Chapter 582: Origins

    Chapter 582: Origins

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    In the shortest time possible, Mo Wuji made his decision. He rushed and said to Qian Zhicheng, "I'll leave this place to you. Be a good king and let the people have happy lives. Otherwise, you would just be another East Mon Church. Bring this message to my three disciples: ask them to continue to cultivate properly and find their own opportunities. They must not learn from the East Mon Church."

    When he finished saying that, Mo Wuji immediately grabbed Hong Guang and Bin Lanxi and took a step out, disappearing into the vast starry sky.

    "Yes, Qian Zhicheng will carefully remember immortal master's words..." Even though Mo Wuji's figure had already disappeared, Qian Zhicheng still kneeled on the ground and kowtowed.

    Behind, the other country leaders also kneeled on the ground. After seeing Mo Wuji's terrifying sacred arts, none of them were without fear.

    Qian Zhicheng didn't disappoint Mo Wuji's expectations. After sweeping the West Mon, the first thing he did was expand An Jin City. At the same time, he established a grand plaza in An Jin City. At the center of that plaza, was a statue of Mo Wuji. At the same time, the longsword that Mo Wuji gave him was placed in a tall memorial tablet.

    This memorial tablet was next to the statue of Mo Wuji, and it was only slightly shorter than the statue.

    These were meant to be constant reminders to him of Mo Wuji's words: to let the people have happy lives.

    Planet Heavenly Crow was wide and vast. Qian Zhicheng was also unable to govern the entire planet alone. Moreover, Mo Wuji only gave him the longsword to eliminate the East Mon Church. Naturally, there wouldn't only be the Country of Liang left behind in Planet Heavenly Crow. Even thought there were many other countries in Planet Heavenly Crow, without exception, all of them had a statue of Mo Wuji, all in remembrance of Mo Wuji's contribution to Planet Heavenly Crow.


    Mo Wuji was already out of Planet Heavenly Crow. He had already left arrangements got the Pan siblings and Lou Yueshuang, and the matters in Planet Heavenly Crow had basically come to a conclusion. When he heard of the Fire Elemental Bead, Mo Wuji knew that he probably wouldn't return back to Planet Heavenly Crow. That was why he left some words behind before he left.

    Standing at the front of the shuttle pointing out the directions, Hong Guang's heart was in tenterhooks. Just based on this flying shuttle alone, he knew that Mo Wuji was much, much more powerful than him.

    Mo Wuji, however, didn't care much about him. Instead, he stared at Bin Lanxi and asked, "What else do you know besides that fire type planet? And how did you even know of that planet?"

    Bin Lanxi was in constant worry over his little life. When he heard Mo Wuji's question, he hurriedly said, "I once sat on a spaceship. I saw that fire type planet when I was on the spaceship. I have a spatial map here..."

    As he finished speaking, Bin Lanxi anxiously brought out a map which indicated the position of various planets. Even though Mo Wuji considered himself a techie, after he started cultivation, he developed a headache when he saw this sort of spatial map. Why couldn't this thing be as simple as the cultivation world's positioning balls? Just one crystal ball and everything was settled. Who would need to accurately plot all these information on huge pieces of paper?

    Mo Wuji frowned, "Just like this? You're merely a mana cultivator, how would you even know what's a fire type planet?"

    Bin Lanxi's heart sank, if he wasn't an ant in front of Mo Wuji, he would have already made a move.

    "Answering senior, that's because Hong Guang had given me some pointers on cultivation. That's why I know a thing or two," Bin Lanxi said, his voice trembling.

    "Then you have no value." As he said that, Mo Wuji grabbed Bin Lanxi and prepared to throw him out.

    Bin Lanxi urgently said, "Senior, I also know that Hong Guang has a witch race's legacy technique on him..."

    Before Bin Lanxi had finished speaking, Hong Guang had already respectfully presented an ancient scroll to Mo Wuji.

    With a flick of his hand, Mo Wuji sent a wave of immortal elemental energy towards Bin Lanxi, shattering all his channels and bones. Then, he threw Bin Lanxi into the starry sky.

    He casually scanned through the scroll that Hong Guang handed him with his spiritual will. Indeed, it was exactly the same as the one Pan Jie gave him, just that the contents were different. This caused Mo Wuji to suspect that East Mon's Wu Dian might also have such a scroll. However, he wasn't in the mood to go back and search for it.

    Compared to the Fire Elemental Bead, the physique tempering could be placed to the side. Moreover, the introduction to the witch race's physique tempering technique might be within one of these two scrolls."

    "You're not bad. In a small cultivation world, you actually managed to get to the Golden Immortal Stage. Moreover, you're a Golden Immortal who has yet to convert to immortal elemental energy. When it comes to talent, you're really not bad. Say it then, where did you come from, and why are you saying in Planet Heavenly Crow?" Mo Wuji said after keeping the scroll that Hong Guang gave him.

    Mo Wuji wasn't being sarcastic with his words. Not everyone could advance to the Golden Immortal Stage using ordinary spiritual energy, and not convert to immortal elemental energy. If Hong Guang's elemental energy had been completely converted to immortal elemental energy, his power would multiply by several folds. Of course, no matter how strong Hong Guang got, he would still be an ant in front of Mo Wuji.

    Hong Guang had already witnessed Mo Wuji's might, and he had also seen Mo Wuji's methods. He had long given up the idea of resisting. When he heard Mo Wuji's words, he hurriedly said, "I'm from Planet Heaven Union, that's a cultivation planet. It's not very far from here. If senior is interested, I can bring senior over..."

