Chapter 575: The Mighty Archbishop

    Chapter 575: The Mighty Archbishop

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    Yan Keze was shocked because even though mana stones were precious, he wouldn't bring it around with him. However, Zhan Xiang was already handing an exquisite embroidered bag to Lou Yueshuang, "Yueshuang, my mentor has loads of this so these are for you."

    Yan Keze blinked his eye as he grabbed a book to pass it to Lou Yueshuang, "Yueshuang, even though I don't have any mana stones with me, I am giving this great book."

    "Teacher Yan, you are really giving this?" Li Guangyi stared surprisingly at the book Yan Keze was passing to Lou Yueshuang.

    Lou Yueshuang saw Li Guangyi's expression and knew that it must not be something simple which was why she hurried to reject, "Teacher Yan, I cannot accept this book..."

    "Since I want you to have it, you should have it..." Yan Keze shoved the book into Lou Yueshuang's hands before widening his eyes again.

    Zhan Xiang added, "Yueshuang, Teacher Yan is also your teacher now and since this is a gift from him, there is no harm for you to accept it. Go back and make your preparations while Teacher Yan and I discuss with the academy as to how to arrange your future practices and lessons.

    "Roger that, many thanks Teacher Yan and Teacher Zhan," Lou Yueshuang bowed respectfully once more before leaving the assessment stage.

    Lou Yueshuang was aware that all the other students still needed to take the next test but the moment she stepped down from the stage and left the front row, all the businessmen and reputable people rushed forward. Name cards fell like snowflakes on Lou Yueshuang's hands as words of congratulations and invitations were heard. Of course, there were also all sorts of guarantees to support or sponsor her.

    Eventually, because it was affecting the assessment afterwards, committees of the academy came out to disperse the crowd to let Lou Yueshuang leave the Mana Cultivation Hall.

    Once Lou Yueshuang left the Mana Cultivation Hall, even more businessmen flocked towards her and the Mana Cultivation Hall was emptied out.

    To most of the businessmen, no one else in the advanced class would have a future comparable to Lou Yueshuang. If they made an effort to know Lou Yueshuang now, they could be friends with a Magic Master or a Magic Emperor in the future.

    Yun Mo clenched her fists as she saw the popular Lou Yueshuang walking out of the Mana Cultivation Hall. The girl who she had been stepping on was actually able to bring away all the cheers and applause with her. At the thought of Lou Yueshuang standing on her head and the words she said before going on stage, she was so jealous that her heart was almost burning on kerosene. She must have learnt witchcraft to be able to condense mana so quickly. I'll see how you show off after the Archbishop found out about this.

    "I can't believe Sister Yueshuang actually had such deep understandings as to how to condense mana. This is simply unbelievable," Pang Ha exclaimed surprisingly.

    "Yes indeed, she really knew how to conceal herself just like her..." Yun Mo was about to say chest before forcing herself to swallow the words because she didn't want to leave a bad impression in front of Pang Ha.

    Pang Ha didn't seem to mind Yun Mo's words as he continued looking at Lou Yueshuang's back view. In his mind, it was the scene of how Lou Yueshuang managed to condense and absorb mana. If he could possess the ability of Lou Yueshuang coupled with the technique from his Pang Clan, he could advance to become a true mage immediately.

    The instance a thought like that appeared, it was like a seed which had just started germination before growing rapidly like a weed in his heart.


    Lou Yueshuang had no idea how she managed to emerge out of the crowd and all she knew was that when she was back at her own residence, her hand was filled with all the different name cards.

    "Big Brother Mo..." When she reached back at her residence, Lou Yueshuang finally came back to her senses and realised that all the credits should go to the Big Brother Mo who was currently living in her residence. He was the sole reason why she was able to be called the number one genius of the academy. In other words, whoever learnt from Big Brother Mo would be a genius too.

    Ever since Lou Yueshuang opened the door, Mo Wuji had already heard her but he simply didn't wish to move. There was indeed a thin layer of energy here which was somewhat similar to spiritual energy. The pity was that he couldn't use it to cultivate.

    Mo Wuji observed magic cultivation before and was aware that magic cultivation used spiritual energy too and not magic energy. It is also not the mana used here.

    Now that Lou Yueshuang was calling out for him, he believed that she should have passed her assessment. Truthfully, it would be more odd if she didn't pass the assessment after teaching her how to condense mana.

    Mo Wuji walked out with a smile on his face, "Yueshuang, congratulations on becoming a student of the advanced class."

    Lou Yueshuang hurried to reply, "This was mainly because of the method Big Brother Mo taught me. I only needed a short time to pass the assessment today to become a student of the advanced class. After the assessment, Teacher Yan Keze and Teacher Zhan Xiang wanted to accept me as their student so I agreed. I know, my teacher should be you..."

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "You did the right thing because you should know that I would definitely not stay long here."

    "Big Brother Mo, I got you the mana stone..." Lou Yueshuang anxiously threw all the name cards on her hand away to one side as she took out the embroidered pouch from her waist.

    Mo Wuji was even more anxious than Lou Yueshuang as he took over the pouch and took out a grey colour mana stone.

