Chapter 595: Searching For An Ascending Cultivator

    Chapter 595: Searching For An Ascending Cultivator

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    "Lord, I also didn't know that I was a mosquito." Shuai Guo was perched on Mo Wuji's shoulder. It was slightly worried that Mo Wuji, its lord, would be disgusted at it because it was a mosquito then abandon it.

    Mo Wuji casually said, "If you're a mosquito, then so be it. However, even if you're a mosquito, if you want to stay by my side, you can't casually suck others' blood."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji didn't despise it, Shuai Guo immediately said delightedly, "Lord, I promise that I will listen to you."


    Mirage Mountain Main Hall. Thousands of high grade immortal crystals were placed at different positions. Ten young men and women were also standing at the various spots. At the center, there was a whirlpool-shaped diagram of the Yin Yang Fish. In Hai Yi Continent, the only power that could bring out thousands of high grade immortal crystals was Mirage Mountain.

    An emaciated man was standing right in the center of the Yin Yang Fish diagram. Including Tang Anxuan, ten experts of Mirage Mountain anxiously stood at the four corners of the Yin Yang Fish diagram.

    The emaciated, bony old man shouted loudly and his elemental energy burst forth strongly. The 10 experts around him also burst forth with their elemental energy. Soon, this Yin Yang Fish diagram became an elemental energy whirlpool. That elemental whirlpool and that whirlpool diagram resonated strongly, seemingly wanting to merge with one another.

    The old man waved his hand and an energy blade sliced through the air; the heads of the ten young men and women fell off their necks. Ten arrows of blood gushed out and they were immediately channeled into the whirlpool by the old man.

    The Yin Yang Fish in the whirlpool started to buzz. After an unknown period of time, a faint outline of a figure appeared in the air above the Yin Yang Fish. An extremely severe tone could be heard, "What happened in Mirage Mountain that the blood sacrificial method has to be used to communicate with the Immortal World?"

    Tang Anxuan hurriedly knelt down and said, "Replying Senior Granduncle, Mirage Mountain had been broken into recently. Grand Elder Five Transformations Rogue Immortal Ling Lian had been killed. Elder Tian Zizong, Han Qi and Fei Ping had been killed as well. Young Lord Tian Zhikou has been wasted of his cultivation; the Gold Horn Violet Dragon has been snatched away; the sect protecting array has been torn apart; the immortal pith pond..."

    Before Tang Anxuan finished speaking, that voice uttered in rage, "Who dares? And how was an ordinary cultivator able to kill his way into my Mirage Mountain?"

    Tang Anxuan lifted his hand and an image appeared in mid air, "It's this person. His name is Mo Wuji and he should be from the Immortal World. He is extremely powerful; even Elder Ling Lian wasn't able to force him to use his magic treasure. His main attack method was with lightning bolts."

    "Mo Wuji? What a familiar name..." After that faint outline muttered that sentence, he went into silence. After some time, he cried out agitatedly, "This person is really Mo Wuji?"

    "Yes, he is indeed called Mo Wuji," Tang Anxuan said, confused.

    "Hahahaha..." That figure suddenly chortled, as though he had met with some joyous event.

    Tang Anxuan and the various elders of Mirage Mountain glanced at each other in confusion. Tang Anxuan eventually could not endure it as he asked, "Senior Granduncle, why did you laugh when you found out that he's Mo Wuji?"

    The figure in the sacrificial blood array had already calmed down. He chuckled as he said, "As the saying goes: You bring yourself to ruin. This person did have some status; he was an elder at the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. However, he offended Grand Emperor Lun Cai. In Immortal Emperor Lun Cai's anger, he destroyed Mo Wuji's pill court as well as the people inside. Even if Mo Wuji had escaped into the cultivation world, Grand Emperor Lun Cai wouldn't let go of him. Hurry and find out about his whereabouts and report it to me. Every month, we will open a communication pathway from Mirage Mountain to the Immortal World."

    If an Immortal Emperor did want to make a trip to the cultivation world, there were indeed some methods.


    Mo Wuji did not go to Yi Sea to find the Hidden Dragon Pool. To him, there was a much simpler method so why would he take the risk with the Hidden Dragon Pool? Using the ascension pond was the simplest method.

    Even though the Law of the Heaven and Earth over Hai Yi Continent was perfect and the spiritual energy was sufficient, it wasn't that easy to find an ascending cultivator. Moreover, Mo Wuji wasn't very familiar with Hai Yi Continent. Supposedly, within a few years, there should be an ascending cultivator in Hai Yi Continent. However, in reality, there might not be one even after several decades; or there might be four to five cultivators ascending within the same year.

    After hanging around Hai Yi Continent for several months, Mo Wuji got wind of a cultivator that was about to ascend. However, Mo Wuji found that this cultivator was from Jade Lady Sect; this left Mo Wuji feeling rather troubled.

    After all, he had been here for quite some time; Mo Wuji had a rough understanding towards Jade Lady Sect. This was a sect without men. Not only did they not have any male disciples, they did not even allow any men to enter within a 100 mile radius of their sect. Any men that entered would be provoking the sect.

    With Mo Wuji's ability, he naturally couldn't be stopped even if he were to openly walk into Jade Lady Sect. Even though it had only been a few months, Mo Wuji's name had already spread throughout Hai Yi Continent. Probably no sect would dare show any disrespect to this expert that could casually kill the elders of Mirage Mountain.

    It was just that Mo Wuji wasn't willing to use such tyrannical means to enter Jade Lady Sect. Him entering Jade Lady Sect would not mean much to him, but it would definitely affect the reputation of Jade Lady Sect.

