Chapter 593: Gold Horn Violet Dragon

    Chapter 593: Gold Horn Violet Dragon

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    "What's the matter?" Mo Wuji looked at Lou Yang, feeling rather confused. If there was really an important matter, it should not be said here. After all, he did not intend to kill everyone here. Even though Lou Yang was still young, he should understand such basic things.

    "Mirage Mountain has captured a Gold Horn Violet Dragon and has trapped it in Mirage Mountain's spirit pith pond," After he finished speaking, Lou Yang anxiously knelt down, "that Gold Horn Violet Dragon is my benefactor. Senior, please help..."

    There was really a Gold Horn Violet Dragon? Mo Wuji exhaled a breath of cold air. He did not thing too much about it when Lou Yang possessed the Gold Horn Violet Dragon bloodline. Some times, heredity was a complicated thing, Lou Yang's ancestor might have been a Gold Horn Violet Dragon and the bloodline might have skipped generations. Or perhaps, due to some fortuitous opportunity, he might have obtain some Gold Horn Violet Dragon. A Gold Horn Violet Dragon was an ancient dragon breed; it was incomparably priceless. Just a simple drop of a mature Gold Horn Violet Dragon's blood was an invaluable treasure that even Immortal Emperors would covet.

    An actual Gold Horn Violet Dragon and having the bloodline of the Gold Horn Violet Dragon were two completely different things."

    "That Gold Horn Violet Dragon gave me a vase of dragon saliva. Because I cultivated using that dragon saliva, I managed to obtain a sliver of the Gold Horn Violet Dragon bloodline, and that was also why I was caught by the Mirage Mountain. After I was caught by Mirage Mountain, they forced me to reveal where that young dragonling was. Then they caught that dragonling. I was the one that brought harm to that Gold Horn Violet Dragon," Lou Yang said all that in a single breath.

    When Tang Anxuan heard Lou Yang's words, his head started ringing. Just now, he was wholeheartedly praying that Mo Wuji didn't destroy his sect, and the matter of the Gold Horn Violet Dragon slipped out of his mind. Now that the matter had been revealed by Lou Yang, how was his Mirage Mountain going to get out of this?

    "I was the one who caught that Gold Horn Violet Dragon to refine my fleshly body. Even if you destroy my Mirage Mountain, there will be someone from the Immortal World to take care of you. Your rampage will not last for long, I, Ling Lian, will be waiting for you." Ling Lian already knew that there was no point for regrets, and he directly shouted at Mo Wuji angrily.

    After he said that, Ling Lian's primordial spirit suddenly started to disperse. From the looks of it, he was going to take this responsibility to his death.

    Mo Wuji snorted and sent a lightning bolt over. To disperse his primordial spirit in front of Mo Wuji; he must be dreaming.

    "Ah!" Ling Lian cried out in agony as his soul burnt.

    "Lead the way." Mo Wuji stared coldly at Tang Anxuan. His voice was no longer as kind.

    How could Tang Anxuan not know the meaning behind Mo Wuji's words. He hurriedly bowed and said, "Senior, please follow me. That Gold Horn Violet Dragon has been living in great conditions. We have never mistreated it."

    "Lead the way." Mo Wuji snorted.

    As a person who stayed in the Immortal World before, Mo Wuji naturally knew of the Gold Horn Violet Dragon. Even in the Immortal World, this dragon was probably extinct. Now in the cultivation world, a Gold Horn Violet Dragon actually appeared. He did not intend to be like Mirage Mountain and suck this Gold Horn Violet Dragon's blood. However, he wanted to ask this Gold Horn Violet Dragon about where it came from.


    As the number one sect in Hai Yi Continent, Mirage Mountain did have some clout.

    Even before they neared the huge spirit pith pond, everyone could already feel the dense spiritual energy. Mo Wuji also sighed in his heart; if he had such a spirit pith pond to cultivate back when he was in the cultivation world, why would he need to go searching all over the place for cultivation resources?