    The instance Mo Wuji got his hand on the mana stone, his heart went wild. There was really a trace of spiritual energy in the mana stone and more importantly, there was a type of mana aura exuding from it too. This was not the first time Mo Wuji had experienced a mana aura but up till today, he had no idea what kind of energy this was.

    "Big Brother Mo, is this thing useful?" Lou Yueshuang asked worriedly.

    Mo Wuji held onto the pouch in one hand while grabbing Lou Yueshuang's hand in the other, "Useful, it is indeed too useful. I am going to go behind closed doors to cultivate... No, I meant research for a few days so help me guard and make sure no one comes near me. Oh yes, if I am not out in time, there is no need to bring food to me because I have large amount of dry biscuits with me. I should be able to last for at least over 10 days."

    Even if Mo Wuji had no cultivation now, he wouldn't need to eat anything. Normally, Lou Yueshuang was afraid that he might be hungry so she would send food to him on a regular basis. In order not to make himself look suspicious, Mo Wuji accepted the food for the past few days.

    "En, Big Brother Mo can rest assure that I will definitely not let anyone disturb you," After saying this convincingly, she handed a book to Mo Wuji, "Big Brother Mo, this is a book from Teacher Yan and I think it should be a pretty useful book. Please take a look at it."

    "Alright," Mo Wuji accepted the book before hurrying to close his door.

    He was desperate to be able to open his storage ring as soon as possible and from the glance at the pouch earlier on and he saw about nine mana stones. Even though it wasn't a lot, the accumulated spiritual energy should be sufficient.

    Mo Wuji had no cultivation so he could only use spiritual energy to get his own meridians to circulate.

    Even though a mana stone only contained an extremely thin layer of spiritual energy, Mo Wuji was still full of confidence. The main reason was because he possessed the elemetal storage channel. The nine mana stones might only be able to produce a small amount of spiritual energy but as long as he gathered all these spiritual energies in his elemental storage channel, he should be able to open his storage ring in one attempt. The moment his storage ring was opened, everything would be simple for him.

    After Mo Wuji went behind closed doors, Lou Yueshuang was still not able to get over the hype. Previously, she was only a student with rather decent results in the An Jing Academy despite her being the number one in her district. In fact, almost everyone who made it into the An Jing Academy was a number one in their own district.

    In this short period of time, she became the number one genius of the An Jing Academy and even became a student of Teacher Yan Keze and Teacher Zhan Xiang.

    After casually browsing through the pile of name cards, she saw country of Liang's peak grade businessman, Mi Clan and a few other reputable figures of the An Jing City.

    "Bang!" The door was instantly kicked open which woke Lou Yueshuang out of her sweet thoughts and illusions. She stood up in shock as she looked at the three people coming in through her door. Other than these three people, there were even more people standing outside the door.

    "Dean Gu..." Out of the three people who walked in, Lou Yueshuang looked at the elder with a lost expression as she didn't understand why the dean of the academy would bring strangers here to destroy her door of the number one genius of the academy.

    The Dean Gu noticed Lou Yueshuang's lost eyes so he lowered his head feeling ashamed. No matter how big the dean of the academy was, he was unable to go against an Archbishop. Now that the Archbishop was here, what else could he have done? If he was alone, he could lose his life just like that but he still had the entire An Jing Academy to take care.

    "You are the Lou Yueshuang? The student who was able to extract, condense and even absorb mana in a short period of time?" The long face youth, who walked in front, glared at Lou Yueshuang coldly.

    Lou Yueshuang was still at loss so she could only answer, "Yes, I am Lou Yueshuang."

    The other black face middle aged man heard Lou Yueshuang's acknowledgement before saying immediately, "Bring her away."

    Before Lou Yueshuang could even react, an enraged voice was heard, "Even if you are people under the Archbishop, you cannot simply take my student from the An Jing Academy away so casually."

    A furious Zhan Xiang charged in to stand in front of Lou Yueshuang.

    Lou Yueshuang's heart felt warm and even though she didn't know what was happening, she knew that this was definitely not a trivial matter. This was because the person who instructed someone to bring her away was a someone under the Archbishop and Lou Yueshuang could tell from the logo on his shirt. Under normal circumstances, who would say no to a person working for the Archbishop?

    Zhan Xiang was a mentor she just followed and yet, she was so protective of her.

    "Teacher Zhan, you cannot be rash. This is the Law Lord Feng Lu placed in the country of Liang by the Archbishop..." Dean Gu of the An Jing Academy hurried to point to the black face middle age man who wanted to bring Lou Yueshuang away. After he introduced him, Dean Gu pointed to the long face youth and said, "This is the Archbishop's magic master, Master Buo Luojin."

    Zhan Xiang adjusted her tone before saying calmly, "Dean Gu, no matter who is here, I will definitely not let them take my student away from the An Jing Academy now. As a dean, what you should do instead of bringing them here is to stop them from taking our student away."

    "How dare you go against the Archbishop's intentions? Bring her away too," The Law Lord Feng Lu introduced by Dean Gu shouted madly."
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