Chapter 591: The Guest Seated On The Head Seat

    Chapter 591: The Guest Seated On The Head Seat

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    Despite knowing that this was merely a demonstration of their power, Mo Wuji was not bothered by it at all. Other than questioning more about how to head to the Immortal World, Mo Wuji's purpose here would be to find out who was the one who brought Shuai Guo into the Hai Yi Continent. As long as he managed to find this person, he would have a possibility to return to Zhen Xing.

    "Dao Friend Mo, may I invite you to enter our Mirage Mountain's Guest Hall to talk?" Tang Anxuan bowed slightly as he guided Mo Wuji with his arm.

    He was testing out if Mo Wuji would dare to enter the sect of the Mirage Mountain because if Mo Wuji didn't dare, they would attack him immediately. If Mo Wuji dared to enter, they would choose to observe him for a while more to see if Mo Wuji was really that powerful, or was he this fearless only because he was ignorant.

    After all, Mo Wuji looked way too young and for such a young cultivator to be able to fend against the joint attack of these many experts of the Mirage Mountain, even Tang Anxuan found it hard to believe.

    Mo Wuji appeared as though he had no idea what Tang Anxuan was thinking about as he casually walked into the hall.

    As they watched Mo Wuji entered the hall, the two Rogue Immortals exchanged astonished glances with each other.

    Was Mo Wuji really that ignorant? Or was he really that powerful?

    How could someone, who had just destroyed the direct genius descendant of the Mirage Mountain, walk so blatantly without any signs of fear into the number one sect of the Hai Yi Continent?

    Even if he was that strong, he would possibly lose half of his strength after he entered the Mirage Mountain which were full of array traps.

    At this moment, no one would advise Mo Wuji against doing so because since Mo Wuji was bent on finding trouble with the Mirage Mountain, the Mirage Mountain would definitely want to ask Mo Wuji some questions. The truth was that the Mirage Mountain had been looking for Mo Wuji and they couldn't believe he would actually walk right into their lair.

    One reason would be because they accidentally found out from Shuai Guo about Mo Wuji's Scholar's Heart and since Mo Wuji had a heavenly fire in his possession, why would the Mirage Mountain not covet for it? The second reason would be because of Shuai Guo's origins. Even Shuai Guo himself had no idea where it came from so since Mo Wuji was here, they would force Mo Wuji to explain Shuai Guo's origins.

    The Guest Hall of the Mirage Mountain was beautifully designed and the moment Mo Wuji entered, he could tell that there at least a few hidden peak grade deathtrap arrays in this hall.

    However, these deathtrap arrays were not of any threats to Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji started to hold this sect in contempt simply because of the number of trap arrays they concealed in the guest hall. This proved how indecent this sect was.

    "Dao Friend Mo, please take a seat," Tang Anxuan continued to maintain his enthusiastic attitude as he took the initiative to bring Mo Wuji into the guest hall.

    He pointed to a seat by the side but Mo Wuji appeared to have not seen his gesture as he walked straight to the head seat.

    Tang Anxuan shivered slightly because it was already considered very ridiculous for Mo Wuji to walk into the Mirage Mountain's Guest Hall so blatantly. He simply couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Mo Wuji sitting on the head seat which was usually meant for the host. He couldn't understand why Mo Wuji was really that eager to die.

    The short Han Qi was about to erupt again but it was the Five Transformation Rogue Immortal Ling Lian who pulled Han Qi back this time round. His cold eyes swept across Mo Wuji's action as he made a gesture for Tang Anxuan.

    Tang Anxuan nodded and the ten elders of the Mirage Mountain landed in the hall went to their seats.

    Out of the ten people, other than the five Earthly Immortals, two Rogue Immortals, the rest of them were mostly in the advanced Worldly Immortal Stage.

    The crowd took their seat and just as Tang Anxuan was laughing out loud and was about to speak, a young female cultivator walked to the entrance of the guest hall before bowing, "Sect Head, fellow elders, Lou Fuchi and Qu Lin are here to visit."

    "Oh, who did they bring to be the witness this time round?" Tang Anxuan was all smiles as he asked. It seemed like he treated everyone here with such an enthusiastic attitude.

    The young female cultivator said, "No one, it is just this husband and wife here."

    "Invite them in then," Tang Anxuan nodded as his tone started to become faint.

    Mo Wuji chose not to speak because he really didn't wish to kill his way through this sect. After all, Shuai Guo was still alive and it would be a little too hostile for him to exterminate the entire Mirage Mountain because of Shuai Guo. At the same time, he knew that the Mirage Mountain would be able to bear with his actions till now was because they had questions for him too and it was not about taking revenge.

    He was indeed interested to know why was the Mirage Mountain looking for him other than seeking revenge. However, he would not allow his patience to be tested and if the Mirage Mountain were to not know their limits, he wouldn't mind wiping the Mirage Mountain off the surface of the Hai Yi Continent.

    After a while, the female cultivator brought a man and a woman in.

    The man had a scar on his face and even though he was looked neither handsome nor strong, he had this aura with him. Mo Wuji could tell that he was only in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4. The female cultivation was even lower at the True God Stage Level 5. On first glance, she looked like a really ordinary female in a light green dress with her hair tied up in a bun while carrying a long sword on her back. However, this woman was evidently very prettier and in fact, she seemed to be getting prettier the longer he looked at her.

