Chapter 596: Razing Mirage Mountain To The Ground

    Chapter 596: Razing Mirage Mountain To The Ground

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    "I received news that the Immortal World's Immortal Emperor Lun Cai had destroyed your pill house and even killed the people inside," When Xu Dai finally delivered this message to Mo Wuji, her heart felt relieved.

    "What?" Mo Wuji's killing intent filled the air. An indescribable raging anger brewed within his heart; he wasn't even acquainted with Grand Emperor Lun Cai, why did this fella do such things to him?

    Feeling Mo Wuji's icy killing intent, even though Xu Dai was a Great Circle Earthly Immortal, she still subconsciously took a few steps back.

    Only then, did Mo Wuji force himself to calm down. He asked in a low voice, "Where did you here that from? Didn't anyone in the Immortal World try to stop him?"

    He was an esteemed elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. When Lun Cai acted against his men, shouldn't the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance have stood up for him?

    Xu Dai continued, "I'm not sure about that. I only heard that you are an elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, but the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance has already given up on you and formed an agreement with Lun Cai."

    "Crack crack..." Mo Wuji clenched his fists tightly. Even though Mo Wuji did have intentions of seeking asylum when he joined the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, he did acknowledge the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, and if the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance needed him, he would not have hesitated to offer his help.

    But now, after the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance believed that he was dead, they actually betrayed him.

    Indeed, one could only depend on oneself in the Immortal World. Any form of external strength was just an illusion. Only when you are within their interests, they help you. But once you no longer have any meaning, you would be directly thrown into the rubbish bin.

    Mo Wuji sighed gloomily. At this point, he really wanted to charge up into the Immortal World and throw that Grand Emperor Lun Cai's neck into his Scholar's Heart.

    Eventually, Mo Wuji decided to calm himself down. Whether it was Grand Emperor Lun Cai or the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, he was but an ant to them; he might not even be an ant. If he wanted revenge, he would need to advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage.

    There were countless of geniuses in the world, but many of them were unable to advance to the Immortal Emperor Stage in their lifetime. Clearly, if he wanted to become an Immortal Emperor, it would take a long, long time.

    Suppressing the fire within his heart, Mo Wuji looked at Xu Dai and asked, "Now, tell me how you know of this."

    When Xu Dai heard this, her eyes turned red and her breathing got erratic. After some time, she said, "My younger sister was the one who told me this. Us sisters were both disciples of the Jade Lady Sect. The two of us have a secret, that is, right before we die, we could use our primordial spirit to instantly sent a message to the other person. Months before this, my sister suddenly sent a message that she was caught to become a blood sacrifice for Mirage Mountain's array to communicate with the Immortal World.

    Her head was sliced off, together with 9 other young men and women, by the Mirage Mountain and their fresh blood was used to fuel the array. Right before her primordial spirit dispersed, she told me everything."

    Mo Wuji knew that Xu Dai wasn't lying to him; with her ability, Xu Dai wasn't able to lie to him Moreover, Xu Dai wouldn't even know of Lun Cai otherwise.

    He suddenly felt some regret; he regreted that he didn't steel his heart to destroy Mirage Mountain. He glanced at Shuai Guo and he felt a little guilty; it was because he didn't really place much importance on Shuai Guo. If Mirage Mountain had captured Cen Shuyin or Yan'Er and sucked their blood, would he have endured his anger and refrained from destroying Mirage Mountain? Definitely not. He would immediately have burnt Mirage Mountain to the ground.

    "You want me to help you to destroy Mirage Mountain?"" Mo Wuji asked.

    If Xu Dai wanted to destroy Mirage Mountain, he really wouldn't mind helping her. He wouldn't feel any guilt destroying that sect.

    Xu Dai shook her head, "I don't dare, and it's not because I'm afraid of death. But if I work with senior to destroy Mirage Mountain, my Jade Lady Sect would eventually suffer from that. Jade Lady Sect has raised me, so I can't do that."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I understand. Feel free to ascend. I will eradicate Mirage Mountain by myself."

    At this point, Mo Wuji's heart only contained killing intent. Any previous notions of mercy had already vanished without a trace. Previously, when he showed mercy, Mirage Mountain didn't seem to understand that, and even treated him as their greatest enemy. Since that's the case, why did he show mercy?

    Grand Emperor Lun Cai had destroyed his roots in the Immortal World, Pill Dao Immortal Alliance had kicked him out, and now this Mirage Mountain had backstabbed him. If he didn't eradicate Mirage Mountain, he really couldn't quell the flames in his heart.

    Xu Dia hurriedly said, "Senior, I will take revenge for my own sister. The one who killed my sister was Mirage Mountain's Elder Dai Qi. He is also at Earthly Immortal Level 9 and I believe that he would soon ascend into the Immortal World. I will be waiting for him in the Immortal World, and I will kill him. I only hope that when my cultivation gets higher and I wish to destroy Mirage Mountain, senior would lend me a hand then."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, releasing the dejection he felt in his heart, "To me, if I can take revenge now, I won't wait till tomorrow. If I can take revenge tomorrow, then I wouldn't wait for the next day. In the future, when you want to destroy the Immortal World's Mirage Mountain and if we were to meet again, I would naturally lend a hand. But now, I am going to pull the cultivation world's Mirage Mountain out from its roots. If you're not in a hurry, you can wait here for me..."

