Chapter 597: Physique Tempering

    Chapter 597: Physique Tempering

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    "Many thanks senior. I was also intending to return to the sect." The reason why Xu Dai left was primarily because she wanted to search for Mo Wuji, and at the same time, she wanted to see whether there was any opportunity for her to kill Dai Qi. Now that Mo Wuji had already flattened the entire Mirage Mountain, she no longer had any regrets. When she got to the Immortal World, she would still go to the Immortal World's Mirage Mountain for revenge. Her innocent sister had been used as a blood sacrifice; she wasn't going to simply let Mirage Mountain go.

    Xu Dai was very clear that for an immortal like Mo Wuji, it was better for her to accept his gratitude.

    Seeing Xu Dai accept his ring, Mo Wuji continued speaking, "There's a defensive treasure in that ring. You can refine it. That will guarantee that you will be able to pass your Heavenly Immortal Tribulation. I will be leaving now. If we have the opportunity, we will meet again in the Immortal World."

    Mo Wuji knew that he needed to get back to the Immortal World as soon as possible. However, he wasn't able to use the method of the ascension pond, so the only way left was through the Hidden Dragon Pool.


    Yi. This was Hai Yi Continent's largest ocean. Mo Wuji was confident that with his current spiritual will, he would be able to reach the opposite bank if he was at Zhen Xing's Sky Sea. However, at Yi, his spiritual will wasn't even able to scan other tracks of land. One could clearly see how much bigger Hai Yi Continent was as compared to Zhen Xing.

    Mo Wuji was at the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage and he also had a map. Thus, he only needed half a month's time to get to the rough location of the Hidden Dragon Pool.

    This was a patch of reef, and the reef was even very dense. It looked like a marsh with many black mounts of soil.

    In Yi Sea, there were many such dense patches of reefs. It was exactly because these reefs look rather similar, one would easily get mistaken.

    However, Yan Li's map was very clear. Even though the sea was extremely deep, the moment Mo Wuji arrived, his spiritual will was quickly able to find a submerged reef that was in the shape of a bull's horn.

    Mo Wuji sent Shuai Guo into his Undying World while he dived into the sea. Following this horn shaped reef, Mo Wuji reached the seabed after an incense's time. This seabed was clearly enveloped by some sort of natural seals as there weren't any marine life.

    Mo Wuji was an existence that was near to the Grade 5 array master level; he was soon able to locate the seabed's natural seal. What left Mo Wuji dumbfounded was that even with his proficiency with arrays, he was still unable to discern what kind of concealment array this was.

    If he didn't even understand this array, it was naturally impossible for him to enter.

    After tossing around for two entire days, Mo Wuji decided to go back and question Yan Li. However, he suddenly recalled that if Yan Li told him about this place, then Yan Li would definitely know of this concealment array. Since that was the case, why didn't Yan Li inform him about it?

    Could it be that one must be in the dragon race to be able to get past this seal? The moment Mo Wuji thought about the dragon race, he immediately thought of the dragonscale that Yan Li gave him.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly retrieved the dragonscale. Indeed, the moment he brought the dragonscale out, the concealment array started to hum. Immediately, a crack the size of a person appeared within his spiritual will.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly flashed into that gap. In his heart, he was speechless. That fella actually gave him a puzzle, wasting two days of his time.

    It was just as Mo Wuji predicted: after he entered, he was greeted by a spatial gate. Even though Mo Wuji still wasn't able to install a spatial gate that could travel through worlds, he was not unfamiliar with spatial gates. There were various kinds of spatial gates. The relatively simple kind of spatial gates allowed one to travel through a distance; Mo Wuji was able to install such spatial gates. There was also another kind of spatial gate, one that crossed through worlds.

    To install a world-crossing spatial gate, not only must one's Array Dao reach the peak of the Immortal World, one's cultivation also mustn't be too low. If the cultivation was too low, it would be very difficult to install the spatial gate no matter how good one was with arrays.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate; the faster he returned to the Immortal World, the better. In the cultivation world, no matter how hard he worked, it would still be impossible for him to raise his abilities. If he was unable to raise his abilities, then how was he going to take his revenge. Thus, to raise his abilities as soon as possible, he could only return to the Immortal World.

    The moment he entered the spatial gate, a powerful enveloped Mo Wuji, sending Mo Wuji away.

    Just when Mo Wuji wanted to extend his spiritual, small bits of tiny sharp light swarmed towards Mo Wuji.

    If it was just these tiny sharp light, Mo Wuji wouldn't really care about it; he would only suffer a few minor injuries at the most. However, these minute light soon formed a scale-like whirlpool of blade light. These blade light grinded away Mo Wuji's clothes in a short time.

    Not only that, even Mo Wuji's skin got scraped away by this blade light one layer at a time.

    Mo Wuji anxiously sent his storage ring into his Undying World; he was worried these this scale-like whirlpool light would tear his storage ring apart.

    The whirlpool light got stronger and stronger. Towards the end, it felt like some steel needles were being stabbed into his meat. Even with his domain, he could only block against a bit of it.

    This Hidden Dragon Pool was heading towards the Immortal World; Mo Wuji knew that it would not simply take one to two hours. Even though its a spatial gate, it wouldn't even be as short as one to two days.

    If he had to constantly use his domain to protect himself, he would eventually run out of energy.

    Fortunately, he had a page of the Book of Luo. Even if this place was any more ruthless, it still would be able to rip into his Book of Luo.

    At this instant, however, Mo Wuji didn't take his Book of Luo out. Instead, he started to circulate his physique tempering technique and started to train his fleshly body.

    Way before this, Mo Wuji had no contact whatsoever with training the physique. When he got to the Immortal World, he had always been searching for a good physique tempering method, so he started researching on the various kinds of physique tempering techniques and specially tried to understand what tempering the physique really meant. It was only until he obtain the witch race's physique tempering technique, did he have a complete understanding towards physique tempering.

