Chapter 578: Archbishop of the East Mo Church

    Chapter 578: Archbishop of the East Mo Church

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    "I really didn't accuse you because you are really colluding with the Pan Clan," A long face man glanced across at Lou Yueshuang as he said with a cold tone.

    Afterwards, his eyes fell back on Pan Wu before saying, "You are recovering pretty quickly and so what else do you have to say now? Didn't you say that you didn't know any witchcraft legacy so why would you be with the number one genius who practices witchcraft?"

    Mo Wuji recognised this long face man called Bo Luojin and according to Dean Gu, he should be a mage. Mo Wuji didn't recognise the other man Bo Luojin brought along with him. However, Bo Luojin didn't get him to enter the cave as he instructed him to keep watch outside of the cave.

    Pan Wu pursed up her lips without saying anything but Bo Luojin didn't mind that Pan Wu remained silent because how he was feeling now was not coherent with the expression he displayed in front of everyone. He was extremely excited over this incident.

    Why would a mage like himself find trouble with Lou Yueshuang over such small incident? His motive was the same as Feng Lu which was Lou Yueshuang's mana condensing and absorbing methods.

    When Feng Lu came to a realisation that Lou Yueshuang's method didn't work when he tried to absorb the mana, he wanted to find Lou Yueshuang personally. However, the irritable Archbishop decided to head over to the An Jing City himself so Feng Lu was unable to leave his spot. Bo Luojin requested for him to be the one to confront and bring Lou Yueshuang away only because he was also coveting for her technique.

    If he was able to obtain some sort of real and effective mana condensing method from Lou Yueshuang, he would kill Lou Yueshuang on the spot before leaving his hometown. Work for the Archbishop? Ah, what would the Archbishop mean to him if he became a true Magic Emperor?

    Presently, his heart was almost jumping for joy at the sight of Lou Yueshuang here in the Pan Clan's turf. This meant that Lou Yueshuang really did obtain the witchcraft legacy, otherwise, why would she be with the Pan sibling?

    The Archbishop was always going all out in his efforts to bring down witchcraft and claimed it to be a heterodoxy evil but Archbishop knew well that a witchcraft legacy passed down from generation was the true supreme cultivation technique. Even the basis of the teachings by the Archbishop originated from the ancestors of the witch race.

    Since he decided to capture the Pan siblings and Lou Yueshuang, he would naturally kill the young looking stranger, Mo Wuji.

    Bo Luojin's eyes fell on Mo Wuji and his eyes were instantly fixed on the ancient looking scroll on Mo Wuji's hand. At this moment, his entire body was trembling, "This, this is the legacy of witchcraft..."

    Mo Wuji waved the scroll in the air without hiding anything, "That's right, Pan Jie gave me this so I am guessing it is the legacy."

    "Ah..." Immense amount of joy surged into Bo Luojin's body as he could no longer contain his excitement. He reached out his hand to grab the scroll in Mo Wuji's hand.

    However, he was instantly stunned as the entire space around him seemed to have solidified to restrain him. He was simply unable to move a single inch.

    Mo Wuji casually took the scroll back as he said, "There is actually one point that you are wrong about. Lou Yueshuang's cultivation technique was taught by me and it really had nothing to do with the witch race. Tell me, why isn't your Law Lord Feng Lu here? Given his level of greediness, he should be the first one here to find Lou Yueshuang."

    "Archbishop Wu Dian is here so he had to accompany the Archbishop hence, unable to come over..." Bo Luojin felt a chill down his spine as he had met too many ordinary people as mage but not one like Mo Wuji. To be able to come up with this space that caused him to be immobile, even the Pope would not be able to do so.

    "Kill the person outside and bring me to the Vatican," Mo Wuji said peacefully but to Bo Luojin, it was a terrifying sentence.

    Bo Luojin subconsciously tried to move his feet and he was surprised to see that he was indeed able to move. However, his body was only able to shift towards one direction, which was the exit where the Vatican believer was standing outside.

    At this moment, Bo Luojin had already given up on the idea of escaping because he was well aware that in the face of an expert like Mo Wuji, he would be making a fool of himself if he even attempted to escape.

    A sharp knife was drawn out by Bo Luojin and without any hesitation at all, he struck his knife towards tha man standing outside the cave.

    A devastating cry was heard before blood splattered out. Lou Yueshuang cried out loud as she almost fainted at the sight of this.

    As for the Pan sibling, they appeared calm but Mo Wuji could tell that they were a little shocked too.


    Despite the fact that the Archbishop of the East Mon Church don't visit the country of Liang often, the country of Liang's Vatican building was even more luxurious than the royal palace of Liang. The area that it covered was even more vast with a wide, white jade stone path stretched all the way into the main hall.

    At this moment, there was a man whose age couldn't be guessed seated in the middle of the hall. He looked young but there seemed to be this middle age or even elder's vicissitudes of life within him. It was also wrong to say that he was a middle-aged man because he looked like he was not beyond 30 years old.

    The only stand out thing about his appearance was his long and hooked nose.

    Beside him was a middle aged man wearing a crown and even though he looked like his status was higher than the hooked nose man seated in the middle, he appeared to be submissive to the hooked nose man.

    This was because this hooked nose man was one of the two most powerful man on this planet, East Mon Church Archbishop Wu Dian. The man with the crown was merely the king of the country of Liang, Qian Zhicheng.

