Chapter 586: 11 Fire-Red Crystals

    Chapter 586: 11 Fire-Red Crystals

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    After Jin Yiren said these words, Mo Wuji came to realise that he was really sitting in a well. Jin Yiren, who he had clearly suppressed in cultivation, was now soaring rapidly in power and cultivation. Soon, Jin Yiren went from the early Golden Immortal Stage to the late stage, then to Xuan Immortal...

    Mo Wuji's heart sank as he prepared to escape. This fella did not even need to recover his full cultivation; as this fella was able to recover back to the Grand Yi Immortal Stage, then there was a possibility that he could be killed.

    An Immortal Reverent with a cultivation suppressed to the Grand Yi Immortal Stage versus a cultivator that was only at the Grand Yi Immortal Stage, were at two completely different levels.

    Overbearing killing intent had locked Mo Wuji in place. Mo Wuji directly kept his flying shuttle; his flying shuttle would be completely useless in front of this fella. Fortunately, he had his spatial teleportation and his Wind Escape Sacred Art.

    Jin Yiren was able to display a Xuan Immortal cultivation without feeling the suppressions from the Law of the Heavens and Earths; Mo Wuji wasn't a half bit surprised. The universe was so vast and there were countless of geniuses. If he, Mo Wuji, was able to achieve something, then why wouldn't others be able to do the same?

    Mo Wuji knew that the other party's killing intent had locked onto him; he had no chance to escape, and could only wait for an opportunity. The moment the other party attacked, there would definitely be a loophole. After he defended against the other party's first attack, he would immediately escape.

    What left Mo Wuji shocked was that when Jin Yiren was about the attack, the killing intent and energy that were locked onto him had suddenly become weaker.

    To Mo Wuji, this was the best time to escape.

    But Mo Wuji didn't escape. He could feel that Jin Yiren's cultivation would stop increasing when it reached the late Xuan Immortal Stage; Mo Wuji suspected that this fella wasn't able to casually bring his cultivation to the Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    However, Mo Wuji knew that the reason why Jin Yiren's killing intent weakened wasn't because Jin Yiren was afraid of him, or because Jin Yiren thought the late Xuan Immortal Stage wasn't enough to deal with him. It was because Jin Yiren's attention had been diverted.

    Mo Wuji also sent his spiritual will scanning outwards. Soon, at the edge of his spiritual will, a hazy figure of a planet appeared. It seemed to be a collapsed planet; this planet's speed could not be considered slow as it continued to sail along space.

    On the surface, it looked like an explosion had occured on this planet, causing it lose a huge half of itself. Such incidents were frequently seen as one travelled in space; however, Mo Wuji's heart started to pound heavily. He thought about the planet that moved away from the Morning Flame Star System after it exploded. If this was the planet that he was looking for, then the secret of the Heaven and Earth opening could be found within it. Otherwise, how was the Morning Flame Star able to condense a Fire Elemental Bead?

    "Chi!" A beam of shredding blade light sailed throught space towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji had long been on the guard against Jin Yiren. The moment Jin Yiren attacked, his figure flashed, and the saber in his hand hacked out two beams of saber light. One of the saber light went to block that blade light, while the other saber light hacked towards Jin Yiren.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji was not only able to block against his blade light, but was even able to counterattack, Jin Yiren cried out in alarm. WIth his two hands, he formed a hand seal in the form of the Yin Yang Fish which he shot towards Mo Wuji's second saber light. Then, his entire person instantly disappeared.

    "Boom!" The Yin Yang Fish clashed against Mo Wuji's saber light heavily. Immortal elemental energy violently exploded. Mo Wuji felt like a heavy hammer had smashed against his chest, making him feel breathless and incomparably unbearable.

    So strong; Mo Wuji uttered in his heart. He knew that Jin Yiren had casually formed that Yin Yang Fish, but even that casual attack was already so strong. Clearly, Jin Yiren was remarkably strong.

    However, even if Jin Yiren was stronger, it wouldn't stop Mo Wuji from his Heaven and Earth opening treasure; He hurriedly chased after Jin Yiren. As he passed by that spaceship with the english word on it, he waved his hand and casually sent that spaceship into his Undying World.

    He did not believe that Jin Yiren ran away because Jin Yiren was afraid of him; because the direction that Jin Yiren was moving towards was in the direction of that collapsed planet. Mo Wuji did not know why Jin Yiren was interested in that collapsed planet, but whether Jin Yiren knew of the secret or not, he was not going to let Jin Yiren take away this collapsed planet.

    As for that spaceship, Mo Wuji did not currently have the time to investigate it. It will have to wait till he had time, then he would take another look at it. He did not think that just because a spaceship appeared here meant that Earth was not far away. Anything could happen in this vast universe; the spaceship might have unintentionally entered a spatial tear and move through several worlds.

    At this point, Mo Wuji was worried that Jin Yiren's sacred art was strong and could directly sweep this planet up and away. Thus, he pushed his Wind Escape Technique to the max, and landed on this planet at almost the same time as Jin Yiren.

    "You are actually a Xuan Immortal, so why didn't you get suppressed by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth? That's not right, who exactly are you?" When Jin Yiren saw that Mo Wuji had landed on this collapsed planet at almost the same time as him, his eyes constricted.

    At the start, Jin Yiren thought that Mo Wuji was a Xuan Immortal, but as he spoke, he got uncertain. He, himself, was currently in the late Xuan Immortal Stage, but in reality, he was an Immortal Reverent. Who was there to say that this fella in front of him wasn't the same. Perhaps he might also be a suppressed Immortal Reverent? Perhaps the other party might even he higher than the Immortal Reverent.

