Chapter 594: A Mosquito

    Chapter 594: A Mosquito

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    "The first method is very simple. That is to follow an ascending cultivator into the Immortal World. The Law of the Heaven and Earth over Hai Yi Continent are perfect, almost every few years, a person would ascend into the Immortal World. The moment they ascend, a perfect ascension path will form between Hai Yi Continent and the Immortal World. With your ability, you would definitely be able to follow the ascending cultivator along this path into the Immortal World. However, this method has its dangers." Yan Li had clearly researched on the methods to ascend into the Immortal World; he was very confident as he spoke.

    Mo Wuji had also thought of the ascension path. Now that Yan Li had mentioned it, he hurriedly asked, "What's the danger?"

    He had gone to the Immortal World before. This should be different from his own continent; there shouldn't be any Half Immortal Domain so what's the danger?

    Yan Li explained, "Because these ascension paths will lead to the ascension pond in the Immortal World, and the ascension pond is guarded. The moment you go up, even if the Mirage Mountain didn't send people to deal with you, the Immortal World wouldn't allow other cultivators to use the ascension pond. Unless you have a huge backer in the Immortal World and no one dares to touch you."

    Mo Wuji thought in his heart: he did have a backer back in the Immortal World. He was an esteemed elder at the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. Logically, even if he used the ascension pond, no one would do anything to him right? Even the Mirage Mountain, when they know of his status, they shouldn't dare to touch him.

    If Mo Wuji knew that the Gods Immortal Domain's Immortal Emperor Lun Cai hated him to the core, and that the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance had already cast him aside, perhaps he wouldn't have such thoughts.

    "Then what's the second method?" Mo Wuji already decided to use the ascension pond to enter the Immortal World. However, there's no harm learning about another method.

    Yan Li said, "The second method is to use the dragon race's Hidden Dragon Pool to enter the Immortal World..."

    "Hidden Dragon Pool?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    Yan Li continued, "It's expected that you don't know of the Hidden Dragon Pool. Even descendants of the dragon race might not know that there's a path to the cultivation world from the Hidden Dragon Pool. In reality, when an outstanding disciple appears in the dragon race, he will be sent to the Hidden Dragon Pool to cultivate. That place is simply a cultivation holyland for dragon race geniuses."

    Mo Wuji said speechlessly, "If I use that method, wouldn't it be more dangerous than using the ascension pond?"

    "Not necessarily," Yan Li said resolutely, "there will definitely be danger if you use the ascension pond. However, if you sneak in through the Hidden Dragon Pool, it might be possible for you to be undiscovered. While it's true that the Hidden Dragon Pool is the dragon race's biggest secret, there aren't many experts standing guard there. Moreover, since it's the dragon race's biggest secret, not anyone can just enter the Hidden Dragon Pool.

    Those years ago, my mother was training within the Hidden Dragon Pool and she accidentally found a pathway to the cultivation world. Eventually, after my mother got pregnant with me, she was worried that the Dragon King would cause trouble for her, and at the same time, she was scared that I would directly be killed. Thus, she secretly went into the Hidden Dragon Pool to give birth to me and sent me to the cultivation world."

    "You're saying that only you and your mother know of this Hidden Dragon Pool?" Mo Wuji asked in surprise.

    Yan Li replied in uncertainty, "I can't be sure about that. There are many geniuses from the dragon race that enter the Hidden Dragon Pool. If my mother was able to discover it, then others could do so too."

    Mo Wuji finally understood why Yan Li didn't take the surname 'Ao', and even felt contempt towards that surname. So it turns out that Yan Li was a b*stard child and Yan Li's father probably had nothing to do with the dragon race. It was exactly because of this that Yan Li didn't feel any feelings of attachment towards the dragon race and revealed the matter of the Hidden Dragon Pool to him.

    Mo Wuji wouldn't ask Yan Li about his family matters. As he prepared to ask Yan Li about the position to the pathway from the cultivation world to the Hidden Dragon Pool, Yan Li had already taken out a map and handed it to Mo Wuji, "This is the position of the Hidden Dragon Pool in Hai Yi Continent. It is within Hai Yi Continent's because ocean. Follow this map and you should be able to find it."

    After Mo Wuji accepted the map, Yan Li took out a dragonscale and handed it to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, you have saved my life and your character is worthy of my respect. I'm giving this dragonscale to you, we will meet again in the Immortal World."

    "Cultivating in the Immortal World is far better than cultivating here. Why do you stat in the cultivation world?" Mo Wuji accepted the dragonscale with thanks, then he asked Yan Li curiously.

    Yan Li said helplessly, If I go to the Immortal World, before I even mature, I might already have become somebody's lunch. Also, cultivating in the cultivation world would make one more attuned and have a greater understanding towards the Law of the Heaven and Earth."

    Mo Wuji took out a vase of billion year Immortal Wood Marrow and handed it to Yan Li, "This is some good stuff that I obtained. I'm giving some to you."

    "Billion year Immortal Wood Marrow?" The moment Yan Li opened the vase, he cried out in pleasant surprise; this thing was too valuable. To him, the billion year Immortal Wood Marrow was simply a timely treasure that couldn't be purchased even if one wanted to.

    He promptly kept this vase of Immortal Wood Marrow up and said gratefully, "Big brother, you really helped me big time. This Immortal Wood Marrow is very useful to me."

