Chapter 590: The Mighty Mirage Mountain

    Chapter 590: The Mighty Mirage Mountain

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    Hu Bo said proudly, "Senior should be in the advanced Earthly Immortal Stage right? One step after the Earthly Immortal Stage would be the Heavenly Immortal Stage. One must ascend into the Immortal World to undergo the Earthly Immortal lightning tribulation and the Golden Immortal Stage would be the stage right after the Heavenly Immortal Stage."

    Hu Bo noticed that Mo Wuji was able to use his domain to restrain him so he should at least be in the advanced Earthly Immortal Stage or even the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage. Even though it might seem a little appalling for an Earthly Immortal Stage to succeed in restraining him, an Earthly Immortal would still mean nothing when faced against the Rogue Immortal.

    Mo Wuji asked in a serious tone, "Where is that Mirage Mountain located at?"

    "Senior, are you able to ask that bird to stop sucking my young master's blood..."

    The instance Hu Bo finished speaking, that green robe youth fell to the ground with a pale face. The energy around him was evidently weak and the spirituality around his body had all disappeared while he had no cultivation left in him.

    On the other hand, Shuai Guo was jumping ecstatically as both his eyes lit up in joy. Even though he didn't grow out his third leg, the grey feathers of his were filled with much more luster and Mo Wuji could feel Shuai Guo's energy just like before.

    "Master, I've obeyed your oder and sucked back all the blood which I've lost without killing him," Shuai Guo said loftily before flying back up onto Mo Wuji's shoulder.

    Hu Bo was in daze with his mouth wide opened. The middle aged man who was initially trapped by Mo Wuji instantly felt that his body was free again as he rushed over to pick the green robe youth up. Following which, he managed to make the green robe youth swallow some pills.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji was able to tell that Shuai Guo did not only take back what he lost but also sucked out most of the blood that belonged to the green robe youth. If he didn't let the middle aged man go to save the green robe youth, this green robe youth would not live for much longer.

    "You are pretty decent to actually collect interest from him," Mo Wuji was extremely disgusted with people who absorbed blood of the others to cultivate. If it wasn't for the fact that this green robe youth had been sucking Shuai Guo of his blood everyday before they met, he would never allow Shuai Guo to be this indecent. However, if Shuai Guo dared to suck other people's blood in the future, he would not go easy on Shuai Guo.

    Even though Shuai Guo had not been with Mo Wuji for a long period of time, he understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words. He was well aware that Mo Wuji would never allow him to suck anyone's blood. Therefore, when he noticed there was something wrong with Mo Wuji's tone, he hurried to reply, "Master, I accidentally suck a little more than I should..."

    "If there was a next time, I would strip your skin off you before stewing you," Mo Wuji said without hesitation.

    Shuai Guo kept shaking his head, "I will not, I will not unless Master asked me to do so..."

    Mo Wuji couldn't' be bothered to reply Shuai Guo as his eyes fell back on Hu Bo.

    Hu Bo looked at the dying green robe youth with a pale face before saying, "You killed the young master..."

    Mo Wuji replied, "I am asking you a question now. Stop spouting nonsense before I really kill him off."

    "Yes, yes..." Hu Bo answered anxiously, "The Mirage Mountain is at the Hai Yi Continent and it is the number one sect of the Hai Yi Continent."

    "Cultivators of the Hai Yi Continent can ascend into the Immortal World?" Mo Wuji glared at Hu Bo because this was the question he was most concerned about.

    "Yes indeed," Hu Bo didn't dare to ignore Mo Wuji as he was worried that Mo Wuji would kill all of them at once. If Mo Wuji really did that, the only thing the Rogue Immortals could do was to avenge them.

    "So who captured Shuai Guo?" Shuai Guo had already exact his revenge hence, Mo Wuji's question was simply to find out his way back to Zhen Xing.

    Hu Bo had already figured out that Shuai Guo was this bird with grey feathers so he replied pitifully, "It really wasn't us but an elder from the sect..."

