Chapter 554: Pill Dao Discussion

    Chapter 554: Pill Dao Discussion

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    "It is truly my fault that I have to let these Pill Emperors visit me here at my residence. If you needed the help of a small fry like me, the few of you should have just called out for me and I will be wherever you want me to be. How could I trouble important figures like the few of you to come over personally?" Mo Wuji appeared enthusiastic as he took a few steps forward to pay his greetings.

    Even though Mo Wuji said this, if these Pill Emperors really called out for him via a letter, he would treat these letters as non-existent.

    He was currently an honoured grade Tier 5 Pill King and the truth was that in time to come, he would definitely be a Pill Emperor like them. Moreover, these Pill Emperors came over for his guidance so Mo Wuji didn't really raise their status to be any higher than Yan Qianling.

    Yan Qianling is Wen Lianxi's mother and Wen Lianxi saved his life before. Additionally, Mo Wuji truly admired Wen Lianxi's character so he was even willing to address Yan Qianling as 'Senior'.

    However, these Pill Emperors were here to learn a few things from him so he would be considered kind if he didn't demand these few fellas to address him as 'Teacher'. As for him addressing them as 'Seniors', Mo Wuji would not be willing to do so just yet.

    "Haha, Old Brother Mo we shan't address you as 'Elder' so you needn't think of us as important figures because it would just make us feel distant. Why don't we all address each other as brothers? What do you think of this suggestion?" Gong Yangxue was the most experienced so how could he not noticed that Mo Wuji was polite but had a lack of respect for them in his tone.

    This proved that this Elder Mo didn't even treat them as seniors but people of the same level as he was.

    "Since this is the case, I shall accept this suggestion deferentially. Since these three Old Brothers are here, why don't you head in together with me?" Mo Wuji waved his hand and displayed a welcoming posture.

    Seeing the arrival of the three Pill Emperors, Yan Qianling knew that there was a vast gap in statuses so she hurried to say, "Elder Mo, you are very busy now so we will drop by some other day to thank you."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Lianxi and I are friends too and she even saved my life once. Since everyone is here today, let's just head in together."

    Mo Wuji noticed the Tan Liang's desire to talk freely and listened to these Pill Emperors. A casual sentence from Mo Wuji was actually something Tan Liang would never dream of happening in his entire lifetime so why not help a fellow friend out?

    Now that Mo Wuji had invited them, Yan Qianling would naturally not reject him. No matter what, being able to talk to these Pill Emperors would be an eye-opening experience for them.

    Observing how Mo Wuji was bringing the few Pill Emperors up, everyone in the resthouse was filled with jealousy as they paid their respects from far away. No matter where a Pill Emperor went, he would be greeted with much respect from everyone around him.

    Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse's Deacon was trembling in excitement because even though the Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse was decently popular in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain, it was still a few grades off the better resthouses in the same Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    Presently, three Pill Emperors were here in his Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse. What kind of honour was he receiving? Moreover, the top 4 of this Grand Alchemy Competition were all here in his Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse.

    Despite the deacon wanting to ask if Mo Wuji would like the Yue Gui Immortal Resthouse to serve them the best immortal tea and snacks for free, he didn't dare to act rashly.

    Even though Mo Wuji was not a Pill Emperor yet, he was still an honoured grade Pill King and even an honorary Elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. This status was no weaker than a Pill Emperor so he would definitely not dare to interrupt Mo Wuji and the few Pill Emperors.

    The moment Mo Wuji returned to his residence, he realised that Lin Gu was already back. Evidently, she knew that Mo Wuji had guests over so she had already prepared some immortal tea readied to be served.

    Yan Qianling saw a delicate looking lady in Mo Wuji's residence and despite her knowing that she shouldn't ask, she couldn't help but ask, "Elder Mo, this is?"

    Mo Wuji smiled and said, "This is Lin Gu and she is a friend of mine. She is staying here because I had some things which I needed her help."

    There were simply too many people here and even some Pill Emperors and because Yan Qianling wasn't that close to Mo Wuji, it was wise not to continue probing.

    Gong Yangxue was the most experienced so he would naturally not be too bothered with Yan Qianling's worries as he simply greeted her before asking, "Old Brother Mo's understanding of the purification of herbs is something the few of us could never compare to. Our visit this time round is to ask for some guidance in that aspect."

    Mo Wuji knew that this was coming so he replied without any hesitation, "I am not worthy to provide the few of you with guidance but I would love to exchange some ideas and knowledge. I am indeed pretty knowledgeable in terms of purifying immortal herbs but my understanding of Pill Dao will definitely be extremely far off the three Old Brothers here. I was also hoping for some guidance from the three of you."

    This was equivalent to mutual exchanges of knowledge and understandings because Mo Wuji's capabilities wasn't achieved overnight.

    Mo Wuji created his own technique and even opened meridians for cultivation. His understanding towards Pill Dao and purification was definitely more unique than other people's understandings.

    The moment he started to explain, the few Pill Emperors realised how Mo Wuji managed to show them a new path in terms of their understanding of Pill Dao and more specifically, purification.

    As he was enraptured to Mo Wuji's sharing, even Gong Yangxue couldn't help but to scratch his head in excitement.

    It wasn't just Gong Yangxue but even the two other Pill Emperors, Heng Jun and Wu Yunsheng were all captivated by Mo Wuji's understanding and had completely forsaken their last strand of doubts for Mo Wuji.

    As for Tan Liang, who accompanied Yan Qianling here, he was even more enraptured and couldn't stop trembling excitedly. Ever since he started learning Pill Dao, he had never learnt so much and even understood a new logic to purifying immortal herbs.

    Even though Mo Wuji was very capable in teaching, he would definitely not forget about learning too. After explaining for a while, he would take the initiative to change the topic to pill refinement.

