Chapter 579: Lifting Of The Hand

    Chapter 579: Lifting Of The Hand

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    "Bo Luojin, you are very brave indeed. How dare you not kneel down to pay your respects when the Archbishop is right here?" Feng Lu shouted when he saw Bo Luojin with his heads lowered throughout the whole time while he was in the hall.

    As the Archbishop of the East Mon Church, Wu Dian was ruthless and vicious. However, this didn't mean that he was a fool. Mo Wuji's silent entrance into the hall, his tone and attitude showed that he didn't put the Archbishop in his eyes. Naturally, he knew that Mo Wuji was definitely not an ordinary person.

    "Men, bring these mad people away..." The moment Wu Dian's stern voice was heard, hundreds of men in black charged out from both sides of the hall. None of these men was any weaker than Bo Luojin and every single one of them had serious killing intent.

    The moment these people appeared, black formless ropes were thrown towards Mo Wuji.

    Despite being a student of the An Jing Academy, this was the first time Lou Yueshuang had seen such methods. For ordinary people like herself, this was already far beyond what she could possibly perceived.

    At this moment, there were slight movements in the eyes of Qian Zhicheng because he was well aware of what these black ropes were. Don't underestimate the hundreds of people here because on a real battlefield, these hundreds were capable of going against tens of thousand of people. These black ropes were capable of cleaving off soldiers' bodies before forming a massive dragnet.

    The reason why the Archbishop was able to ride above many countries was because he had many other similarly terrifying methods.

    Mo Wuji didn't even budge an inch and before the black ropes could come close to him, it stopped in mid air. Following which, the black formless ropes turned into countless of sharp arrows before being shot right back at them.

    Hundreds of sharp arrows shot every single one of them in the forehead without any exception.

    Without any resistance, hundreds of people fell onto the ground. The place ended up being even more quiet than when they entered.

    "You..." Wu Dian hurried to stand up as red mist of blood surrounded him. His icy cold killing intent surged as if he was about to explode.

    Even so, he simply couldn't conceal the fear in his heart. Ever since he became the Archbishop, he, Wu Dian, didn't know what was fear. In his eyes, he was almost like god as he had absolute control over everyone's life. One word was enough for him to send even a king to death.

    Presently, all he felt was fear. Even he couldn't apprehend Mo Wuji's method because the mana ropes that he used against Mo Wuji was the epitome of the true power of mana which even cold weapons could not fend against. However, this young man in front of him actually didn't move an inch and yet these mana ropes turned into sharp arrows and countered.

    "Who on earth are you?" Seeing that Mo Wuji had walked over, Wu Dian's killing intent grew sharper.

    Wu Dian raised his hand and multiple red blade radiance were shot at Mo Wuji. Additionally, a few flames appeared as it filled up all the gaps between the blade radiances.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother moving because whether it was the red blade radiance or the flame, they would instantly dissipate without a trace when it came close to him.

    In what seemed like a single step, Mo Wuji was already standing right in front of Wu Dian, "Are you the Archbishop Wu Dian of the East Mon Church?"

    Wu Dian's forehead started sweating profusely as he finally realised that he was no match for the young man in front of him. At this moment, he finally experienced the fear that Qian Zhicheng and Cheng Gu felt earlier on.

    "A skillful friend like you would definitely be worthy to sit with the Archbishop of the East Mon Church. Please..." Wu Dian leaned one side as he extended his arm to direct Mo Wuji to a seat beside his.

    "Scram!" Mo Wuji kicked and Wu Dian looked like he was swept off his feet by an invisible force before landing roughly beside Qian Zhicheng and Gu Cheng.

    Death shrouded Wu Dian and he clearly regretted coming over to An Jing.

    Mo Wuji didn't intend to sit on Wu Dian's seat because he was never interested in the position of the Archbishop. Honestly, it was really boring for him as a Xuan Immortal to be dealing with these people who were not even considered to be cultivators.

    Qian Zhicheng finally felt relieved as he saw Wu Dian landed beside him in cold sweat.

    "The technique that you want was what I taught Lou Yueshuang, do you want to learn? Why don't you try absorbing mana from the cyclic fire spirit channel? Do you know where the cyclic fire spirit channel is? Let me teach you, it is right here," Mo Wuji said as he pointed to a spot on his middle Dantian.

    Wu Dian subconsciously followed Mo Wuji's directions as he started absorbing mana from that spot. He was astonished when he managed to absorb mana at a rate at least ten times faster than his average.

    One must know that as an Archbishop of the East Mon Church, his mana technique was naturally not something others could compare with. However, his mana technique was actually so much worse than a few casual sentence of this young man in front of him.

    "Wu Dian is willing to surrender the position of the Archbishop to have a senior like you to be my mentor..." Wu Dian kneeled down without any hesitation as he casually threw away all the honour that came with being an Archbishop.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about Wu Dian.

    His eyes landed on Qian Zhicheng, who was wearing a crown on his head, "You are the king of the country of Liang?"

    Qian Zhicheng bowed, "Yes, Your Excellency."

