Chapter 573: Assessment For The Advanced Class

    Chapter 573: Assessment For The Advanced Class

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    The An Jing Academy's Mana Cultivation Hall was already fully filled with not only students but also teachers, some businessmen, reputable figures of the An Jin City and even some members of the imperial family.

    Most of the students came to observe the assessment while the teachers were here to look for students that they wanted.

    Just as how students must look for a good teacher, a teacher must search for good students too. Normally, students of the elementary and intermediate classes would not have their own exclusive teachers but once they reached the advanced class, they would be able to choose a teacher to be under. The quality of the teacher would affect the future achievements of the student. Similarly, the talent and ability of a student would affect the teacher's future performance. Teachers with better performance would not only get to pick even better students in the future, their pay would increase significantly too.

    As for those businessmen, they came for investments. The moment they spotted a good seedling, they would invest generously in the nurturing of the student they believed had potential. Members of the imperial family came for about the same reason as these businessmen.

    Because Lou Yueshuang was a student taking the assessment, she was able to sit in the front row.

    "Lou Yueshuang? What are you doing here?" The moment Lou Yueshuang sat down, a female student beside her asked with a surprised look on her face.

    In terms of looks, this woman was much prettier than Lou Yueshuang and in terms of figure, even if Lou Yueshuang were to ride a horse, Lou Yueshuang would never be able to catch up with her. Her chest was not considered extremely tempestuous but it was just the right size. As compared to Lou Yueshuang's chopping board-like chest, it was like heaven and earth.

    "Ah, I understand now. Are you here for the advanced class assessment?" The beautiful woman asked without waiting for Lou Yueshuang to answer.

    After saying that, she subconsciously looked at Lou Yueshuang's chest.

    Normally to other female students, Lou Yueshuang didn't bother about such trivial matters but in front of this female student, she was unable to remain emotionless.

    The female student in front of her was called Yun Mo, a person who surpassed her in both appearance and figure. More importantly, even her results were better than Lou Yueshuang. Both of them were first in their district and got into the An Jing Academy simultaneously. Bai Mo was indeed much smarter than her because if it wasn't for Mo Wuji's help, Lou Yueshuang wouldn't even be qualified to be taking the advanced class assessment at this moment. As for Yun Mo, she was evidently smart enough to take the assessment.

    "Yes, I am here to take the assessment," Lou Yueshuang calmed herself before answering in a gentle tone.

    "Don't tell me that you have a new way of condensing mana? We will be having the assessment later so once you fill up the numbers later, you can't back out as you wish," Yun Mo sighed at this moment before continuing, "Yueshuang, I know you are eager to do well in everything but you cannot force your way through everything."

    Lou Yueshuang didn't reply Yun Mo because she hated Yun Mo's almighty tone as she talked as if she was much more gifted than Lou Yueshuang since birth.

    "Pang Ha, I knew you were going to register and you are indeed here," Yun Mo didn't mind Lou Yueshuang's act of ignoring her as she shouted loudly at a youth who just walked through the entrance.

    "Yun Mo, you are even earlier than me. Eh Yueshuang, did you register for the advanced class assessment too?" A slightly tall man walked in and greeted the two of them with a clear voice even before he reached them.

    Lou Yueshuang answered with a low voice before lowering her head. In front of this youth, she had a sense of inferiority within her.

    Pang Ha, An Jing Academy number one genius. Not only was he the number one genius, he was also the number one handsome man. He had a natural handsome face and was always having a lazy smile on his face as if nothing in the world could ever bother him. This was also the truth because no matter how tough something was, the moment it reached Pang Ha's hands, it would be solved easily.

    This was not all because Pang Ha's family background was also extremely eye-catching. His clan was ranked as the top few in the country of Liang. Even outside of the country of Liang, there were businesses which belonged to his clan almost everywhere. In other words, he was true capable and powerful child of a wealthy family.

    In the An Jing Academy, there were girls everywhere who were secretly in love with Pang Ha. Lou Yueshuang was the same as she had an extremely good impression of Pang Ha. However, her love for Pang Ha was like all the other girls, hidden in the depth of her heart.

    If there was a person who could match up well with Pang Ha, that would only be Yun Mo. Yun Mo was also the number one in the An Jing Academy in terms of qualifications and appearance.

    "Yueshuang, did anyone say anything to make you do this? If you do not wish to take the advanced class assessment this time round, I can help you say something. This is nothing embarrassing because have you seen any students, who just made it into the intermediate class, take and pass the assessment for the advanced class? In the entire history of the An Jing Academy, the number of such cases are so rare I could count with one hand," Pang Ha was not only handsome as he even spoke with much empathy and understanding.

    Yun Mo added in, "That's right, I have already told her that the advanced class assessment is not something you can take in a hurry because it would affect what you achieve in the future. Ai, Yueshuang, how else must I explain to you? Not everyone can be like Pang Ha."

