Chapter 557: The Unexpected Rewards

    Chapter 557: The Unexpected Rewards

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    Kui Fengyun was indeed scheming and it seemed like Lin Gu was right. This fella was simply putting on an act all these while about the Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    There was another universe inside the Yunxian Immortal Valley and that was these natural restriction arrays. Inside these natural restriction arrays were large amount of peak grade immortal herbs and it seemed as though only Kui Fengyun was aware of the positions of these natural arrays. Fortunately, Mo Wuji was able to realise this in time because otherwise, he would be wandering about aimlessly.

    Mo Wuji calmed his excited self as he gathered this large land of green Bodhi Flowers together before sending all of it, including some of the soil, into his Undying World.

    Following which, searching for immortal herbs would simply be too easy for Mo Wuji. After Mo Wuji collected these Tier 7 Bodhi Flowers, he saw another small piece of land with Tier 6 Micro Snow Six Leaves. There were over three to four hundred of these Micro Snow Six Leaves.

    Micro Snow Six Leaves was a good herb because not only was it the main immortal herb for the concoction of the Snow Beam Pill, it was a supporting herb for many other immortal pills.

    The Snow Beam Pill was a pill to help cultivators reduce their hellfire within their heart during cultivation and it was especially effective for some cultivators who were about to breakthrough into the next realm.

    After the Micro Snow Six Leaves, Mo Wuji found about seven to eight stalks of Mourning Blood Rattan, a Tier 7 immortal herb.

    This immortal herb was used for concocting the Tier 7 Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill and this was an extremely valuable pill used to replenish a cultivator's blood and vital essence.

    This was only the start of a series of surprises to come as very soon after keeping the Mourning Blood Rattan, Mo Wuji found some Sight Wimple Immortal Leaf.

    The Sight Wimple Immortal Leaf was a Tier 8 immortal herb which Mo Wuji didn't have a single stalk with him. The only useful part of an immortal herb like the Sight Wimple Immortal Leaf was the leaves on top and each stalk had two leaves.

    The Sight Wimple Immortal Leaf was the main immortal herb for the concoction of the Dry Wimple Pill, something which Mo Wuji had always wanted. This pill would be able to conceal or change a cultivator's aura or appearance. The pity was that even though Mo Wuji managed to find the Sight Wimple Immortal Leaf, he knew that given his current Pill Dao strength, he wouldn't be able to concoct the Dry Wimple Pill.

    Following which, Mo Wuji found yet another bunch of Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit. The Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit was also a Tier 8 immortal herb which was used to concoct the Immortal Channel Nirvana Pill. For cultivators below the Immortal Reverent level, having a Immortal Channel Nirvana Pill was equivalent to having one more life.

    Despite not being able to concoct this pill with his current strength, Mo Wuji was still indescribably excited. He came for the sole purpose of the Underworld Heart Flower and since there were so many precious high tier immortal herbs here, the chances of finding the Underworld Heart Flower would increase by multiple folds.

    After finding the Sight Wimple Immortal Leaf, Mo Wuji finally realised the true value of this Yunxian Immortal Valley. It was no wonder countless of cultivators, including Pill Emperors, couldn't control their urge to visit this place.

    In half a month, Mo Wuji managed to collect the Green Bodhi Flower, Mourning Blood Rattan, Sight Wimple Immortal Leaf, Hundred Channels Leafless Fruit, Scarlet Dawn Frost, Wild Rose Heavenly Fruit and many more Tier 7 and 8 immortal herbs.

    The total stalks of immortal herbs he collected was over 1000 which was evidently a reward he would never have expected.

    Much to Mo Wuji's disappointment was the fact that he still couldn't find the Underworld Heart Flower. In fact, he had yet to find a single stalk of any Tier 9 immortal herb.

    Just as Mo Wuji finished digging up the Tier 7 Wild Rose Heavenly Fruit, he heard ticking sounds. Because Mo Wuji was inside a natural restriction, spiritual will was suppressed within the restriction too. At the same time, because it was a natural restriction, it was extremely silent inside and Mo Wuji would be able to hear clearly any slight movement in the area.

    When he heard the ticking sound, Mo Wuji hurried towards the direction of the sound immediately.

    In front of him was actually a crooked old tree with half of its lower body gone. Droplets of crystal clear liquid fell from the lower half of the tree into a stone pool.

    The stone pool was half filled with crystal clear liquid and an extremely fresh fragrance was emitted from it. Mo Wuji sensed this energy and clenched his fist excitedly.

    As a Pill King, he was well aware of what was in front of him. This was a peak grade item and was as good as a Tier 9 immortal herb but was in fact, much more valuable than most of the Tier 9 immortal herbs.

    This was a Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow.

    A Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow might not have been through a billion years but any stalk of this Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow would have at least been through millions of years. This immortal wood was not just referring to any immortal wood but a peak grade immortal wood which merged with the Heaven and Earth's immortal energy at the end of its life cycle before producing the purest and most valuable Immortal Wood Marrow.

    The value of the Immortal Wood Marrow was dependent on the type of wood and the age of the wood. The moment the Immortal Wood Marrow had finished dripping, this immortal wood would be completely withered.

    However, no matter what type of immortal wood it was, the Immortal Wood Marrow was something so valuable one cannot purchase it with millions of gold.

    Mo Wuji instantly took out some array flags because he didn't wish to touch the immortal wood which was producing the Immortal Wood Marrow. The moment he took this wood away, there was a high possibility that it would wither and die without the environment that it was used to. However, he really wanted to plunder away the entire stone pool of Immortal Wood Marrow.

