Chapter 572: Descendants Of The Pan Clan

    Chapter 572: Descendants Of The Pan Clan

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    Mo Wuji was slightly perturbed as he taught Lou Yueshuang of the circulation path; Lou Yueshuang's talent was clearly not bad. Mo Wuji only taught her once and she was already able to do it.

    In her excitement, Lou Yueshuang was almost out of breath. She hurriedly stopped cultivating mana and looked at Mo Wuji excitedly, "Brother Mo, I'm not in the advanced class yet, but I'm actually able to resonate with mana..."

    Lou Yueshuang suddenly stopped speaking; she seemed to have thought of something. She then continued speaking with greater excitement, "Brother Mo, if we were to teach others of your method, then wouldn't everyone be able to feel mana in the shortest time possible and be able to cultivate mana?"

    As she thought of this, Lou Yueshuang became especially clear that what she just learnt was incredibly impressive. It was simply a revolutionary discovery. If this was shared with everyone, then...

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That should be the case. Some things are as thin as a piece of paper, the moment that paper is pierced open, you will realise that it was actually very easy. Now that you can feel mana, can you take the assessment for the advanced class?"

    Lou Yueshuang eagerly said, "As long as I can feel mana, then I will definitely get into the advanced class."

    "That's good. After you enter the advanced class, think of ways to get me to a mana array," Mo Wuji said.

    "That's for sure. The assessment to advance to the advanced class will be three days later. Oh right, Brother Mo, can I teach this method to others?" Lou Yueshuang looked towards Mo Wuji expectantly. The moment she revealed this method, this would cause a huge upheaval in the entire world.

    Mo Wuji went silent for a brief moment before he asked, "What's the highest level that one can get by cultivating mana?"

    "I heard that the highest level is the Magic Emperor, but that's only stories of legend. It's said that Magic Emperors can traverse across the sky and burrow into the earth. With a flip of his hand, he can create fire or form winds. Truly a legendary existence..." Lou Yueshuang faced upwards as she said this excitedly.

    Mo Wuji was speechless. Traversing the sky and burrowing into the earth? Weren't ordinary cultivators capable of doing that? Creating fire and forming winds? Even the lowest level cultivator could use a simple fireball skill.

    As he heard this, he no longer had any interest in the mana cultivation here. He said in a straightforward manner, "Actually, I didn't teach you anything that's particularly important. You can feel free to share it with others."

    In reality, Mo Wuji had only taught Lou Yueshuang a simple energy condensing method. This method was different for different people; not everyone could gather mana in the same cyclic wood spirit channel as Lou Yueshuang. Mo Wuji was, after all, the great progenitor of the reverse Immortal Mortal Technique. His Immortal Mortal Technique was already completely different from the original Immortal Mortal Technique. He was also especially sensitive to elemental energy, thus even without his cultivation, he could still feel that Lou Yueshuang had wood-type spiritual roots.

    It was exactly because of her wood type spiritual roots that he asked Lou Yueshuang to start gathering mana from her extreme spirit channel, then channel it away from the cyclic wood spirit channel. It wouldn't necessarily be the same for other cultivators.

    Moreover, condensing mana was just the first step of a billion steps in cultivation. There's still a whole great journey ahead of her, and in that journey, one would need to continuously improve upon their methods. Everyone's methods would eventually differ, so while Mo Wuji helped Lou Yueshuang with this cultivation technique, it would not work for every single person.

    "That means I can share this with others, and be the creator of a new generation..." Lou Yueshuang started to get emotional. Actually, the creator of the new generation was Mo Wuji, she was simply a test subject, but being the first test subject was also an honor.

    Mo Wuji smiled slightly, "Actually, I wouldn't advise you to do that. It's not because this thing is very valuable, because it's not worth any money at all. But because not everyone will be the same as you and use this method to feel mana and absorb it for cultivation. Moreover, you talked about Magic Emperors previously. Do you think that Magic Emperors don't know how to absorb mana? Since they know how to do it, then why didn't they share that method?

    For one, they might be protecting their secret and they aren't willing to share it with others. Another possible reason would be that their methods are similar to what I taught you: the methods are specific to themselves. That's why, it's better for you to say that you managed to feel mana by randomly trying different methods. That would be more suitable."

    Mo Wuji was far more experienced that Lou Yueshuang; he was all too clear about the greed of human beings. If you only had a bowl of rice and you shared half of it to another person, some people would think that you had a whole warehouse of rice that you didn't share with them.

    "Many thanks Brother Mo, I understand. Can I acknowledge you as my teacher?" Lou Yueshuang was already sure that Mo Wuji definitely didn't learn some of the Enigmatic Arts of Escape by chance; he was definitely an expert.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said, "I don't have the qualifications to teach others, nor will I accept disciples. Moreover, I would be leaving this place very soon. Of course, when I'm here, you can feel free to ask me any questions related to cultivation."

    Mo Wuji wasn't bragging when he said the final sentence. He was the progenitor of his own cultivation technique, even if a Grand Luo Immortal asked him a question, he was confident that he would be able to answer it. Much less a Lou Yueshuang who had yet to even cultivate.