    Mo Wuji continued wielding the saber in his hand and said indifferently, "This sir doesn't have to worry about who I am. If you want to fight, then let's fight. There's no need for all this nonsense."

    After Mo Wuji verified that Jin Yiren's cultivation wouldn't increase beyond the late Xuan Immortal Stage, his confidence boosted. After that previous exchange, he was indeed weaker than Jin Yiren by a bit, but he was least afraid of a messy battle.

    Jin Yiren's face was calm; except for that gloomy look, it was unable to discern any emotions from him. After he heard Mo Wuji's words, he frowned slightly. Thereafter, in the shortest time possible, a smile appeared on his incomparably gloomy face as he clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and said, "I, Jin Yiren, was careless and blind, to have acted against dao friend's flying shuttle. It was my fault, I seek dao friend's forgiveness."

    He was apologizing just like that?

    Mo Wuji was slightly confused, but he soon came to an understanding.

    Mo Wuji definitely didn't believe that Jin Yiren would be afraid of him; this fella completely had no reason to fear him. For such an insufferably arrogant person to apologize to him, there would only be one reason: this planet below him. Jin Yiren was willing to apologize to him because of this seemingly normal planet; this meant that Jin Yiren also knew that this planet wasn't simple.

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel spiritual will had also penetrated into the depths of this planet. In mere breaths of tiem, Mo Wuji's heart trembled slightly. In his spiritual will, he found a patch of fire-red crystals; there were 11 of them in total. Each of this crystals looked like a lotus petal, and they all exuded the purest form of fire elemental energy. Not only did these crystals have fire elemental energy which was pure to the max, there was also some form of energy which was similar to his Breath of Hongmeng.

    What left Mo Wuji shocked was that he actually didn't know what that energy was. There was one thing he could feel, however. That Fire Elemetal Bead was definitely related to these fire-red crystals. Not only were they associated, they were formed together. Mo Wuji guessed that these fire-red crystals were the treasures when the Heaven and Earth opened on this planet.

    "Alright, seeing that we're all of the same Dao, then I will forget about it. Dao friend, please make your way then. I want to cultivate here for a period of time," Mo Wuji nodded and said calmly. Even though he said that, he was prepared to fight. Since everyone could see those crystals, a fight was unavoidable.

    Jin Yiren's face sunk, he said coldly, 'Is this dao friend intentionally trying to start a fight? I came here first because I was prepared to enter a closed door cultivation session here. What does dao friend mean by saying that just now?"

    Mo Wuji startled, was this fella an idiot? Wasn't everyone's spiritual will able to see those fire-red crystals? Since everyone was able to say it, why would this fella say that he wanted to cultivate here. Could it be he didn't have any spiritual will?

    That's not right; Mo Wuji immediately retracted his spirit storage channel spiritual will, then sent his usual spiritual will outwards.

    The spiritual will from the spirit storage channel was soundless and formless. It could penetrate through the surface of the planet and expand putwards. This sort of spiritual will was very hard to detect. Just now, Mo Wuji had used his spirit storage channel's spiritual will, and indeed, the other party didn't notice it. At this instant, Mo Wuji sent his sea of consciousness's spiritual will out, and it was immediately noticed by Jin Yiren.

    Mo Wuji was already prepared for Jin Yiren to attack when that happened. However, what left him shocked was that Jin Yiren didn't make a move, but simply stared coldly at him.

    Soon, Mo Wuji came to an understanding. When his spiritual will went back to the position of the fire-red crystals, it seemed like his spiritual will had been blocked by a natural seal and he was completely unable to see those fire-red crystals. So it seemed like his spirit storage channel's spiritual will was able to discover those crystals, but his sea of consciousness's spiritual will wasn't able to.

    To this, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. No wonder why Jin Yiren wasn't afraid of him probing around with his spiritual will. He dared to bet that the other party had also swept through this area with his spiritual will and didn't detect anything.

    "I was originally cultivating within by own flying shuttle but I was interrupted by you. Naturally, I can't cultivate on my flying shuttle. What if I met another person like you who would unreasonably attack my flying shuttle and even destroy it? I want this planet. I will be cultivating here."

    When Mo Wuji finished speaking, he expanded his domain and his aura soared.

    Jin Yiren's eyes were filled with overwhelming killing intent. If it really wasn't the case that he was the one that stopped Mo Wuji, he would have suspected that Mo Wuji was like him, and had come specifically for this plaent.

    One must know that he had chased after this planet because he noticed the traces of an explosion when he was passing through a star system, and he deduced that a collapsed planet would have some treasures within. He suspected that this planet was that collapsed planet. After all, the destruction within this planet matched with his deduction of two to three explosions.

    Why did this cultivator, who he had stopped randomly, want this planet?

    Regardless of the reason, he must die...

    "Since that's the case, there's no need for you to leave." As Jin Yiren finished speaking, his domain also violently burst outwards.

    At the same time, a fire red spear appeared.

    Boundless spear waves formed, sending bursts of space-tearing energy towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji retreated furiously. While his person was retreating, his domain was continuously expanding. Don't simply look at his actions of retreating; in his heart, he was still without fear.

    The reason why he was retreating wasn't because he was being suppressed by Jin Yiren's domain, nor was it because he was scared of the other party's red spear waves. It was because he wanted to find the most advantageous position.

    This sort of terrain wasn't suited for him to battle, but suited for him to take the crystals and run. He was only going to stop retreating when he was at the top of the 11 fire-red crystals.
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