Chapter 580: Army Arrived

    Chapter 580: Army Arrived

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    "Mentor, my sister and I are willing to follow you," Pan Jie was very young but he was not foolish. Given Mo Wuji's strength and skills, it can't go wrong to follow behind Mo Wuji.

    "Big Brother Mo, I am also willing follow you," Lou Yueshuang hurried to comment because if it wasn't for the fact that Mo Wuji didn't wish to accept any disciples, she would have addressed him as mentor too.

    Mo Wuji said awkwardly, "It is not that I am unwilling to bring all of you away but the truth is that I am about to leave this place too. The only problem is that I have no idea where could I go. It might not be not possible for me to land in space..."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji thought of something, "How about this? I will give the three of you three storage rings and then I'll teach you how to cultivate for three months. The resources in the storage ring would be sufficient for you to reach the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage. Whether or not you would be able to continue advancing from there, it would depend on your environment."

    Mo Wuji had as many treasures in his Undying World as spirit stones and immortal crystals. He had more than enough to provide for the three of them to cultivate to the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage.

    The only worry was that the Pan siblings and Lou Yueshuang might not be able to soar up into the Immortal World after advancing to the Earthly Immortal Stage. Because he had recovered until his Earthly Immortal strength, he didn't feel the pressure of the rules of Heaven and Earth as well as the calling from the higher world.

    "What is a storage ring?" Pan Jie asked curiously.

    Mo Wuji extended his arm and a few jade chairs appeared. While the three of them were still in shock, Mo Wuji got them seated before passing on to them his knowledge of cultivation.


    The most recent big news of the Planet Heavenly Crow was the defiance of the country of Liang as they activated their army to go against the East and West Mon Church.

    Countless of people believed that Qian Zhicheng had went crazy because if he wasn't crazy, why would he court his own death just like that?

    To many people, the country of Liang would soon turn into dust of the country of Liang. A few of the smaller countries wanted to please the Holy Church so they activated their armies to go against the country of Liang. However, these small countries were soon swallowed and turned into cities of the country of Liang.

    The country of Liang's wild army made a few bigger countries anxious as well. They gathered their soldiers quickly so that the instance the country of Liang invaded, they would fight back instantly.

    However, many bigger countries soon realised that as long as they don't step in to obstruct the country of Liang, the country of Liang would not attack them. This made many of the bigger countries confused as the country of Liang really did seemed like they were only going against the Holy Church.

    Even though they knew that the country of Liang would not be able to exterminate the Holy Church, they were happy just to see the Holy Church being attacked. Many countries stopped summoning their armies as they simply sat back and waited for the Holy Church to obliterate the country of Liang like breaking a branch from a tree.

    Very soon, all the other countries noticed something amiss as the country of Liang didn't get obliterated. Not only this, wherever the army went, followers of the Mon Religion would be killed. Countless of the Holy Church followers switched sides and the power of the country of Liang expanded yet again. More importantly, they had full control and authority over their own country as they no longer had to listen to the Holy Church.

    A few countries started getting ready to cause troubles as well because no countries would like to have the Holy Church stepping all over their heads. Now that the country of Liang had acted first, the Holy Church appeared as if its chances of victory was not that high.

    When the country of Liang hung the East Mon Religion's Archbishop's head outside of the city of An Jing, these countries couldn't wait anymore as all of them started activating their armies to go against the East and West Mon Churches.

    The truth knocked them in the head once more as the power of the East and West Mon Church was so much greater than they could handle. Even after East Mon Religion's Archbishop Wu Dian was killed by the country of Liang, there were still an endless stream of strong followers from the East Mon Religion who was more than capable of holding the armies of a few big countries back. Only the army of the country of Liang was still able to go against the Mon Religion as they constantly killed all the experts that the Mon Religions sent over.

    At this moment, some countries started finding the country of Liang to form an alliance. And for the country of Liang, they would never reject other countries' help they could provide by forming an alliance. With the help of the country of Liang, the alliance grew stronger. The East Mon Religion collapsed extremely quickly and the alliance army soon fought its way to the territories of the West Mon Church.


    The East Mon Religion was one of the two big religious school in the Planet Heavenly Crow. On the other end of the Planet Heavenly Crow was an even stronger West Mon Church.

    Even though the East and West Mon Church appeared to be on the same level, the truth was that the foundation of the West Mon Church was much more stable and its strength was even more concealed.

    Furthermore, there was an even bigger difference between the East and West Mon Churches. All the kings of the countries under the jurisdiction of the West Mon Church had all devoted their life to the West Mon Church's Holy Church. The West Mon Church's Holy Church Palace Hall was as big as a full middle sized city.

    When the West Mon Church's Archbishop Bin Lanxi heard that a small country like the country of Liang had flagged their intent to destroy the West Mon Church, he really didn't take it seriously.

    A small country without magic techniques would actually think that they could exterminate the West Mon Church. In Bin Lanxi's eyes, the ignorant would really be the most fearless.

    Therefore, even though the country of Liang was fighting ferociously, he didn't even bother giving out an order as he knew for certain that the East Mon Religion would be able to wipe the country of Liang of the surface of this planet.

    However, when he heard that Wu Dian was also killed by the country of Liang, that the East Mon Religion had already been exterminated and they had even fought into their territories, Bin Lanxi started to worry.