    Planet Heaven Union? Mo Wuji seemed to find those words familiar. It was just that he couldn't remember where he saw this planet's name.

    "Tell me about your origins. Don't leave out a single bit," Mo Wuji said authoritatively.

    "Yes, yes. It was out of coincidence that I saw Planet Heavenly Crow on my way back to Planet Heaven Union. I discovered the mana working Planet Heavenly Crow. Using a certain method, it was possible to merge mana with spiritual energy, forming a much stronger elemental energy..." Hong Guang didn't dare leave out a single bit of information. Since Mo Wuji could tell that he was a Golden Immortal, it meant that Mo Wuji's cultivation was vastly higher than his.

    Mo Wuji frowned and said coldly, "No matter how strong that elemental energy is, how can it compare to immortal elemental energy? You're simply taking your pants off just to fart, ah..."

    Mo Wuji seemed to recall something. After that 'ah', he immediately said, "Hurry and tell me your origin clearly."

    He had already recalled where he saw Planet Heaven Union. He even saw the name Hong Guang before.

    Hong Guang seemed to think that Mo Wuji was bipolar, so he anxiously explained, "After I ascended to the Immortal World, I offended someone there. That's why I don't dare to stay in the Immortal World. I spent much efforts to secretly leave. Fortunately, I haven't converted to immortal elemental energy..."

    "You're lying. If you dare speak another lie, there's no need for you to speak any further. Let me remind you, you haven't gone to the Immortal World," Mo Wuji coldly interrupted Hong Guang's words.

    Hong Guang suddenly felt his skull turn numb. He seemed to be stripped naked and left on display. This guy in front of him was too acute, he didn't seem to be able to lie to this person.

    "I seek Senior's forgiveness. Because I was captured and placed in a prison. I was worried that senior was one of the people who imprisoned me..." Hong Guang hurriedly begged for forgiveness.

    Mo Wuji's expression eased. He said faintly, "Seeing that you didn't lie this time, I will give you the opportunity to explain everything that happened on Half Moon Prison. Don't you dare to act dumb with me, because I'm very clear about your origins, Mi Hongguang."

    Hearing Mo Wuji saw the name 'Mi Hongguang', Hong Guang's entire body seemed to be doused in icy cold water. He never thought that even his surname would be known by this person in front of him.

    Of course Mo Wuji knew the other party's name. This fella was within the books that he obtained from Yong Ying 11th Prison.

    "Mi Hongguang, Planet Heaven Union cultivator, Six Star Genius. Yong Ying Calendar Year 7691, 2nd day of the 6th month, advanced to the Heavenly Immortal Stage. On the same day, he entered Yong Ying 11th Prison, Room 87. Slow but honest personality..."

    This was recorded in Yong Ying Prison. However, Mo Wuji would never believe that this fella was slow and honest. This fella was simply sly like a fox; that was completely different from a slow and honest personality.

    "Senior, junior is indeed called Mo Hongguang. Just when I advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, I was captured and sent to Yong Ying Prison. In Yong Ying Prison, I acted simple and honest, and I managed to deceive them. Up till a few thousand years later, a person called Meng Yinsan came to Yong Ying 11th Prison..."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I know of that Meng Yinsan. Tell me, how did that Meng Yinsan break out of Yong Ying 11th Prison, and where did he go?"

    Mi Hongguang was no longer surprised at Mo Wuji's knowledge of such things. He hurriedly said, "I don't know where Meng Yinsan went, but it was true that he was the one who broke out of Half Moon Prison. He killed the warden of Half Moon Prison, opening the entrance to Half Moon Prison. When many cultivators got wind of that, they all started to escape; I'm just one of the many. There were also some who didn't manage to escape and they ended up dying in their rooms."

    Mo Wuji said solemnly, "I already know of what you're saying. Tell me something I don't know, like why didn't Meng Yinsan refine Half Moon Prison? Also, how did you manage to get back to Planet Heaven Union?"

    Mi Hongguang's mouth went agape. Unfortunately, he also didn't know why Meng Yinsan didn't refine Half Moon Prison. After some time, he answered with a bit of worry, "Using a map that I had, I roamed around the universe for several thousand years and I finally came back to Planet Heaven Union's system. It was also because of this that I came to find Planet Heavenly Crow."

    "What were you doing in Planet Heavenly Crow?" Mo Wuji was slightly disappointed. He was rather curious about Meng Yinsan and he wanted to know how godly that fella was exactly. As a Heavenly Immortal, he managed to kill several Golden Immortals, and even Xuan Immortals, to escape from Half Moon Prison.

    Mi Hongguang wanted to lie, but he personally witnessed Mo Wuji's sacred art which could see through lies. Mo Wuji even knew about his situation in Half Moon Prison, so what else could he lie about?

    "I first saw the Fire Elemental Bead. Then, I thought of refining Planet Heavenly Crow, to use it as a defensive treasure to retrieve the Fire Elemental Bead..."

    When Mo Wuji heard these words, he could not help but sigh inwardly. This fella was truly too vicious. Because of that greed, he waa going to send billions of people to their graves. Even if the refining process didn't kill everyone on Planet Heavenly Crow, the planet would probably be incinerated during the process of retrieving the Fire Elemental Bead.

    "You also don't have any value in living." Mo Wuji directly grabbed Mi Hongguang and with a spit of immortal elemental energy, Mi Hongguang's primordial spirit was shattered. After keeping Mi Hongguang's storage ring, he threw Mi Hongguang into the starry space.

    By this point, he could already feel the faint energy from the Fire Elemental Bead. He guessed that he was approaching the fire type planet.
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