    The spiritual energy from the spirit pith pond was so dense that fogs visible to the eye were formed; a violet dragon that was not roughly 5 meters long had its four limbs shackled as it lay in the center of the spirit pith pond.

    The horn on this violet dragon was indeed gold in colour. From the looks of it, this was truly a Gold Horn Violet Dragon.

    "Big Brother Violet Dragon, I'm sorry. You saved me, but I implicated you and got you caught by the Mirage Mountain." The mountain they reached the spirit pith pond, Lou Yang cried out with a voice filled with guilt.

    "They don't dare to kill me. One day, this entire sect will be squashed by my parents. Eh, this bird is not simple." The Gold Horn Violet Dragon was like Shuai Guo, not only could it talk, its voice was filled with pride. Eventually, it noticed Shuai Guo that was perched on Mo Wuji's shoulder and it exclaimed in shock.

    "Oh, you know of this bird's origins?" Mo Wuji asked eagerly.

    Shuai Guo was considered his pet beast; it was just that until now, he didn't know what Shuai Guo was. If this violet dragon knew about it, then he was really interested in finding out.

    "Big Brother Violet Dragon, this senior is here to save you." Lou Yang knew of the Gold Horn Violet Dragon's pride and was worried that it might offend Mo Wuji, so he said anxiously.

    Before the Gold Horn Violet Dragon even said a word, Mo Wuji lifted his hand and made a few small motions with his fingers. The four huge shackles and the seals installed immediately disappeared; the Gold Horn Violet Dragon fell safely into the spirit pith pond.

    "Dao friend is really strong, many thanks dao friend for your saving grace." This Gold Horn Violet Dragon's EQ was not low; the moment it was released, it smiled and thanked Mo Wuji.

    "Let's talk after we leave this place." Mo Wuji knew that the legacy from a godbeast like this violet dragon was far from ordinary. He had many things which he wanted to ask this violet dragon, so he naturally wouldn't want to waste time here.

    "Wait..." The Gold Horn Violet Dragon cried, then it suddenly turned and sucked strongly. The dense spiritual energy formed a white cloud which got sucked away by the violet dragon.

    The spiritual energy in this spirit pith pond noticeably got thinner. However, the Gold Horn Violet Dragon didn't leave it at that as he continued to take a few more whiffs.

    In the pleading eyes of Tang Anxuan and co., they saw this Gold Horn Violet Dragon suck out a good half of the energy from their spirit pith pond. Only then, did it close its mouth and say, "We can go now."

    Shuai Guo stared at this Gold Horn Violet Dragon enviously. Unfortunately, it wasn't as capable as this violet dragon. If it was as capable, with it, this big lord around, how could this tiny dragon get a chance to absorb the spiritual energy?

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and grabbed; Mirage Mountain's sect protecting array was like a thin piece of paper as it was easily torn by Mo Wuji. Thereafter, Mo Wuji waved his hand, sweeping up the Lou Family and the Gold Horn Violet Dragon, and they instantly vanished without a trace."

    Seeing Mo Wuji leave, Tang Anxuan immediately said, "Hurry and inform the Immortal World that someone had come and destroyed our Mirage Mountain."

    "But Senior Uncle Ling Lian has already fallen. We don't have the ability to communicate with the Immortal World..." Xing Feng said subconsciously.

    "Even if we have to initiate a blood array, we must let the Immortal World know of this matter. Otherwise, our Mirage Mountain will not be far from extermination. Whoever this person is, if he dares to bully our Mirage Mountain, he definitely wouldn't let things go so simply," Tang Anxuan said through gritted teeth. If Mo Wuji was still around, he would definitely sigh in praise; this fella's expression actually changed so much in a matter of seconds.


    Tens of breaths later, Mo Wuji stopped on the peak of a huge mountain; the Lou Family landed by his side. The moment that Gold Horn Violet Dragon descended, he asked in surprise, "Dao friend is not from the cultivation world? But from the Immortal World?"