    Mo Wuji hurried to reply, "Are you able to exterminate the entire East Mon Church and the West Mon Church immediately?"

    The truth was that Mo Wuji didn't really put both the East Mon Church and the West Mon Church to heart but he knew that the moment he left this planet, the East Mon Church would affect the lives of Lou Yueshuang and co. if they were to continue existing. Moreover, Mo Wuji was extremely disgusted at the act of the East Mon Church dragging someone on the road using a car. The existence of the religion was simply cancerous.

    Qian Zhicheng was willing to plead for the safety of the An Jing Academy proved that he was still a decent governor.

    "Qian Zhicheng is willing to do so but I'm not strong enough to do it. The East and West Mon Church is many folds much stronger than the army of my country of Liang. Furthermore, there were other countries involved so the moment I activate the army of my country of Liang, this country could perish in the hands of everyone else," Qian Zhicheng immediately got on his knees.

    "Your Excellency, I, Wu Dian, is willing to pioneer the plan to help the country of Liang to destroy the East and West Mon Church," Wu Dian said convincingly.

    "You ran out of chances," Mo Wuji lifted his hand and a wind blade flew over.

    Blood splattered out as the power holder for countless of years was slashed apart by the wind blade of Mo Wuji.

    "Your Excellency, it was because of a disciple from the An Jing Academy called Yun Mo who ratted on student Lou Yueshuang and it was why we..." Feng Lu, who was already at loss since a long time ago, saw how Mo Wuji slashed the Archbishop so easily and knew that if he didn't try to save himself, he would be the next in line to suffer.

    Mo Wuji didn't even bother looking as multiple wind blades were shot out and Feng Lu, Bo Luojin and several other followers were killed instantly.

    After finishing this, Mo Wuji took out a longsword to pass it to Qian Zhicheng, "You can fight directly. At the same time, please spread the news of my appearance. If any country dare to obstruct you, you can obliterate the entire country. This sword can destroy everything no matter how far you are, no matter how many soldiers they have or no matter how strong they are. As long as you want to kill the opponent, draw out this sword. Even if millions of the Archbishop's followers were to act against you, you can still use this sword. Everything in front of my sword would turn into ash instantly."

    This sword had Mo Wuji's dao spiritual will and in a place like this, Mo Wuji believed that the army Qian Zhicheng brought with him should be able to destroy any resistance of the religion with the help of his sword. As for the other countries, they wouldn't dare to obstruct when they found out that the country of Liang was intending to destroy the East and West Mon Church. In fact, they might even render their assistance.

    "Roger that, I, Qian Zhicheng, will obey your orders!" Qian Zhicheng took over the long sword anxiously as he was even trembling as he said that.

    He didn't think that Mo Wuji was lying because he had already witnessed Mo Wuji's unparallel dao methods earlier on.

    Mo Wuji said faintly, "I will be cultivating behind closed doors here and I will be fully aware of whoever you kill with this longsword. If you dare use this to kill the innocent, or use it to obliterate countries who didn't obstruct you, don't blame me for what I will do to you."

    "Yes, yes this will be etched in my heart," Cold sweat started falling from Qian Zhicheng's back because he really did have the intentions to destroy some rival countries. After Mo Wuji said something like that, he dismissed that idea immediately.

    The mighty and powerful Archbishop was not even treated like an ant in front of this young man so how much could his life as a mere king of the country of Liang be worth to him?

    "Go ahead, find me after you settled everything. I will wait here for half a year and if you have not exterminated the East and West Mon Church in half a year, you can blame me for not helping you anymore," Mo Wuji said to Qian Zhicheng.

    Mo Wuji saw the technology here and even though he hadn't seen any nuclear weapons, their weapons must be rather decent if the level of technology was this high here.

    Qian Zhicheng heard that Mo Wuji was only giving him six months, he hurried to bid his goodbye. To him, this was an once in a million opportunity. As long as he managed to destroy the East and West Mon Church, his country of Liang would be one of the greatest country on this planet. Therefore, he must take full advantage of this half a year that Mo Wuji gave him.

    "Many thanks Your Excellency for saving my An Jing Academy," After Qian Zhicheng left, Dean Gu of the An Jing Academy rushed forward to express his gratitude.

    Mo Wuji responded, "As a dean, you have to be fair. Even if you gave Lou Yueshuang to the Archbishop to kill and save the An Jing Academy, the academy would never be the same as it used to be. Go back first, there is nothing for you now."

    Gu Cheng knew that he had made a mistake and that if it was not for Mo Wuji, the An Jing Academy would have already ceased to exist. He had already lost his brave, relentless attitude so he would retire as the dean when he made it back to the academy.

    After everyone else started leaving the Archbishop's Hall and there was only Mo Wuji, Lou Yueshuang and the Pan siblings left, Mo Wuji said, "I am sure that all of you would have already guessed that I am not from this planet and that I had only just passed by here. I am unable to cultivate my dao here but of course, if all of you are willing to learn, I am still more than willing to teach you."
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