Chapter 574: Fighting for Lou Yueshuang

    Chapter 574: Fighting for Lou Yueshuang

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    Pang Ha's arms started making strokes in the air and with every stroke, there would be more green fog appearing in the display screen.

    After an incense worth of time, the faint green fog had already filled up one third of the display screen before he finally stopped before opening his eyes and standing up. Afterwards, he bowed towards the three examiners, "I, Pang Ha, am done with the assessment hence, I am ready for the comments from the three teachers."

    Li Guangyi nodded, "Not bad, even though you are still unable to control or absorb mana, you are already able to condense it. You are only one step away from absorbing mana. My score for you is 66 points and you have passed the genius selection. I deem you fit to join the advanced class."

    The man seated beside Li Guangyi also commented, "Pang Ha is indeed the number one genius of my An Jing Academy. After entering the intermediate class for only about three months, you are already capable of condensing mana. Not bad, not bad at all. My score for you is 74 points and I deem you fit to enter the advanced class too."

    Pang Ha hurried to bow to the examiners as thunderous applause was heard from the crowd. Two examiners had already given their go ahead so even if the last examiner gave a bad score, he was still able to enter the advanced class.

    Seated at the bottom of the stage with everyone else, Yun Mo looked enviously at Pang Ha, "Only a talented man like Pang Ha would be able to enter the intermediate class for only three months, condense mana and even passed the genius selection assessment to join the advanced class. I must work hard too, to earn a placing in the advanced class."

    Even though Yun Mo didn't continue saying, Lou Yueshuang knew what was in her heart. Yun Mo didn't want to let Pang Ha surpassed her too much till the point that she didn't have the opportunity to catch up with him.

    This made Lou Yueshuang shake her head speechlessly. When Big Brother Mo Wuji was teaching her how to condense mana, he said that the moment mana was scattered and was even separated, it would be considered a failure in condensation because one wouldn't be able to absorb the mana in a form like this. If one were to absorb the mana forcefully, it would cause stagnation to one's progress and might even harm the spirit channels.

    She had no idea what the spirit channel was but she was certain that Big Brother Mo was right.

    The thin layer of mana Pang Ha managed to separate from the mana stones actually scattered which meant that Pang Ha was actually still very far from successfully condensing the mana. Only because Li Guangyi and Feng Jun didn't wish to have no students in the An Jing Academy passing the genius selection assessment so they made an exception to accept Pang Ha.

    Moreover, Big Brother Mo even said before that beginners must be calm and at peace when cultivating so that mana would be able to circulate effectively in the spirit channel. Pang Ha's ridiculous movement of the arms was a mere show off to show the crowd that he was able to condense mana. It was not beneficial in the condensation of mana and might even work against him.

    "Yueshuang, you seemed to be unsatisfied with Senior Pang Ha's results? Are you going to take part in the genius selection assessment too?" Lou Yueshuang's heart was indeed feeling slightly unsatisfied and Yun Mo noticed it in an instance from the expression on her face.

    Without waiting for Lou Yueshuang to reply, the female examiner out of the three examiners said, "It was indeed quite impressive seeing how Pang Ha was able to extract the mana from the mana stones. However, he was still quite far from being able to condense mana, let alone absorbing the mana. In other words, he could at most be considered to be able to sense the mana from Heaven and Earth. My score for him would be 42 points and I don't deem him fit enough to pass the genius selection assessment."

    The crowd started roaring again as everyone started having discussions of their own. Wasn't that Shang Jinying a little too strict? Despite this comment, Pang Ha was still respectful as he bowed towards Shang Jinying to express his appreciation for the comment.

    The truth was that regardless of Shang Jinying's score, it wouldn't affect his acceptance into the advanced class.

    Li Guangyi stood out to continue, "Following the guidelines of the assessment, Pang Ha passed the genius selection and would be accepted into the advanced class. Are there any more students who wants to try the genius selection assessment? If no one is interested, may I invite all the students..."

    Before Li Guangyi could finish speaking, Lou Yueshuang stood up.

    At the sight of Lou Yueshuang standing up, Li Guangyi stopped talking as he looked at Lou Yueshuang surprisingly. He couldn't believe there was still someone who wanted to take part in the genius selection assessment. Since this was the case, he had no choice but to let her try.

    Under normal circumstances, there were not many students willing to take the risk to take the genius selection assessment. Firstly, it was because the chances of success was extremely slim and secondly, points would be deducted from the next test if one were to try and fail the genius selection assessment. Lastly, people would start making fun of the failure.

    It was already impressive that Pang Ha was participating in the genius selection assessment. Therefore, nobody in the hall could believe that there was still someone willing to take the risk.

    Lou Yueshuang turned to Yun Mo and said, "You are right because I am indeed going to take part in the genius selection assessment."

    After saying that, Lou Yueshuang walked to the assessment stage as her heart felt much lighter at this moment. She finally managed to get back at the arrogant woman so even if she failed, she would feel much more comfortable.

    "An Jing Academy 4th intermediate class student Lou Yueshuang wishes to take the genius selection assessment," Lou Yueshuang bowed courteously towards the three examiners.

    "Nothing wrong with the identity so permission granted for Lou Yueshuang to take the genius selection assessment. Please proceed to the futon to condense mana and you have a time limit of two hours," As much as Li Guangyi was reluctant, he could only agree.

