Chapter 576: Going To Pan Siblings Home

    Chapter 576: Going To Pan Sibling's Home

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    Zhan Xiang sneered, "The Archbishop is definitely mighty but doesn't he need a reason for everything he does? You can bring us away but what is your reason?"

    Feng Lu replied coldly, "Lou Yueshuang is secretly working with a witchcraft descendent and is secretly practising witchcraft. How can we let such a person off? Since you want to defend a witchcraft descendent, you would naturally not be able to get away."

    "So this is the reason," Zhan Xiang suddenly became depressed because how could she not know that the Archbishop was interested in Lou Yueshuang's fast mana condensing method?

    With the Archbishop around, even a perfect law would be a joke.


    Concurrently, Mo Wuji just managed to absorb the spiritual energy of the ninth mana stone into his elemental storage channel. At this moment, he heard that people working under the Archbishop was trying to bring Lou Yueshuang away so he stood up immediately.

    Back when he taught Lou Yueshuang the method to condense and absorb the mana, he thought of something. He came from the cultivation world and he had seen too many people trying to outwit in each other in the cultivation world. The method that he taught Lou Yueshuang was simply too appalling to the people here hence, it might attract other people's attention.

    However, he could only teach Lou Yueshuang this method so that she could enter the advanced class as soon as possible. If the mana array was really able to let him sense spiritual will, even if the Archbishop and all his followers of this planet were to attack him, he would be able to exterminate them with a raise of his hand.

    The only thing Mo Wuji didn't expect was that the people of the Archbishop came so quickly. Lou Yueshuang just displayed his technique earlier on in the day and the people of the Archbishop had already arrived. Fortunately, Lou Yueshuang was not slow either because just as she entered the advanced class, she managed to get him the nine mana stones.

    "Hold on..." Yet another voice was heard and as Yan Keze rushed in as if he was about to explode.

    "The few of you are not allowed to bring my student away," Yan Keze said in a stern tone the moment he entered.

    Feng Lu laughed insincerely, "So it is Teacher Yan, I could only say sorry to you this time round. Even if you are one of the teacher protector of the country of Liang, you are still not capable enough to interfere with the matters of the Archbishop."

    There was one more part which Feng Lu didn't mention and that was if Yan Keze insisted on defending Lou Yueshuang and Zhan Xiang, he would face the same consequence. No matter how strong the country of Liang was, it was equivalent to a small ant in front of the Archbishop. So why would the Archbishop care about the opinion of a small protector of the country of Liang?

    Lou Yueshuang suddenly commented, "When I was condensing the mana, I had a sudden realisation to let the mana flow into this channel and then separate from this channel. This was how I managed to extract and condense mana so what has this got to do with witchcraft?"

    Lou Yueshuang said while pointing to the position of the extreme spirit channel and cyclic wood channel which Mo Wuji taught her.

    "Hold on..." Zhan Xiang hurried to stop Lou Yueshuang, "Yueshuang, this is the fruit of your labour so why are you sharing it with them?"

    Lou Yueshuang shook her hand helplessly before saying, "They kept insisting that I was learning witchcraft so I had to prove that I only manage to condense mana with a method I accidentally discovered. It was to prove that I have nothing to with witchcraft."

    Truth be told, she got the acknowledgement from Mo Wuji previously that the method was not worth anything. It was because Mo Wuji didn't think much of this method that she was willing to say it out casually.

    However, what Mo Wuji didn't value here could be worth extremely much.

    Feng Lu's first reaction was to try and let energy in the surrounding enter the extreme spiritchannel before realising that Lou Yueshuang's words were indeed true. This method of condensing mana could be more than 100 times more powerful than what he had learnt previously. Not only was the method fast, the mana extracted out was also extremely pure.

    More importantly, Feng Lu knew that he didn't use a mana stone earlier on. A method which required no mana stones to extract mana from within the heaven and earth, how powerful would it be in the right hands? This was something even Feng Lu had not heard of.

    To the people here, there was a fixed method to cultivate with mana. The instance the wrong method was used, the body might be paralysed in less severe cases while in more severe cases, the person would die immediately.

    Lou Yueshuang's trying of new methods was simply equivalent to courting death.

    When Feng Lu tried and realised that Lou Yueshuang was not lying, he stopped trying to absorb mana via the cyclic wood channel. If he tried using the cyclic wood channel to absorb mana, he would realise that this method was simply not suitable for him.

    Yan Keze added in, "Do everyone believe Yueshuang now? The Archbishop was after all a dictator of a large place so don't you think it is a little overboard to bring my student away over such a small matter?"

    At this moment, Feng Lu's electronic communication device rang. He grabbed the device, said a few sentences before hanging up and turned to Lou Yueshuang and said in a stern tone, "We are still investigating if you are practicing witchcraft so before we come up with a conclusion, you are not allowed to leave the An Jing Academy."

    The moment he finished saying this, Feng Lu walked out in a hurry. The Bo Luojin suddenly took a glance at Lou Yueshuang before leaving together with Feng Lu.

    The embarrassed Dean Gu felt even more ashamed of himself as he left anxiously behind them.

    Zhan Xiang furrowed her brows as she watched the people walked away, "I am afraid that this matter had not ended. Yueshuang, you should stay here and don't worry, Teacher Yan and I will definitely not let the Archbishop bring you away."