    Mo Wuji laughed at Yan Li's straightforward and candid character, he smiled and said, "You gave me your dragonscale, and even told me about the Hidden Dragon Pool, what does a vase of Immortal Wood Marrow even count for? Cultivate properly and go to the Immortal World. I have some urgent matter back in the Immortal World so I won't stay here for much longer."

    Mo Wuji was indeed in a rush to get back to the Immortal World. He didn't know of Cen Shuyin's situation and whether she had successfully been revived.

    Yan Li vomited out a green pearl and handed it to Mo Wuji, "Big Brother, this is something that my mother gave me those years ago. If you see my mother, please pass this pearl to her. Tell her that I'm doing well and she doesn't need to worry about me."

    "If I meet your mother, I will definitely do that." Mo Wuji did not reject Yan Li's request as he kept the pearl.

    Yan Li's mother would definitely have the same aura as Yan Li. If he were to meet her, he would be able to recognise her.

    "Then Big Brother, let me send you to Yi." Yan Li had already treated Mo Wuji as his best friend. The way that the dragon race makes friend were different; the moment they recognised you, they would treat that you as a true friend. Otherwise, they wouldn't bother with you at all.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Yan Li, you better find a place to cultivate. There are many experts here. If you get caught again, it wouldn't be so easy to escape. Oh right, I still have a question that I forgot to ask. You know of Shuai Guo's origins? Is he a Three Footed Golden Crow?"

    Mo Wuji had always suspected that Shuai Guo was a Three Footed Golden Crow. After all, Shuai Guo had a natural affinity to fire, it looked like a crow, and it also had three feet. Its only difference with a Three Footed Golden Crow was that it actually had three horns on its head.

    When Shuai Guo heard that Mo Wuji was asking about its origins, it also perked its ears and stared at Yan Li. Even though it knew of the Gold Horn Violet Dragon in its memories, it did not know of its own origins. At least, for now. After all, it's legacy hadn't fully appeared in his memories.

    Yan Li stared at Shuai Guo in appreciation, "Big Brother, this bird looks like a mutated Three Footed Golden Crow, but in reality, it is not a Three Footed Golden Crow. In fact, it is a sort of ancient fierce bug..."

    "Hey, little violet dragon, you can put nonsense in your mouth but you can't just randomly throw it out of your mouth. Don't bullsh*t us. I'm so cute, in what way am I fierce? Don't try to lie to my lord." When Shuai Guo heard Yan Li talking bad things about it, it immediately blurted out in anger.

    "Ancient fierce bug?" Mo Wuji also thought that it was rather funny. Shuai Guo was quite ugly but it was clearly a bird. So how was it related to a fierce bug?

    Yan Li did not pay heed to Shuai Guo's words. It continued, "It is actually a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito..."

    "What?" Mo Wuji exclaimed in shock. This answer really sent him into disbelief.

    What was the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito? Of course he knew what it was. He knew about it before he started cultivating. During that time, he was could be considered a professional on it back on Earth.

    Because the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito was one of the fierce bugs in Chinese legends. [1] This mosquito was notorious. It continuously sucked on the Turtle Spirit Holy Mother till it became nothing but an empty shell. It even sucked away three tiers of the Tier 12 Virtuous Golden Lotus, causing the Virtuous Golden Lotus to be Tier 9. Together with the Six Winged Sky Silkworm, the Many Eyed Golden Centipede, the Nine Tailed Scorpion and the Nine Headed Worm, the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito is one of the five great desolate bugs.

    But these are stories of legend...

    That's not right. Mo Wuji suddenly recalled of the Tier 12 Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Since he could see the Tier 12 Red Karmic Fire Lotus, then the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito wasn't something inconceivable.

    The Red Karmic Fire Lotus was also an item from the fabled Yellow Springs. But didn't it also appear in the Broken World's third level?

    Could Shuai Guo really be that great mosquito? It really seems like it could be true. Back when he was sucking that Tian Zhikou's vital blood, it seemed to be extremely experienced, and it seemed to long for more. From the looks of it, sucking blood was in its blood.

    Mo Wuji sighed with emotion. Others kept dragons, tigers or leopards as pets, but he was rearing a mosquito.

    When Mo Wuji was still in disbelief, Yan Li continued, "Shuai Guo naturally isn't the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito from legends. However, it does have the bloodline of the Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito. Its bloodline also contains some traces of the Three Footed Golden Crow and even a hint of Ci Tie. But even so, it does not change the fact that it is a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito. Over a few years, big brother will naturally see it."

    Shuai Guo lowered its head. It was feeling very dejected; it felt that what Yan Li was saying was true. It never expected that despite its handsome looks, it was actually a huge mosquito. Not only that, from Yan Li's words, it had a fierce and notorious reputation. Of course, its handsome looks was only based on its own judgement.

    Mo Wuji soon gave up thinking on whether Shuai Guo was a mosquito or not. The reason why he asked Yan Li that question wasn't because he wanted to do anything about Shuai Guo, but merely because he was curious about Shuai Guo's origins.

    "Yan Li, thanks for telling me about Shuai Guo's origins. I will be leaving now. We will meet again in the Immortal World." With that, Mo Wuji took a step forward and instantly disappeared.

    Mo Wuji had a good impression of Yan Li. Not only did Yan Li teach him about the two methods, Yan Li saved Lou Yang and even gave Lou Yang its dragon saliva. That was enough to show that it had a genuine heart.

    Seeing Mo Wuji disappear, Yan Li sighed, "I never thought that there would be such a forthright human being. This big brother is really not bad."

    [1] 5 Bugs, 7 Birds, 9 Beasts. Really interesting stuff.
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