    The three Pill Emperors initially had an attitude of providing some tips to Mo Wuji but when they started sharing some pointers of the Pill Dao, Mo Wuji would deduce a few points that was not any weaker than what they had learnt before. In fact, it covered an even wider scope which was why these Pill Emperors threw away that initial attitude they carried with them.

    As the five pill refiners were deep in discussion, every one of them was eagerly learning something new. The one who talked the most was Mo Wuji while the one who was the quietest was Tan Liang. Because his Pill Dao was the weakest, he could only continue learning.

    Even though Yan Qianling, Wen Lianxi and Lin Gu, who were seated by the side, were extremely impressed by Mo Wuji's ability to teach the three Pill Emperors, they were starting to get bored. After all, the depth of the discussion about Pill Dao was something amateurs like the three of the would never understand.

    Feeling helpless, the three of them moved further to the side and started chatting in another room.

    Yan Qianling found out that Lin Gu really had no special relations with Mo Wuji and that Lin Gu had only invited Mo Wuji to help cure her mother's illness.

    Yan Qianling was even more impressed with Mo Wuji's character because he said that Lin Gu was helping him when he was the one who was supposed to be helping her. Just like how he helped Wen Lianxi, Mo Wuji seemed to have no intentions to appear like a hero and asked for gratitude to be shown.

    The three Pill Emperors, Tan Liang and Mo Wuji started their discussion and it lasted for two full days. If it was not for Mo Wuji's concern over the opening of the Yunxian Immortal Valley, the discussion might have carried on for a few more days.

    Gong Yangxue was also aware of Mo Wuji's intention to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley so after Mo Wuji stopped the discussion, he took the initiative to stand up and clasp his fist towards Mo Wuji, "Regardless of the age, those who are capable are the mentors. During this discussion, Brother Mo is my, Gong Yangxue, mentor."

    Heng Jin and Wu Yunsheng was even more grateful towards Mo Wuji because their rewards this time round was far beyond what they expected initially.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "The three of you are capable which was why it didn't take much for me to teach. I have also learnt a lot from the three older brothers here and I have definitely benefited a lot from this meeting, I have to go to the Yunxian Immortal Valley now so we shall meet in the future if we have the opportunity."

    The three Pill Emperors instantly reserved a meeting with Mo Wuji back at the headquarters of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance before saying their goodbyes with a slight reluctance.

    Mo Wuji was also not lying when he said that his rewards from this meeting was no lesser than the few of them. It could be said that as long as he was given sufficient amount of Tier 6 Immortal herbs, he was confident that he would be able to advance to become an honoured grade Tier 6 Pill King in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, the unique grade pills he concoct in the future would improve by yet another level.

    After sending the three Pill Emperors off, Mo Wuji said to Yan Qianling apologetically, "Senior Yan, I have really neglected you for the past two days."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji took the initiative to take out the jade token which allowed one to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley and said, "This is the jade token to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley and I ask for senior to accept it."

    Yan Qianling hurried to reject him, "Elder Yan, I really didn't come for the slot to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley. The purpose of my visit with Lianxi was simply to express our gratitudes. Furthermore, Pill King Tan even benefited greatly from this trip here."

    Tan Liang sighed, "This was indeed the case because after listening to the discussion between Pill Master Mo and the few Pill Emperors, I realised that I am only a frog in the well in terms of Pill Dao."

    Mo Wuji hurried to reply, "Senior Yan, I am considered to be Lianxi's friend. May I ask for senior to not address me as 'Elder' but to address me by my name. Since senior didn't need the immortal valley jade token, I shall keep it with me."

    With the two jade tokens with him, Mo Wuji didn't intend to waste it. He decided to give one to Lin Gu so that he could invite her to help find immortal herbs for him in the Yunxian Immortal Valley. Afterwards, he would just give some valuable pills to Lin Gu for her efforts.

    Two is definitely better than one when it comes to searching for immortal herbs. Other than having a low cultivation level, he was also lacking in peak grade immortal herbs.

    "Alright, Wuji then I shall stand on ceremony with you," Yan Qianling didn't insist as she really started addressing Mo Wuji with his real name.

    After saying this, she seemed to have thought of something as she smiled and looked at Mo Wuji, "Wuji, you looked pretty young to me so I wonder if you have a Dao companion?"

    Mo Wuji was not one with low EQ so after hearing Yan Qianling's question and noticing Wen Lianxi's lowered head, he understood the meaning behind Yan Qianling's question.

    To be completely honest, Wen Lianxi was indeed a decent girl but the pity was that Mo Wuji's heart was not even with him. All he wanted to do now was to bring Cen Shuyin back to life.

    Mo Wuji hurried to respond, "I have a Dao companion and even though you won't be able to meet her now, I am sure that you will meet her someday."

    Mo Wuji spoke with confidence that he could bring Cen Shuyin back to life but Yan Qianling understood it as Mo Wuji's Dao companion had yet to arrive from the cultivation world. Traces of disappointment flashed by her eyes as she glanced at her daughter.

    Even though Wen Lianxi wasn't extremely deep in love with Mo Wuji, hearing Mo Wuji's words made her a little disappointed. However, she regained her composure very quickly because there was nothing between them to begin with.

    "Then I shall bid my goodbye now and my Water Ying Immortal City will always welcome Elder... Wuji you to visit us," Yan Qianling stood up because her main purpose here was to find her son-in-law so if Mo Wuji had a Dao companion, there was really nothing more for her to say.

    Mo Wuji stood up as well, "Many thanks Senior Yan and I have a pill house in the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins so whenever you need any pills, feel free to find me there."
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