Chapter 587: Grand Desert, Winding River, Setting Sun

    Chapter 587: Grand Desert, Winding River, Setting Sun

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    According to Mo Wuji's judgement, even though Jin Yiren was in the late Xuan Immortal Stage, he definitely wasn't able to kill Jin Yiren. Even though he could temporarily suppress Jin Yiren, he was afraid that if he angered that fella, that fella would suddenly burst forth with his full cultivation. Perhaps this fella might suffer the pressures from the Heaven and Earth after he recovered his cultivation. However, at the very instant that he regained his cultivation, Mo Wuji did not dare confirm that he would be able to escape from this fella's attacks.

    Just when Mo Wuji was sure that he was standing above the 11 fire-red crystals, he no longer retreated. His saber also swept out thousands of saber light which flooded outwards.

    "Boom!" The violent spear wave killing intent crashed against Mo Wuji's saber light. Immortal elemental energy exploded.

    Mo Wuji had yet to fully form his saber-type sacred art. On the other hand, Jin Yiren's spear waves were from a true spear intent sacred art. The moment the saber and spear energies clashed, Mo Wuji immediately knew that he was in a disadvantage.

    He could feel a violent rebound of elemental energy. Mo Wuji had a premonition that if he didn't retreat, he was going to be corroded by the spear intent.

    "Crack, crack, crack!" The ground beneath his feet started to collapse. At the same time, Mo Wuji furiously sent out the immortal elemental energy from his elemental storage channel.

    Even if he was going to be heavily injured, he would never retreat. It wasn't because of his ego, but because Mo Wuji knew that if he retreated, it would be hard for him to reoccupy this position.

    "Pff!" Facing the harsh rebound of immortal elemental energy, Mo Wuji spit out a mouthful of blood.

    In just one exchange, Mo Wuji was heavily injured. Jin Yiren's spear intent began to frenziedly tear into Mo Wuji's life force and meridians. If it was some other person, what he would do now was to escape. However, Mo Wuji still didn't retreat by even half a step. That was because he had the vitality channel. At this instant, Mo Wuji's vitality channel rapidly heal his injuries, and at the same time, he started calculating when this planet would explode.

    The moment this planet exploded, Mo Wuji would sweep away the part of the planet containing the fire-red crystals.

    That's not right; as he thought about sweeping up the bit of the planet, Mo Wuji suddenly thought that the planet might explode exactly in half.

    What should he do then? Even though this planet wasn't very big, with his power, he wouldn't be able to casually sweep half a planet away. By the time he slowly places half the planet into the Undying World, this Jin Yiren would already know what was going on.

    I need to install an array; as he thought of this, Mo Wuji continuously threw out array flags.

    Even though Mo Wuji was the one placed in a disadvantage during that exchange, Jin Yiren was also sent retreating. He retreated as needed; he didn't stay rooted to his original spot, thus he did not seem to be as injured as Mo Wuji.

    "Not bad, you have guts. To actually be able to gain the upper hand with that slash of yours. On account of that slash, I am willing to offer some compensation for attacking you previously." Jin Yiren once again landed in front of Mo Wuji; a hint of appreciation could be heard in his voice.

    Mo Wuji wasn't an idiot; he naturally wouldn't think that Jin Yiren would actually show appreciation for him. From Jin Yiren's words, he could clearly tell that Jin Yiren believe that he loved his ego, which was why he would rather allow himself to be heavily injured than to retreat. Thus, Jin Yiren would express his appreciation and offer a compensation, so that he would f*ck off. One must now that he had clearly been in the disadvantage in the previous exchange but this fella actually said that he had gained the upper hand.

    Because Jin Yiren also knew. If they were to continue fighting, this planet would explode. The moment this planet exploded, whatever was inside would be exposed.

    As Mo Wuji continuously threw out array flags, his vitality channel continued to furiously heal his recoveries.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji did not intend to take a step back and accept his compensation, and was even continuously throwing array flags, Jin Yiren's killing intent burst forth once more. The spear in his hand hummed wildly, and his domain raged outwards.

    It was as Mo Wuji believed; he did not think that Mo Wuji was a threat to him. Just now, Mo Wuji egotistically accepted the brunt of his spear killing intent. He suspeted that his spear intent had already started to tear Mo Wuji's spirit channels apart. The reason why he didn't want to fight with Mo Wuji was indeed because he was worried that a battle would reveal the secrets within this planet.

    "Bang!" The two's domains clashed once more. Mo Wuji was in the early Xuan Immortal Stage while Jin Yiren was suppressed to the late Xuan Immortal Stage. No matter what perspective one saw it from, Mo Wuji's domain could not be comapred to Jin Yiren's.

    However, Mo Wuji's domain was the whirlpool domain; it encompassed the savage grinding power of the whirlpool. Even though Jin Yiren's understanding towards the domain might be ten times more than Mo Wuji, when the two's domains clashed, his domain did not manage to get the upper hand.

    "You do have some..." By this point, Jin Yiren already started to suspect that Mo Wuji also knew that there was something peculiar with this planet. Because his spear intent did not manage to cause Mo Wuji's combat power to fall, he started to have some apprehensions towards Mo Wuji.

