don't just look at the fact that he represented Water Ying Immortal City in this battle; in reality, he didn't even know that Water Ying's Castellan Wen Hou. Helping Wen Lianxi's Water Ying Immortal City get promoted from low grade to high grade was just a tiny favor.

    To Mo Wuji, this was repaying the favor that he owed her; nothing else.

    The trivial ceremony ended in various applauses and ceremonial cannons. Thereafter, Mo Wuji immediately left the contestant area. From afar, he waved towards Lin Gu, gesturing for her to first return to the rest house.

    Mo Wuji had already left the plaza before the castellans and pill refiners that wanted to talk to him could notice.

    There were still three days till he entered Yunxian Immortal Valley. On these three days, he would have to discuss with Lin Gu on how they were going to leave Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    It was true that he was a honorary elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, but the moment he left Yong Ying Immortal Domain and entered into the void, no one would know who he was.

    At that point, people would only care about the peak grade immortal herbs that he had with him, and perhaps his function as a pill refiner.


    Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse.

    Before Mo Wuji could go up, he was stopped by two people.

    Of the two, one of them had grinning eyes and a carefree expression, looking as though he didn't have a care about the world. The other hand cold eyes and a proud look.

    With Mo Wuji's understanding of the Pill Dao, he only needed a single glance at the two of them to know that they were pill refiners. Not only were they pill refiners, they were quite accomplished ones.

    The man with the grinning eyes clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Pill Master Mo, you're truly a promising talent. Let me first introduce myself, I am Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Tier 5 Pill King Geng Ji. This is Di Baisheng, he's also a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Tier 5 Pill King."

    When Geng Ji finished speaking, he stared calmly towards Mo Wuji. The reason why he was the first to find Mo Wuji was because he was sure that Mo Wuji didn't have any special background. The two of them had met Water Ying's Castellan Wen Hou before, they knew that Wen Hou didn't have any powerful backers. When he met Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Tier 5 Pill Kings like them, he didn't even dare utter any bit of nonsense. Thus, how could a place like Water Ying Immortal City find a pill refiner of great origins?

    Mo Wuji had gotten 3rd place in the alchemy competition and had even obtained two placings to Yunxian Immortal Valley. Countless of people had eyes on those two placings, but before those people could do anything, they would definitely investigate on Mo Wuji's origins first.

    But by the time those impressive pill refiners find out that Mo Wuji didn't have any outstanding background, he, Geng Ji, and Di Baisheng wouldn't have any chance.

    Now that Wen Hou had been promoted to a high grade city castellan and was still engaged in trivial business, they naturally had to take the chance to grab Mo Wuji's Yunxian Immortal Valley placings.

    According to Geng Ji's experience, after he reported his identity, Mo Wuji would immediately bow down and call them Senior Geng and Senior Di.

    What they never expected was that Mo Wuji would only calmly look at them and speak slowly, "Oh, is there any special matter?"

    Mo Wuji's unexpected actions almost choked Geng Ji. However, he was quick to react and he spoke with a slight baleful aura, "Pill Master Mo, I'm not going to bear around the bush. Your placings to Yunxian Immortal Valley is of use to us. State your price, we will buy them from you.Take it that Pill Dao Immortal Alliance owes you a favor. In the future, if you need anything, you can come find me, Geng Ji."

    "Is that all?" Mo Wuji's face turned cold.

    Actually, Geng Ji did not necessarily need Mo Wuji to hand the two jade tokens over. As long as Mo Wuji gave one over, they would have succeeded.

    Now when he heard Mo Wuji's reply and saw Mo Wuji's change in expression, he knew that things wouldn't be so easy. His tone also turned cold, "Yes, that's all. Feel free to state your price, my Pill Dao Immortal Alliance can afford anything..."

    "F*ck off!" Mo Wuji did not even wait for Geng Ji to finish before he shouted angrily.

    A mere Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Tier 5 Pill King dared to be so arrogant in front of a honorary elder like him, this fella was clearly courting death.

    Di Baisheng, who didn't speak the whole time, also turned cold, "Mo Xinghe, did you just ask us to f*ck off? Do you know what's the consequences of that?"

    If not for Mo Wuji's current reputation which made him afraid of acting against Mo Wuji, Di Baisheng would already have struck out.

    This time, Mo Wuji was too lazy to even saw a ring. He retrieved his saber from his ring and swung it towards Di Baisheng.

    These Di Baisheng and Geng Ji had lacking cultivations; they were both in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage. They probably had spent most of their time concocting pills. Mo Wuji really didn't have any fear towards two ordinary Grand Yi Immortals in a place like Yong Ying Immortal City.

    As long as the other party wasn't able to insta-kill him, he didn't need to have any fear.

    "Crack!" The saber light immediately caused the defensive array within the resthouse to emit cracking sounds. And even though there was a defensive seal in the resthouse, Mo Wuji's saber light was still able to reach Di Baisheng's forehead.

    How could Di Baisheng ever have thought that Mo Wuji would have such balls to attack him here? In his state of disbelief, he didn't dodge and a trail of blood emerged from his forehead.

    In terms of combat power, Mo Wuji was no weaker than an ordinary Grand Yi Immortal like Di Baisheng. Moreover, Mo Wuji had attacked suddenly, thus, it was no surprise that Di Baisheng was injured by that slash.