    With the help of the array flags, Mo Wuji was able to transfer these Immortal Wood Marrow into massive jade buckets of his own.

    Afterwhich, Mo Wuji sent these jade buckets into his Undying World happily before looking at the old immortal wood with some regrets.

    Countless of years later, this place would be filled with Immortal Wood Marrow yet again...

    Mo Wuji realised that something was amiss when he realised that the pool wasn't even big. Who knew how many years had this immortal wood been dripping the Immortal Wood Marrow so how could the pool not be filled up?

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji used his spiritual will from his spirit storage channel to scan the place. Very soon, he realised that there was a stream of leakage at the bottom of the pool which wasn't visible to the naked eye. This stream extended to somewhere far away and as Mo Wuji's spiritual will followed the stream, he found out that it eventually lead to a massive, cold and secluded gorge. There seemed to be some simple restrictions within the gorge so Mo Wuji's spiritual will was unable to sense it anymore.

    Mo Wuji hurried across this stone pool and landed right outside the gorge. The restriction was very simple and Mo Wuji only needed to lift his hand to open it. The moment Mo Wuji lifted the restrictions, he saw two clear cut sides. One side was a land filled with immortal herbs while the other side only had a fruit tree and the trees only had a grey fruit on it.

    Anyone who entered through here would notice the grey fruit immediately. This was because the grey fruit was emitted a strong spirituality as if something incredible was calling out for him. Mo Wuji could even sense that the moment he managed to gain insights of this grey fruit, he would be able to step into a whole new level.

    This was definitely an illusion but this also showed how extraordinary this grey fruit was.

    After Mo Wuji's eyes swept across the grey fruit, his eyes fell on the large land of immortal herbs.

    Mo Wuji couldn't stop trembling at the sight of what was in front of him because in one glance, he was able to recognise what the immortal herb was. It was what he had been looking for: Underworld Heart Flower.

    Even though there was a 'flower' in the name of the Underworld Heart Flower, it looked just like a grass. Mo Wuji had never seen a Underworld Heart Flower before but had read the descriptions of it from the Grass, Wood, Stone book. The book described it to look like a grass and within the leaves of the grass was a small, thin green flower. The green flower had the same colour as the grass so if one didn't look at it carefully, one wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    Mo Wuji took a step forward and saw that there was a small green flower within every stalk of this grass.

    This was indeed the Underworld Heart Flower. Mo Wuji would find it perfectly normal if the Underworld Heart Flower was grey in colour in an environment like this but the Underworld Heart Flower was actually green in colour as if it was photosynthesising.

    There was a total of 81 stalks of the Underworld Heart Flower here so how could Mo Wuji not be excited?

    After he dug up all of the Underworld Heart Flower and transferred it into his Undying World cautiously, he shifted his eyes back onto the grey fruit.

    He really had no seen a fruit like this before but there was a description on the Grass, Wood, Stone which seemed to fit this fruit. It was written to be the Emperor Dao Fruit: Grows alone, rare and grey in colour.

    In the short description, it didn't even describe its usage or its growing environment.

    Mo Wuji still believed that this was the Emperor Dao Fruit and that it could be the fruit that the Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun of the Yong Ying Immortal Domain was looking for. It seemed as though Kui Fengyun knew of its existence in this place which was why he sent a few people into the Yunxian Immortal Valley to find it.

    Whether or not it was the fruit that Kui Fengyun wanted, since he had already seen it, there was no reason for him not to take it away. Mo Wuji plucked the Emperor Dao Fruit off the tree before locking it in a jade box.

    The moment the Emperor Dao Fruit was removed from the tree, the tree withered and disintegrated into a void very soon after.

    Even though Mo Wuji managed to collect over tens of Underworld Heart Flower, he didn't think that the origins of it was simple. Not everywhere had the Immortal Wood Marrow and these Underworld Heart Flowers and the Emperor Dao Fruit was actually grown after being irrigated by the Immortal Wood Marrow.

    Under normal circumstances, who would use the Immortal Wood Marrow to water the Underworld Heart Flower?

    The Underworld Heart Flower was a Tier 9 immortal herb but the Immortal Wood Marrow was also equivalent to a Tier 9 immortal herb.

    Having collected the Underworld Heart Flower and a total of 81 of them, Mo Wuji was finally at peace with his heart because he had achieved his purpose of entering the Yunxian Immortal Valley. If it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't leave the Yunxian Immortal Valley now, he had intentions to leave already. Even though the other immortal herbs might be good or valuable, it wouldn't be attractive enough to stop him from searching for Cen Shuyin's soul.

    A few months had passed and even though this natural restriction was not considered to be small, Mo Wuji had searched the entire place once. He had even searched every small corner of the place and Mo Wuji basically collected every immortal herb which was above Tier 6.

    Other than the Immortal Wood Marrow, Emperor Dao Fruit and Underworld Heart Flower, Mo Wuji also collected three Undying Holy Bamboo. The Undying Holy Bamboo was also a Tier 9 immortal herb and to most of the cultivators, it was much more valuable than the Underworld Heart Flower.

    The Undying Holy Bamboo could be used to concoct a peak grade body tempering immortal pill, the Tier 9 Undying Dao Pill.

    After using this pill, even if the cultivator didn't use to temper his body, it would maintain a certain toughness in the cultivator's body for a few days and even flames would not be able to harm the body during this period of time. It would be the most suitable pill for one to use during a lightning tribulation.

    Mo Wuji didn't even need to concoct the Undying Dao Pill because as long as he had the Undying Holy Bamboo, he would be able to exchange many good items with it.
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