    In the country of Liang, Qian Zhicheng was a powerful existence but in front of the Archbishop, he was nothing more than an ant.

    "Law Lord Feng Lu, the An Jing Academy was located not too far away from here so why is Bo Luojin not back yet?" The seated Archbishop asked.

    The black face Feng Lu hurried to bow to the Archbishop, "Replying the Archbishop. Your subordinate has no idea so why don't I go over to check it now."

    Wu Dian said faintly, "It's okay, let's just wait for a while more. Also, go send some people to bring the Pan Clan's sister and brother over here too. I will ask the questions myself this time round."

    "Roger..." Feng Lu replied promptly because he was more aware than anyone else than the Archbishop's calm tone was the scariest. The more calm the Archbishop appeared, the more enraged he was on the inside. When he truly erupted, it wouldn't even take much for him to exterminate the entire country of Liang, let alone a Law Lord.

    Nobody dared to disobey the orders of the Archbishop because the Archbishop had the absolute authority. As long as the words came out from the Archbishop's mouth, it had to be done unconditionally. Otherwise, there was only one word appropriate to describe the consequence. Death.

    Even though this had nothing to do with the country of Liang's King Qian Zhicheng, he was still letting out cold sweat profusely and his back was equally as chilly. He knew about the unstable emotions of this Archbishop and he was aware that the extermination of the country of Liang could happen just by a sentence of this Archbishop.

    Even so, the most terrified person in this hall was neither Qian Zhicheng nor Law Lord Feng Lu but An Jing Academy's Dean Du Cheng. He wasn't afraid of losing his small life but fearful that Lou Yueshuang might have left the An Jing Academy daringly.

    The moment Lou Yueshuang left, even if she was caught back, the An Jing Academy would be doomed. He had heard of how vicious this Archbishop was.

    Gu Cheng's heart was hoping that Lou Yueshuang didn't leave the An Jing Academy but whatever he was fearful of, came true. Even before Feng Lu could leave the hall to instruct his men, a follower hurried in before kneeling and said, "Greetings Archbishop. We have just received news that the student Lou Yueshuang had left the An Jing Academy and no one knew where she went. Master Mage had already went to search for her."

    Gu Ceng heard this word before his legs gave way and his heart sighed once more. If the Heaven wanted the An Jing Academy to end here, it would be useless even if he were to kneel and beg.

    One could imagine how huge the consequence would be for the An Jing Academy now that Lou Yueshuang had left on her own.

    Indeed, Wu Dian's face turned solemn as he said coldly, "Spread my order immediately. Give An Jing Academy a bloodbath and do not leave even a single ant behind."

    Gu Cheng could not longer take it as he dropped on his knees. He wanted to plead for forgiveness but he had no idea how to do it.

    Qian Zhicheng was also astonished because the An Jing Academy was the foundation that the country of Liang depended on for survival. The moment the An Jing Academy was exterminated, the doomsday for the country of Liang wouldn't be too far away.

    Even if it was the Archbishop Wu Dian, Qian Zhicheng couldn't care much anymore as he darted forward and got on his knees too. "May the Archbishop have mercy on us. Even if the Lou Yueshuang left the An Jing Academy, she wouldn't have left far and I promise to bring her here in less than an incense worth of time."

    Wu Dian remained emotionless, "Go ahead, if you cannot bring that Lou Yueshuang in time, your country of Liang can forget about existing anymore. As for the An Jing Academy, it had to be exterminated."

    "You, you unmerciful lord, you deserve to die..." After Gu Cheng knew that the An Jing Academy was beyond saving, he stood up as he pointed and cursed at Wu Dian.

    A follower of the Archbishop came forward to kick Gu Cheng off and as he barely got up from the ground, Gu Cheng pointed at Qian Zhicheng to reprimand him too, "And you, useless king, how could you let a cult control the fate of my country of Liang."

    Qian Zhicheng's face revealed a guilty look because he was able to turn the country of Liang into a wealthy country yet was unable to prevent the Vatican from committing all kinds of evils here.

    "Bring him out to extract his skin before smashing his bones. Lit his entire house and family on fire before torturing every single person in the An Jing Academy to death..." Traces of anger finally appeared in Wu Dian's eyes because he couldn't believe there was someone daring enough to reprimand him in front of everyone here.

    "Even though your idea is sh*tty, it seemed like you have some backbones," A calm voice interrupted Wu Dian's voice.

    It was only at this moment that people in the hall noticed that there were a few more people in the hall. The one speaking was a blue shirt youth who's words seemed to be directed at Gu Cheng.

    "Archbishop, that is Lou Yueshuang and the Pan siblings..." Feng Lu, who was on his way out, pointed out to Lou Yueshuang and the Pan siblings behind Mo Wuji. They even spotted Bo Luojin.

    Wu Dian saw Mo Wuji before glancing across to Bo Luojin. As a mage and his subordinate, Wu Dian was naturally aware of his strength. He was curious why Bo Luojin was so daring to remain speechless with his head down after entering the hall. Even Feng Lu noticed that there was something wrong with Bo Luojin. Because he was always the one who brought Bo Luojin out, he was fully aware of Bo Luojin's wild ambition. Previously, he was even afraid that Bo Luojin might escape far away after obtaining Lou Yueshuang's technique.
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