Chapter 589: Shameful Bird

    Chapter 589: Shameful Bird

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    "Let me hear it then," Honestly speaking, Hu Zhenyu was also slightly frustrated with Mo Wuji. Why would such a talented Pill King have so little self love that he would choose to go to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pool? If he didn't enter the Soul Condensing Immortal Pool, it would be impossible for Lun Cai, no matter how strong he was, to act against a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance like him.

    Lai Yi dared not slow down his pace as he clasped his fists once more, "Grand Emperor said that he would offer the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance two slots to enter the Gods Tower."

    "Are you serious?" Hu Zhenyu stood up in excitement as even he couldn't control his excitement when he heard Lai Yi's words.

    Gods Tower was the most secretive place of the Gods Immortal Domain and it was also the wealthiest place according to rumours. Rumours mentioned that this was the place where the real deities had fought against each other and that countless of deities had fallen in this Gods Tower. Any item left behind by the deities would definitely be of a supreme existence in the Immortal World.

    The reason why Immortal Emperor Lun Cai's strength exceeded all the others in the same stage as him and was even addressed as a Grand Emperor was because he had been to the Gods Tower once. While he was in the Gods Tower, he managed to find plenty of opportunities which aid his rapid progress to become a Grand Emperor.

    Hu Zhenyu had cultivated to become this strong so there were really not many things in the world which he wanted and was unable to get. However, this slot to enter the Gods Tower was indeed one of the few things he sought after but was unable to obtain.

    Everytime the Gods Tower opened, even the slots reserved for the people of the Gods Immortal Domain were limited, let alone people of the other domains. Even though the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance were given slots once in awhile, they were extremely little.

    It was considered very generous of Lun Cai to be offering two slots to enter the Gods Tower. This offer really made Hu Zhenyu consider accepting Lun Cai's request. One must know that the Gods Tower had no restriction in terms of cultivation level and anyone could enter. Hu Zhenyu had always coveted for a chance to enter the Gods Tower but never had the opportunity.

    The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was given three slots for the opening of the Gods Tower this time round and it would usually be given to the younger generation with the most potential. Hu Zhenyu was the Vice Head of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance so he would naturally not be that shameless to fight for the slots with the juniors. Now that Grand Emperor Lun Cai had offered two slots for him, it was simply equivalent to being treated a luxurious feast.

    "Grand Emperor controlled majority of the domain so he would only need to say a few sentence for this to be happened. Therefore, he would naturally not be lying about such things," Lai Yi said respectfully.

    Even though his tone appeared to be extremely modest and humble, Lai Yi's heart was starting to feel slightly indifferent. So what if he was from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance? He couldn't believe that the Vice Head of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance to get so excited over just two slots to enter the Gods Tower.

    "Alright, I agree to his request but I hope that Grand Emperor Lun Cai would not go overboard," Hu Zhenyu calmed himself down before replying.

    "Of course," Lai Yi said pleasantly.

    As for Hu Zhenyu's wish for Grand Emperor to not go overboard, nobody really bothered about it as everyone knew that that wish would never be granted.


    Mo Wuji had no idea how long he had cultivated for but he had no choice but to stop cultivating now. The main reason was because he depleted all his immortal crystals and he couldn't possibly only rely on pills to cultivate.

    After all these years of cultivating, he had at least advanced into the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage and was only a step away from entering the advanced Xuan Immortal Stage.

    Because he was unable to cultivate, Mo Wuji could only control his flying shuttle like a headless fly with no particular direction to head towards. At this moment, without mentioning the Immortal World, he would not even be able to find his way back to the Planet Heavenly Crow.

    When he was cultivating, he wasn't too bothered by the fact that he was lost out in this space but once he stopped cultivating, he started to feel anxious. He was still fine after one, two and three months but after he spent meaningless time on the flying shuttle for over a year, there was a change in Mo Wuji's attitude.

    If he continued carrying on like this, he could die of old age in this vast universe.

    Yet another month had passed and just when Mo Wuji was considering if he should find some cracks within space to try his luck, he sensed a familiar trace of energy.

    Even though the energy he sensed was extremely weak, Mo Wuji was still able to capture it and dashed towards it on his flying shuttle. At this moment, even if the person he met was Jin Yiren, Mo Wuji would find ways to strike a deal with him to talk.

    "Shuai Guo?" What made Mo Wuji surprised was that he actually saw Shuai Guo. Shuai Guo was curled up on the deck of a flying ship and there were even a few high tier spiritual herbs in front of him.

    To Mo Wuji's surprise, Shuai Guo's strength didn't improve much ever since they parted ways. Given Shuai Guo's talent, Mo Wuji wouldn't find it strange even if he was a Grade 9 beast now. Back when they parted ways, Shuai Guo was a Grade 4 beast and after all these years, he was still a Grade 4 beast and even had weak energy around him.

    Mo Wuji was well aware of Shuai Guo's alluring character. However, this fella was even uglier than before with a body of grey feathers. Previously, he had three legs but now one of the legs was gone and he became a two legged beast. Other than this, he looked so listless without any shred of energy or spirit left in him.

    Logically speaking, Shuai Guo's current environment was not that bad because he could sit on the deck and watch the space while feeding on spiritual herbs. So why had he not improved at all over all these years? Furthermore, Mo Wuji had already sensed Shuai Guo and given the fact that Shuai Guo should be more sensitive because he was a beast, Mo Wuji found it weird that Shuai Guo had yet to sense Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji kept his flying shuttle immediately as he took one step to board that flying ship. This restrictions placed on the flying ship was nothing more than a display to Mo Wuji.

