Chapter 570: An Jing Academy

    Chapter 570: An Jing Academy

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    In the cultivation world, when there was a difference in language, one only needed to purchase a language jade letter and he could learn all about that language in a few breaths. However, that was impossible here. This should be an ordinary planet that didn't have anything like spiritual will jade letters.

    Mo Wuji decided that he would first find a place with books and learn the languages and texts here. Even though he lost all his abilities, he was still a Xuan Immortal. Not eating and drinking shouldn't pose a problem to him.

    Right at this moment, a clamoring noise could be heard in front of him. Mo Wuji hurriedly moved towards the noise and to his astonishment, he saw a woman in ragged clothing being dragged on the road by a car.

    The woman had already fainted, and because of the rough surface of the road, there were scars continuously being formed on her body. She looked no better than Mo Wuji.

    "E E...[1]" A sharp voice cried out behind Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji turned and saw a thin figure furiously charging to the car that was dragging the woman.

    Mo Wuji only needed a single glance to tell that it was the little boy that bought him the bus ticket.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly took a few steps forward. However, he couldn't even help himself now, much less help others.

    At his instant, that little boy had already grabbed the rope that was dragging the woman. Fortunately, the car stopped. A man with an indifferent expression stepped out from the car. Following which, a few soldiers came forward.

    The little boy remained fearless, bawling as he shouted towards the man and the soldiers.. Thereafter, he turned towards the crowd and said something loudly. The crowd then seemed to support this boy.

    After some time, a man that looked like a squad leader walked over and said a few sentences to the soldiers surrounding the little boy. Thereafter, the soldiers actually removed the woman from the ropes.

    The little boy hurriedly tried to support the woman up, but unfortunately, he was too weak and wasn't able to do it immediately. Mo Wuji wanted to go forward and help, but by this time, two people from the crowd had already helped the little boy and brought the woman to the side of the road.

    Only at this time did Mo Wuji get a clear look at the woman: her eyes were closed tight, there were spots of blood all over her face, her hair was messied and there were rope marks all over her neck.

    With the support of several people from the crowd, the boy supported the woman out of the road. After some time, they disappeared.

    At this point, Mo Wuji felt rather worried. He didn't know why that woman was being dragged on the road, but regardless of the reason, it wasn't a good sign. This place definitely wasn't a kind place.

    It was best if he understood where he was immediately. Mo Wuji roamed around the streets for some time before finally discovering a book store.

    The book store was not much different from book stores back on Earth. There were many people picking up books and reading them. Mo Wuji hurriedly entered walked in. He tried his best to conceal himself among the crowd, to avoid the notice of the workers here.

    After all, with his current appearance, if the manager of the book store were to see him, he would very likely get chased out.

    Mo Wuji soon discovered the book shelves that contained books on the language here. Even though Mo Wuji's spiritual will wasn't enough to open his storage ring or his Undying World, he did have a bit of spiritual will. Moreover, he was also a Xuan Immortal. With the help of these books, he only needed half a day to have a good grasp of the language here.

    Thereafter, things became simpler. Mo Wuji started to flip through the maps as well as history books. A rough image of this world formed within his mind.

    He was currently in a country called Liang, and Liang wasn't the biggest power here. Above Liang, there was a religious school called the East Mon Religion. It also had another name called the True Mon Religion.

    This city he was in was called An Jin, it was a decent sized city in Liang.

    Additionally, Mo Wuji found various kinds of technological devices in this book store, such as electronic books, intelligent notebooks, books that could speak, etc....

    What left Mo Wuji surprised was that he found some books about cultivation the mind. Even though these books seemed to have unintelligible content, it was enough to show that the people here cultivated. This left Mo Wuji elated; if they could cultivate, it meant that they could absorb spiritual energy.

    As an immortal, spiritual energy was dispensable to Mo Wuji. But now, it was the most important thing to him. He needed to recover his power, so first, he would need to recover his spiritual will. Then, with his spiritual will, he could open his ring and use the things inside to regain his power.

    "The book store is closing. Everyone, please return your books and leave the book store." A loudspeaker sounded beside Mo Wuji's ear. Mo Wuji only just realised that except for one to two other people, most of the people in the book store were already gone.

    He hurriedly returned the book in his hands and walked out of the book store.

    To him, this day's worth of reading was enough. He wasn't seeking to learn about the things in this world, he only needed a rough understanding.

    A young girl walked out of the book store at the same time as Mo Wuji. When she lifted her head and saw Mo Wuji, she subconsciously hastened her footsteps.

    Mo Wuji, on the other hand, stopped, and said apologetically, "Hello, may I ask how I may get to An Jing Academy?"

