Chapter 553: Cannot Be Offended

    Chapter 553: Cannot Be Offended

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    "Lianxi..." Yan Qianling stared at her daughter in shock; her daughter was simply courting death.

    So what if Water Ying Immortal Domain got promoted to a high grade city? Against a behemoth like the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, it was nothing.

    "Mother, you often tell me that a wise man looks after his own hide, but also to never be ungrateful. Without Brother Mo, our Water Ying Immortal City would have become a subsidiary city. What would have happened to Mother and I then?" Wen Lianxi looked calmly at Yan Qianling; her voice was warm but it was filled with determination.

    Yan Qianling startled; but she immediately went forward to hug her daughter and say, "Lianxi, you're right."

    She felt proud to have such a daughter. She had seen many vile and filthy things in the Immortal World. Because of treasures, or because of their Dao, many people forsake their own friends and relations. On the other hand, because of gratitude, her daughter was willing to pull Water Ying Immortal City into a whirlpool.

    Tan Liang sighed emotionally by the side, "Lianxi is the kindest girl I know. She is right, if a person doesn't even know of gratitude, how can they seek the Great Dao? If Pill Master Mo is really being threatened because of his placing to Yunxian Immortal Valley, then I, Tan Liang, am willing to speak up for him."

    Mo Wuji thought in his heart: "This Wen Lianxi and her mother seem not bad. And this Pill Master Tan Liang had a much better character than Geng Ji, at least he wouldn't say words that betray his morals."

    Just when Tan Liang's words were uttered, two shadows landed within the Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse Hall.

    The surrounding people went silent; they only needed to look at the emblems on their robes to know that they were from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    Don't just see that they were in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Even the Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun didn't dare utter nonsense in front of enforcers from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    "Who dares to insult our Pill Dao Immortal Alliance and injure our Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Tier 5 Pill King." Two people had come and one of them, who had a huge beard over his face, shouted angrily.

    The other person had pale white skin. When he came, he only swept his eyes across Mo Wuji but he didn't speak any further.

    When Geng Ji saw the two of them, he hurriedly said, "This is the pill refiner called Mo Wuji. Just because he was on the top 3 in the alchemy competition, he actually dared to attack our Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Pill King Di Baisheng. He even cleaved off one of Baisheng's arm.".

    As for the reason why Mo Wuji attacked, he didn't mention a single word.

    Mo Wuji sneered, "You think that cleaving one arm is the end? This matter is only just beginning."

    Mo Wuji detested such people; they used their backing of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to be arrogant and oppress others. Luckily for him, he had joined the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance and was a honorary elder. Otherwise, what could he do if he encountered these two Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Pill Kings? Besides complying, he could only flee.

    But if he fled, then wouldn't he have to give up on his Underworld Heart Flower As he thought of this, Mo Wuji started to have lingering fears and the anger in his heart grew.

    The two Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Enforcers originally wanted to bring Mo Wuji away. But when they heard those words, they immediately changed their ideas. The bearded man clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and said, "Even though Pill Master Mo obtained great results in the alchemy competition, publicly cleaving the limb of one of our Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Pill King is considered challenging our Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. We request for Pill Master Mo to follow us to the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Yong Ying Branch to give an explanation for this matter."

    Everyone knew that the moment Mo Wuji went to the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Yong Ying Branch, there would no longer be a need for explanation. Even though Mo Wuji got 3rd place in the competition, he would be able to leave. As for those two placings, they would naturally end up with the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    "What are the two of your names?" Mo Wuji swept his eyes across the two of them. He estimated that they shouldn't have reached the level of Immortal King. They were very likely Grand Luo Immortals.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, that bearded man's face turned solemn as he clasped his fists and said, "The two of us are enforcers from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Yong Ying Branch. I am Li Bin and he is Xu Angkang. May I know how I may address this friend?"

    Mo Wuji had obtained 3rd place in the Yong Ying Grand Alchemy Competition; his name was known by everyone here. It was complete bullsh*t when these two enforcers asked for Mo Wuji's address. What they wanted to know was Mo Wuji's origins.

    Mo Wuji threw out a jade token and said, "This is how you will address me."

    This was a purple jade token. At the top left hand corner was the word 'Honored', and by the side, there was the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's emblem: a pill furnace with a fire on top.

    Thereafter, there were the words 'Tier 4 Pill King', followed by another row of words 'Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Honorary Elder'.

    By the side, when Geng Ji saw Mo Wuji's jade token, his face turned pale white. Di Baisheng, whose face was already pale white, was now completely devoid of blood.

    They also had a jade token, but their jade tokens were green. This Mo Wuji in front of them actually had a purple jade token. What did the purple color mean? They were Pill Kings of Pill Dao Immortal Alliance; they knew better than anyone else; it represented the existence of a Honored Grade Pill King.

    Even in the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, how many Honored Grade Pill Kings were there? Don't just see that Gong Yangxue obtained 1st place in the competition. The current him could, indeed, easily concoct a full batch of unique grade Tier 4 pills, but he still wouldn't earn the 'Honored' title. If he wanted to be 'Honored', he would need to take the assessment for the Tier 8 Pill Emperor.

