Chapter 564: Bring Mo Wuji Here Quickly

    Chapter 564: Bring Mo Wuji Here Quickly

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    Lin Gu shook her head, "No, Brother Mo, I'll go in with you."

    "You said it too. Surviving the whirlpool leading from Six Path Ruins into the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond is completely based on luck. If you go in with me, there's the chance that you'll perish." Mo Wuji said as he calmly looked at Lin Gu.

    If it weren't that dangerous, he would really have wanted to ask Lin Gu to tag along. After all, he did not understand the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond very well, and another person would mean another source of help.

    In response, Lin Gu also calmly stared back at Mo Wuji while speaking, "Brother Mo, back then I pledged that I would not refuse any request from you as long as you saved my mother. Moreover, you will not be able to condense the spirit by yourself in the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. Normally, one person would be guarding the physical body whose spirit is being condensed, while another would be controlling the Underworld Heart Flower You won't be able to do everything if you go in alone."

    Only after hearing Lin Gu's explanation did Mo Wuji understand that things were not as simple as he thought they were. Thus he did not reject her offer, bowing respectfully towards Lin Gu while speaking, "Regardless whether we manage to save Cen Shuyin, I, Mo Wuji, will always remember the assistance you've rendered me."

    Lin Gu grinned. When Mo Wuji saved her mother, she had already recognised him as a friend.

    Mo Wuji extended his spiritual will into the whirlpool, and indeed it was ground to bits by the void blade radiances in the whirlpool.

    This made his heart sink. Since the void blade radiances could destroy his spiritual will, it meant that the spiritual will in his spirit storage channel would meet a similar fate. So Mo Wuji formed his spiritual eye, and an invisible beam of spirit light shot into the whirlpool, after which the individual spatial blade radiances became clear. A thin, almost invisible crack in the void was detected by Mo Wuji not far away from the bottom of the whirlpool.

    Although the crack was only a small sliver in the air, Mo Wuji knew that once he came in contact with the crack in the void, he would immediately be cut into two. There was no doubt about it.

    However, Mo Wuji still heaved a sigh of relief. As long as his spiritual eye could see the crack in the void, it meant that he could safely arrive at the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. He had it all planned out. If his spiritual eye was of no use, he intended to use one page of the Book of Luo to protect himself. The Book of Luo was extremely strong, and hence was likely to be able to block the crack in the void. But since his spiritual eye could see them, naturally there was no use for the Book of Luo.

    "Lin Gu, you previously mentioned that one needed a slot to enter the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, but we've made it so far without many obstacles." Mo Wuji only began to ask Lin Gu about the issue of the slots after he no longer had other things to worry about.

    The reason he asked was because his spiritual eye could see the slot and if this attempt to enter failed, he might try again a few more times in the future. After all, he had 81 stalks of the Underworld Heart Flower.

    Lin Gu replied, "Actually, there are people guarding the outer borders of the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. Even though I only applied for one slot, but I can bring a group of people in with me, as long as I am present. You were worried about the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, so you didn't notice any of them."

    Finally, Mo Wuji understood what was going on. No wonder Lin Gu kept standing at the front of the flying shuttle. Now it seemed like he had to succeed on this try, otherwise, it wouldn't be this easy to enter this place next time.

    "Lin Gu, let me carry you in." Mo Wuji had his spiritual eye, so by carrying Lin Gu, he would ensure both of their safety

    "Ok." Mo Wuji thought that Lin Gu would ask for a reason for his request, but surprisingly, she agreed and immediately jumped onto his back.

    This made Mo Wuji rather awkward, as thoughts of Lin Gu's fair skin, and her two round peaks filled his mind at that moment, just as they were pressed firmly on his back.

    It was thanks to the self-control that Mo Wuji had as a Xuan Immortal cultivator that his mind did not drift off to think of other things.

    However, what he didn't know was that every move made by Lin Gu was intentional, from the moment that she bent down. Lin Gu was not a woman who was adept at using tricks, and also an extremely conservative person, but not to the extent that she would mind such an act.

    No matter how conservative she was, after many years of influence from the outside world, Lin Gu had heard of some women that used their good looks to obtain large amounts of resources for cultivation.

    Selling her body for cultivation resources was something Lin Gu would definitely not have done, but for her mother, she was willing to do anything.

    She did not understand how to make use of a woman's charm, and could only use the low-level tactic of showing some skin to seduce Mo Wuji.

    She didn't even care about her life anymore, so why would she question Mo Wuji over something as trivial as skin contact? In other words, if Mo Wuji wanted to become a couple with her, she would agree without any hesitation. This was not because she really liked Mo Wuji that much, but it was completely out of gratitude. What Lin Gu did not expect was that Mo Wuji would leap straight into the whirlpool once she got onto his back.

    Without any preparation. Not even drawing out any defensive magic treasures.

