Chapter 560: Lin Gus Mothers Illness

    Chapter 560: Lin Gu's Mother's Illness

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    Lin Gu's mother did not seem to mind Mo Wuji's lack of courtesy; she also did not seem to mind that Mo Wuji was really young, she only smiled and said, "I've troubled you by getting you to travel this long journey with Lin Gu. I'm truly sorry."

    Mo Wuji returned to his countenance and hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "Senior's words are too heavy. Lin Gu has helped me tremendously; I'm only afraid that my capabilities are too low and I'm unable to treat senior."

    Lin Gu's mother laughed softly, "That's okay. Even an Immortal Emperor wouldn't be able to control his own life and death, much less me, someone who's far from being an Immortal Emperor."

    Mo Wuji nodded, then said to Lin Gu, "Lin Gu, you can go out first. I would like to examine Auntie's illness alone."

    Lin Gu stood up; her eyes were slightly red. It was Ao Song, however, who frowned slightly and immediately said in a light voice, "This immortal doctor, it's not that Lin Gu and I don't trust you, but why must we leave for you to examine the illness. I see master as my very own mother; it wouldn't really affect you if Lin Gu and I stay here."

    Even though Ao Song spoke lightly, Mo Wuji could hear the meaning implied in her words: she and Lin Gu did not want to leave, and she did not feel comfortable leaving a man alone with Lin Gu's mother.

    Lin Gu hurriedly said, "Junior Sister Ao Song, Brother Mo has an upright and forthcoming character. Let's just wait outside."

    Hearing Lin Gu say this, even though Ao Song was still rather unwilling, she could only nod her head and follow Lin Gu out.

    After Ao Song and Lin Gu left, Mo Wuji lifted his hand to form several soundproofing and concealment seals, hiding everything that was happening in the room.

    Seeing Mo Wuji form seals, Ao Song wanted to go back and question Mo Wuji, but she was stopped by Lin Gu. Towards Mo Wuji, Lin Gu had the utmost trust.

    "Can you tell me the specifics of what happened?" Only after forming the seals, Mo Wuji sat beside the bed and asked.

    It was not that Lin Gu's mother did not look down on Mo Wuji, but it was deep in her bones to not give Mo Wuji any face. There's was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji was someone invited by Lin Gu, even if he was an immortal doctor, she would do the same.

    But the moment she saw Mo Wuji form those seals, she knew that she had underestimate him. With a few casual movements to form seals, there was no need to talk about Lin Gu, even she, herself, might not be able to do it. Perhaps her cultivation was countless of folds higher than Mo Wuji, but when it came to the Dao of Arrays, she was far from this Mo Wuji in front of her.

    Noticing Lin Gu's mother's hesitation, Mo Wuji hurriedly added, "Senior, my name is Mo Wuji, I'm considered a pill refiner, and I am also extremely good friends with Lin Gu. Senior, please don't worry, any words that you say here today definitely wouldn't be spread out."

    Lin Gu's mother's struggled to prop herself up, indicating her respect, and she spoke softly, "Pill Master Mo, the fact that Lin Gu invited you here definitely means she looks up to your ability. Lin Gu is my daughter, and even though she had been following her master to train in the recent years, I am still very clear of her personality; she definitely wouldn't trust any random person.

    I'm merely older than you in age, but I don't deserve to be called senior. My name is Shi Gulan, if you respect me, then please call me Aunt Lan. We're all cultivators here and we naturally go against the Laws of Heaven, so there's no need for such trivialities."

    "Alright Aunt Lan." Mo Wuji nodded, he also didn't care too much about this. Even Pill Emperors call him brother, so such small matters naturally wouldn't be placed in his mind.

    Shi Gulan revealed a satisfied expression, then she continued, "Those years ago, I had just given birth to Lin Gu, so I went to search for the Immortal Wood Marrow alone. Eventually, I believed that I was poisoned by Tarsal Soul Underworld Poison. Even though I rushed back, I was still too late. After some time, my sea of consciousness began to solidify, my bones turned black and my spirit channels also became black and turbid. The sect had expended great efforts, and even Lin Gu's Master Gu has also spent much time and effort, but they were still unable to treat me..."

    "Senior was poisoned?" Mo Wuji was inwardly thinking that if it was truly poison, then things would be easy. What poison couldn't he get rid of? However, from Shi Gulan's tone, it did not seem like she had been poisoned.

    As for the Tarsal Soul Underworld Poison that Shi Gulan mentioned, Mo Wuji knew about it. This poison was colourless and odourless; it was extremely hard to notice. The moment one got afflicted with this poison, his sea of consciousness would gradually harden and shrink, his bones would become black, his spirit channels would blacken and his cultivation would become weak. Eventually, he would be reduced to an ordinary mortal that had no cultivation, and die.

    Shi Gulan said that she went to search for the Immortal Wood Marrow after giving birth to Lin Gu, clearly, she must have wanted to improve Lin Gu's innate talent. Yes, the Immortal Wood Marrow had another important function, when it was used to wash newborn babies, it would cause the newborn baby's talent o be incomparably outstanding. Lin Gu was an Eight Star Genius, and her skin was soft and smooth like a mirror; she might have been bathed with the Immortal Wood Marrow before.

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, Shi Gulan shook her head, "At the beginning, the sect head and I, as well as Lin Gu's master all thought that I had been poisoned. Thereafter, an incredibly reputable immortal doctor came to the Devil Moon Immortal School, and after examining me, he said that I wasn't poisoned by the Tarsal Soul Underworld Poison, but had been afflicted by an illness."

    "Did he say what illness it was?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly.

