Chapter 561: Treating The Illness

    Chapter 561: Treating The Illness

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    Shi Gulan startled slightly. What kind of person was Ao Song? She immediately understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's question: Mo Wuji actually suspected her disciple Ao Song. She immediately shook her head.

    It could be said that in her heart, Ao Song had a place similar to her own daugher Lin Gu. Her daughter had spent many years outside searching for immortal herbs to heal her spirit channels, as well as help find immortal doctors to treat her illness. It was Ao Song who stayed by her side to take care of her.

    Just when Shi Gulan was about to speak, the seals that Mo Wuji installed had been activated.

    Ao Song's voice could be heard, "Master Mo, can I come in?"

    Mo Wuji frowned slightly, but he didn't say a word.

    Shi Gulan sighed; if it was one breath ago, she definitely wouldn't believe that there was something wrong with Ao Song. But now, her thoughts had been shook.

    Ao Song had cultivated for so long, didn't she know that immortal doctors hate to be disturbed?

    "Pill Master Mo, open the seals and let Ao Song in." Shi Gulan's voice was low, and it even seemed to contain a hint of grief.

    Mo Wuji released the seals and Ao Song immediately entered the room. She immediately asked anxiously, "Master Mo, how is my master's illness? Can she be saved?"

    Her voice was still warm, and it even contained the hints of care and anxiety. Mo Wuji really wanted to ask her: Did she transmigrate from Hollywood?

    Mo Wuji sighed and said, "I originally had some inklings, but unfortunately, because of your disturbance, I lost that chain of thought. Tell me, do you wish for me to treat your master or not. If you don't wish for me to treat her, then I will leave immediately. There's no need for me to continue staying here."

    An expression of awkwardness appeared on Ao Song's face and she hurriedly said, "I naturally hope that Master Mo is able to treat my master. It's just that I'm afraid that my master's illness would be aggravated... Sorry, Master Mo, I'm not specifically blaming you."

    Even though Ao Song spoke very slowly, even a fool could tell that she was worried that Mo Wuji would worsen Shi Gulan's illness.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "Even if I'm unable to treat your master, I wouldn't worsen her illness. Lin Gu.."

    The last two words was Mo Wuji trying to call Lin Gu over; this woman was a little too annoying.

    Ao Song hurriedly added, "Lin Gu had gone to see Senior Uncle Gu. She should be returning soon.

    "Alright, then you can go out first. I will continue to examine your master's illness." Mo Wuji's voice was slightly cold.

    Ao Song apologized once more, then carefully left the room.

    The moment Ao Song left Mo Wuji closed his seals. And at the same time, he sent out a message.

    "You sent Lin Gu a message?" When Ao Song came in, Shi Gulan didn't say anything. But now, when Mo Wuji sent a message, she took the initiative to ask him that question.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes, I'm worried that when Lin Gu returns, she would be incited by Ao Song to disturb me."

    Shi Gulan didn't ask any further, but said, "Ao Song is the daughter of one of my friends. Because my friend died, I took her in and treated her as my own daughter."

    Shi Gulan spoke in a very hazy manner, but Mo Wuji also wasn't interested in the specifics. He said, "Aunt Lan, I can indeed treat your illness, but after I treat it, you will still need some time to recover. But if you continue to keep Ao Song by your side, then even if an impressive immortal doctor came, he still wouldn't be able to treat your illness."

    "Can you tell me the reason why?" Shi Gulan asked.

    Mo Wuji pointed to her bed and said, "This bed isn't made of Immortal Incense Wood, but Underworld Incense Wood. And the tea that you're drinking is brewed from Soul Margin Grass. If my guess is correct, Ao Song was the one who gave you this bed. And everyday, Ao Song would rub your bed for you, and she was also the one who suggested the Soul Margin Grass tea."

    Shi Gulan was stunned. Even though this bed wasn't given by Ao Song, Mo Wuji's second sentence was correct. Ao Song did, indeed, rub the corners of her bed, and she did it routinely without any hint of impatience. Even though she had told Ao Song that it wasn't necessary, Ao Song would still come and rub her bed.

    As for the Soul Margin Grass, it was indeed suggested by Ao Song. Ao Song said tha this tea could strengthen the soul. That part was true.

    Seeing Shi Gulan's blank look, Mo Wuji said in a straightforward manner, "When these two things are placed together, it will cause a poison similar to that of the Tarsal Soul Underworld Poison. Even the symptoms of the poison are roughly the same as the Tarsal Soul Underworld Poison. Actually, Immortal Doctor Cheng Qianhe wasn't wrong when he said that this poison wasn't the Tarsal Soul Underworld Poison. Actually, Ao Song is still ignorant; if truly understood things, there's completely no need for her to continue brewing you Soul Margin Grass tea. Continuing to let you drink the Soul Margin Grass would not speed up the effects of the poison. It could be said that the poison has already been completely converted to an illness, and this illness would cause the solidification of your sea of consciousness and the blackening your spirit channels. Thus, simple detoxification is not able to treat you."

    "But you can treat me?" Shi Gulan stared at Mo Wuji in astonishment.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I can treat you, and it would only need a single day. But when I'm treating you, no one is allowed to disturb me, and you need to be unconscious."

