Chapter 563: Whirlpool At The Six Paths Ruins

    Chapter 563: Whirlpool At The Six Paths Ruins

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    "Senior Sister Lan, you've recovered?" When the grey-robed middle-aged man saw Shi Gulan, he immediately uttered in pleasant surprise. As for the sabre light of killing intent conjured by Mo Wuji, he didn't even ask about it.

    "Quan Feng, you've come." The disappointment in Shi Gulan's face had already been concealed, "It's Pill Master Mo, who Lin Gu had invited from far away, who treated me."

    The middle-aged man called Quan Feng looked around the surroundings before he asked, "Has that Senior Pill Master Mo that you asked about left already?"

    Lin Gu hurriedly said, "Senior Uncle Feng, Brother Mo is still here."

    As she said that, she pointed towards Mo Wuji.

    "You're Master Mo..." Quan Feng forcefully swallowed the word 'Senior'. "You're the one who treated Senior Sister Lan?"

    With Mo Wuji's age, he truly couldn't be called senior. Anyone only needed one look to tell that he was a cultivator that was even younger than Lin Gu. Moreover, his cultivation was much weaker than Lin Gu.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "I don't dare deserve the title of a master. I am Mo Wuji, and I was indeed the one who treated Aunt Lan's illness."

    A hint of mad glee appeared in Quan Feng's eyes. He immediately bowed towards Mo Wuji and said, "Master Mo, I also have a friend who suffers from a similar condition to Senior Sister Lan. May I ask if you are able to go over and take a look?"

    Mo Wuji said apologetically, "I'm truly sorry, but I'm temporarily in a rush. Even if I were to go over, it would need to wait till I'm done with my matter."

    Even though Quan Feng desperately wanted Mo Wuji to follow him, he still suppressed his anxiety, "Of course, of course. Naturally, Master Mo's matters take the priority. May I know what's Master Mo's matter, perhaps, I, Quan Feng, am able to help you with that?"

    Lin Gu explained, "Senior Uncle Feng, Brother Mo is going to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond."

    Quan Feng startled, and he hurriedly asked, "Lin Gu, not long ago, you sent a message, saying that you need a placing to get to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond..."

    Even before Quan Feng could finish speaking, Lin Gu bowed and said, "Yes, I promised Brother Mo to help him to get to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond."

    "Then, Master Mo..." Quan Feng looked awkwardly towards Mo Wuji and asked, "do you need a long time for your treatment?"

    The moment Mo Wuji heard those words, he understood the meaning implied by Quan Feng. He quickly replied, "That's uncertain. Sometimes, it would require a long time, sometimes, it would only need a few months, or even shorter."

    The reason why he helped Lin Gu before heading to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond was because of the favour he owed Lin Gu. Lin Gu was the one who helped him get to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. She was even the one who told him about the Yunxian Immortal Valley, which gave him the chance to obtain the Underworld Heart Flower. Now, what Quan Feng was implying was for him to help with the other treatment before heading to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. Mo Wuji wouldn't do such things.

    Indeed, Quan Feng continued apprehensively, "Master Mo, is it possible, on the account of Lin Gu, for you to help examine my friend's illness. Rest assured, if you need my help with anything, as long as I, Quan Feng, am able to do it, I will definitely help you."

    If it was anywhere else, Quan Feng wouldn't have minded if Mo Wuji went off first. However, Mo Wuji was heading to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. There, if an Immortal Emperor was unlucky, he would also die. Thus, how could Quan Feng dare to wait for Mo Wuji to only treat his friend's illness when Mo Wuji returns?

    Mo Wuji was a capable master, another encounter with him was as rare as a Phoenix feather or a Qilin's horn. Moreover, if he were to meet Mo Wuji again, he, Quan Feng, was merely an Immortal King. How was he going to invite such a master to help him?

    How could Mo Wuji not tell the meaning behind Quan Feng's words? His face sunk. No matter what, he would not let another matter delay his trip to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. Even if Lin Gu could only get them to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond because of Quan Feng, he still wouldn't do it. Because he had already repaid his debt of gratitude to Lin Gu; he had already treated Shi Gulan's illness, that was already repaying what Lin Gu asked for.

    Shi Gulan could tell that Mo Wuji was unhappy. Mo Wuji was a capable young cultivator who hid his capabilities well. He would definitely be an expert no weaker than an Immortal Emperor in the future. This sort of person should be befriended, not offended.

    Thus, she immediately interrupted and said, "Quan Feng, since Pill Master Mo has an urgent matter to tend to, let's wait till Pill Master Mo returns before we discuss anything further."

    "Right, right, I was wrong." Quan Feng also knew that his words were inappropriate and he hurriedly apologized to Mo Wuji.

    Lin Gu was clear about Mo Wuji's current intentions, she hurriedly bowed and said, "Senior Uncle Quan Feng, I will be bringing Brother Mo to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. My mother has just been healed of her illness, and none of her cultivation remains. May I ask for Senior Uncle Quan Feng to bring my mother to the Healing Mountain."

    She did not talk about Ao Song. Her mother would naturally tell Senior Uncle Quan Feng about it after she left.

