Chapter 562: Ive Never Been Afraid Of You

    Chapter 562: I've Never Been Afraid Of You

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    "Mother, you're..." When she noticed Shi Gulan sitting upright without the black colour underneath her skin, how could Lin Gu not know what had happened? She started to cry emotionally.

    In her heart, the reason why her mother was ill for over a hundred years was because her mother had gone to find her an Immortal Wood Marrow. If her mother's illness could not be treated, then she would never live with a healthy conscience.

    Ao Song was also startled. A hint of aghast flashed through her eyes, but she immediately spoke in a pleasant voice, "I'm going to inform the Grand Elder."

    With that, she turned and left. Mo Wuji turned towards Shi Gulan; he wanted to see whether Shi Gulan would ask Ao Song to stay. A hint of dejection flashed across Shi Gulan's eyes as she shook her head towards Mo Wuji.

    Even she knew that Ao Song was going to use this chance to escape from the Devil Moon Immortal School. Since Mo Wuji was able to heal Shi Gulan's illness, it would mean that what she did had already been revealed.

    The reason why Shi Gulan called Ao Song over, and the reason why she didn't choose to remove her Underworld Incense Wood bed, was because she still had a remaining strand of hope. She hoped that Ao Song would realise her mistakes and apologize to her; then this matter would be forgotten.

    Shi Gulan's magnanimity had to be praised. Ao Song had screwed her for such a long time but she still hoped that Ao Song would make amends. If it was Mo Wuji, he definitely wouldn't have let Ao Song off.

    Such an incident was recorded in the books of Earth's history as well. During that time, Han Shan asked Shi De, "If the world has slandered me, cheated me, humiliated me, laughed at me, made light of me, scolded me, and lied to me, what should I do?"

    Shi De replied to Han Shan, "You only need to tolerate him, permit him, avoid him, be patient to him, respect him, ignore him, and after a few years, you will look at him with a different light."

    Shi De was preaching for a psychological victory. With this method, some people ended up living much happier than others. But at the same time, some ended up disdained by the world, with nothing left to their name.

    The reason why Shi Gulan let Ao Song escape was because she wanted Ao Song to learn to give up on her hatred.

    But if Mo Wuji was the one who answered Han Shan, he would say, "Then you beat him, punch him, then beat him again. If you can't beat him, then come back after a few years, then beat him, punch him and continue beating him!"

    What left Mo Wuji confused was that Ao Song only made it to the door before she suddenly stopped. She slowly turned her head; her face no longer had the same excitement and emotion that she had previously. Instead, she stared indifferently towards Shi Gulan and Mo Wuji and said, "I forgot. The combined power of the three of you shouldn't be enough to deal with me."

    Ao Song was a Grand Yi Immortal; Mo Wuji was at the early Xuan Immortal Stage and Shi Gulan was in the Great Circle of the Xuan Immortal Stage. Shi Gulan had just recovered and it would take a few years before she could regain her cultivation.

    "Junior Sister Ao Song, you..." When she heard Ao Song's words, Lin Gu was shocked still. She stared at Ao Song in aghast; she completely didn't know what was going on.

    Ao Song acted as though she hadn't seen Lin Gu; she didn't even respond to Lin Gu's words as she took a few steps forward and opened her palm, "Shi Gulan, I believe you should already know the cause of your illness, right? Originally, I wanted to repay you for passing on your Dao by allowing you to die quietly. But since you're not willing, then don't blame me for doing this."

    A faint light that was curved like a crescent moon appeared within Ao Song's palm. That faint light seemed to have been formed from nothing. However, Mo Wuji was very clear that it wasn't formed from nothing, nor was it a skill. It was a true immortal equipment.

    "You're the one who harmed my mother, you cruel and unscrupulous thing..." Lin Gu finally reacted and was instantly torn apart with emotions as she furiously wanted to charge towards Ao Song.

    Mo Wuji pulled Lin Gu back and said calmly, "Allow me."

    He knew that Lin Gu definitely wasn't Ao Song's opponent. Simply charging up like that was akin to courting her own death.

    Lin Gu knew of the incident where Mo Wuji almost killed a Grand Yi Immortal with a single slash. She calmed down and didn't continue to charge forward. Instead, she retrieved her magic treasure and walked to Shi Gulan's side. The moment Mo Wuji and Ao Song battled, she would need to protect Shi Gulan.

    Shi Gulan grabbed her own storage ring, and her expression immediately changed. The reason why she dared to allow Ao Song in was because she had a Grade 8 attack-type talisman in her storage ring. There was no need to talk about one Ao Song, even if 100 Ao Songs came, she would be able to deal with it.

    But when she touched her storage ring, she found that she still wasn't even able to open it. Her sea of consciousness had just come back to live, and it would need at least a day for her to recover her spiritual will. For her to activate that talisman, it would need at least half a month. She had just recovered and she still wasn't used to a body which couldn't absorb immortal spiritual energy and use spiritual will.

    "Wait, Ao Song, let Pill Master Mo and Lin Gu go. I will surrender myself to you." Shi Gulan reacted much faster than Lin Gu. She understood that the three of them combined wouldn't even be able to deal with Ao Song and she immediately resolved herself.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand to stop Shi Gulan from speaking. A grey sabre then appeared in his palm, "Ao Song, since I dared to treat Aunt Lan in front of you, it means that I had never been afraid of you. Come on then, let me see how powerful a Grand Yi Immortal like you is."

