Chapter 581: Another Cultivator

    Chapter 581: Another Cultivator

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    "Big Brother Qian, right in front of us, is the city of West Mon Religion's Holy Church, Mi Qi City. I heard that this city is a palace, and West Mon's Archbishop Bin Lanxi is staying in the palace. As long as we get rid of Mi Qi City, it would be equivalent to destroying the West Mon Religion," An aristocrat explained to Qian Zhicheng in a hushed voice.

    Before Qian Zhicheng could even reply, some cried out in alarm, "Someone is walking in midair!"

    Indeed, a grey faced man with Buddhist beads in his hand began to descend upon them from midair. His gaze swept across the rows of soldier in contempt.

    In his eyes, it didn't matter how many soldiers there were, they were all merely ants.

    However, when his eyes landed on the sword in Qian Zhicheng's hands, his pupils instantly constricted. He immediately flashed towards Qian Zhicheng, reaching for the longsword.

    If Qian Zhicheng wasn't a veteran who didn't experience war over the past few months, he would really have been stupefied by that sudden action. But after experiencing the war, Qian Zhicheng had a strong self confidence. The moment he saw that man coming towards him, he immediately swung his longsword.

    Even so, his speed was really too slow. By the time the man approached him, his longsword had only just finished the slash.

    The longsword conjured a beam of white light, which stabbed towards this grey faced man.

    The Buddhist beads in the grey faced man's hands exploded to form countless of Buddhist threads; these threads formed the shape of wave which blocked the longsword.

    Tearing sounds reverberated through the air as the wave like Buddhist threads were continuously ripped apart. The grey faced man hurriedly flew backwards in surprise, all the way till he reached the outside of Mi Qi City. His Buddhist threads had managed to defend against the sword light from the longsword. At the same time, the longsword flew back into Qian Zhicheng's hands.

    Even though he had the upper hand on the exchange, Qian Zhicheng was still at a loss. Ever since he had this sword, this was the first time he met someone that his longsword could not cut down.

    "I never thought that a cultivator's magic treasure would end up here. Not only is it incredibly strong, it could even be wielded by you..." The grey faced man didn't make another move, he only spoke coldly.

    Perhaps Qian Zhicheng's longsword was an incredible magic treasure, but he was not in a rush. In this planet, there was no one that could stop him, Hong Guang, from getting what he wants.

    "Bin Lanxi greets Master Hong Guang!" The pale white Bin Lanxi swiftly walked out of the city and bowed.

    If they didn't see it with their own eyes, no one would believe that the Archbishop of West Mon would be so reverent to an ordinary looking man. No one knew that in West Mon, there was still a spiritual master above the Archbishop.

    Fortunately, this Spiritual Master Hong Guang had never asked about the matters of West Mon; he only cared about how West Mon could help him when he needed it to.

    The grey faced Hong Guang nodded, "You do indeed have a reason to be scared. If I hadn't come, perhaps your head would soon be hanging outside the walls of Mi Qi City."

    Bin Lanxi's heart pounded; he knew that this Spiritual Master Hong Guang wasn't a good man, but he was very sure that Hong Guang wouldn't lie about such matters.

    "Many thanks Master for your saving grace!" Bin Lanxi hurriedly expressed his thanks; his eyes were filled with respect and sincerity.

    Hong Guang nodded, "Let me take a look at that sword..."

    With that, Hong Guang stepped out and tried again to grab the longsword in Qian Zhicheng's hands. He had already made sense of the situation; besides this longsword being a little impressive, there was no other threat. Qian Zhicheng wasn't even a mage.

    The moment he wasn't able to kill Hong Guang with his attack, Qian Zhicheng's heart sank. The reason why he was able to bring his huge army here was primarily because of the sword in his hand. Now that his sword was unable to kill the other party, it would mean that this place was going to be his grave.

    On the second time that Hong Guang approached, Qian Zhicheng wasn't even able to attack with his longsword as the other party's palm was already right in front of him.

    "Cha!" A sharp sound, which couldn't be heard by ordinary people, sounded. Following which, Qian Zhicheng felt his hand become lighter. His longsword was gone.

    "Eh!" Hong Guang wasn't as flustered the second time as he had during the first. He had managed to directly snatch away Qian Zhicheng's sword. However, he wasn't feeling elation at this moment, but shock.

    Around Qian Zhicheng's body, there was actually a faint layer of a magic barrier. What kind of person was so powerful as to create such a lasting protective barrier around an ordinary mortal? At least, he wasn't that powerful.

    If there was really an expert behind Qian Zhicheng, then he couldn't stay here for long. Regardless, he would need to make sense of the situation first; he, Hong Guang, wasn't going to simply run away like that. Planet Heavenly Crow was a planet that he had chosen with great efforts. It would be a huge waste if he were to leave with it getting things clear.


    Even though the Pan siblings and Lou Yueshuang were cleverer than the average person, and their talents were also amazing, Mo Wuji continued to stay behind and pass his teachings for close to five months. As for how much they were each able to absorb was mostly within his control.

    Fortunately, regardless of how much they were able to understand, the three of them should at least be able to preserve themselves on this planet. As for whether this three people spread around his methods, Mo Wuji wasn't too worried. This planet was lacking spiritual energy. The spirit stones, low grade immortal crystals and pills were only enough to get each of them to the Earthly Immortal Stage.