    Yan Keze nodded towards Lou Yueshuang to tell her not to worry. Afterwhich, he left together with Zhan Xiang. No matter what happened, he had to do is best to help this capable student of his.

    After the crowd left, the first thing Lou Yueshuang wanted to do was to inform Mo Wuji but as she turned around, Mo Wuji was already standing in front of the door.

    Mo Wuji said to Lou Yueshuang, "I've overheard everything and that Teacher Zhan was right. This matter has no ended and it is in fact, just the beginning."

    Mo Wuji was so experienced that after he heard Lou Yueshuang's words and observed Feng Lu's reaction, he knew that Feng Lu merely separated the mana using the extreme spiritchannel and had yet to start absorbing mana. The moment he start trying to absorb mana using the cyclic wood channel, he would come to a realisation that it didn't work. When that time comes, he would be back knocking at the door.

    Furthermore, Mo Wuji suspected that the Law Lord Feng Lu left in a hurry only because there was an emergency. Otherwise, whether or not, he was able to absorb mana, he would bring Lou Yueshuang away.

    "Big Brother Mo, you should leave first. I will definitely not sell you out," Lou Yueshuang hurried to say.

    Mo Wuji shaked his head, "No, whether you sell me out or not, they will find me soon. However, I am indeed leaving and you are leaving with me. We are leaving the An Jing Academy."

    Up till now, Mo Wuji was not worried at all. He stored some spiritual energy in his elemental storage channel so the moment he made use of it, he would be able to open his storage ring.

    And once his storage ring was opened, his injuries would heal very quickly and at that point in time, even a Archbishop would be an ant to him.

    "But we won't be able to leave here..." Lou Yueshuang said worriedly.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Of course we can leave. I am certain that the two fellas from the Archbishop was only giving you a warning verbally and they might not ask the An Jing Academy's dean to guard you from leaving. Even if they were to do that, there would be some time before the order reached the guards of the the academy."

    "Big Brother Mo, are you implying that we leave now?" Lou Yueshuang finally came to an understanding.

    "Yes, we will leave right now," Mo Wuji said without hesitating.

    "But where will we go?" Lou Yueshuang was still in a loss because she simply didn't know where to go. In the An Jing City, she had no relatives or friend.

    Mo Wuji replied calmly, "We will head to the descendents of the witchcraft, the Pang siblings' house..."

    "Ah..." Lou Yueshuang exclaimed before looking at Mo Wuji in shock. The Pan siblings were closely watched by the Archbishop so wouldn't heading there be sending themselves into the net?

    Despite her confusion as to why Mo Wuji chose to go there, she didn't suggest anything else.

    In actual fact, no matter where they hid, they would not be able to escape from the Archbishop. The only difference would be how many days later would they be caught.


    Just like Mo Wuji's prediction, nobody came to stop Lou Yueshuang and Mo Wuji from leaving the An Jing Academy.

    When the Law Lord of the Archbishop ordered her not to leave the academy, it was equivalent to the most severe of orders so who would expect Lou Yueshuang to be this daring to not put the words of the Law Lord in her eyes.

    After the two of them left the An Jing Academy, they manage to find the small district where the Pan siblings were staying at.

    Mo Wuji had been in the country of Liang for a short period of time but had roughly guessed the economic status of this place. He was aware that the country of Liang was still quite wealthy and even the laws were done up pretty decently.

    After arriving at the district of the Pan siblings, Mo Wuji knew that the country of Liang had its fair share of poor people too and that he simply hadn't seen any before.

    This place was the poor people district and everywhere was covered with fragmented architectures. It would be a matter of time before this place was completely demolished.

    Piles of rubbish were found all over this area and people everywhere were wearing tattered clothes.

    "Big Brother Mo, the Pan sister and brother lived in the broken cave in the east. I've seen them at that area before," Lou Yueshuang pointed out to Mo Wuji a district which was slightly further away from where they were standing.

    "Alright, let's head towards there now," Mo Wuji responded by quickening his pace.

    One reason why Mo Wuji came over was because he was intending to avoid the Archbishop or at least until he was fully recovered.

    There was another reason and that was to get hold of the Pan sister and brother in time.

    The Archbishop had already assumed Lou Yueshuang's method of condensing mana had something to do with witchcraft. Even after Lou Yueshuang explained that she accidentally realised this unique method of hers coupled with the fact that the Law Lord had to leave because of an emergency, Mo Wuji was well aware that the Archbishop would definitely be hot on Lou Yueshuang's heels the moment he understood things.

    Once he couldn't find Lou Yueshuang, he would definitely think of the Pan siblings at the first instance. He really didn't come here to hide but to protect the Pan siblings.

    Mo Wuji was eager to learn the Pan Clan's method of strengthening his physique. What he wanted was not all of the Pan Clan's physique tempering methods but the inspiration that came from the physique tempering method. With this inspiration, he would be able to depend on his 108 meridians and the Dao Revelation meridian to gain insights on a physique tempering method of his own. Just like how he did with the pill refinement and immortal mortal manual.

    As for the Archbishop, he wouldn't need to fear him the moment he opened his storage ring.
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