    Mo Wuji only needed a single glance to tell that Ao Song was a Grand Yi Immortal. If Mo Wuji couldn't even discern that simple fact, how could he have lived till this day? To be honest, he didn't even fear Ao Song. If he feared Ao Song, he wouldn't have treated Shi Gulan on the spot.

    "Lin Gu, hurry and bring Pill Master Mo away, I..." Shi Gulan saw that Ao Song didn't have any intentions of letting them go. She struggled to move but she was still too weak.

    Ao Song was surrounded with killing intent, her Grand Yi Immortal Domain swept towards Mo Wuji. If it wasn't for Mo Wuji, all this wouldn't have happened.

    Mo Wuji also burst forth with his domain; Mo Wuji's domain was the whirlpool domain. Even though the level of Ao Song's domain was higher than Mo Wuji's, the moment their two domains met, Ao Song immediately felt an intense whirlpool force grinding her domain apart.

    Mo Wuji didn't even utter a single word of nonsense as he directly slashed forward with his sabre. Towards a Grand Yi Immortal, Mo Wuji would not hold back. Immortal elemental energy was violently swept up, forming a sabre light that was tens of meters long. The sabre light was then shrunk by Mo Wuji; the killing intent within it was concentrated and staggering.

    "Crack!" Ao Song's domain was never a match for Mo Wuji's domain. Now, with Mo Wuji's attack, her domain was instantly torn apart.

    The terrifying sabre light cleaved downwards; Ao Song subconsciously started to shudder in fear. Before this, she had never regarded Mo Wuji as a threat. This was because Mo Wuji was merely in the early Xuan Immortal Stage and there wasn't a hint of spiritual aura around him. She only needed one look to tell that he was a trash with poor talent.

    How could she have expected that Mo Wuji was so terrifying? He merely opened his domain and slashed his sabre, and she was immediately put at a disadvantage. She even started to worry for her life.

    By this point, Ao Song no longer dared to underestimate Mo Wuji. The faint crescent light shone with greater intensity, transforming into a solid, tangible crescent blade which she used to block Mo Wuji's sabre light.

    "Boom!" The two lights clashed; the surrounding seals were instantly destroyed and a sharp, ripping sabre energy soared into the sky.

    Ao Song was sent flying by Mo Wuji's violent killing intent as she crashed against the door.

    A trail of blood flowed down Ao Song's forehead. Fresh blood continued to seep out, dripping onto the floor. If Mo Wuji's sabre light had been a little stronger, or if she was slightly slower, then that slash of Mo Wuji's would have slashed her brains apart.

    Ao Song no longer dared to fight with Mo Wuji. However, Mo Wuji had no intentions of letting this woman go. He took a step towards Ao Song; the sabre in his hand began to glow, and at the same time, his whirlpool domain began to run rampage around the area with greater intensity.

    His killing intent soared rapidly. In his eyes, Ao Song was already dead.

    Ao Song could clearly feel that change in the surroundings. A grey light of desolation appeared in her eyes. She never expected Mo Wuji to be so strong.

    Initially, she even thought that Mo Wuji might have been concealing his power. But after facing that slash of his, she knew very clearly that Mo Wuji was indeed in the early Xuan Immortal Stage.

    It wasn't that she had never heard of a Xuan Immortal matching against a Grand Yi Immortal. But those were cases of Great Circle Xuan Immortals fighting against average, early Grand Yi Immortals.

    Even though she wasn't the strongest Grand Yi Immortal, she definitely wasn't the weakest. And this Xuan Immortal in front of her shouldn't even be in the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage.

    This strength was simply hitherto unheard of. She gritted her teeth as she prepared to unleash her trump card. No matter how Mo Wuji was, he was merely a Xuan Immortal.

    At this point, Shi Gulan finally reacted. A hint of astonishment also ran through her eyes. Like Ao Song, she had never met a Xuan Immortal that was as powerful as Mo Wuji. No wonder why Lin Gu didn't go to help Mo Wuji but came to her side. From the looks of it, Lin Gu already knew of Mo Wuji's power. An average Xuan Immortal was completely unable to match him.

    Mo Wuji's second slash was bursting with even greater killing intent. Even Shi Gulan and Lin Gu could clearly feel the intense killing intent.

    "Pill Master Mo, please let her off this once, let her go..." Shi Gulan said with great difficulty. In the end, she still could not help but plead for Ao Song.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. If it was him, he would never have let Ao Song off. But since Lin Gu's mother had said those words, it wasn't right for him to continue attacking. He could only loosen his domain and his killing intent.

    At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji loosened his domain, Ao Song gave up on fighting and immediately fled.

    When she saw Mo Wuji's sure-kill slash, she knew that Mo Wuji had let her off.

    She knew that perhaps she might be able to battle with Mo Wuji. But with Mo Wuji's power, she would still eventually lose.

    Mo Wuji didn't pursue her. He only placed his sabre in his ring and lifted his head into the sky.

    A middle-aged man in grey robes came walking downwards. Mo Wuji immediately retreated; he knew that this fella had come because of his attacks. This fella was at least an Immortal King expert. When facing this sort of expert, he would definitely be insta-killed.
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