    From whichever angle one was looking at, Lou Yueshuang was not wrong to apply for her chance to take the genius selection assessment.

    To be honest, Li Guangyi was blatantly being unfair because when Pang Ha was condensing the mana, Li Guangyi didn't mention any time limit but now for Lou Yueshuang, he actually gave a time limit of two hours.

    Lou Yueshuang didn't say anything as she didn't bother about the time limit at all. If she needed two hours to condense mana, she wouldn't even be trying for the genius selection assessment.

    Lou Yueshuang sat on the futon and followed Mo Wuji's guidelines to circulate her channels to start absorbing mana.

    In just a few moments, everyone looked shockingly at the faint green fog appearing on the display screen.

    So fast?

    When this faint green fog appeared, everyone in the hall started gasping in amazement. Even though the onlookers today were all of certain status, they were still in awe at Lou Yueshuang's speed of condensing the mana. Even a Magic Master might not have such incredible speed right?

    Furthermore, this was not the end because after ten breaths worth of time, the entire display screen was fully filled.

    Li Guangyi wasn't the only one as the two other examiners took a few steps forward astonishingly. Even before reaching Lou Yueshuang, they could clearly feel the dense mana which Lou Yueshuang was extracting.

    Lou Yueshuang stopped extracting the mana as she knew that this was more than enough. Right now, she was indeed capable of absorbing the mana but without a proper technique, she wouldn't be able to convert the mana into her own strength even after absorbing it. She would only be wasting the mana stones if she continued.

    "I am taking this student..." A white haired elder got ahead of everyone as he rushed up to the stage.

    Even though he was quick, there were people quicker than him as a long hair woman literally jumped onto the stage before grabbing Lou Yueshuang's hand, "Your name is Lou Yueshuang right? I am Zhan Xiang of the An Jing Academy, are you willing to be my student? I have a technique to convert mana which is definitely suitable for you."

    Zhan Xiang was not speaking blindly because she really did have a mana conversion technique. However, the catch was that the technique required the technique user to absorb mana swiftly. In fact, even she couldn't absorb mana swiftly but after she observed Lou Yueshuang's speed, she knew instantly that this technique was meant for Lou Yueshuang.

    "Zhan Xiang, aren't we going according to first come first serve? I have already said I would accept her as my disciple," The white hair elder said furiously as his face was full of disgust.

    After this elder gave a piece of his mind to Zhan Xiang, he turned to Lou Yueshuang, "You recognise me right? You can make your own decision as to who you want to follow."

    Because the two of them were snatching for Lou Yueshuang in public, those businessmen and high officials who were interested in knowing Lou Yueshuang had no choice but to stop in their tracks. They would have to at least wait till Lou Yueshuang choose her teacher.

    Lou Yueshuang hurried to bow respectfully, "Lou Yueshuang greets Teacher Yan and Teacher Zhan."

    These two were both the peak grade teachers of the advanced class in the An Jing Academy and they would normally not accept any students. Even if Pang Qi wished to follow and learn under them, he might not even succeed. Now that the two of them were fighting for her, Lou Yueshuang still felt immensely fortunate even though she knew that they were not even half as good as Mo Wuji.

    Zhan Xiang looked at Lou Yueshuang and said, "Yueshuang, you should say it yourself. Who do you want to follow?"

    Lou Yueshuang thought about Mo Wuji's mysteriously effective teachings, she really didn't wish to pick either one of them.

    However, she knew that Mo Wuji was not willing to accept disciples and that he was eager to leave this place so she had no choice but to choose one first.

    "Both of you are teachers that I, Lou Yueshuang, truly admire and respect but, but..." After saying 'but' for half a day, she was still unable to pick one.

    Li Guangyi chuckled, "Why don't we do this? Since Student Lou Yueshuang is the best and most talented genius here, this shows that her potential is limitless. Why don't both of you accept her as your disciple and both teach her one skill each. We must not put such a talented genius in a difficult spot. For Lou Yueshuang's assessment, my points for her is 100 and that I deem her absolutely fitting to study in the advanced class without any dispute."

    "Yes, this is definitely worthy of a 100 points," Shang Jinying, who gave Pang Ha 42 points earlier on, said loudly as she didn't even bother about how Pang Ha felt.

    "Haha, I agree with both Teacher Li and Teacher Shang. It is naturally 100 points without any dispute," Feng Jun also added in cheerfully.

    In the future, an unbelievable talent like Lou Yueshuang would bound to be famous hence, the three examiners here would also receive great honour.

    Yan Keze heard Li Guangyi's words and clapped his hands, "Alright, this is a great idea. Both of us shall be her teacher then."

    Zhan Xiang was well aware of Lou Yueshuang's terrifying potential because with a potential like hers, it wouldn't be impossible for her to become a Magic Emperor. She saw Lou Yueshuang having a hard time picking so she nodded and said, "Yueshuang, what do you think of both Yan Keze and I becoming your teacher?"

    Lou Yueshuang hurried to bow, "Yueshuang is willing so may both teacher please guide me well in the future."

    Following which, Lou Yueshuang turned to express her appreciation for the three examiners.

    Yan Zeke chuckled and said, "I finally managed to get myself a disciple so I cannot do without a gift for you. Come, let me know what do you want."

    Lou Yueshuang replied without any shreds of hesitation, "Student would like to have a few mana stones to bring back for my own research."
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