Chapter 577: Pan Clans Legacy

    Chapter 577: Pan Clan's Legacy

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    Mo Wuji and Lou Yueshuang bypassed through a few dirty small paths before noticing a lonely broken cave. A skinny boy with a thin waist was walking anxiously to the cave with a snakeskin pouch.

    Mo Wuji called out from afar, "Pan Jie."

    The young boy stopped in his tracks as he stared at Mo Wuji and Lou Yueshuang in confusion and astonishment.

    "How did you know my name is called Pan Jie?" The young boy walked over to Mo Wuji and asked. He recognised that Mo Wuji was the one he helped to purchase a bus ticket the other time and he also recalled that he didn't tell Mo Wuji much.

    Mo Wuji explained, "Lou Yueshuang told me that both you and your sister were the nails in the eye of the Archbishop. Lou Yueshuang took me in previously but now she had offended the Archbishop so we have nowhere else to go except to find you. I know you are helpful..."

    The instance Mo Wuji said this, he paused as he wanted to hear what Pan Jie would say at this moment. There were a lot of loopholes in the words of Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji didn't believe a young boy like Pan Jie would think so far ahead.

    Pan Jie helped him once and was in a clan which inherited the legacy of the witch race so if the Pan sibling was really able to teach him their witchcraft way of tempering his body, Mo Wuji was really willing exchanged his cultivation technique in return. Mo Wuji didn't like to take advantage of others because he knew that the Pan Clan physique tempering technique was definitely a peak grade technique in the Immortal World.

    Once he received this technique, he would impart his own cultivation technique to the Pan siblings so that neither of them would owe each other any favour. What he was doing now would be to test Pan Jie to see what kind of cultivation technique he could impart to the Pan siblings.

    "It is that bunch of losers again, hurry up and follow me in," Pan Jie didn't even have any signs of hesitation as he said that. As to whether or not the arrival of Mo Wuji and Lou Yueshuang would implicate his sister and himself, he didn't seem to have given much thought about it.

    "Many thanks, Pan Jie for helping me once more," Mo Wuji expressed his gratitude.

    Pan Jie smiled so widely that his white teeth were revealed. Afterwhich, he gestured for Mo Wuji and Lou Yueshuang to enter the cave first.

    The door of the cave looked like a wood used for scaffolding placed simply at the entrance. Just outside the entrance, there was also a simply constructed stove with a broken but usable pot on top of it.

    Before Mo Wuji even entered the place, he could already smell a strong mouldy odour. The combination of the moist air and the mouldy smell would even make a healthy person sick just by living in an environment like this, let alone a severely wounded person like Pan Wu.

    "Brother, you are back..." On the right side of the cave was a wooden bed and the blanket of the wooden bed was still considered clean. There was a woman with a body full of injuries lying on the bed and she called out for Pan Jie the instance she heard that he was back.

    Mo Wuji only need one look at this woman to know that she was Pan Wu, the girl he saw on the street. The only difference was that Pan Wu no longer had any spirit with her and there was an odd aura emitting from her. Even a fool would know that Pan Wu would not be able to last much longer.

    Despite knowing what happened to Pan Wu, Lou Yueshuang couldn't help but tear up at the sight of Pan Wu's sorry state.

    "Younger brother, we have visitors?" Pan Wu barely managed to open her eyes but the light in her eyes looked extremely faint.

    Pan Jie hurried to reply, "Yes, these are two friends of mine. They were chased after by the people of the Archbishop and had nowhere else to hide so they came to hide in our place."

    Pan Wu sighed before saying calmly, "Since they are here, let them stay here for the time being."

    Mo Wuji took the initiative to step forward and said, "My name is Mo Wuji and back then, Pan Jie helped me once by paying for my bus fee. Now both of you are even offering a free place to hide, I am truly grateful to both of you."

    Lou Yueshuang didn't lag behind too much as she added, "Sister Pan Wu, I am Lou Yueshuang of the An Jing Academy and I am sorry to have troubled both of you."

    Pan Wu did her best to shake her head, "This is nothing but I am fearful that both of you might not be able to stay here for the long term. They would definitely come to us soon."

    Lou Yueshuang saw Pan Jie carrying a washbowl over so she hurried to help him before rinsing a towel to help Pan Wu wipe her face.

    Mo Wuji turned to Pan Jie and asked, "I wonder if it is possible for me to rest on the left side?"

    In the middle of the cave was divided by a old curtain and while there was a bed for Pan Wu on the right, there was a sofa-like object on the right of the cave. Mo Wuji's guess was that it was where Pan Jie slept at night.

    "Big Brother Mo, please rest well. I will be boiling some soup for my sister to drink," After agreeing to Mo Wuji's request, Pan Jie picked up the snakeskin bag as he left the cave.

    "Big Brother Mo, I will be taking care of Sister Pan Wu so you can go ahead and rest," Lou Yueshuang knew that Mo Wuji needed silence and time to himself so she initiated to take care of Pan Wu after Pan Jie left.

    Mo Wuji didn't waste any time as he instantly started mustering that trace of spiritual energy in his elemental storage channel after he settled down at Pan Jie's sofa. In just a few seconds, the spiritual energy was converted into a thin layer of elemental energy.

    Mo Wuji made use of this elemental energy to support his spiritual will and broke through the seals on the storage ring immediately.

    Mo Wuj took out a pile of immortal crystals before shutting the storage ring again.

    Mo Wuji heaved a huge sigh of relief because with this pile of immortal crystals, he succeeded.