    "Lin Gu, you can rest assured. I will treat Senior Sister Lan's recovery as my number one priority. Hurry and bring Master Mo to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. After Master Mo returns, we definitely have to invite Master Mo as an esteemed guest of our Devil Moon Immortal School," Quan Feng said.

    Lin Gu bid farewell to her mother, then hurriedly left with Mo Wuji. She was clear that Mo Wuji was very anxious. Now that Mo Wuji had helped to treat her mother, she was willing to help him with anything, much less bringing him to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond.

    After Mo Wuji and Lin Gu left, Quan Feng finally remembered that sabre of killing intent that he saw and he hurriedly asked, "Senior Sister Lan, who was the one that battled here? And who caused this blade scar?"

    "Ao Song was the one who poisoned me..."

    Shi Gulan only said half a sentence before Quan Feng reacted and asked in surprise, "Then who was the one who fought against Ao Song?"

    Ao Song had advanced into the Grand Yi Immortal Stage not long ago. On the other hand, Shi Gulan had just recovered from her illness, one look and anyone could tell that she didn't have any sort of combat power. Since that was the case, who was able to defend against Ao Song?

    "It was Pill Master Mo. Until now, I still can't believe that Master Mo was able to defend against Ao Song. And he made it look easy." Shi Gulan's voice was filled with slight shock.

    "Could he have concealed his cultivation?" Quan Feng's spiritual will turned back onto the blade scar; there was still faint killing intent lingering on the blade scar.

    Shi Gulan shook her head, "No, not only didn't he conceal his cultivation, his cultivation shouldn't be more than the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage. I believe that with his power, even the Devil Immortal School's number one genius, Lu Jia, wouldn't be a match for him. In the later generation, I guess that only Luo Ling Immortal Domain's Great Sword Path's Fang Shijiang could be a match for him."

    Quan Feng inhaled deeply. After a long time, he finally said, "So impressive... What exactly did such a person come from?"

    Shi Gulan answered, "I also do not know. Lin Gu spent more than a year trying to invite him to help. And when he came, he cured my illness, sent Ao Song away, then left with Lin Gu. You saw it too, he seemed to be in a rush to get to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. I wonder which of his important loved ones had died."

    "Oh right, when I came, I seemed to have seen Ao Song running away anxiously. You let go of her?" At this point, Quan Feng recalled the scene of Ao Song fleeing.

    Shi Gulan sighed, but she didn't answer. Quan Feng knew that Shi Gulan did not wish to speak about Ao Song.


    In Six Paths Immortal Domain, Lin Gu's identity was like an all-access pass. After Mo Wuji and Lin Gu reached Starlying Immortal City, Lin Gu only needed to flash her identity token and they wouldn't meet with any obstacles. The two of them didn't even need to queue to use the transfer array to the Six Paths Ruins.

    The Six Paths Ruins wasn't merely a place where the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond was; it was also a mine filled with precious ores. Lucky cultivators could even find ancient immortal caves there.

    It was exactly because of this that there were large numbers of cultivators heading there. Just queuing to purchase the transfer array tickets would take one to two days.


    Six Path Ruins.

    Even though it could be considered to be part of Six Paths Immortal Domain's territory, it was actually at the very edge. The Six Paths Ruins was like an ocean, the things floating on it were like the icebergs floating in an ocean.

    In reality, these floating things were continents. Some of these continents were as huge as huge planets, while others were as small as chicken eggs. Whether it was the big continents or the chicken egg sized ones, there were boundless treasures to be found in them. For example, those chicken egg sized stones could contain a pocket dimension that was bigger than an entire planet.

    Thus, over the countless years, countless of cultivators had come here and had found countless of treasures.

    The Soul Condensing Immortal Pond was in the deepest regions of the Six Paths Ruins. It was also in the most dangerous area: the Six Paths Whirlpool.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's flying shuttle was rapidly progressing inwards. In this grey void, his flying shuttle was like a shooting star, disappearing into the depths of the Six Paths Ruins.

    Even though many people saw this flying shuttle, no one went to obstruct it. Anyone that could possess such a flying shuttle definitely wasn't a simple person.

    Two months later, the flying shuttle stopped. In front of Mo Wuji and Lin Gu, was a huge void whirlpool.

    It was as though Mo Wuji was at the Pacific Ocean, witnessing the formation of a huge whirlpool. However, this whirlpool wasn't formed from water, but various kinds of light that came from the void.

    Mo Wuji finally understood Quan Feng's concerns. That was no need to talk about the dangers of the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond itself. Just getting past this whirlpool was not a simple task.

    "Brother Mo, the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond is after this whirlpool. The Soul Condensing Immortal Pond is in between the Six Paths Immortal Domain and the Underworld. The only things that could leave from the Underworld and get to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond are souls. This whirlpool is very dangerous because not even spiritual will can penetrate it. If you're unlucky, you might even get ripped apart," Lin Gu pointed to the whirlpool and said.

    Lin Gu mentioned luck, not ability. Whether one got torn apart by the whirlpool wasn't related to ability; it was completely related to luck.

    Mo Wuji nodded to Lin Gu and said, "Lin Gu, thanks for helping me. You can go back first, I won't be sending you off. I'm giving this flying shuttle to you, take it as a compensation for your losses."
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