    Only if he concocted an entire batch of unique grade Tier 8 pills, would he become a Honored Grade Tier 8 Pill Emperor. The chances of that was close to zero. There was no need to talk about Gong Yangxue; even the most impressive Pill Emperor in the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance wasn't Honored Grade.

    Moreover, this young man in front of them wasn't simply a Honored Grade Tier 4 Pill King, he was even a Honorary Elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. Whether it was grade or status, Mo Wuji vastly exceeded the two of them.

    They had really struck a metal board this time. Geng Ji's and Di Baisheng's faces turned deathly pale and started sweating buckets of cold sweat.

    Geng Ji was in such regret that he wanted to immediately strike his head on the ground. Mo Wuji was such a talented Pill King, how could the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance have missed out out him? Why did he let his greed cloud his reason?

    Li Bin respectfully passed the jade token back to Mo Wuji, then he asked sincerely, "Elder Mo. how should we deal with these two?"

    If Mo Wuji was strong enough, he would have directly wasted Geng Ji and Bai Disheng. Unfortunately, he wasn't strong enough, and he didn't wish to borrow others' power.

    Before Mo Wuji could say anything, Geng Ji and Bai Disheng walked in front of Mo Wuji and bowed, their heads almost touched the ground as they said, "We have eyes but no pupils, we actually dared to offend Elder Mo. Elder Mo, please punish us."

    This was the rule of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. When they offended a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance elder or above, they wouldn't beg for forgiveness but punishment."

    Mo Wuji wasn't very interested in this, he directly said to Li Bin and Xu Angzhang, "These two men tried to use the name of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to force me to give up my jade token to Yunxian Immortal Valley. Take the two of them away and punish them according to the rules of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance."

    "Yes." The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance enforcers hurriedly responded and swiftly brought Geng Ji and Di Baisheng away.

    Two Pill Kings had some status in the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. But no matter the what status they had, they went to offend a honorary elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. They were simply courting death.

    When the surrounding people found out that Mo Wuji was a elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, they came to an understanding. Except from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, where would such an impressive, young pill refiner have come from?

    Wen Lianxi, however, lowered her head. Mo Wuji was so young, and so capable, but he wasn't overbearing and imperious. If she said that she didn't even have a bit of feelings towards him, she would be lying. Even though she called her mother's suggestion absurd, she did have some expectations in her heart.

    Who didn't want their dao companion to be strong? Who didn't want their dao companion to be capable? In the gatherings with disciples of other schools and sects, she did meet quite a number of handsome men. However, she had never met such a young and capable expert like Mo Wuji.

    If Mo Wuji wasn't a honorary elder at the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, she might actually have a future with Mo Wuji. But now, it no longer seemed possible. Such a young Honored Grade Pill King, even a fool would know that his future was immeasurably bright.

    "Everyone, please disperse." Mo Wuji waved his hand towards the crowd.

    The crowd dispersed with goodwill. Even though they could get to acquaint themselves with such a young Pill Dao expert, only a fool would stay behind and offend this Honored Grade Pill King.

    A few cultivators that were coveting Mo Wuji's jade token now gave up on their idea. With Mo Wuji's identity, if they did such things, they would either get brought away or have their schools and sects destroyed.

    "Elder Mo, many thanks for helping my Water Ying Immortal City." Yan Qianling also had a change in attitude; if she thought that Mo Wuji and Wen Lianxi were suitable previously, she no longer had such ideas. Mo Wuji was a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Honored Grade Pill King and a honorary elder. This sort of status was even higher than the castellan of Water Ying Immortal City.

    Why would an esteemed elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance care about the ordinary Wen Lianxi? It's true that Wen Lianxi's looks could be among the top in Yong Ying Immortal Domain. But when immortals looked for dao companions, looks were one of their last priorities.

    From Wen Lianxi's words, Mo Wuji knew that this elegant woman was Wen Lianxi's mother. He hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "Senior is too courteous. Why don't we go over to my rest house for a chat."

    Mo Wuji guessed that Yan Qianling didn't come over with Wen Lianxi simply to thank him. They probably wanted one of the jade tokens to enter Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    Anyways, he had two jade tokens on him, so there was no harm in giving one to Wen Lianxi.

    "Haha, Elder Mo, you're a fast runner. Heng Jun and I wanted to look for you but you were already gone. So now, we have to be the unwelcomed guests knocking on your door. On the way, we met Brother Wu Yunsheng so we came together." A loud chortle could be heard, thereafter, Mo Wuji saw Gong Yangxue.

    Behind Gong Yangxue, were the two other Pill Emperors: one was Heng Jun and the other was Wu Yunsheng.

    Mo Wuji immediately knew why these fellas had come. Just like how looking at their pills opened doors for him, these Pill Emperors were also shocked at his ability to purify herbs and probably wanted to learn his methods.
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