    "Master..." A depressed and dejected Shuai Guo finally recognised Mo Wuji as he jumped up in joy onto Mo Wuji's shoulder. Even though he was only a bird, the excitement in his eyes could not be concealed.

    "Who are you?" A young man wearing a green robe walked out and not only was this man handsome, he had an imposing appearance too as he walked out with extreme confidence. Spirituality were even floating around his body surface and even people who had yet to cultivate would be able to tell how unique this young man was.

    Mo Wuji was secretly in praise of this fella because he was at most 20 years old yet he was already in the True God Stage Level 7. There shouldn't be someone as talented as he was in the entire Zhen Xing right?

    No matter how confident, or impressive the other party appeared to be, Mo Wuji chose not to bother about him as he carried Shuai Guo by the neck and throw him on the deck, "Shuai Guo, you are after all a bird with some origins. After parting for all these years, how could you not progress at all and even lost one of your legs? How shameful is this for a person...No, how shameful are you as a bird?"

    Shuai Guo used one of his legs to wipe his own eyes as he said, "Master, if I didn't see you today, I would have died. This b*stard grabbed me fed me with good food and drinks everyday so that he could let me bleed. It was this fella who insisted on drinking a cup of my blood everyday. No matter how strong I've become, I would have no more blood left because of this thrash. My third leg was also degenerated because of the lack of blood left in my body... hoot hoot... Master, you have to seek justice for me."

    There was indeed two stalks of spiritual herb meant for blood replenishment and there was a sudden trace of killing intent in Mo Wuji's eyes. He didn't act immediately as he said with a cold tone, "Back when I asked you to wait for me outside that Lightning Provenance, why did you leave? You made me look for you for a long period of time."

    "I didn't leave on my own accord but was brought away by these rubbish. They said I am some ancient spiritual beast and that they needed to make me bleed..."

    Before Shuai Guo could finish explaining his case, Mo Wuji understood everything. His eyes fell on the green robe youth and said coldly, "Are you the one who made Shuai Guo bleed for over 10 years?"

    The green robe youth frowned because if Mo Wuji hadn't appeared unknowingly on his flying ship, he would have kicked Mo Wuji off the instance he landed.

    "Hu Bo..." The green robe youth didn't answer Mo Wuji but shouted instead.

    A weak looking elder landed on the deck and there was one more middle age man standing beside him. The weak elder sized Mo Wuji up and couldn't tell the difference between Mo Wuji and an ordinary mortal.

    Friend, are there any misunderstandings here?" The weak elder called Hu Bo clasped his fist towards Mo Wuji and asked politely.

    Mo Wuji's origin was way too mysterious and one must know that the restriction on his young master's flying ship was not of low grade. Therefore, it was quite impressive that Mo Wuji managed to board the ship without them noticing,

    Mo Wuji answered sternly, "You are not worthy to become my friend so answer my question directly."

    "So what if I drank the blood of this domesticated animal?" The green robe man grunted as he drew out his own magic treasure.

    "Shuai Guo, go ahead and drink all the blood that he had took from you. Do not drink even the dross and just drink whatever you lost," Mo Wuji said faintly.

    "You are courting death," Once he heard Mo Wuji's words, the green robe youth was infuriated as the Round Moon Blade on his hand was swung towards Mo Wuji. Following which, he was shocked as he couldn't move a single inch. An invisible space trapped him and other than his thoughts and mouth, he couldn't move anything else.

    "Hu Bo, save me..." There were fears in the eyes of the youth because he couldn't believe there was an expert this strong till the extent that he had no idea what cultivation level he was on.

    Hu Bo was in the elementary Worldly Immortal Stage but he only took a step forward before realising that he was trapped as well.

    "Senior, please have mercy on us. We come from the the Mirage Mountain and the Mirage Mountain has the Five Transformation Rogue Immortal experts..." Hu Bo said everything in a single breath.

    Noticing that Shuai Guo was staring at himself in joy, Mo Wuji kicked him and said, "Go and drink your blood, stop wasting any more time."

    "Yes, Master," Shuai Guo jumped excitedly onto the green robe youth and landed on the forehead of the terrified youth. In one mouth, Shuai Guo bit the youth's forehead.

    Blood gushed out and entered Shuai Guo's mouth just like that.

    "Senior, please have mercy on him. He is the young master of my Mirage Mountain..." Looking at how Shuai Guo was really sucking his blood, Hu Bo almost spat out blood as his tone was no longer coherent.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about his words as he replied, "Where is the Mirage Mountain again? What on earth is a Rogue Immortal?"

    Hu Bo took in a deep breath as he knew that he had to stop Shuai Guo in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, even if his young master could survive this ordeal, he would become a worthless person.

    "Senior, One Transformation Rogue Immortal would be equivalent to elementary Heavenly Immortal Stage while the strength of the Five Transformation Rogue Immortal would be equivalent to intermediate Golden Immortal..." Hu Bo hurried to reply.

    "Heavenly Immortal, Golden Immortal?" Mo Wuji looked astonishingly at Hu Bo as he started to suspect if this fella was a cultivator from the Immortal World. Otherwise, how would he know of the Heavenly Immortal or Golden Immortal? One must know that even he didn't know about the stages of the cultivation world back when he was in Zhen Xing.
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