Chapter 565: Searching For Cen Shuyins Soul

    Chapter 565: Searching For Cen Shuyin's Soul

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    Two days later, Lin Gu was sure that Mo Wuji indeed had the ability to detect cracks in the void in advance. Although she was prepared to risk her life in here with him, but if she could live, why not?

    Mo Wuji's speed kept increasing too, and on top of that he had achieved minor success in his Wind Escape Technique, thus by the third day, he had brought Lin Gu to a stop above a grey pool.

    Ripples propagated through the surface of the pond, as though as it was filled with water. But Mo Wuji was aware that it definitely was not water. Its aura was permeated with dense yin energy, together with something that he couldn't really wrap his finger around.

    Other than that, the immortal spiritual energy present was incomparably dense, which made him suspect if it was denser than inside the Immortal Training Pool at Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Sharkhorn Immortal Ruins' branch. However, the immortal spiritual energy here was fused with thick yin energy, making it unsuitable for cultivators to cultivate in.

    Precisely because this was a immortal essence pond mixed with dense yin energy, Mo Wuji believed that the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond was the place for cultivators to regain their souls.

    "Lin Gu, do we take out the physical body first before using stimulating Underworld Heart Flowers in the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Lin Gu replied with a serious tone, "If we did it that way, it would all be over. The Underworld Heart Flower is a invaluable treasure to all broken souls. Most cultivators will retain their own memories before reincarnating, so once you activate the Underworld Heart Flower, it will attract countless souls over, and in the end even if the soul you are seeking is within the group, it will be torn to bits by the other souls.

    This made a chill run through Mo Wuji's spine. He was thankful that he had agreed to Lin Gu's request, otherwise, a serious problem would have arose from his experimentation.

    Before Mo Wuji asked any further, Lin Gu spoke again, "Brother Mo, you must first take out the physical body, then refine the Underworld Heart Flowers through it before scattering them into the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. This way, only the body's soul will be able to sense the aura of the Underworld Heart Flowers and move over here quickly. In the end, the soul will fuse with the physical body through the assistance of the Underworld Heart Flower."

    "Lin Gu, tell me, how should I do this?"

    Gazing at the boundless pond, Lin Gu sighed, "As the Underworld Heart Flower is too valuable an immortal herb, it's already very difficult to obtain a single stalk, thus the one stalk must be used effectively. After igniting the aura within the flower, you have to use your spiritual will to prevent it from randomly spreading out. That way, you can increase your chances of the lost soul sensing its own physical body. This was also why I said that the more Underworld Heart Flowers, the greater likelihood for a cultivator's body to be reunited with its spirit. This is because the more Underworld Heart Flowers, the greater the radius it can spread out to. With this, the chances of a soul lost in the Underworld sensing his body would increase too. At the same time, the higher the cultivation level of the cultivator controlling the flower, the higher the probability of success, as he would be able to better control the flower's aura's movement in a wider range."

    Even though Mo Wuji had 81 stalks of Underworld Heart Flowers, he still took in a deep breath of cold air while looking at the seemingly endless Soul Condensing Immortal Pond. With such a large area to cover, he wouldn't be able to control the whole pond even with 800 flowers.

    Lin Gu immediately sensed what Mo Wuji was thinking, and quickly explained, "Brother Mo, we don't have to spread the Underworld Heart Flower's aura through the whole pond. Each of the seven great immortal domains have their own restricted areas, so wherever your friend died at, that will be the area which we use the Underworld Heart Flower. Otherwise, no matter how many flowers you have, you won't be successful."

    In response, Mo Wuji answered, "I rose up from Yong Ying Immortal Domain, and my friend died in the cultivation world below Yong Ying Immortal Domain..."

    A jade slip appeared in Lin Gu's hands, "Brother Mo, this is a map of how the pond is split into different immortal domains. Yong Ying Immortal Domain is also in it, with about a 500,000 meters in radius."

    Whew. 500,000 meters. It was still an area he his spiritual will could control.

    "However, it's a pity that my jade slip is rather simple. If there were more detailed drawings of the areas in the pond, you could know where your cultivation world is at, and the success rate would be higher." Lin Gu sighed.

    At this point, Mo Wuji did not hide anything any further, "Lin Gu, I obtained 70 to 80 stalks of Underworld Heart Flower, so it shouldn't be an issue to control an area of 500,000 meters wide. Moreover, shrinking the search radius may not be that good. After all, souls can move in the Underworld."

    "Ah..." Lin Gu was stunned by Mo Wuji's words. 70 to 80 stalks of Underworld Heart Flowers? Such a large fortune?

    Even back when Six Path Immortal Domain's Gai Ao was searching for his daughter, Gai Feiyan's lost soul in the Underworld, he only used two stalks of Underworld Heart Flower.

    Soon she regained her senses, and excitedly replied, "Brother Mo, if you really got that many Underworld Heart flowers, then as long as your friend's soul has not completely dissipated, there's at least a 80% chance for you to save her."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head. His spiritual will had already found the area corresponding to Yong Ying Immortal Domain, and as predicted by Lin Gu, it was indeed about 500,000 meters wide.

