Chapter 559: The Imposing Devil Moon

    Chapter 559: The Imposing Devil Moon

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    "We should be safe now; we have already left Yong Ying Immortal Domain and entered the void," Lin Gu said in slight relief atop the flying shuttle.

    She and Mo Wuji didn't stop to take a rest during the entire journey: the moment they emerged from the transfer array at Bai Ji Immortal City, they immediately retrieved the flying shuttle and charged out of Bai Ji, then when they reached the edge of Bai Ji, they entered into the void.

    Mo Wuji's expression was still solemn as he said, "No, we are not safe yet. I seem to have a sense of irrational fear. Lin Gu, hurry and ignite the spatial escape talisman."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji already kept the flying shuttle.

    Lin Gu had utter belief in Mo Wuji's judgement; the moment Mo Wuji said those words, she immediately ignited the escape talisman. Even if the grade of this talisman was any higher, she would not hesitate to use it.

    The escape talisman began to emit a faint light, and faint tears began to appear within space. Thereafter, the light completely enveloped Mo Wuji and Lin Gu and they disappeared without a trace.

    Needless to say, Mo Wuji's premonition was extremely accurate. In less than a quarter of an incense's time after Mo Wuji and Lin Gu left, a man with a mask and a high hat stopped at where Mo Wuji and Lin Gu just left.

    He stared at the space where the two of them disappeared from and ominous glints continuously flashed through the eye holes of his mask. A whole half an incense's time passed before that ominous light gradually faded away and the man turned to leave. Clearly, he also knew that it would now be impossible to chase after Mo Wuji and Lin Gu no matter what he did.


    At this instant, Lin Gu and Mo Wuji were back on Mo Wuji's flying shuttle, rapidly moving towards Six Paths Immortal Domain.

    Only by this time, did Mo Wuji completely calm down. Lin Gu fetched a storage ring and handed it to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, these are the immortal herbs I collected from Yunxian Immortal Valley. You can take them."

    Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will in, he soon discovered that while Lin Gu didn't collect as many immortal herbs as he, she did find several hundred strains of Tier 7 immortal herbs, over 100 Tier 8 immortal herbs and several Tier 9 immortal herbs.

    Mo Wuji said, "Lin Gu, keep the immortal herbs that you need. Then tell me which are the pills you require, I will concoct one batch of every kind for you."

    There were some valuable immortal herbs inside the ring too, but Mo Wuji didn't really care too much about them. What he needed now was a large amount of high tiered immortal herbs, so that he could advance to the Pill Emperor level.

    Lin Gu shook her head, "I don't need any immortal herbs or any immortal pills. As long as you can help treat my mother, I will be satisfied."

    Mo Wuji felt rather awkward; it wasn't that he wasn't willing to help Lin Gu. This time, he was prepared to give it his all to help her. However, what he learned wasn't the Dao of Medicine, and he wasn't an immortal doctor; his wholehearted effort might not necessarily yield results. If he wasn't able to treat Lin Gu's mother, then he would truly owe Lin Gu too much.

    There was no need to talk about all these high tiered immortal herbs that Lin Gu just gave him; just that Grade 8 spatial escape talisman would have already cost countless piles of immortal crystals.

    Mo Wuji kept the ring, then handed seven to eight jade vases to Lin Gu, "These are the Grand Yi True Pills and Immortal Cleansing Grand Zhi Pills that I concocted. There are also several vases of healing and cultivation pills that are very useful for the Grand Yi and Grand Zhi Immortal Stage. I believe that you would find them useful. In the future, you can also find me for the pills you need to advance to the Grand Luo Immortal and Immortal King Stage. Even though I'm unable to concoct them now, I believe that I will definitely be able to do so in the future."

    "Many thanks Brother Mo, then I will be keeping them." This time, Lin Gu didn't reject him; the pills that Mo Wuji gave her were indeed very useful. Even though she could also get them back at her Devil Moon Immortal School, how could the immortal pills that her school get be better than ones from a Honored Grade Pill King like Mo Wuji? Moreover, each one of these pills were important resources for the sect.

    As a Eight Star Genius, she could get these pills easily, but to average disciples, these pills were far too expensive.

    Mo Wuji did not give Lin Gu the Immortal Wood Marrow as the value of the Immortal Wood Marrow was too high. He believed that Lin Gu definitely wouldn't covet his Immortal Wood Marrow, but it would be hard to say for the other people in Devil Moon Immortal School. If Lin Gu were to ever reveal the existence of the Immortal Wood Marrow, then his little life might very well end in the Devil Moon Immortal School.

    For this sort of thing, he could give it to Lin Gu when his abilities were higher. It wasn't necessary for him to do so now.


    The flying shuttle travelled at extreme speeds. In less than half a year, the flying shuttle reached Six Paths Immortal Domain; they had entered Starlying Immortal City, the immortal city at the outermost fringe of Six Paths Immortal Domain.

    Lin Gu pointed towards Starlying Immortal City and said, "Even though Starlying Immortal City isn't the city of the Six Paths Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor, it is considered one of the top ten cities in the Devil Domain. In the future, if you obtain the Underworld Heart Flower, if you want to get to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pool, you would need to pass through Starlying Immortal City. In Starlying Immortal City, there's a transfer array to the peripheries of Six Paths Ruins. The Soul Condensing Immortal Pond which lies between Six Paths Immortal Domain and the Underworld, is within the Six Paths Ruins."

    "Actually, I didn't come out of Yunxian Immortal Valley empty-handed; I managed to find the Underworld Heart Flower in some hidden corner. I was worried that the Yong Ying Heavenly Emperor would think that I took his item, which was why I anxiously wanted to leave Yong Ying Immortal Domain," Mo Wuji explained.

    Now that they were already here, there was no need for him to continue hiding.