    When Mo Wuji finished speaking, he took a step out and he already disappeared in front of Xu Dai's eyes.

    Now, he needed to kill.

    He didn't want to simply kill a person within ten steps, but he wanted to kill ten people in a single step. His path to revenge was going to start with Mirage Mountain.

    By the time Xu Dai reacted, Mo Wuji was already gone.

    She really wanted to follow Mo Wuji and take her revenge, but she couldn't. It wasn't because she was afraid of death, but because she was really afraid of implicating the Jade Lady Sect.


    Even though multiple experts of Mirage Mountain were killed by Mo Wuji a few months ago, Tang Anxuan wasn't dejected. For one, that vexing Tian Zhikou had been wasted and a few powerful elders had been killed.

    Not only that, he had obtained large amounts of cultivation resources from the Immortal World. In these few months, his cultivation raised from Earthly Immortal Stage Level 4 to Level 5. He was sure that after a few years, he, Tang Anxuan, would be an existence at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage.

    Mirage Mountain was indeed very strong. How many other sects were there like the Mirage Mountain, to communicate so frequently with the Immortal World? Mirage Mountain was the only one. It wasn't simply because Mirage Mountain's cultivation technique was impressive, but also because Mirage Mountain had an inter-world communication secret.

    Today, Tang Anxuan was especially happy. Because, Mirage Mountain's sect protecting array was finally completely repaired.

    Just at this moment, a violent explosion shook the entire Mirage Mountain.

    "What's going on?" Tang Anxuan immediately charged to the entrance. The first thing he saw was Mo Wuji.

    Unlike last time, Mo Wuji was wielding a magic treasure. The magic treasure was a saber. That explosion just now was from Mo Wuji destroying Mirage Mountain's sect protecting array with his saber.

    "Senior Mo, why have you come?" Tang Anxuan's heart sunk. Even though he had sent people to investigate for Mo Wuji's whereabouts, the thing he wanted the least was for Mo Wuji to appear in his Mirage Mountain.

    Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to answer him. He swung his saber and a white light flashed.

    Tang Anxuan's body was cut directly in half.

    A few elders that came over didn't even get to saw a word as that white light continued to sail through the air and cut them in half.

    "Boom Boom Boom!" At this point, Mirage Mountain was rumbling with noise. Whether it was the sect head, or the elder, or a disciple, as long as they appeared, they would be sliced by a white light.

    A sect that had lasted for countless of ages was now reduced to dust under Mo Wuji's saber. A few cultivators that heard of Mo Wuji's arrival came to spectate. These cultivators knew that Mo Wuji was from the Immortal World and the treasures within Mirage Mountain was simply rubbish to Mo Wuji.

    However, it was different for them. They were from the cultivation world. The moment Mo Wuji left, the treasures within Mirage Mountain were there for the picking.

    Mo Wuji did not stay in Mirage Mountain for long. In merely half an incense's time, Mirage Mountain's gate and the sect protecting array had been reduced to dust. Mirage Mountain's ten mountains had also been razed to the ground. As for the pill houses, the scriptures library, the spirit pith pond... they were all turned into fine powder.

    Just when Mo Wuji left, countless of cultivators swarmed in. At this point, Mirage Mountain was like a secret domain. Whoever entered first would be able to reap more rewards.

    As for the low levelled disciples that Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to kill, they were immediately faced with this countless surge of people and they could only lament with emotion. Only a few of these disciples speedily threw off their Mirage Moutain disciple robes and joined in the ravaging.

    The news of Mirage Mountain's destruction instantly spread throughout Hai Yi Continent. While countless of cultivators headed towards Mirage Mountain in search for treasures, many of them also raided Mirage Mountain's mines, merchant houses, etc.

    Within a single night, Hai Yi Continent's strongest sect had dispersed like a cloud. To establish such a legacy required countless of years. But to destroy it, only one incense of time was needed.


    Xu Dai had only just received news of Mirage Mountain's ruin when Mo Wuji appeared in front of her.

    "Senior, you were able to destroy Mirage Moutain so quickly?" Xu Dai's voice was trembling; she was still in a state of disbelief. She had only just received news from her sect that Mirage Mountain was razed to the ground by Mo Wuji and countless of cultivators were flooding into Mirage Mountain. That means to say, Hai Yi Continent's Mirage Mountain was completely screwed.

    Mo Wuji handed a storage ring to Xu Dai, "Thanks for saving my life. If you didn't tell me that bit of information, I might have died. This ring is just a token of my appreciation. Also, I suggest that you go back to your sect to undergo your tribulation. That would be better."

    Mo Wuji wasn't exaggerating. According to the current circumstances, the moment he entered the Immortal World, he would be grabbed and sent to Grand Emperor Lun Cai.

    As for his previous intentions to use his status from the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, it felt so laughable. The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance had already given up on him. Even if they knew that he was alive, they wouldn't be so foolish to think that he would still be part of them. It was very likely that the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance would even act against him. A huge alliance like the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance definitely wouldn't allow a disaffected pill refining genius like him to survive.
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