    On top of that, Mo Wuji sped forward at high speeds, blocking most of the spatial blade radiances outside of his domain. Occasionally, one or two would break through his domain, but they would be intercepted by Mo Wuji himself without affecting Lin Gu at all.

    "Brother Mo, you should slow down. You have to completely rely on your luck to pass through this place. No matter how fast those that entered this whirlpool were, they could not prevent bring torn apart by the cracks in the void." Feeling that Mo Wuji was simply going too fast, Lin Gu frantically reminded him.

    Mo Wuji replied, "You don't have to worry, I know."

    Since his spiritual eye opened, regardless how big or small the cracks in the void were, he could go around them.

    Initially, Lin Gu was still rather scared, but she soon found out that no matter how fast Mo Wuji went, they did not meet any cracks in the void at all. She even suspected that Mo Wuji had some means to sense the positions of those cracks so that he could steer away from them in advance. If that was so, then he would have been a little too amazing. Once such news spreads, there would be countless people coming to look for him.

    However, Mo Wuji was not aware of what Lin Gu was thinking. Other than her initial actions that made him feel kind of weird, he forgot about everything else since the moment they entered the whirlpool of void blade radiances.

    At this point, all he wanted to do was go faster, hence he increased his speed to the maximum. With his spiritual eye guiding the way, there was no need to worry about any cracks in the void. This speed wasn't much slower than any Immortal Emperors either.

    Although Immortal Emperors were not afraid of ordinary cracks in the void, they still had to be extremely careful when entering this place and use their own means to avoid those cracks. If they were careless, they might accidentally perish in there. Of course, after reaching the level of Immortal Emperor, they would have their own own top grade defensive magic treasures, which would serve as an alert to cracks in the void while not being able to handle the cracks completely.


    Mo Wuji sped down the whirlpool with Lin Gu, while at the same time a thin and tall man from Gods Immortal Domain, who was wearing the crown of an Immortal Emperor, was frowning.

    This Immortal Emperor was one of the top Immortal Emperors of Gods Immortal Domain, Immortal Emperor Lun Cai. It was rumoured that Immortal Emperor Lun Cai's strength had reached the peak of the Immortal Emperor Stage, while in reality cultivation was not his priority. He had a woman that he loved, called Ding Zhu, who was his concubine. In his heart, this woman was as important to him as his dao.

    However, for some reason unknown, Ding Zhu suddenly fell ill and went into a coma. Hence, Immortal Emperor Lun Cai invited almost all of the Immortal Doctors over. But in the past 100 years, Ding Zhu remained in her comatose state, with no improvement to her condition.

    On this day, under Immortal Emperor Lun Cai's orders, tens of Immortal Doctors came forth to take a look at Ding Zhu before discussing her case. From their looks, Lun Cai knew that this day was just like any other day, without any concrete results. This made him very frustrated, but at that moment, a red-haired woman hurriedly brought in a flying messenger sword.

    The message on the flying messenger sword was very simple, "There are rumours that a young cultivator named Mo Wuji appeared at Devil Moon Immortal School. This person can cure Ding Zhu."

    "Hong Ling, who sent this flying messenger sword?" Immortal Emperor Lun Cai didn't bother with the Immortal Doctors in the house anymore and left immediately.

    Hong Ling quickly followed behind him while explaining, "It was sent by Su Fei City's castellan. He said there were at least over 10 immortal cities that have a similar advertisement pasted all over their streets, each of them with the same words."

    "Hong Ling, immediately go to find out who this Mo Wuji is, and who put up those adverts." Lun Cai commanded.

    "Roger!" Hong Ling agreed and swiftly left.

    After she left, killing intent rose up in the corner of Lun Cai's eyes. A random young cultivator with no background could actually save Ding Zhu's life. Whoever dared to make a fool of him would definitely be turned into a river of blood. If he could find the person that wanted to make use of him, he wouldn't mind letting the other party know why he was called Immortal Emperor Lun Cai.

    As for that Mo Wuji, he had to investigate the matter further too. He would rather have gone down the wrong path than to miss a chance to save his beloved concubine.

    Not long after, Hong Ling returned.

    "So?" Before Hong Ling could speak, Lun Cai stood up to ask.

    With an agitated expression, Hong Ling spoke, "I didn't manage to find out who put up the adverts. I only know that this guy completely changed his appearance and masked his aura. But as for Mo Wuji, he is indeed an impressive Immortal Doctor. Shi Gulan of Devil Moon Immortal School was cured by him. Shi Gulan is now in closed-door cultivation, and I heard that her cultivation is recovering quite rapidly."

    "Shi Gulan? I know now. Quick, quickly bring that Mo Wuji over here. I need to meet with him as soon as possible." Immortal Emperor Lun Cai also stood up in a bout of excitement.

    He was aware of Shi Gulan's case, as one of the nine great immortal doctors, Cheng Qianhe, had taken a look at her before, but could not heal her at that time. Who would have known that someone else could cure someone that one of the nine great immortal doctors could not? Wouldn't he want to meet this immortal doctor immediately?
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