    Mo Wuji absorbed the energy from the immortal crystals at an insane rate and in no time, both his elemental storage channel and spirit storage channel were fully filled. Simultaneously, his immortal elemental energy was completely replenished too.

    After swallowing several Tier 5 and above healing pills, both Mo Wuji's internal and external injuries were evidently recovering tremendously.

    In another two hours, Mo Wuji's strength had returned to the Earthly Immortal Stage. Even though his internal injuries were still there, he looked perfectly fine on the outside.

    Mo Wuji was starting to worry that if he was fully recovered, he would be restricted by the rules of Heaven and Earth. He casually changed into a new set of clothes before using his spiritual will to check on his Undying World. Concurrently, he sent the one page of the Book of Luo into the Undying World.

    The Undying World belonged to Mo Wuji entirely hence, the moment his spiritual will was recovered, Mo Wuji could even sense tiny details like a breath of an earthworm.

    Previously, Mo Wuji knew that the broken soul in his Undying World was not completely destroyed so when he used his spiritual will to check on his Undying World, he really found the shrinked broken soul at one of the corner of his Undying World. However, this broken soul was trapped and unable to move a single inch by the Scholar's Heart.

    Mo Wuji sneered at how capable this broken soul was to be able to survive up till now.

    He threw out several restriction arrays to imprison this broken soul completely. Mo Wuji was prepared to take revenge on this broken soul afterwards but even before his spiritual will left, the soul said in a trembling voice, "Dao Friend, I, Zhu Lai, was truly blind to have found such a powerful Dao Friend. As long as you can spare my life, we can discuss anything. I have travelled across the Immortal World for countless of years and am aware of countless of secrets. I am willing to exchange my knowledge for my life..."

    Mo Wuji never intended to forgive this broken soul because he nearly swallowed Cen Shuyin and even caused him to end up in this bullsh*t place. He would have perished if it wasn't for the Book of Luo so how could Mo Wuji forgive him?

    However, this was not the time to kill this broken soul called Zhu Lai because it wouldn't be too late to deal with him even after he settled down.


    "Big Brother Mo, you..." Lou Yueshuang looked shockingly at Mo Wuji because his terrifying scar had disappeared. This was not the only shocking thing as Mo Wuji had also changed out of his torn clothings. Where did he get the new clothes from?

    Mo Wuji retrieved a pill to pass to Lou Yueshuang, "Yueshuang, let Pan Wu swallow this pill."

    "Alright," Lou Yueshuang had seen too many unbelievable things from Mo Wuji so even without asking where he got this pill from, she sent this pill into Pan Wu's mouth.

    A faint medicinal scent could be detected and even Lou Yueshuang's spirit was lifted after smelling it.

    The instance the pill entered Pan Wu's mouth, it quickly turned into solution as it flowed through Pan Wu's entire body.

    The initially weak, tireless and feverish Pan Wu suddenly sat up on the char as she looked shockingly at her lifted arm before looking at her body in disbelief, "I have recovered?"

    Lou Yueshuang, who had witnessed this, was too dumbfounded to speak as she instantly confirmed that Mo Wuji was not ordinary.

    "Could this be a god pill?" Lou Yueshuang was still trembling slightly as she asked.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Something like that I guess. People of the Archbishop are about to knock on the door so Pan Wu, what are your plans with Pan Jie?"

    Pan Wu jumped out of her bed before kneeling in front of Mo Wuji, "Can Big Brother please save us..."

    After saying half of what she wanted to say, she shouted towards the door, "Jie'Er, hurry up and enter."

    Pan Jie heard his sister's shouting and darted in like an arrow. When he saw his sister kneeling on the ground, he asked doubtfully, "Sister, you've recovered?"

    "Jie'Er, hurry up and pass the item of our Pan Clan's legacy to Big Brother Mo," Pan Wu said without hesitating.

    Mo Wuji was also shocked as he hadn't even mention about this and Pan Wu knew what he wanted? Was it that obvious? If it was that obvious, it was simply too awkward.

    As if she knew that Mo Wuji was at a loss, Pan Wu explained in a hurry, "My Pan Clan's ancestors had similar techniques to senior. It was only that in the later days, the legacy disappeared and was eventually non existent anymore. One pill of Big Brother Mo actually saved a dying person like myself and even my physique changed which proved that you are naturally an extremely capable man. My Pan Clan's legacy was almost died out and this was a small portion of it that remained. I am only afraid that it wouldn't interest Big Brother Mo."

    Mo Wuji said with an evidently awkward expression, "I am indeed here to ask if the both of you have the legacy of the Pan Clan. However, don't worry because I won't take it forcefully from you. I've seen the valuable treasures of the Pan Clan's legacy so I naturally wouldn't force it upon you. Even if you don't have the Pan Clan's legacy, based on the incident that Pan Jie helped me once, I would also act against the Archbishop."

    Pan Jie had always listened and obeyed to every words of his sister without the need for her to repeat so he rushed over to grab a small wooden stool from beside the door to hit it against the ground.

    A leather scroll, which Mo Wuji had no idea which generation it belonged to, dropped down as Pan Jie picked it up for Mo Wuji, "Big Brother Mo, this is the leather scroll containing the legacy of my Pan Clan..."

    Mo Wuji took over the leather scroll but looked at the entrance of the cave instead of looking through the scroll, "The people of the Archbishop are here. Their speed was still slightly slower than I've expected."
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