    Mo Wuji learnt about An Jing Academy from the book store. Many of the books in the store were compiled by An Jing Academy. It was an integrative academy where one could learn about technology, as well as cultivation.

    Mo Wuji asked about An Jing Academy because he wanted to see if the cultivation in this world was the same as the one he knew. He also wanted to see if there were places in An Jing Academy which had spiritual energy.

    "You wish to go to An Jing Academy?" Even though the young girl didn't immediately run away, she took two steps back and stared at Mo Wuji warily.

    Mo Wuji finally got a clear look of this young girl. She was delicate and pretty, with long jet black hair, clear black pupils and a elegant nose bridge. It was an Eastern kind of beauty. She was roughly 1.65 meters tall and she looked very serene. Her only flaw was that her chest was like a chopping board; she did not look like a young girl in her prime.

    So as not to scare this girl, Mo Wuji took the initiative to take half a step back before he continued, "Yes, I wish to go to An Jing Academy. Can you please point the directions for me?"

    Seeing Mo Wuji take half a step back, the young girl calmed down. Mo Wuji's full body of scars did not look as scary as she previously thought it to be.

    She hesitated for a brief moment before she said, "I'm a student at An Jing Academy. I'm going back right now, you can follow me."

    The moment she finished those words, she regretted it. Why did she allow this stranger to follow her? What if this person had malicious intents, what could she do?

    What kind of person was Mo Wuji? He was an experienced man. He immediately caught the pangs of regret the girl felt after she replied him. He did not give her a chance to retract on her words as he immediately clasped his fists and said, "Then, many thanks."

    He was worried that An Jing Academy was too far away. Even if this young girl pointed out the directions, he might still get lost.

    After hearing Mo Wuji's words, the young girl hastily turned and walked away. She didn't even give Mo Wuji any prior warning.

    Mo Wuji did not mind as he followed behind this girl. He maintained a constant distance of 3 meters away from her.

    Soon, Mo Wuji knew that he was right; An Jing Academy was indeed far away, and he would need to go round several streets and even leave the busy town area. If he was by himself, he wouldn't know how long he would have took to get there.


    Lou Yueshuang was truly feeling regret. She should not have stayed in the city book store till late. The academy had so many books, why must she go to the city book store? And if that wasn't enough, why did she allow this scary looking man to follow her?

    She intentionally increased her speed, but she soon discovered that no matter how fast she walked, that scarred man would always be 3 meters away from her.

    After leaving the town area, the number of people on the streets became lesser. There were also fewer street lamps. Lou Yueshuang no longer dared to turn her head back. Her ears constantly heard the sound of footsteps behind her. She continued to hasten her footsteps.

    What left her slightly at ease was that the man behind her didn't close the gap after they left the busy town area.

    After another long, half an incense's time, a brightly lit area appeared in front of them. Lou Yueshuang finally heaved a sigh of relief. She stopped and turned to Mo Wuji, "The brightly lit area in front is An Jing Academy. I will be leaving first."

    With that, she didn't even wait to receive Mo Wuji's thanks, as she left with hasty footsteps. It even seemed like she was running away.

    Mo Wuji could only say thanks from a distance.

    Mo Wuji's mood didn't improve because he arrived at An Jing Academy. On the contrary, his mood got worse.

    Here, he didn't feel any sort of spiritual energy. Without spiritual energy, this academy was no use to him.

    At this instant, he could only enter the academy with a strand of hope that there was some sort of spirit gathering array inside. Otherwise, what were the students here cultivating?

    Just when Mo Wuji was pondering over these matters, the girl that ran away actually came back. With a face full of fear, she cried out anxiously towards Mo Wuji, "This big brother, someone is trying to grab me, please help me..."

    After saying these words, she seemed to come to an understanding: there was nothing that Mo Wuji could help her with. Just when she intended to continue running, Mo Wuji suddenly pulled her to his side. At the same time, he scattered some rocks and sticks around their surroundings.

    "Don't move, they're coming." In the concealment array, Mo Wuji could feel Lou Yueshuang struggling. He hurriedly hushed her with that sentence.

    Under the yellow street lights, Lou Yueshuang could see multiple young men enter into her sights. She started to shiver; she knew that she couldn't escape now.

    However, Mo Wuji's concealment array had already been fully installed. He was an esteemed Xuan Immortal expert that could install Grade 5 immortal arrays. Even though he didn't have his cultivation, his skill with arrays was still there. Even though he didn't have his array flags, he could still use rocks and twigs to create a concealment array. It was impossible for this array to hide from powerful cultivators, but it was more than enough to deal with ordinary mortals.

    [1] Some indiscernible language that Mo Wuji hadn't learnt yet
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