    For an average cultivator that had a primordial spirit, his weakest point was the fleshly body. This was because cultivators cultivate the primordial spirit and learn magical skills, but they do not temper their fleshly body. This was why for most cultivators, their fleshly body was their weakest point.

    Cultivators also know that their fleshly body was weak, which was why they created all sorts of defensive magic treasures. But in reality, even the strongest of defensive treasures was unable to compare the strongest fleshly body. It was just that a cultivator had to spend countless of years and resources just to cultivate their primordial spirit. Then if they were to consider cultivating their fleshly body as well, there was no need to talk about how they might not have the right technique, even if they obtained a proper technique manual, they would not want to spend the time and effort to train their fleshly body as well.

    According to Mo Wuji's understanding, there are six stages to physique tempering. They are: Mortal, Truth, Spirit, Immortal, God, Saint. Each stage was then further separated into nine levels.

    For those who have never cultivated, or practise the ordinary martial arts of the mortal world, they basically have Mortal Physiques. Once one cultivates and reaches the Yuan Dan Stage, even if they never trained their bodies before, their fleshly body would strengthen and become a Truth Physique. Even if you cultivated to the Earthly Immortal Stage, as long as you didn't train your body, you would still have a Truth Physique. The only difference was that the Yuan Dan Stage was Truth Physique 1 while the Earthly Immortal Stage was Truth Physique Level.

    Only through passing the Heavenly Immortal Tribulation and becoming a true Heavenly Immortal, the fleshly body would receive another upgrade and become a Spirit Physique.

    For many cultivators, even if they ascended, in their entire lives, the level of their fleshly body would linger around the Spirit Physique Stage. Some might not even have a Spirit Physique and stay stuck in the Truth Physique Stage. Only a portion of cultivators have extremely strong Immortal King Tribulations, even if they didn't train their body, after advancing into the Immortal King Stage, their fleshly body would also advance and become an Immortal Physique.

    In the Immortal World, the Immortal Physique was basically the highest point. Even if you're an Immortal Emperor, if you didn't have any secrets or any unique cultivation method, the fleshly body would only reach the Immortal Physique Stage, and it would even be very hard to break past Immortal Physique Level 7. Only cultivators that train their fleshly bodies would be able to break past the Immortal Physique and advance into the higher level: God Physique.

    For cultivators that don't train their fleshly bodies, even though their fleshly bodies might be at the same level as cultivators who train their bodies, they would still be lacking. For instance, following a rise in cultivation, a cultivator might advance into Spirit Physique Level 1. However, when compared to a cultivator who trained his body to become Spirit Physique Level, the first cultivator's body would be weaker.

    Mo Wuji had never trained his fleshly body. But his meridian opening method was even more arduous than an average physique tempering method. It was exactly because of this reason that his fleshly body had always been stronger than average cultivators.

    For an average cultivator at the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage, his fleshly body would roughly be at Spirit Physique Level 2. On the other hand, Mo Wuji's body was at least at Spirit Physique Level 4.

    This scale-like whirlpool light within the pathway in the Hidden Dragon Pool was suitable to train the body. Naturally, Mo Wuji would use this opportunity to start tempering his physique. He was different from other people; if he failed, he still had his Book of Luo to save him.

    Previously, Mo Wuji tempered his fleshly body entirely with his perseverance and grit. But now, he had a true physique tempering method.

    Mo Wuji's physique tempering technique was originally from the witch race and the technique he received was largely complete. However, this technique wasn't suitable for Mo Wuji. After all, Mo Wuji had 108 meridians, his cultivation method was poles apart from other cultivators.

    After obtaining the witch race's physique tempering technique, Mo Wuji spent a large amount of time, and with the help of his dao revelation channel, he managed to completely revise the physique tempering technique.

    Now, his physique tempering technique might not be suitable for others, but it was perfectly suited for him.

    The pathway from the cultivation world to the Immortal World seemed to be without end. At the beginning, Mo Wuji still left a bit of his attention to observe whether he had already reached the Hidden Dragon Pool. Two months in, Mo Wuji was entirely engrossed into his physique tempering.

    The grinding force of this whirlpool seemed to get stronger and stronger, which was really suitable for training the body. Occasionally, there might be some fractures within the space, causing heavy injuries on Mo Wuji's body but it was unable to threaten his life. Mo Wuji possessed the vitality channel; as long as he didn't get insta-killed, he would still be able to recover.


    Immortal World.

    Pill Domain. It originally belonged to Luo Ling Immortal Domain but it eventually became an independent entity. Even though the Pill Domain wasn't considered an Immortal Domain, its territory was extremely big, and the immortal spiritual energy here was even richer than an average Heavenly Immortal City. However, all this wasn't the greatest advantage of the Pill Domain. Pill Domain's greatest advantage was that this place was extremely suitable for the growth of immortal herbs.

    Someone had gone and calculated it before. Of all the planted immortal herbs in the entire Immortal World, half of them were in Pill Domain.

    Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Headquarters was in Pill Domain.

    Today was Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's big day, because today was the day Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Alliance Head Xiao Lishi emerges from his closed doors.

    Xiao Lishi was one of the two Tier 8 Immortal Pill Emperor in the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance and he was even at the pinnacle of Tier 8. He was the only existence with a chance of advancing to Tier 9 Immortal Pill Emperor.

    This time, Xiao Lishi had entered closed doors for 1,000 years, all so that he could break past the shackles of Tier 9. If Xiao Lishi could really breakthrough to Tier 9 Pill Emperor, then Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's position in the Immortal World was going to rise by a level. Even in the Very High Heavens, there would be a seat for their Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.
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