    As Yun Mo was saying this, Lou Yueshuang seemed to have forgotten that she entered the An Jing Academy the same time as Yun Mo.

    "Thank you but nobody forced me to do anything. I am not a child so I can make my own decision," Lou Yueshuang's sense of inferiority suddenly die down.

    As for Yun Mo's hypocritical words, Lou Yueshuang felt like vomiting when she heard them. She clearly recalled that in one of the mini test in the elementary class, her test result was much better than Yun Mo's. Afterwards, there were rumours of her cheating in the test and a few female students who were on closer ties with Yun Mo started to make fun and tease her chest as an excuse.

    At this moment, two men and one woman walked onto the examiner's podium. The three of them were wearing the teacher's robe while holding on to something in their hands.

    The Mana Cultivation Hall finally quietened down as everyone knew that the advanced class assessment was about to begin.

    The advanced class assessment had always been extremely harsh because normally out of the one or two thousand students who registered to take the assessment, less than 20 would be officially accepted. This meant that the acceptance rate was equivalent to only about 1%.

    Out of the three people who walked in, an elder wearing the teacher's robe came forward before clearing his throat and speaking in a clear voice, "Greetings my fellow teachers, students and friends from all over the country. I believe everyone here recognise me but I shall still introduce myself. I am Li Guangyi of the advanced class. The three examiners for the assessment today would be myself, Feng Jun and Shang Jinying.

    In the past, the advanced class assessment was only held once a year before recently changing to twice a year. The total number of students participating in the advanced class assessment this time round is 1934 and we are prepared to accept 20 students. The assessment content would be the same as previous years and the first would be genius selection.

    May I invite those students who can sense or even absorb mana to come on stage. Those who can pass the genius selection assessment would no longer need to take the second part of the assessment and would be sent straight to the advanced class. Naturally, there would be a lot of teachers looking for genius like this so you are free to choose your own teachers then. Without further ado, let's begin the genius selection assessment. Those who believed that they could pass the genius selection assessment please head onto the stage now."

    Everyone's eyes fell on Pang Ha because during every advanced class assessment, there would at most be one person who could enter the genius selection assessment. Most of the time, there would not be anybody stepping onto the stage. In the test this time round, if there was one person who was the most likely to pass the genius selection, that would be Pang Ha.

    Pang Ha stood up, maintained his gentle smile as he walked to the stage. The first thing he did was to bow politely to the crowd in the hall before bowing respectfully to the three teachers in front of him, "An Jing Academy 3rd intermediate class student Pang Ha wishes to take the genius selection assessment."

    "Nothing wrong with the identity so permission granted for Pang Ha to take the genius selection assessment," After saying this, Li Guangyi pressed a white button on the judging panel before a futon of radius one metre rose from the centre of the stage. Beside the futon was a mini display screen.

    Li Guangyi pointed to the futon before saying, "Pang Ha, step onto the futon and start to condense your mana. After you are done, we will give you a score to determine if you are able to pass the assessment."

    "Yes, many thanks teacher Li," Pang Ha bowed once more before sitting on the futon in front of many eyes.

    The entire Mana Cultivation Hall was in absolute silence as they observed Pang Ha. Everyone was also well aware that there were three mana stones below the futon which Pang Ha was sitting on. As long as Pang Ha was able to absorb mana, the exhaustion of the mana stone would be displayed on the mini display screen beside him.

    This display screen was not some sort of array display screen but a real electronic display screen. In fact, this electronic display screen was able to simulate the exhaustion of the mana stone and display it live for the onlookers and teachers to observe.

    The instance Pang Ha sat on the futon, he started using his own methods to absorb mana.

    Everyone in the hall was quiet as they carefully observe the white display screen. One would not be able to tell if the mana was absorbed with the naked eye so everyone had to watch and observe the display screen.

    After one hour, the display screen was still white without any movement. Despite so, nobody in the hall was particularly worried because everyone knew that no matter how talented Pang Ha was, he should not be able to condense mana in just an hour.

    Only Lou Yueshuang sighed in her heart at how a genius like Pang Ha was unable to sense mana to condense it in an hour. This showed how amazing her mentor, Mo Wuji, truly was.

    Mo Wuji was not even much older than her so how could he be so incredible? One must know that she only took about 10 breaths of time to sense, condense and absorb mana when she was learning from Mo Wuji.

    Half an incense had passed and the white display screen finally showed some faint green coloured fog. The fog rose slowly as if it was solidifying in the air.

    These faint green fog caused a surge in the atmosphere in the entire hall as people started to cheer madly. It was indeed fun to watch the genius selection assessment to watch students like this start condensing mana even before entering the advanced class. How powerful would he be in the future?
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