    Shi Gulan sighed, "Before he managed to do so, something happened. Gods Immortal Domain's Immortal Emperor Lun Cai's beloved concubine fell gravely ill. Immortal Emperor Lun Cai forcefully called for multiple peak immortal doctors and pill refiners from the various Immortal Domains to examine his concubine. It was just that after he left, there was no further news from that immortal doctor."

    Mo Wuji thought in his heart: that Immortal Emperor Lun Cai sure was tyrannical. That immortal doctor was still examining Shi Gulan, and he actually called the doctor back, this was also knowing Shi Gulan's status. So many years had passed and no news returned, it was likely that something bad had happened.

    Shi Gulan could tell Mo Wuji's doubts, she said, "That immortal doctor is called Cheng Qianhe, he's one of the Nine Great Immortal Doctors of the seven Immortal Domains. Naturally, Immortal Emperor Lun Cai would call for him. There's no need to talk about him, Immortal Emperor Lun Cai probably also called for the other immortal doctors."

    "I've heard of that person before." Mo Wuji nodded; he really did hear of Cheng Qianhe before, it seemed like Han Qingru was the one who mentioned him. This person's name had even spread to the Corner of Yong Ying, one could clearly tell how impressive he was.

    Mo Wuji said, "Aunt Lan, can you send me your wrist to take your pulse?"

    Mo Wuji did not know how to measure a person's pulse, but he did have the detoxification channel which he could use to check if Shi Gulan had been poisoned.

    Shi Gulan responded with an 'En' and brought her wrist out; her wrist was pale white without even a single hint of blood. The moment she brought her wrist out, Mo Wuji could see the black bones underneath her skin.

    Clearly, Shi Gulan's illness was indeed very serious. Or to put things in other words, if no one came to treat her, she shouldn't be able to endure for much longer.

    The moment Mo Wuji's hand landed on Shi Gulan's wrist, his detoxification channel twitched slightly, before it immediately went back to normal.

    The detoxification channel didn't go and detoxify anything, but Mo Wuji was very clear that Shi Gulan had been poisoned. Moreover, this poison was serious to the point that his detoxification channel wasn't willing to actively detoxify it.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will entered into Shi Gulan's body and he soon had another discovery. There was a peak grade immortal herb within her body; this herb was called Soul Margin Grass.

    Soul Margin Grass was a Tier 6 immortal herb. However, the price of this herb was very low, because it couldn't be concocted into a pill; it could only be used to brew tea or wine. The tea brewed by this immortal herb could be used to strengthen a cultivator's soul, and it also had some benefits to a cultivator's spiritual will.

    However, the actual benefits are very little, and the taste also wasn't very good, thus, very few cultivator's would use it to brew tea or wine.

    Not only were there traces of that immortal herb within Shi Gulan's body, they were in large amounts. Mo Wuji's gaze quickly turned to the teapot on the table beside the bed, and he soon discovered that the tea within had been brewed using Soul Margin Grass.

    Mo Wuji took a cup and drank a cup of the tea.

    It wasn't that he wanted to try this tea, but because with Shi Gulan's illness, there was completely no use in drinking Soul Margin Grass.

    Moreover, in the 'Grass, Wood, Stone', there was a special notice: keep away from Underworld Incense Wood.

    'Grass, Wood, Stone' had also introduced the Underworld Incense Wood; whether it was the appearance or smell, it was exactly the same as the Immortal Incense Wood. Even their functions were roughly the same: they could both calm the mind. However, there was a difference between the Underworld Incense Wood and the Immortal Incense Wood: the Underworld Incense Wood absorbs dark underworld energy. Thus, after some time, faint black marks would appear on its surface.

    For these black marks, one only needed to lightly rub them for them to disappear. On the other hand, the Immortal Incense Wood wouldn't have such black marks. There was no need to talk about black marks, even dust would automatically fall off the Immortal Incense Wood. Thus, there was no need to wipe the Immortal Incense Wood as it would stay clean by itself.

    The reason why Mo Wuji stared at the Immortal Incense Wood bed previously was because he found it very weird. On the edge of the bed, there was dust, and it wasn't simply at one spot.

    Seeing Mo Wuji drink her soul strengthening tea, Shi Gulan got rather curious. However, she only had an additional sense of solemnity and she didn't ask anything further.

    After Mo Wuji drank the tea, he did indeed feel a soul strengthening energy filling him. Even though this energy was rather weak, it was definitely there. From the looks of it, the tea brewed from Soul Margin Grass could indeed strengthen the soul, but it didn't have any additional functions.

    Mo Wuji then placed his hand on the Underworld Incense Wood, but there wasn't any reaction.

    Mo Wuji frowned slightly; 'Grass, Wood, Stone' said that there would be a clash between the Soul Margin Grass and the Underworld Incense Wood, but he didn't know what that clash was exactly.

    A whole ten breaths of time passed but Mo Wuji still didn't get any reaction. He then moved his find to the black area. This time, the moment his finger landed, his detoxification channel twitched slightly before immediately regaining its calm.

    Mo Wuji immediately activated his detoxification channel, forming a circulation path with the rest of his meridians. Instants later, Mo Wuji found a trace of an almost undetectable poison in his body.

    Mo Wuji immediately retracted his hand and sighed inwardly; this thing was indeed impressive, even his detoxification channel wasn't willing to sweep it away. Moreover, the symptoms of this poison was really similar to the Tarsal Soul Underworld Poison.

    "Aunt Lan, can you tell me about your disciple, Ao Song? What is she like? Where was she from?" Mo Wuji now knew what Shi Gulan's illness was, but it wasn't as simple as removing the poison with his detoxification channel.
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