    Mo Wuji thought to himself that he might need to make a trip down to the Mirage Mountain as he continued questioning, "Tell me more about a Rogue Immortal and why a Rogue Immortal is stronger than the Heavenly Immortals and even the Golden Immortals?"

    Hu Bo was cursing Mo Wuji's words in his heart as he wondered if Mo Wuji was even listening to him previously. What he said was that the Five Transformation Rogue Immortals' strength were comparable to a Golden Immortal. He certainly did not say that the Rogue Immortal was stronger than a Heavenly or Golden Immortal. In fact, even the Rogue Immortals would be split into different transformations. It was truly terrifying to be as clueless as Mo Wuji was. Moreover, how can the Heavenly and Golden Immortals be placed on the same level?

    Hu Bo dared not say any of these words as all he did was to reply cautiously, "Rogue Immortals are those who failed in their Earthly Immortal tribulation yet managed to keep their primordial spirit. Rogue Immortals are those who undergo tribulation after their Earthly Immortal primordial spirit had been restored. One Transformation Rogue Immortal refers to the stage after the Earthly Immortal primordial spirit underwent the first tribulation, Two Transformation Rogue Immortal would be the stage after the second tribulation..."

    "Primordial spirit's tribulation?" Mo Wuji asked shockingly because how could a primordial spirit, without a solid form, undergo tribulation? Furthermore, the primordial spirit was most afraid of the lightnings.

    Hu Bo knew that Mo Wuji was completely clueless so he could only explain patiently, "The lightning tribulation of the primordial spirit is different from the lightning tribulation of a Heavenly Immortal yet it is not any weaker in the power of the tribulation. As long as the Rogue Immortal prepared sufficient amount of precious and incredible treasures coupled with his magic treasure, there is a chance of tribulation success. Everytime a tribulation succeeded, the Rogue Immortal's body would be further compacted with even stronger sacred art. I've even heard that after the ninth tribulation was successful, the Rogue Immortal would be able to condense his physical body and ascend straight up to the Immortal World as a Grand Yi Immortal."

    "How do you know about the Grand Yi Immortal?" Mo Wuji was starting to be more surprised by the minute because he didn't expect that there was a chance to become a Grand Yi Immortal right after you ascend into the Immortal World. This was simply heaven defying.

    After failing the Earthly Immortal tribulation, there was still a shot at becoming a Transformation Rogue Immortal. This was indeed a kind act of heaven providing yet another lifeline for one. Mo Wuji was well aware that Rogue Immortals who failed tribulations and the rogue immortals without any sect were two very different people.

    Hu Bo said, "This is because the Mirage Mountain's technique was exquisite for Transformation Rogue Immortals which was why there were the most number of Rogue Immortals in the Mirage Mountain. And also because of the tremendous strength and power of these Rogue Immortals, they were able to communicate with the Mirage Mountain of the Immortal World. This was also why we would be able to know all sorts of movements or activities in the Immortal World."

    There was a Mirage Mountain in the Immortal World? Mo Wuji really had not heard of such a sect.

    Hu Bo saw the confused expression on Mo Wuji's face before grunting coldly. However, he still sounded respectful as he continued, "Yes, there is a sect called the Mirage Mountain in the Immortal World and it is a fairly huge sect.

    "How many Rogue Immortals does the Mirage Mountain has? And what is the highest level of the Rogue Immortals there?" Mo Wuji had made his decision to go down to the Hai Yi Continent because not only was he curious if he could make his way back to the Immortal World from the Hai Yi Continent, he wanted to find that cultivator who caught Shuai Guo too.

    "There are three Rogue Immortals: A Five Transformations Rogue Immortal, Two Transformations Rogue Immortal and a One Transformation Rogue Immortal," Hu Bo answered truthfully.

    "Since this is the case, please lead the way from the front. I want to make my way down to the Hai Yi Continent," When he heard that there were no Eight or Nine Transformations Rogue Immortal there, Mo Wuji ordered Hu Bo immediately.

    Despite not being fearful of any Eight or Nine Transformations Rogue Immortals, it would still be better if he was cautious.