    With Mo Wuji's immense cultivation, even if the Jade Lady Sect's sect protecting array was any stronger, it wouldn't hinder him at all.

    Since he couldn't openly walk into Jade Lady Sect, Mo Wuji decided that he would secretly sneak in and the that ascending female cultivator. He would then discuss with her whether he could follow her as she ascended into the Immortal World.

    Mo Wuji believed that with the pills and treasures that he had on him, he shouldn't meet with any problems during that discussion.


    Jade Lady Sect. It could only be considered an intermediate grade sect in Hai Yi Continent. It had at least been a hundred years since the sect had an ascending cultivator. This time, Jade Lady Xu Dai was going to ascend. To the Jade Lady Sect, it was their big day.

    Xu Dai did not enter the Jade Lady Sect for long. If she were to count the number of years she was here, it probably wouldn't hit 100. In less than a century, Xu Dai cultivated to the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage and was about to ascend to the Immortal World. Her talent was definitely top notch.

    Supposedly, for a talent like this, the next step for Jade Lady Sect was simple: it was to prepare a mountain for Xu Dai for her tribulation, then gather the experts in the sect to be her defender and wait for Xu Dai to ascend.

    But in reality, Jade Lady Sect did not prepare a mountain for Xu Dai. At this moment, Jade Lady Sect's Sect Head Huang Ruo had an expression of vexation across her face. There was one reason for that: Xu Dai wanted to undergo her tribulation outside the sect.

    Others would desperately want to rush back to the sect for a safer ascension but Xu Dai thought otherwise; it would be weird if Huang Ruo didn't have this bitter expression on her face. Was it easy for Jade Lady Sect to have a cultivator that could ascend? It was much more dangerous for Xu Dai to ascend outside the sect. If she encountered an evil cultivator, Xu Dai might be plotted against during her tribulation. Moreover, undergoing tribulation within the sect would allow the Earthly Immortals within the sect to observe the process; it would definitely be beneficial for the sect.

    "Sect Head, the reason why I'm leaving the sect to undergo tribulation is not something that I can easily disclose. But no matter what, I, Xu Dai, am a lady of the Jade Lady Sect." A tall and slender woman bowed towards Sect Head Huang Ruo. Her tone was especially sincere and it even had a hint of reluctance.

    Huang Ruo sighed and said, "You need to be careful. Before you undergo your tribulation, take note of your surroundings."

    "Yes, disciple understands. Disciple will be leaving now. In the future, disciple will meet Sect Head Jing Hou and the various senior grandaunties in the Immortal World." With that, Xu Dai turned and brought out a flying sword. She sped away on top of that flying sword.

    Outside Jade Lady Sect, a concealed Mo Wuji looked as Xu Dai left into the distance. He was confused; why didn't Xu Dai want to undergo her tribulation in the sect? Well, this was better for him. It saved him the trouble of sneaking into Jade Lady Sect.

    Mo Wuji did not stop Xu Dai, instead, he silently followed behind her. In his perspective, Xu Dai was preparing for her tribulation, so she would definitely go to an empty and remote area. That would mean that she would be flying for a few days at least. What went out of Mo Wuji's expectations was that after a short four hours, Xu Dai stopped outside a mountain valley.

    This place definitely wasn't suitable for tribulation. Whether Xu Dai was going to undergo her tribulation here or not, Mo Wuji decided to come forward and talk to her.

    He landed in front of Xu Dai and clasped his fists, "Are you Dao Friend Xu Dai?"

    Xu Dai was, after all, a Great Circle Earthly Immortal Expert. Except the rogue immortals, she was the highest level existence on this planet. But at this instant, Mo Wuji had appeared in front of her and she wasn't able to detect it at all. Her face instantly changed and she immediately retrieved her magic treasure.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "Dao Friend Xu, please don't misunderstand. I don't have any ill intentions, I only wish to discuss something with you."

    "What is it?" Xu Dai stared at Mo Wuji warily. She was actually unable to see through Mo Wuji's cultivation. Could he be a powerful rogue immortal?

    "I'm Mo Wuji, I'm from..."

    Mo Wuji only said his name and didn't even manage to say where he came from but an expression of agitation appeared in Xu Dai's eyes as she hurriedly kept her magic treasure and said, "Senior is the Mo Wuji from the Immortal World? The Mo Wuji who killed his way into Mirage Mountain?"

    These words clearly showed how agitated Xu Dai was.

    Mo Wuji was rather confused. He nodded, "That's right, I'm that Mo Wuji. You seem to be looking for me."

    Mo Wuji wasn't suprised that Xu Dai heard of him. And it was also expected that his incident with Mirage Mountain was known throughout Hai Yi Continent. What left him confused was that the two of them didn't even know each other. Must Xu Dai be so agitated?

    "Junior was indeed looking for senior," Xu Dai said respectfully.

    "What's the matter? If I can help you, and if it doesn't go against my dao ideals, I will definitely lend a hand," Mo Wuji said. He came here to ask Xu Dai for help. Thus, if Xu Dai needed his help with something, he naturally wouldn't reject it.

    Xu Dai inhaled deeply, then she said, "Did Senior offend an Immortal Emperor in the Immortal World, called Lun Cai?"

    Now, Mo Wuji was more confused. He had heard of Immortal Emperor Lun Cai; that fella was really a tyrant, when his concubine was sick, he forcefully called all the immortal doctors to examine her. Mo Wuji really looked down on a person; this fella was simply a rogue.

    However, he had never met Lun Cai before. How did he offend Lun Cai?
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