    Landing in the centre of the correct area, Mo Wuji raised his hands and set up a floating array, took out Cen Shuyin from his Undying World, and placed her in the array. As she floated above the Soul Condensing Immortal Pong, the yin energy and immortal spiritual energy in the air quickly formed a connection with her.

    Once Lin Gu ssaw Cen Shuyin, she was secretly shocked. What a beautiful woman this was. In all honesty, as a star grade disciple of Devil Moon Immortal School, Lin Gu herself was a ravishing beauty. She had also seen countless beauties in her time, but there weren't many that could hold a candle against Cen Shuyin.

    Although Cen Shuyin did not have a soul anymore, but Lin Gu could still see that she was of a very low cultivation level. But despite that, and not possessing a soul, she still had a unique immortal aura about her, so once this woman rose to the Immortal Realm, and her elemental energy turned to immortal elemental energy, how captivating would she be?

    "Brother Mo, she looks like she still has a rather dense aura of vitality?" Lin Gu finally realised what made Cen Shuyin different from others.

    Normally, after a cultivator died, without a soul, the aura of vitality of the body would gradually fade away over time, but for Cen Shuyin, not only did she still have vitality in her, it was very thick too.

    Frantically, Mo Wuji replied, "I am a pill master, and i made many vitality pills to place by her side. This should be the reason why."

    These words were blatant lies to Lin Gu. In reality, he had placed the purple gourd next to Cen Shuyin, and within it lay the Breath of Hongmeng. With something like that around, she would remain full of vitality even without a soul.

    "Brother Mo, she's very pretty." Lin Gu didn't give it much thought. She knew that Mo Wuji was a Tier 5 Honoured Grade Pill King, and it shouldn't be that difficult for one to do something like this.

    What she was more concerned about was Cen Shuyin's beauty.

    No wonder Brother Mo did not care about her or the other female geniuses, and also wanted to save her that badly. So Brother Mo actually liked such a woman.

    With Mo Wuji's talent and ability, only such a woman would be fitting for him indeed.

    Gazing at Cen Shuyin who was lying flat in mid air, a tinge of nostalgia emerged in Mo Wuji's eyes, "Her name is Cen Shuyin. She's a woman who treated me very well. I owe her a lot."

    "Brother Mo, don't worry. You have so many Underworld Heart Flowers, so you'll definitely be able to save Sister Shuyin." Lin Gu comforted him.

    "Thank you for your well wishes, if I can really save Shuyin, you'll be our greatest benefactor." Mo Wuji sincerely replied.

    "Brother Mo, we have always been friends. I will help Sister Shuyin just like how you helped my mother." Lin Gu spoke while drawing out her magic treasure, before continuing, "You can start agitating the Underworld Heart Flowers, and slowly guide them through the area in the pond that corresponds to Yong Ying Immortal Domain. I will guard Sister Shuyin."

    While her cultivational level was higher than Mo Wuji's, Lin Gu was aware that she might not have been as strong as him. The effectiveness of him stimulating the Underworld Heart Flowers' aura would definitely be greater than if she did it.

    With a quick nod, Mo Wuji took out three stalks of Underworld Heart Flower at once, and refined them through Cen Shuyin's body, completely immersing their aura into the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond.

    After that, his spiritual will controlled the aura to move in a particular direction. His physical location did not change, and soon he took out five more flowers to stimulate.

    Lin Gu, who was watching from one side, could only be stunned at how rich Mo Wuji was. Even when Immortal Emperor Gai Ao was searching for his daughter's lost soul, he was not anywhere as generous as Mo Wuji.

    Underworld Heart Flowers were being expended like they cost nothing.

    Each time, Mo Wuji used three or five stalks in a bunch, and only after stimulating 10 bunches, using up over 40 flowers, did he stop.

    At this moment, there was no need for him to take control anymore. Within the whole 500,000 meter radius were Underworld Heart Flowers with Cen Shuyin's aura.

    When this aura spread out, only Cen Shuyin's soul alone would be able to detect it. Even if other souls could get in contact with it, they would not be able to sense the flower within.

    What an Immortal Emperor accomplished, Mo Wuji did as well, except that the Immortal Emperor used his own abilities, while Mo Wuji used his great fortune.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji's method of using Underworld Heart Flowers as though as they were free, was many times stronger than what Heavenly Emperor Gai Ao did. The Underworld Heart Flower aura that Heavenly Emperor Gai Ao spread out had become very sparse by the time it reached the Underworld. On the other hand, Mo Wuji used tens of Underworld Heart Flowers, hence even in the Underworld, their aura still remained rather strong.

    Of course, Mo Wuji was still disadvantaged, as Cen Shuyin's cultivation level was much lower than Gai Feiyan's when her soul entered the Underworld. The weaker one's soul, the harder it would be to sense the aura of Underworld Heart Flowers.
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