    Mo Wuji was going to use his detoxification channel to expel the poison from Shi Gulan's body, and at the same time, use his elemental storage channel to heal Shi Gulan's blackened spirit channels. Only he had such methods.

    As for Shi Gulan's solidified sea of consciousness, there was no problem with that. The moment the poison got removed, and her spirit channels healed, her sea of consciousness would recover by itself. Whether it was his elemental storage channel or his detoxification channel, they were both Mo Wuji's biggest secrets. He definitely wouldn't tell these secrets to Shi Gulan, even if she was Lin Gu's mother.

    "Alright, then treat me now," Shi Gulan did not hesitate to say.

    Mo Wuji nodded, but he did not start right away. Instead, he sent out another message, before installing seals around the room.


    Lin Gu found it very weird. She received a message from Mo Wuji, but the contents of the message were very particular, saying that if she trusted him, then she wouldn't interrupt him while he was treating her mother.

    Lin Gu naturally trusted Mo Wuji. Even if Mo Wuji didn't send this message, she wouldn't have interrupted him.

    What she didn't know was that when she was visiting her master, Ao Song had already disturbed Mo Wuji.

    The reason why she found it especially weird was that after that message, Mo Wuji sent another one. The contents of this message was very simple, "During the process of the treatment, even if the sky collapses, don't interrupt me."

    Two messages had come consecutively. Even though Lin Gu didn't know why Mo Wuji was so cautious, she could understand Mo Wuji's meaning behind the messages. She knew that Mo Wuji would know that she would not disturb him. Thus, the reason why he sent those two messages was because he didn't want Ao Song to enter.

    As she recalled about the concern that her Junior Sister Ao Song had towards Mo Wuji before she left to find her master, Lin Gu subconsciously hastened her footsteps. She was really worried that her Junior Sister Ao Song would touch Mo Wuji's seals.

    "Senior Sister, is there any news about Senior Uncle Gu?" The moment Lin Gu arrived outside her mother's room, Ao Song asked her worriedly.

    "My master is still behind closed doors. Ao Song, you seem rather worried?" Lin Gu could naturally see Ao Song's worry.

    Ao Song shook her head, "I also don't know why, but I'm concerned about master. That Master Mo is too young, I, ah..."

    When Lin Gu heard that Ao Song was suspicious of Mo Wuji because of his age, she hurriedly said, "Ao Song, there's no need for you to worry. I personally witnessed Brother Mo's abilities before. Even a Pill Emperor might not be as good as him."

    A look of shock flashed through Ao Song's eyes, but it was immediately replaced by an expression of relief.


    Within the seals, Shi Gulan had already lost consciousness; Mo Wuji was already gone all out in using his detoxification channel to expel the poison within Shi Gulan's body.

    With the circulation of his detoxification channel, black energy from within Shi Gulan's body got swept up, before finally condensing and forced out as black droplets from Shi Gulan's finger tips.

    This time, Mo Wuji was merely expelling the poison; he didn't convert the poison energy into immortal spiritual energy. For one, doing so would waste too much time. Secondly, this wasn't his own poison. If he was the one that was poisoned, his detoxification channel and his other 107 meridians could form small circulation paths, and then merge to form a large circulation path. That way, he would only need 2 hours to get rid of the poison. But now, he needed to spend an entire day, and that was if he didn't convert the poison energy to immortal spiritual energy.

    As the poison formed droplets, Mo Wuji stored them into a jade case. At first, Mo Wuji thought that he would only need a day to complete his treatment. But now, a day had passed but he merely removed the poison. He would need another day to heal Shi Gulan's spirit channels.

    Fortunately, Shi Gulan's cultivation was on the brink of ending, and she didn't have much immortal elemental energy flowing through her spirit channels. She also didn't have many blackened spirit channels; just a few.

    Two entire days passed and Mo Wuji finally completed his treatment.

    After expelling the poison and healing her spirit channels, Mo Wuji casually sent some life force into Shi Gulan. The moment this crisp life force entered Shi Gulan's Mind Palace, she opened her eyes.

    The moment she opened her eyes, she felt something different in her body. For several decades, she had never felt immortal spiritual energy. But now, she could actually absorb immortal spiritual energy so easily. Thereafter, the immortal spiritual energy formed a circulation path within her body. It was also at this instant, that her solidified sea of consciousness started to heal rapidly...

    "I'm already healed? You really treated me, it's actually true.." Shi Gulan lifted her arms and she no longer saw the black bones underneath her skin. She could not help but cry and mutter to herself.

    No one could understand what she was feeling right now. As a cultivator, being unable to cultivate and slowly wait for your death was simply the worst sort of torture.

    In merely ten over breaths of time, Shi Gulan sat upright. Mo Wuji knew very clearly that he could only treat her because of his detoxification channel and his elemental storage channel. Shi Gulan didn't have any heavy injuries so she only needed a few years to completely recover.

    "Shall I keep this Underworld Incense Wood bed?" Now that he had saved Shi Gulan, Mo Wuji wanted to immediately leave Devil Moon Immortal School. He took the initiative to remind the rejoicing Shi Gulan.

    Shi Gulan regained her countenance, her eyes were filled with gratitude. Thereafter, she shook her head, "There's no need to keep it. Help me call Lin Gu and Ao Song in then."
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