Chapter 556: The Secret of The Yunxian Immortal Valley

    Chapter 556: The Secret of The Yunxian Immortal Valley

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    Mo Wuji and Lin Gu followed the crowd of people onto the path which would lead to the Yunxian Immortal Valley. The moment the duo entered, spiritual will could no longer detect the situation outside.

    Despite containing extremely dense immortal energy in the air surrounding them, Mo Wuji didn't see any high grade immortal herbs. He separated from Lin Gu because if they wanted to maximise their effectiveness in search of immortal herbs, it wouldn't make sense for them to stick together.

    Lin Gu was in the Great Circle of the Xuan Immortal Stage and was prepared to enter the Grand Yi Stage anytime now so there was basically no one here that could threaten her. Mo Wuji was only in the early Xuan Immortal Stage but he was almost as strong as a intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage expert so there was nothing to worry about.

    The reason why not too many people were allowed to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley at once was mainly because of the worry that people might fight for immortal herbs here.

    The Yunxian Immortal Valley was vast and boundless and they only allowed 100 people to enter at one time so there was basically no need to fight for any herbs. In fact, even meeting someone else in this vast valley would not be easy.

    At the same time, there wasn't much danger in the Yunxian Immortal Valley and it could be said that out of all the immortal herbs secret realms in this world, the Yunxian Immortal Valley was the one everyone wanted to enter.

    Mo Wuji kept running as his spiritual will kept extending outwards too.

    After a few days, Mo Wuji started to furrow his brows. In the few days that he had entered this place, he had neither met a single person nor a strand of high tier immortal herbs.

    Not mentioning the high tier immortal herbs, Mo Wuji didn't even see any Tier 5 or 6 immortal herbs.

    If this continued on, this Yunxian Immortal Valley would really not live up its name.

    Mo Wuji increased his speed and after seven to eight days, he finally came to a halt when he saw a Copious Rain Immortal Grass.

    The Copious Rain Immortal Grass was a Tier 6 immortal herb and it was also the main spiritual herb for the concoction of the Immortal Copious Pill. It could be considered to be the most ordinary Tier 6 immortal herb and the one which was of the least value.

    Mo Wuji picked this one stalk of immortal herb up before sending it into his Undying World. He didn't bother continue searching because what was the point of him entering the Yunxian Immortal Valley if it was this pitiful?

    After half a month, Mo Wuji didn't find any immortal herb so he gave up running around to search for these herbs. He started installing some spiritual will triggered restrictions and a few more concealed spiritual will triggered restrictions a few kilometres apart of each other. This was so that as long as someone passed by his trigger within hundreds of miles of him, he would be able to sense them.

    These triggers that Mo Wuji installed were not meant for everyone but specifically the five cultivator which came from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    Yunxian Immortal Valley was opened up early by the Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun and everyone was well aware of his main purpose of opening it early. It was so that he could find a specific peak grade immortal herb to advance into Immortal Emperor.

    How could Kui Fengyun not be aware of the current situation in the Yunxian Immortal Valley? Since Kui Fengyun knew about the absence of these high tier immortal herbs, why was the purpose of opening it early? This proved that Kui Fengyun must have had a secret motive and his secret motive would lie with the five cultivators from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    As long as Mo Wuji was able to find one of the five fellas, he would be able to find out if Kui Fengyun knew of the problem with the Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    Despite having installed the trigger restrictions, Mo Wuji was still feeling slightly regretful. He regretted that he didn't create some spiritual imprints before entering the Yunxian Immortal Domain. If he managed to place the spiritual imprints on the five cultivators from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain, he would be able to use his own spiritual imprint to track these five fellas.

    The truth was that when he just entered the Yunxian Immortal Domain, he felt this premonition. After everyone ahead of them had already left, the five fellas from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain took their time at the back. However, Mo Wuji had the same adrenaline rush as everyone else to find the immortal herbs in the shortest possible time so why would he notice or care about such small details?

    A few days had passed and while Mo Wuji was still installing some more restrictions to extend the area he could cover, he sensed that one of his restriction was triggered. He hurried to stop installing the array flags and dashed back to the restriction that was triggered.

    Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Sacred Art had already reached the Definite Wind Realm so as long as there was wind, he would be able to travel a great distance without leaving any trace.

    Using his fastest speed to reach the particular restriction, Mo Wuji was very disappointed. The person who triggered his restriction was not from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Mo Wuji had seen this fella talking to a Pill King of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. It seemed like this fella was a helper for the Pill King and was not from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    Noticing that the fella had a face full of disbelief and disappointment, Mo Wuji knew that he must have been the same as him and had failed to find any high tier immortal herbs.

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered with this fella as he went off to continue installing more restrictions.

    After a few more days, Mo Wuji had already installed over 10 restrictions and had caught up with about four fellas who triggered his restriction during these few days. The pity was that none of them was from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    This made Mo Wuji extremely disappointed and he started to suspect if he was installing these restrictions in the right direction. These cultivators from Yong Ying could have already changed direction.

