Chapter 558: Escaping the Yong Ying Immortal Domain

    Chapter 558: Escaping the Yong Ying Immortal Domain

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    Before the transfer radiance from the jade token, which was used to enter the Yunxian Immortal Valley, lit up, Mo Wuji had basically collected all the good items within this restrictions. Mo Wuji took out a portion of the Tier 7 and 8 immortal herbs to put in his storage ring as he left everything else in his Undying World.

    Moments after transfer radiance flashed, Mo Wuji was wrapped in a white light to be transferred out of the Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    When Mo Wuji's legs touched the solid ground, he was already at the place where he entered from. Many businessmen were already eagerly waiting for cultivators to be transferred out. Even though many of them were aware that the items these cultivators collected from within the Yunxian Immortal Valley would not belong to them alone, these businessmen were still hoping for the best.

    After all, cultivation resources in the Immortal World were depleting faster than they were growing hence, cultivators were already seeing lesser high tier immortal herbs than ever. Even if they managed to see some Tier 7 and above immortal herbs around, they were all grown by people. As for a natural place like the Yunxian Immortal Valley, it would only be opened once every few thousands of years.

    There were indeed some cultivators who took out a portion of their immortal herbs to sell but Mo Wuji had no intentions to do so. In one glance, Mo Wuji managed to spot Lin Gu.

    Concurrently, Lin Gu spotted Mo Wuji too as she hurried over to him.

    "How was it? There seemed to be very little immortal herbs inside and after wandering about for a few months, I only managed to collect a few ordinary herbs," Mo Wuji said anxiously.

    "Ah..." Lin Gu heard Mo Wuji's words and was dumbfounded immediately, "I'm sorry Brother Mo, I didn't remind you beforehand."

    "What happened?" Mo Wuji responded.

    Lin Gu answered, "There are no high tier immortal herbs at the periphery of the Yunxian Immortal Valley and one needed to travel for about four to five months before reaching the place with more immortal herbs. In fact, the total time to collect immortal herbs would only be around half a month. I also found out about this only after I realise there were no high tier immortal herbs in the Yunxian Immortal Valley."

    Mo Wuji's eyes fell on all the cultivators who entered the Yunxian Immortal Valley and soon realised that he was too smart for his own good. He couldn't be blamed because like all the other cultivators who were not from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain, he wasn't too familiar with the Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    He was also as clueless as some of the other cultivators when he wondered why there were no immortal herbs in the Yunxian Immortal Valley. Afterwards, these cultivators must have cracked their brains to realise what was happening and dashed inwards madly before finding the region with immortal herbs.

    On the other hand, he was too focused on thinking that there was something wrong with the Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun.

    If he didn't suspect Kui Fengyun, he would have soon realised the problem and ended up rushing inwards like all the other cultivators. The fastest one would then be able to find the region with immortal herbs which were yet to be collected.

    It was also because of his suspicion that he managed to track the cultivators from the Yong Ying Immortal Domain to find that natural restriction eventually. At the end of the day, he succeeded by a lucky stroke as not only did he managed to collect what he needed, he managed to snatch the Emperor Dao Fruit that Kui Fengyun wanted as well as a whole pile of high tier immortal herbs.

    "So what have you collected?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Lin Gu's eyes revealed traces of apologies as she said in a low tone, "I have collected quite a bit but I didn't get what you needed. I am really..."

    Seeing the numerous pill refiners conversing with the businessmen around here, Mo Wuji knew that this was not the place to talk so he transmitted a message to Lin Gu, "We have to leave the Yong Ying Immortal Domain now. Do you have a way to sneak out? Otherwise, I will be prepared to purchase some masks for disguise."

    Lin Gu transmitted back to Mo Wuji straightaway, "No need, we will not use the transfer array here to leave. We are already on the outside of the Yong Ying Immortal City so all we needed to do is to enter the void outside the Yong Ying Immortal Domain and I will be able to ignite a spatial diversion escape talisman."

    "What grade is it?" Mo Wuji asked anxiously. Mo Wuji had to be anxious because after hearing Lin Gu's words before entering the Yunxian Immortal Valley, he knew that he had stolen what Kui Fengyun wanted. Once Kui Fengyun found out about what Mo Wuji had taken, how would he be able to leave?

    It wasn't hard for Kui Fengyun to find out about the truth because as long as he gathered the five of them, he would be able to find out what happened inside the Yunxian Immortal Valley.

    "Grade 8 spatial diversion escape talisman. As long as we are able to leave the Yong Ying Immortal Domain and enter the void, this talisman would be able to bring us out of this domain. Even an Immortal Emperor might not be able to find us," Lin Gu replied convincingly.

    Mo Wuji said immediately, "There is no need for any hesitation now so let's leave immediately towards the Six Paths Immortal Domain to find your mother first."

    Given Mo Wuji's experience and the fact that he was a Rebirther, how could he not know the importance of leaving early at a time like this?

    Lin Gu didn't continue inquiring for the reason as she dashed out of the crowd with Mo Wuji into their flying ship and out of the periphery of the Yong Ying Immortal City.