    Even if they choose to stay on this planet and spread his technique around, there wouldn't be any way for others to cultivate them. With the weak energy inside mana stones, no one would be able to achieve success even if they cultivated for centuries.

    As the Pan siblings and Lou Yueshuang proceeded to their closed doors cultivation, Mo Wuji also prepared to go behind closed doors as well. There was still a remnant soul in his Undying World, and besides that, he needed to research on the Pan Clan's legacy technique.

    Just as this moment, he felt the barrier that he left on Qian Zhicheng being ripped apart.

    From Mo Wuji's perspective, Planet Heavenly Crow's strongest expert would probably be the East Mon Archbishop Wu Dian. Mo Wuji was sure that not even Wu Dian could easily shatter his protective barrier. Moreover, Wu Dian had already been killed, which means that there was a stronger expert on this planet.

    Immediately, he also felt that his longsword was no longer with Qian Zhicheng. Mo Wuji, who originally wanted to go behind closed doors, now left An Jin City on a single step.


    "Archbishop Bin, you can go kill the people now. But being that fella who was wielding this sword to me, I will be waiting for you at my living quarters." As he finished speaking, Hong Guang turned and prepared to leave.

    He was going to research on the seals and magic within the sword, to examine exactly what kind of person left it behind. It might have been from an ancient power, or there might truly be another cultivator like him on Planet Heavenly Crow.

    "You're not going anywhere." Mo Wuji's warm voice resounded. Hong Guang turned around in astonishment.

    "Who's this dao friend?" Seeing Mo Wuji soundlessly appear here, Hong Guang's entire skull went numb. He suspected that Mo Wuji's power was much higher than his. When Mo Wuji arrived, he actually didn't even feel any ripples in space.

    Soon, there was no need for him to suspect. Mo Wuji opened his palm, and without even using a skill, the longsword flew out of his hands and landed in Mo Wuji's palm.

    "Senior..." Hong Guang's grey face was now pale white. He regretted that he made this trip today. There was really another cultivator in this planet, and this cultivator was much, much stronger than him.

    Mo Wuji threw the longsword back to Qian Zhicheng, "Continue doing what you were doing. I will leave very soon, so your speed might get slower."

    When the longsword got snatched away by Hong Guang, Qian Zhicheng's heart turned as cold as ash. He knew that without the longsword, it didn't matter how many people he brought, they would all turn to dust in front of West Mon Church.

    Mo Wuji suddenly appeared, then threw the longsword back to him. This let him fully understand the phrase: to come back from death's door. Wasn't the explanation for that phrase exactly what he was experiencing now?

    "Yes, my lord." Qian Zhicheng bowed, his heart was ecstatic.

    "Greetings Lord." Many of the leaders beside Qian Zhicheng bowed down. They already faintly knew that there was a supreme expert behind Qian Zhicheng. Now, that supreme expert had showed himself, who would dare to show disrespect?

    Bin Lanxi actually charged over and kowtowed on the ground, "Bin Lanxi greets Master..."

    Mo Wuji already had an understanding towards mana. At this instant, as Bin Lanxi was right in front of him, he actually felt that Bin Lanxi's power was far superior compared to the Wu Dian that he had killed.

    However, this person was clearly a devious and evil man. He had a faint aura of death around him, and this death aura wasn't from Bin Lanxi himself, but from the people he killed. He had killed too many people, and more importantly, he killed without reason and simply out of fun. This was why there was such a disgusting death aura.

    Facing this sort of person, Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to respond. He lifted his hand and shot out a wind blade.

    Even though Mo Wuji casually shot that wind blade, he never expected for Bin Lanxi to be able to avoid it. But in reality, Bin Lanxi was actually unable to avoid it. This wind blade merely sliced off one of Bin Lanxi's arm.

    Bin Lanxi's skin was originally very white, but as his arm got sliced off, his face turned even whiter. He continued to look towards Mo Wuji and said, "Master, Hong Guang had always been plotting against Planet Heavenly Crow. The reason why I lead the West Mon is because I hope for a day that I'm able to stop..."

    "Pff!" Mo Wuji lifted his hand and sent an energy blade over. Bin Lanxi's fingers from his other hand slipped off his palm.

    "If it's just this reason, then there's no need for you to speak any further." Just because of the disgusting death aura around Bin Lanxi, Mo Wuji wasn't going to spare his life.

    This sort of person would kill all live on this innocent planet and he wouldn't even bat an eye.

    "Master, I also know of fire type planet. It's not very far from our Planet Heavenly Crow. There is an absolute treasure there..." Bin Lanxi did not seem to have any intentions of stopping.

    The moment Hong Guang heard those words, his heart skipped a beat. He never expected for Bin Lanxi to have so many hidden cards. The reason why he was in Planet Heavenly Crow was because of that fire type planet that Bin Lanxi mentioned. Previously, he thought that he was the only one who knew of that planet. He never expected that a mere Archbishop would know that there was a fire type planet outside Planet Heavenly Crow.

    In reality, when he knew that Mo Wuji was far more powerful than him, Hong Guang started brainstorming for ways to preserve his own life. Now that his biggest secret was being revealed by Bin Lanxi, how could he accept that. He hurriedly said, "Senior, I know of a place with a Fire Elemental Bead..."

    The moment the three words 'Fire Elemental Bead' came out, Mo Wuji's heart started pounding.
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