    "En, many thanks Brother Mo. In An Jing Academy, those without an identity token aren't allowed to roam around freely. How about Brother Mo stay with me." At this instant, Lou Yueshuang wasn't worried about Mo Wuji staying with her, but Mo Wuji leaving her.

    "What kind of place are you staying at?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Lou Yueshuang explained, "When I entered the school, I was the first place in the assessment. So, I got a room of my own, and that room can be divided."

    "Ok." Mo Wuji immediately agreed to Lou Yueshuang's suggestion.

    If Lou Yueshuang successfully entered the advanced class, he would only stay here for at most half a month. In this half a month, he would try to find ways to open his storage ring or his Undying World, then find ways to leave this planet.


    Lou Yueshuang's living accommodations were not bad. Even though her building was slightly remote, her room wasn't small. In the center of the room, there were some wooden planks. Even without Mo Wuji doing anything, Lou Yueshuang had already swiftly divided the room. Clearly, those wooden planks were specially there to divide the room.

    "Brother Mo, please rest. I will go handle my application for the advanced class assessment." After settling Mo Wuji in, Lou Yueshuang said impatiently.

    She was indeed rather impatient. Even though she said that she was slightly confident in getting into the advanced class half a year later, that confidence wasn't very substantial. But with Mo Wuji's pointers, she was sure that she would definitely advanced to the advanced class three days later. In An Jing Academy, there was no case where a person who could absorb mana was denied from entering the advanced class.

    "Ok. Oh right, I want to ask you a question. Previously, on the street, I saw a car dragging a woman along the road. That woman was riddled with injuries, and if not for her brother, she would have been dragged to death. What's with that?" Mo Wuji thought of the scene that he witnessed previously.

    Lou Yueshuang spoke in a hushed voice, "I know of that woman you're talking about. They are followers of an evil religious sect. It's said that they practise witchcraft. The Holy Church has continuously been placing pressure on their clan, and now, it seems like the two siblings are the only people left of their clan. The older sister is called Pan Xin and the younger brother is called Pan Jie. According to rumors, Pan Jie caught the eye of a magic master, but after that magic master left, there was no longer any word from him. But it was because of this, when the Holy Church oppressed the two of them, they would still show some restrain in front of Pan Jie."

    "The two of them are surnamed Pan?" Mo Wuji asked quizzically.

    Lou Yueshuang spoke at an even softer voice as she answered, "Yes, I heard that the Pan Clan is very amazing. My grandfather once told me this in secret, that both the East Mon Religion and the West Mon Religion were started by branches of the Pan Clan. But now that the Pan Clan is in dire straits, the Holy Church actually said that the Pan Clan were cult followers."

    "There's such a thing?" Mo Wuji was truly shocked.

    Lou Yueshuang nodded, "Brother Mo, these words are only for you to hear. You definitely can't share them with anyone else."

    Seemingly unaware of what she was doing, Lou Yueshuang continued to speak in greater detail, "There was this time, when I found an old, derelict scroll that the Pan Clan used to be extremely strong, strong to the point where they could control space and all beings in creation. And, I even heard that the Pan Clan had an even more powerful ability, that is physique tempering..."

    "Physique tempering?" Mo Wuji exclaimed.

    He had always been looking for a physique tempering technique. Unfortunately, the ones he found in the Immortal World were seriously lacking; they were completely unable to catch his eye. And his Immortal Mortal Technique was not at the point of being a true physique tempering technique. Mo Wuji didn't have any experience in this area, so he was truly unable to create his own technique.

    Now that he heard of the Pan Clan's physique tempering technique, Mo Wuji subconsciously started to think of the witch race of myths. According the Classics of the Mountain and Sea, the witch race were the descendants of Pan Gu. When it comes to physique tempering, who could compare to Pan Gu?

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji decided that the moment his cultivation recovers, he would go to find that pair of siblings. There was no need to talk about how Pan Jie had helped him previously and that he should help them in return, Mo Wuji also wanted to find out more about the physique tempering technique.

    "Yes, physique tempering. The Pan Clan has already been oppressed to such a degree but the Holy Church continues to oppress them, it's exactly because the Holy Church suspects that the siblings are hiding the Pan Clan's physique tempering technique," Lou Yueshuang explained.


    Three days passed in a flash. At this instant, An Jing Academy's Mana Cultivation Hall was filled to the brim with all sorts of students. This was because today was the assessment date for the advanced class.

    Usually, most of the students being assessed would be from the intermediate class. Occasionally, there would also be so elementary class students and some students from other schools.

    The assessment had yet to start but the name list for the assessment had already been pasted outside the school courtyard.

    "I'm not seeing things right? Lou Yueshuang actually registered for this advanced class assessment? Didn't she just enter the intermediate class?" A girl cried out in surprise from the crowd.

    "Perhaps she doesn't need to wait for three years like everybody else if she fails," Another girl snickered.

    "Ai, I heard that breast size is inversely proportional to IQ. Too bad for me, I'm just too stupid, I wonder when I can take the advanced class assessment," A girl said eccentrically.

    Just at this moment, Lou Yueshuang walked by. Her face was calm, as though she didn't hear any of these girls discussing about her.

    She hated these flies, otherwise, she wouldn't have gone to the city book store instead of the school library. Every time she went to the school library, she would hear these flies buzzing.
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