    The two people were in daze as they set foot into the guest hall. Firstly, it was because the head seat of the guest hall was occupied by a young man whom they had never seen before. Secondly, the people in the guest hall today was simply too terrifying. It only took them a while before they recognised five Earthly Immortals and two Rogue Immortals.

    Such a strong line up, just to handle the two of them? One must know that previously when they invited the Hai Yi Continent's reputable Zhu Huang over, the Mirage Mountain only sent the sect head and one Earthly Immortal over.

    As for the welcome reception by the sect head of the Mirage Mountain, Tang Anxuan, it wasn't because the Mirage Mountain looked up to them but because Tang Anxuan was a smiling tiger. Someone who was polite to anybody and everybody but had killed countless of people before.

    "Greetings Sect Head Tang, elders and the two senior Rogue Immortals," The two people paid their respects by bowing from the entrance.

    Just like how he treated Mo Wuji, Tang Anxuan nodded and invited them to take their seats while all the rest didn't even bother looking at the couple.

    Lou Fuchi and Qu Lin were evidently not treated this coldly for the first time as they didn't seem to mind as they bowed towards Mo Wuji and said, "We have clumsy eyes so we couldn't recognise this Dao Friend here. We seek your forgiveness."

    Despite not recognising Mo Wuji, they didn't dare to offend someone seated at that position as they greeted politely.

    Mo Wuji grew slightly fonder of them because at least these two didn't lie like Tang Anxuan about being 'honoured' to meet him even though he didn't know him too.

    "I am the same as both of you because I am also here to pay a visit to the Mirage Mountain. I am considered a guest too so please don't bother about me and take your seats," Mo Wuji nodded before acknowledging them.

    "Pfft!" Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Han Qi was the first to grunt unhappily.

    The couple Lou Fuchi and Qu Lin were dumbfounded and when they heard Han Qi's grunt, they knew that Mo Wuji was just as unwelcome as they were. If he wasn't welcome, why would he be allowed to sit at the head seat?

    The two of them were also aware that this shouldn't be something they could interfere with so they quickly took their seats at the back of the hall.

    As the atmosphere in the hall started to become strange, Lou Fuchi knew that the longer they stayed in this hall, the more disadvantaged they would be so he stood up in a hurry and bowed to the many elders and Tang Anxuan, "My son must have been blind to offend a disciple of the Mirage Mountain. However, we promise this would be the only time it happens and we would seek for Sect Head Tang to spare us and we would not complain regardless of your condition."

    When he heard this, Mo Wuji finally understood why the couple was here even though they were not welcome by the Mirage Mountain. It seemed like their son had been captured by the Mirage Mountain. As to why Lou Fuchi said that they would be willing to accept any condition, Mo Wuji understood because how could an intermediate Worldly Immortal and a True God dare to complain about anything here?

    Tang Anxuan's voice was faint, "I will forget about other matters because of the respect I have for Dao Friend Lou but your son, Lou Yang actually insulted the female disciple of my Mirage Mountain and he will not be forgiven. The two of you should head back otherwise, don't accuse the Mirage Mountain of bullying the weak."

    Tang Anxuan finished his piece and Han Qi added, "This would be the last time this happens. The next time the two of you were to cause trouble at the Mirage Mountain, there would not be a return trip for you."

    Qu Lin stood up hurriedly, "I believe my Lou Yang would not do such things. Sect Head Tang, could you let Lou Yang out for us to speak to him?"

    Tang Anxuan's smiley face turned serious as he said, "Why? Dao Friend Qu thinks that my Mirage Mountain is accusing your son? Why would my Mirage Mountain, the number one sect of the Hai Yi Continent, accuse a small True Lake Stage cultivator like your son?"

    From the conversation of the two of them, Mo Wuji made certain of something. That would be that Lou Yang insulted a female disciple of the Mirage Mountain and initially, nobody questioned the reason for the capture. However, the key was that the Mirage Mountain refused to let Lou Yang meet his parents.

    Even a fool would be able to tell that something was amiss.

    "Ah, since he commited a crime and deserve to be detain, we should of course gather everyone to find out the truth. I shall be the witness today so bring that Lou Yang out to question him," Mo Wuji hit against the coffee table as he laughed while speaking.

    If he didn't step in, this couple would leave in the same state that they entered this place. The moment they anger the Mirage Mountain, they could very well end up locked.

    When they heard Mo Wuji's help, Lou Fuchi and Qu Lin were also surprised as they bowed pleasingly at Mo Wuji.

    "Hahaha..." After containing himself for so long, Han Qi could no longer take it as he jumped out from his seat laughing as he scolded Mo Wuji, "What are you? You ruined the cultivation, future and even half the life of the first descendant of my Mirage Mountain and you dare talk so arrogantly here? Let me see how strong you are today..."

    After saying this, Han Qi jumped right towards Mo Wuji.

    This time round, even Tang Anxuan did not stop him as everyone watched Han Qi. Everyone here wanted to know how capable Mo Wuji truly was. This was the best place to observe the fight between the two of them.

    Very soon, Han Qi was shocked as he was actually trapped midair and was unable to move no matter how hard he tried.

    Everyone here knew that he was an Earthly Immortal and was in fact, in Level 7 of the stage. Even a true Heavenly Immortal should not be able to trap him midair.

    In the next instance, he reacted and realised that someone who dared to destroy the direct descendant of the Mirage Mountain and sat at head seat should not be a simple man. Moreover, this man here looked so young so could he be a true celestial?

    There was an extreme coldness in Han Qi's heart at this moment and the fact was that he did not remember feeling this fearful ever since he started cultivating.
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