    After they left the Yong Ying Immortal City, Mo Wujji threw out multiple array flags as he installed a spatial spiritual will trigger array before taking out his own flying ship.

    Lin Gu's flying ship might be good but it couldn't be compared to his. His Grade 7 flying ship was given by Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Pill Emperor Nong Yong and it was the main reason why Mo Wuji had such a good impression of Nong Yong.

    "This is a Grade 7 flying shuttle?" Lin Gu was not clueless as she asked curiously the instance Mo Wuji took out his flying shuttle.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Yes, this is a Grade 7 flying shuttle which was given by a senior of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance."

    Lin Gu exclaimed, "This senior must be really generous. A Grade 7 immortal shuttle like this is not something ordinary people in the Devil Moon Immortal School could acquire. This shows how concerned the senior was for your safety."

    Mo Wuji suddenly had a realisation because previously, he believed that Nong Yong asked this flying shuttle from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance because of his admiration of Mo Wuji. Only after listening to Lin Gu's words, he realised that this flying shuttle could be given by Nong Yong himself and not by the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

    No matter how wealthy the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was, they shouldn't be able to gift a Grade 7 flying shuttle so casually to him. The next time he saw Nong Yong, he really thank him personally.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to board his flying shuttle, he could feel someone triggering his spatial spiritual will trigger restriction. He said with an ugly expression, "Someone is chasing after us and the grade of the flying treasure is not low."

    Before entering the Yunxian Immortal Valley, Mo Wuji was worried that Wan Fan would be after him but presently, he was more worried about the Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Kui Fengyun.

    "Should we go back now?" Lin Gu started worrying because the two of them were simply too weak.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "There's no use because heading back would be equivalent to seeking death. Let me think of the fastest way to enter the void..."

    "I have an idea, there is an open air city square called the Rogue Immortal City Square located about a million miles away from here. Inside the blackmarket of this city square, there is a transfer array which would lead to the Bai Ji Immortal City. Bai Ji Immortal City was located right at the periphery of the Yong Ying Immortal Domain so once we leave that place, we would be in the void," Lin Gu explained as quickly as she could.

    Afterwards, she added in, "The key is that not many people know about this transfer array in the Rogue Immortal City Square. I am only worried that before we could even reach the transfer array, we would be caught up by whoever was chasing us.

    Mo Wuji answered confidently, "Lin Gu, we shall leave for that city square now. Let go of your flying ship now and let it head towards the opposite direction of where we are heading to before boarding my flying shuttle."

    Even though a Grade 6 immortal flying treasure was precious to Lin Gu, her mother's health was more important to her. She didn't even hesitate as she set her flying treasure to fly towards the opposite direction alone. Mo Wuji brought Lin Gu onto his flying shuttle as he head towards the Rogue Immortal City Square.

    Mo Wuji was chased all the way from the cultivation world so he was gifted as to how to escape his predators. He knew that whoever was chasing them followed his own preconceived idea which was to follow the energy emitted from Lin Gu's flying ship. When that fella caught up with Lin Gu's flying ship and realised that it was empty, they would have reached that city square.

    The moment the two of them boarded his flying shuttle, their speed increased significantly. As compared to Lin Gu's flying ship, their current speed was at least two times greater.

    Mo Wuji's prediction was not wrong because after half an incense worth of time, a silver flying car soared across the place where they stopped previously. Without slowing down, the silver flying car dashed towards the direction of Lin Gu's flying ship.

    Mo Wuji increased the speed of his flying shuttle to the maximum and if he was not careful, he might lose control when using the normal spiritual will.

    The Grade 7 flying shuttle was indeed the fastest because in less than two hours, Mo Wuji and Lin Gu appeared in front of the Rogue Immortal City Square.

    There were quite a lot of people in this city square and there were even a lot of Grand Yi Immortal Stage cultivators around. Mo Wuji and Lin Gu found the location of the transfer array very quickly and even before they could exchange for the local currency, they purchased the transfer tickets to the Bai Ji Immortal City immediately.

    From the time the duo entered the city square to the time they left, they took less than half an incense worth of time. Soon after the two of them left the city square, a silver flying car entered the city square.

    Very soon after, the person controlling the silver flying car entered the same transfer array towards the Bai Ji Immortal City.


    Concurrently, in the castellan mansion of the Yong Ying Immortal City, Kui Fengyun's face was as black as a burnt pot. Standing in front of him were the five Xuan Immortal cultivators he sent into the Yunxian Immortal Valley. Presently, their faces were all extremely pale because they managed to screw up a task so simple.

    "Tell me exactly what had happened," Kui Fengyun's words sound like it came straight from hell as he had already lost his elegance and cool that he displayed back at the alchemy competition.

    If one had to describe his tone, it would be gloomy. Every word of his brought along a gloomy coldness which would make one shiver.

    After saying this, he turned to a person behind him and said, "Immediately stop the transfer array in the Yong Ying Immortal Domain and then inform every cultivator who entered the Yunxian Immortal Valley that they need to cooperate to complete the Yunxian Immortal Valley's map."

    "Roger that!" The cultivator behind Kui Fengyun was like a shadow because the moment he answered Kui Fengyun, he disappeared in a flash.
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