    A small mortal country should never be so powerful no matter how advanced their technology was. Worst of all, they should have never been strong enough to defeat the East Mon Religion.

    Bin Lanxi was initially unwilling to move but when he heard that Wu Dian had been killed and the country of Liang had reached his territories, he made the decision to head out himself.

    Even before he could bring some followers to deal with the invading army of the country of Liang, his most loyal Law Lord Jin Hongyi hurried over anxiously with the latest piece of news.

    Noticing that Jin Hongyi was trembling, Bin Lanxi furrowed his eyebrows, "Hongyi, you are after all one of the most powerful Magic Master under my reign. Wu Dian only had the title but not the actual power and strength so I guess the East Mon Religion was nothing more than a bluff when it came to their fighting strength? A Wu Dian was killed and only a small army of mortals came over, what's there to worry about? Please speak your mind directly if you have anything to say."

    "Yes, yes Archbishop..." It seemed like the Bin Lanxi's words had an effect as Jin Hongyi's tone became more stable. He took in a deep breath before replying, "The country of Liang's alliance consists of 46 countries and had already destroyed 6 countries under our West Mon Church. There are still 11 countries fighting back but in most regions of these 11 countries, most of the West Mon Church's followers had been killed. This includes Magic Master Han Hao, Magic Master Hui Zhisheng and Magic Master Ping Jie... Additionally, Great Magic Master Qian Fengshan has also been killed... At this moment, the alliance army had already reached the periphery of my Mi Qi City..."

    "Wht?" Bin Lanxi was at a complete loss because even if he was shocked at the fact that a few Magic Master had been killed, he still wouldn't have lost his composure. However, he simply couldn't keep it in when he heard that Qian Fengshan had been killed.

    "Did you say Qian Fengshan was killed?" Bin Lanxi asked word by word.

    Qian Fengshan was a Great Magic Master and was an existence equivalent to a Magic Emperor. In the West Mon Church, his status was also high above the rest and was definitely not much weaker than Bin Lanxi. It certainly wasn't a simple matter if even his Great Magic Master was killed.

    Jin Hongyi replied respectfully, "Yes, our Great Magic Master Qian Fengshan was indeed killed."

    "Explain to me every details of how Qian Fengshan was killed. Do not miss out a single word," Bin Lanxi's tone became extremely serious and contained a sharp trace of killing intent.

    "Yes, many people saw the incident when the Holy Church's Great Magic Master Qian Fengshan was killed. The country of Liang's King Qian Zhicheng had a supreme sword, which was able to decapitate people's head from thousand of miles away. As long as Qian Zhicheng drew out his sword, no matter how people tried to block him, they would all die without exceptions. Great Magic Master Qian Fengshan was also killed by Qian Zhicheng's sword. In fact, Qian Fengshan saw the sword and wanted to avoid it but no matter where or how he hid, the sword was still able to find and kill him," Jin Hongyi explained in great details.

    "This means that all the other experts including Wu Dian was also killed by that sword?" Bin Lanxi became more and more terrified.

    "It seemed like this is indeed the case. I have no idea where Qian Zhicheng got this sword but I suspect that it was a magic treasure left behind by the witch races," Jin Hongyi replied cautiously.

    "Why don't we kill him before he draw out the sword?" Hearing that it might be a magic treasure left behind by the witch race, Bin Lanxi's brows moved a little before maintaining his original expression.

    "There is no use because according to the news we received, all the weapons used against Qian Zhicheng couldn't even reach him. They were all blocked by a ripple which can't be seen by the naked eye before falling to the ground," Jin Hongyi explained.

    Bin Lanxi nodded, "It seemed like this person really did inherit the legacy of the witch race..."

    After saying this sentence, Bin Lanxi remained silent for a long while before saying suddenly, "Invite Spiritual Master Hong Guang over here..."


    Mi Qi City was where the old lair of the West Mon Church was located at. The defensive measures here were not great and the three big words 'West Mon Church' hung were the biggest deterrence because who would dare attack the Mi Qi City?

    However, at this very moment, there was a large army of over millions of soldiers standing outside the Mi Qi City. Standing right in the forefront of the An Jing City was the country of Liang's King Qian Zhicheng.

    For a few months, Qian Zhicheng was constantly at war but his eyes were still burning with fire and enthusiasm. He had never fought such an enjoyable war and even after fighting for a few months, his spirits were still high when his skin colour turned into the colour of dust. This war made him realised that in front of an absolute powerhouse, all kinds of plots would be useless and futile. In this case, he had the absolute power right now.

    Standing around him were about over ten fellas wearing the war robe, looking imposingly at the opponent. These fellas were not soldiers of the army but Kings of the individual countries. Qian Zhicheng had appeared tremendously mighty so these kings would also be willing to follow closely beside him.

    Previously, Mo Wuji thought that the Planet Heavenly Crow's technology was decent and would at least not be any worse than his Earth. He believed that during war, they would also have fighter jets, grenades and a few canons here and there. Until then, his sword would only need to be used to kill the opponent's brains and the battle would be won eventually.

    The truth was that under the rule of the East and West Mon Churches, even though the Planet Heavenly Crow's technology was rather decent, the technology for combat weapons were still not that great. Without mentioning grenades, they had only just developed rifles and had even yet to form any army formations. Because of this, Qian Zhicheng decided to take it upon himself and kill his way through.
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