    It was indeed knowledgeable. Mo Wuji nodded and said, 'That's right. Later, I have some questions that I wish to ask you."

    Lou Fuchi and his wife grabbed the opportunity They knew that Mo Wuji had some matters to settle with the Gold Horn Violet Dragon, so they immediately expressed their gratitude, and at the same time, bid their farewells.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a flying ship and handed it to Lou Fuchi and said, "This is a Grade 2 immortal flying ship. I'm giving it to you."

    "Ah..." Qu Lin cried in alarm. Even in Mirage Mountain, immortal equipments were core sect treasures. The main reason was because it was very hard for immortal equipment from the Immortal World to be brought to the cultivation world.

    The moment Lou Fuchi heard that it was a Grade 2 immortal equipment, his heart jolted. He hurriedly rejected it, "Senior, this is too excessive, I really don't dare to accept it. I haven't even repaid senior for helping us so how could we just accept senior's treasures?"

    Mo Wuji smiled and waved his hand, "This thing isn't very valuable to me. You guys just keep it. If the people from Mirage Mountain ever have any malicious intentions, at least you will have a method to escape."

    If he was going to help someone, he would do it to the end. This Grade 2 immortal equipment really didn't mean much to Mo Wuji; his own flying treasure was already a Grade 7 flying shuttle.

    As he recalled Mo Wuji's startling methods, Lou Fuchi started to understand that Mo Wuji was speaking the truth. He also knew that his family didn't really have anything to repay Mo Wuji. After eagerly expressing his thanks, he brought Qu Lin and Lou Yang and left.

    "I'm called Mo Wuji." Waiting for the Lou Family to leave, Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said.

    This Gold Horn Violet Dragon's power was far from his, but every Gold Horn Violet Dragon was a heaven defying existence, it will definitely be a mighty expert in the future. Mo Wuji did not want to make such an existence happy, which was why he was polite.

    "I'm called Yan Li. Once again, many thanks friend for saving me," the Gold Horn Violet Dragon also replied extremely courteously. After it finished speaking, it lay its body on top of a huge stop, as though waiting for Mo Wuji to talk about conditions.

    "Aren't the dragon race surnamed Ao?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Yan Li said, "My Gold Horn Violet Dragon clan has always been surnamed Yan. What does the Ao even stand for."

    Mo Wuji did want to beat around the bush, and he was also too lazy to do so. He directly went straight to the point and asked, "I know that the Gold Horn Violet Dragon does not exist in the cultivation world. Even in the Immortal World, it is an incredibly rare existence. How did you appear in Hai Yi Continent?"

    Yan Li's IQ was clearly not low. It did not answer Mo Wuji's question, instead, it asked Mo Wuji a question, "Dao Friend Mo, if I'm not wrong, dao friend should be from the Immortal World and want to ask how to get back, right?"

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said emotionally, "Exactly, I accidentally left the Immortal World and I don't know the way back. I have to ask Dao Friend Yan, do you know how I can return to the Immortal World?"

    Yan Li went silent for a moment, then it sized Mo Wuji up before saying, "Dao Friend Mo doesn't intend to drink my blood? Or even ask me for a bit of my blood?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Do you think I'm like Mirage Mountain? It wasn't very trouble for me to save you. And there's no need to talk about how you're just a young godbeast, even if you're a mature primordial godbeast, I wouldn't ask to drink your blood."

    "Dao Friend Mo's words are true?" Yan Li sprang off the huge rock and asked anxiously.

    Mo Wuji replied seriously, "Naturally it's true. I, Mo Wuji, never intended to lie to you."

    "Good, Brother Mo, you're my friend now. Actually, I do know how to enter the Immortal World, I know more than one method..." Yan Li said excitedly; it never thought a person wouldn't covet its vital blood.

    "Hurry and tell me," Mo Wuji said eagerly. He started to feel that his nomadic days roaming around the cultivation world were going to end.
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