    "You dare..." Di Baisheng didn't even manage to utter a third word before Mo Wuji took another step forward and cleaved downwards.

    Geng Ji also never expected that Mo Wuji would be so vicious, to simply attack without a single warning. He could only display his domain, and at the same time, pull Di Baisheng to the side.

    "Pff!" Di Baisheng's arm was like tofu, as it got smoothly cleaved off my Mo Wuji's saber. The limb that got cleaved off exploded in mid air, forming a fog of blood.

    Mo Wuji didn't kill Di Baisheng with those two slashes so he didn't continue to make another move. If he continued, then things would be hard to handle. He slowly moved his saber backwards and placed it on his back.

    "Mo Xinghe, you dare to challenge my Pill Dao Immortal Alliance? Even if you are in the top 3 for the Yong Ying Grand Alchemy Competition, you will need to pay the price," Geng Ji shouted angrily, and at the same time, he threw out a flying messenger sword.

    As pill refiners, his and Di Baisheng's combat power was like rubbish; they were among the lowest among Grand Yi Immortals. Mo Wuji was able to injure Di Baisheng with two simple slashes so he also didn't dare to make a move.

    At this instant, Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse was already filled with spectators. Even Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse's deacon appeared in the first floor hall.

    This matter involved Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, so he completely didn't have any rights to get involved in it.

    "Brother Mo..." Wen Lianxi's voice suddenly broke the atmosphere; thereafter, Wen Lianxi pulled herself put from the crowd. Behind her, there were a man and woman; they were Water Ying Immortal City's Tier 4 Pill King Tan Liang and Wen Lianxi's mother, Yan Qianling.

    Tan Liang had come here to seek Mo Wuji's guidance while Yan Qianling had come to meet her son-in-law. As for Wen Lianxi, she came to express her gratitude to Mo Wuji.

    As for Wen Hou, he had various matters piling up which he couldn't extricate himself from.

    "Your Water Ying Immortal City is really impressive. To actually know a pill refiner that dared to kill a Tier 5 Pill King of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. Impressive, impressive..." Geng Ji's eyes swept across Wen Lianxi and co., then he turned and stared coldly at Mo Wuji. He saw it now. He couldn't underestimate Mo Wuji because Mo Wuji was young and did not seem to have any spiritual aura around him. This Mo Wuji's power was just like his Pill Dao standards: strong to the point of disbelief.

    He did not dare make a move against Mo Wuji, so he could only wait for experts from Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to come.

    Wen Lianxi wasn't a fool, when she saw the trail of blood on the floor, the pale and angry Di Baisheng and the saber on Mo Wuji's back, how could she not guess what happened? At the same time, she was also sure that Mo Wuji definitely wasn't an Earthly Immortal when she first met him.

    At this instant, there were more and more people in Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse. Most of these people were here to visit Mo Wuji. When they witnessed Mo Wuji's clash with the people from Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, they all waited by the side for a resolution.

    What Wen Lianxi could realise, could also be noticed by Yan Qianling and Tan Liang. Both of their mouths were agape but no words came out.

    If they were dealing with ordinary people, now that Water Ying Immortal City was a high grade city, they would definitely be able to stand up and speak for Mo Wuji. But the other party was from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, and they were Tier 5 Pill Kings at that. These fellas definitely weren't ordinary people; if they handled the matter wrongly, Water Ying Immortal City might be destroyed in Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's fit of anger.

    "Pill King Geng, Pill King Di..." Yan Qianling and Yan Liang uttered the two's names, but they didn't know what else to say. On the other hand, Geng Ji and Di Baisheng didn't even turn to see Yan Qianling and Tan Liang; their eyes were fixed coldly on Mo Wuji.

    "Lianxi, you're here. There's no problem going on. You can go back first. Oh right, if you need the placing to enter Yunxian Immortal Valley, I am able to give you one." Mo Wuji did not care much as he smiled and nodded towards Wen Lianxi.

    Wen Lianxi was soft on the outside, but tough on the inside. After guessing what had happened here, she didn't even greet the two Pill Kings but bowed to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, I have to thank you for your help. I also want to apologize to you..."

    Mo Wuji stared at Wen Lianxi quizzically; what's there to apologize for?

    Noticing Mo Wuji's confusion, Wen Lianxi's gaze turned soft as she explained, "Previously, when I received my father's message, I hesitated and even thought about taking back the competition jade token that I handed you. Fortunately, I didn't do that. At the first time, I gave up on you because I didn't understand you; that was my mistake. If that happened a second time, not only would it be a mistake, it would also be a reflection of my stupidity and poor character. Brother Mo, you truly did it, you helped our Water Ying Immortal City become a high grade city."

    When Mo Wuji heard these words, he smiled and waved his hand, "That's just a small matter, it's not worth mentioning."

    Wen Lianxi smiled sweetly, then turned to face Geng Ji and Di Baisheng, "I know that the two of you are Pill Kings from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. Perhaps Brother Mo might have offended you two Pill Kings, and my words may not could for much, but my Water Ying Immortal City is an esteemed high grade city. Brother Mo's business is my Water Ying Immortal City's business. If there's anything, come charge towards my Water Ying Immortal City."
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