    "Senior wants to go to the Hai Yi Continent?" Hu Bo looked astonishingly at Mo Wuji.

    "All you have to do is to lead the way and cut the crap," Mo Wuji replied with no courtesy at all.

    Hu Bo felt the easing of the space around his body as he hurried to bow to Mo Wuji before dashing to the helm of the flying ship.

    There would still be a chance to save the young master if he could reach the Mirage Mountain as soon as possible.


    Even though the Hai Yi Continent was called continent, it was merely a planet of the vast universe. The moment Hu Bo's flying ship entered the Hai Yi Continent, Mo Wuji's spiritual will could sense that this planet was multiple folds bigger than Zhen Xing.

    The spiritual energy here was even more phenomenal as compared to Zhen Xing's. No wonder there would be so many experts who were comparable to Golden Immortals being produced in a place like this. For a cultivator who had yet to convert their energy into immortal energy, this was truly a Holy Land for cultivation.

    The entrance of the Mirage Mountain was even more magnificent as Mo Wuji had no idea when the Mirage Mountain were made known of his arrival. Just as Hu Bo brought Mo Wuji into the periphery of the Mirage Mountain, over ten people walked out.

    Mo Wuji saw this group of people and knew that Hu Bo was not boasting about his sect.

    In the group of over ten people, there were at least five Earthly Immortal experts and two experts with half a solid body and faint elemental energy flowing around the surface of their bodies. Their aura looked much stronger than the five Earthly Immortals so Mo Wuji's guess was that these two should be the Rogue Immortals.

    "I, Tang Anxuan, Sect Head of the Mirage Mountain, heard that Dao Friend was visiting and I, Tang Anxuan, seek for Dao Friend's forgiveness for not going out to meet you," The man who spoke was a middle aged Earthly Immortal Stage Level 4 expert and this fella appeared to have yet to notice the dying green robe youth as his tone remained extremely polite.

    Mo Wuji nodded as his eyes glanced across the two Rogue Immortals. His main purpose here was to question the two Rogue Immortals as to how they could communicate with the Immortal World. Of course, Mo Wuji knew that the Mirage Mountain would not talk to him nicely.

    Noticing that all Mo Wuji did was to nod, a short man standing behind Tang Anxuan grunted as killing intent started to show.

    Mo Wuji could tell that this short man was in the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 7 and was slightly higher than Tang Anxuan.

    Evidently, Tang Anxuan's status was much higher than his because all he did was to wave his hand slightly and the short man retracted his killing intent.

    As for the two Rogue Immortals, they were simply standing in silence as if they had yet to notice Mo Wuji.

    "I have yet to ask how should I address this Dao Friend here?" Tang Anxuan maintained his smile.

    "Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji answered casually.

    "It's an honour to meet you," Tang Anxuan had no idea why it was an honour too but he simply continued, "Let me introduce some people to Dao Friend Mo. This is Five Transformations Rogue Immortal, Elder Ling Lian of the Mirage Mountain."

    Mo Wuji had long noticed this Ling Lian as this fella had been standing quietly without looking at Mo Wuji this whole while. Moreover, he had a sinister looking face with an extremely good looking palm and beautifully long fingers. His hand was similar to that of a female.

    Ordinary people might not be able to tell but Mo Wuji only needed one look to tell that this fella's physical body was not completely solid. It seemed like Hu Bo's claim was true about the Rogue Immortals being those who had evolved from the tribulation of primordial spirit.

    After realising that Mo Wuji didn't care too much about Ling Lian, Tang Anxuan's heart turned cold but appeared as if it didn't matter as he continued introducing the rest of them to Mo Wuji.

    Tian Zizong, a short hair elder in the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 9. The previous shorty with the killing intent was called Han Qi and was in the Earthly Immortal Stage Level 7. These two fellas were the first and second elder of the Mirage Mountain respectively. There was also a skinny looking Two Transformations Rogue Immortal called Xing Feng.

    Even though all of them looked like they were out here to welcome Mo Wuji, when Tang Anxuan was introducing them, none of them did anything to express their welcome.
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