    "Ah..." Lin Gu exclaimed in pleasant surprise, then she immediately said, "Brother Mo, regardless of whether you are able to save my mother, I will follow you to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond."

    "Many thanks." Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards Lin Gu. If it was for some other thing, perhaps he might reject Lin Gu politely. However, this matter involved finding Cen Shuyin's lost soul; if anything could increase his hopes of succeeding, he wouldn't let go of it.

    Lin Gu, after all, was someone from the Devil Domain; she was more familiar with the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond than him.

    Starlying Immortal City wasn't very far from Devil Moon Immortal School. A few days later, Mo Wuji and Lin Gu had already arrived outside Devil Moon Immortal School.

    Ever since Mo Wuji entered the Immortal World, he had visited several big immortal cities; he had even went to Yong Ying Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor City - Yong Ying Immortal City. However, Mo Wuji hadn't really visited any big sects. The Devil Moon Immortal School, regardless in the Six Paths Immortal Domain or the entire Immortal World, held a great reputation and name.

    Standing at the gate to the Devil Moon Immortal School, Mo Wuji could fully feel the sect's imposing aura. At the same time, he understood why the sect was called Devil Moon.

    The defensive array at the gate of the sect formed huge clouds of black fog. Above the black fog, floated two words: "Devil Moon'. Above these two words, there was even the faint outline of a crescent moon.

    "Brother Mo, follow me." Lin Gu waited for Mo Wuji to keep the flying treasure before calling him over. Thereafter, she held a jade token and walked towards the devil fog-covered gate.

    As Lin Gu approached, a clear bluestone path appeared from the foggy gate.

    When Mo Wuji followed Lin Gu along the bluestone path, he saw huge patches of greenery, mountains and rivers. How was this devilish?

    This was simply Heaven in the mortal world [1]; it even seemed to have an additional vast and majestic heavenly energy which Yong Ying Immortal Domain lacked.

    In the wide and spacious sect, not only did Mo Wuji saw several buildings, he also saw cultivators moving around rapidly in the sky.

    Lin Gu gestured towards Mo Wuji, then she started to walk into the air.

    Mo Wuji followed Lin Gu and discovered that the Devil Moon Immortal School actually didn't have any air restrictions. The Devil School was truly different in the way they operated; if it was another sect, they definitely would have restricted the air within the sect.

    An hour later, Lin Gu brought Mo Wuji in front of a tall mountain. The mountain was protected by restrictions, and outside the domain of the restrictions, there was a huge stone tablet which wrote 'Moon Seeking Mountain'. Mo Wuji guessed that Lin Gu stayed in the Moon Seeking Mountain.

    The restrictions were soon released and a delicate and pretty woman bowed towards Lin Gu, "Ao Song greets Senior Sister Lin Gu."

    Lin Gu returned the greetings before asking, "Ao Song, is my mother better?"

    Ao Song shook her head with a distressed expression, "Master's spirit channels are still blackening, and it seems to be getting faster. A few days ago, the School Master came to visit but the School Master was also helpless. Thereafter, the School Master left the school, saying that he would to the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to request the help of a Pill Emperor."

    After explaining this in low spirits, Ao Song lowered her head.

    By the side, Mo Wuji didn't say anything. When he heard blackening spirit channels, his heart started pounding. He had the elemental storage channel; his elemental storage channel was able to perfectly heal his meridians, it should also be possible for spirit channels.

    And this Ao Song was actually the disciple of Lin Gu's mother. This woman was the 'intellectual' kind of beauty, and her bearings and demeanour reflected her perfect upbringing. What shocked Mo Wuji was that this Ao Song was actually a Grand Yi Immortal; it was even higher than Lin Gu.

    She had a higher cultivation than Lin Gu, but she still addressed Lin Gu as 'senior sister'. In Mo Wuji's perspective, Lin Gu should have suppressed her cultivation in order to enter the Broken World. It should be because of this that she got overtook by Ao Song.

    "Is my master out from his closed doors?" Lin Gu asked as she swiftly proceeded into the mountain.

    Ao Song sighed and said, "No. After Senior Uncle Gu went into closed doors, he had never came out once."

    Lin Gu entered hastily and she didn't introduce Mo Wuji. Even so, Ao Song still bowed slightly towards Mo Wuji and made way for him.

    The architecture on Moon Seeking Mountain was very simple; there were basically seven to eight buildings connected to one another.

    Mo Wuji followed Lin Gu along a winding stone path before they reached an exquisite looking house.

    There were all sorts of flowers outside the house. Not only was this place rich with immortal spiritual energy, it even contained the pleasant fragrances from these flowers, causing one to feel carefree and relaxed.

    The inside of the house was also neat and tidy. Tucked inside the house, there was an Immortal Wood Incense bed; the outside of the bed was a bedding made of extremely fine silk. A woman with a pale white face lay on that bed. Besides her pale skin, this woman was actually more beautiful than Lin Gu.

    Around her, there was even a sort of indescribable spiritual fragrance.

    "Mother." Looking at this pale, beautiful woman, Lin Gu hurriedly went to the side of the bed and kneeled by its side; tears continuously dripped out from her eyes.

    Ao Song also had a downcast expression as she stood by the side with low spirits. Mo Wuji could see that when Lin Gu wasn't around, Ao Song had taken care of Lin Gu's mother pretty well.

    "Lin Gu, you've returned." The woman leaning against the Immortal Incense Wood bed struggled to open her eyes. She revealed a smile as she arduously said that sentence.

    "Yes, mother, I've returned. I have invited an impressive pill refiner over. I believe that he would be able to save you." Lin Gu pointed towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's gaze did not turn to Lin Gu's mother, but stood glued to the Immortal Incense Wood bed.

    [1] I wanted to use Heaven on Earth, but that's not right hmm
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