    If he started to install more restrictions in the other direction at a time like this, it would evidently be too late.

    Mo Wuji sighed as this was indeed a situation of 'Man proposes, God disposes'. Mo Wuji could have predicted everything else but not the scenario in which the Yunxian Immortal Valley was empty.

    Perhaps he wasn't the only one who didn't expect this and that everyone else who coveted for the chance to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley would never have expected to see nothing here.

    Just as Mo Wuji was considering if he should continue looking for herbs further in and see what would he find half a month later, one of the closer restriction was triggered.

    Mo Wuji hurried over with not much expectations and he was instantly excited the moment he saw the cultivator who triggered his restriction. It was young, petite girl with tanned skin. However, Mo Wuji was certain that this female cultivator was a cultivator from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    As long as it was a cultivator from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain, things would look good for Mo Wuji. If this female cultivator was looking cluelessly like himself and with not much immortal herbs on her, it would mean that even Kui Fengyun was unaware that the Yunxian Immortal Domain was empty.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation level might be slightly weaker than this female cultivator but his actual strength and experience would definitely surpass her. Moreover, he was so proficient in his Wind Escape Sacred Art such that she didn't even realise that Mo Wuji had already concealed himself near her.

    The female cultivator didn't stop in her tracks for too long as all she did was to pause for a moment before moving again. Mo Wuji hurried to follow behind her and after an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji was finally able to tell the difference. The difference between her and the rest of the cultivators who triggered his restriction was that this female cultivator was not looking out for immortal herbs around her. She occasionally took out a positioning ball to look around her before changing direction.

    As for the positioning ball, even though Mo Wuji didn't dare to use his spiritual will to check it out, he was certain that something was wrong with it.

    A few more days had passed and the female cultivator finally came to a halt. She checked her positioning ball for a while before standing still and checking it over and over again.

    Mo Wuji was hidden near her as he used his spiritual will to observe her surrounding.

    Initially, Mo Wuji thought that this piece of land was no different from any other piece of land and that it was just a wasteland with slightly denser immortal energy in the air.

    Dense immortal energy was not something extraordinary because as long as one was in the Yunxian Immortal Valley, there wasn't a spot with little immortal energy.

    After one hour, Mo Wuji finally felt something was amiss and that this was definitely a concealed restriction, a natural one. He had seen too many natural concealed restriction in his life before and one example would be the hiding spot of Jing Lengbei back in the Lost Continent. In the Broken World, the position of the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit was also a fine example.

    This place was definitely a peak grade natural concealed restriction and was of an even higher grade than the one with the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit in it.

    This petite girl should be aware that there was a restriction here but because of her poor understanding of array Dao that she couldn't see it. It had already been half a day since Mo Wuji noticed it and this girl was still clueless.

    The woman checked the area and her positioning ball for another two full days and when she still didn't manage to find it, she stopped observing her surrounding. Mo Wuji guessed that she was about to leave so he hurried to place a temporary spiritual imprint on her. This type of temporary spiritual imprint would only last for five months. After five months, this spiritual imprint would be automatically removed from her body.

    Mo Wuji had already made his calculations to know that the Yunxian Immortal Valley would be shut off after about five months and if her spiritual imprint was still on her when she left this place, Kui Fengyun would definitely be the first one to notice it.

    Kui Fengyun was a Heavenly Emperor and was also a snakehead figure in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain so Mo Wuji really didn't want to offend a fella like him.

    Indeed, after Mo Wuji's spiritual imprint was finished, the petite girl left in a hurry.

    Mo Wuji didn't continue tailgating her as he started to examine this concealed restriction. After experiencing the concealed restriction in the Broken World, Mo Wuji was more knowledgeable in terms of natural concealed restriction.

    After this woman left, Mo Wuji took a total of three days and had found a method to enter. He refined a pile of array flags and started to enter the array.

    Without mentioning the fact that Mo Wuji alone wouldn't be able to break open the restriction by force, even if he could, Mo Wuji wouldn't choose a method like this.

    The truth was that for natural concealed restriction, as long as one was able to understand it well enough, one wouldn't need to use array flags to enter. The reason Mo Wuji refined a pile of array flags was not just for entering the concealed restriction but also to conceal the entrance that he found concurrently. Even if someone else were to come by here in the future, he would need at least a few months to find the new entrance.

    After a few months, even the lilies were dried up since Mo Wuji first entered the Yunxian Immortal Valley. He suffered a huge setback in terms of months wasted and now he was worried that the petite girl might find her partner and come back.

    Mo Wuji's guess wasn't wrong because just after a while, the petite girl really brought two other people back here and these two were cultivators from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't aware because he was simply too captivated with the sight in front of him.

    In front of him was a land full of green Bodhi Flowers. The Bodhi Flower was a Tier 7 immortal herb and it was used to concoct the peak grade Green Bodhi Pill used for healing purposes. A stalk of such an immortal herb was easily worth a pile of immortal crystals but yet he saw a large piece of land full of these herbs. The best part was that he had only just entered.
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