    Jin Yiren's spear energy started to concentrate and become increasingly dense; it was like a huge mouth which devours everything and it faced towards Mo Wuji.

    While he controlled his domain to defend against Jin Yiren, Mo Wuji also began to conjure raging saber energy.

    Just at this moment, at the fringe of space far away, a blinding white light burst forth. Even though it was relatively far from the two of them, the overwhelming white light caused the two of them to be unable to open their eyes for an instant.

    Whether it was Jin Yiren or Mo Wuji, they both subconsciously stopped that battle, their gazed landed on that blinding white light.

    Instants later, a layer of undulating sand seemed to unfold from that white light on a magnificent scale, spreading outwards continuously without boundary. It was like a huge desert.

    Soon, that white light formed a silver river. That silver river seemed to slowly extend above the desert like a surging wave. Following which, another dazzling white light exploded.

    Mo Wuji subconsciously thought of that poem: A plume of smoke rises up into the evening sky of the Great Desert; the Yellow River dimmed as the setting sun goes down.

    It looked like a star on the level of the Morning Flame Star or the Sun had exploded. Mo Wuji's suddenly had a premonition that the explosion was related to the planet right underneath his feet.

    When he saw that wave-like desert gradually disappear, a hint of enlightenment surged into Mo Wuji's mind.

    The saber in his hand gradually became hazy; it seemed like it had split into countless bits of saber light sand.

    His killing intent slowly condensed into these countless saber light sand, then merged with his domain.

    Jin Yiren immediately noticed the change in Mo Wuji. A hint of astonishment flashed across his eyes. Anyhow, he was still an Immortal Reverent. How could he not tell that while Mo Wuji's saber had yet to slash out, a considerable change had happened to it.

    Did he gain enlightenment from that exploding star? There was actually such a person in this world?

    He could no longer spend any time thinking any further as Mo Wuji had already hacked over with his saber. The moment the saber hacked over, it seemed like a huge wave of sand had flooded out, turning the entire space into a desert, and the entire desert seemed to be filled with killing intent.

    Facing that daunting and boundless saber light sand, Jin Yiren felt that even breathing had become a little difficult. He did not dare to think any further as he struck out with his all-devouring spear. The spear seemed to tear a clear red trail in space, threatening to form a tear in space itself.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's heart surged will killing intent. He felt that his saber intent had transformed into a vast desert, and he was the master of this desert. Anything that stood in his way would be swallowed by this raging desert.

    That scene had etched itself into Mo Wuji's mind. The saber-type sacred art that he already had an outline of, had now fully taken shape.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The surging desert sand crashed against Jin Yiren's red spear, sending out resounding sounds of explosions.

    The immortal elemental energy and the killing intent tore into space, forming minute wrinkles in space. Even though these wrinkles disappeared instantly, it could be seen that the space around them couldn't contain their battle.

    "Crack, crack!" The ground beneath them began to crack; Jin Yiren retreated rapidly. According to Mo Wuji's previous intentions, he should sweep away the part of the planet that contained the 11 fire-red crystals and run away.

    However, Mo Wuji, who had just gained enlightenment on the saber desert, was filled with confidence. Not only didn't he follow according to his original plans, while Jin Yiren retreated, he jerked his saber to a stop. The desert in space went still, and the saber killing intent and saber light formed a silver river.

    This was the second move that Mo Wuji had just gained enlightenment on: Winding River.

    The saber transformed into a silver winding river. The river suspended overhead like the Northern Lights in the sky, it formed countless of falling blades.

    Just at this moment, Mo Wuji felt an ache in his sea of consciousness. His Winding River killing intent instantly turned sluggish, and his falling blades also dissapated.

    Not good, he wasn't able to display his Winding River. It wasn't because he wasn't strong enough, but because he didn't fully understand that slash.

    If he wasn't even able to display his second slash, Winding River, then there was no need to talk about the third slash Setting Sun. Mo Wuji did not think any further as he threw out multiple array flags, sweeping the part of the planet which concealed the fire-red crystals into his Undying World. Thereafter, he used use spatial teleportation and escaped.

    Mo Wuji's first slash, Grand Desert, had already left Jin Yiren injured. When he saw that Mo Wuji's second slash was even more powerful than the first, he began to furiously retreat.

    Mo Wuji had gained insights on a saber sacred art during their battle, which was already extremely terrifying. He did not expect that Mo Wuji would even learn an entire set of moves.

    Jin Yiren's insight was naturally not weak. He could feel that the moment Mo Wuji's river crashed into his domain, he would definitely be heavily injured.

    He rapidly retreated. With his combat experience, he naturally knew that he had to avoid Mo Wuji's saber light, then slowly beat Mo Wuji in a battle of attrition. He could tell that Mo Wuji was an empty vessel. If they were to really fight, Mo Wuji would not be able to compare to him. No matter how powerful the sacred art was, a newly learned sacred art had limits. The reason why he retreated was to prevent any heavy injuries.

    However, at this instant, he almost vomited blood. He saw Mo Wuji sweep up a piece of the planet then run away.

    Even if he was an idiot, Jin Yiren also knew that Mo Wuji had the same motives as him: the treasure on this planet. His experience was right; Mo Wuji's sacred art had not been fully complete. It was his caution that had lost him his opportunity.
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