Chapter 598: Mo Wuji Must Be Killed

    Chapter 598: Mo Wuji Must Be Killed

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    The cave with the densest immortal spiritual energy inside of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance opened on its own, and out came a grey robed youth. This grey robed youth had a rather outstanding look, and while not extremely well built, was at least very lean.

    "Congratulations Alliance Head on completing closed door cultivation." Once the youth came out, the ten over Pill Dao Immortal Alliance pill masters and elders quickly bowed respectfully. This youth was the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Alliance Head, Xiao Lishi, who was also the person with the highest level of pill dao in the alliance. On top of that, he was one of the Immortal Emperors of the alliance, even being in the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage. If it weren't for his wholehearted dedication to researching into pill dao, someone of his talent and background should have entered the ranks of Great Immortal Emperors a long time ago.

    Xiao Lishi's expression remained unchanged, and he maintained a calm disposition. There wasn't a single speck on dust on his body either. If strangers saw him now, they wouldn't think that he had just come out from a thousand years of closed doors cultivation, instead probably getting the impression that he had just exited his bedroom.

    "Thanks everyone for welcoming me. Let's talk in the Pill Dao Hall." Xiao Lishi raised his hand and spoke in a cordial tone.

    Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Tier 7 Pill Emperor,Gong Yangxue, was obsessed about pills, so before they had reached the Pill Dao Hall, he couldn't help but ask, "Alliance Head, have you broken through the bottleneck to advance to Tier 9 Pill Emperor?"

    With a sigh, Xiao Lishi replied, "I went through a thousand years of closed door cultivation, but every time I was at the verge of a breakthrough, there was just that little bit lacking. Perhaps even after a hundred thousand years, I still won't be able to overcome this small obstacle."

    Hearing that, Gong Yangxue's expression became sullen.

    Xiao Lishi knew Gong Yangxue's personality all too well, so he grinned and spoke again, "Pill Master Gong Yang, even though I am still unable to advance to Tier 9 Pill Emperor, I am still the best pill master in the Immortal World. After this round of closed door cultivation, my understanding towards pill dao has improved further. Moreover, I don't think a Tier 9 Pill Emperor won't appear within the next 10,000 years."

    However, Gong Yangxue seemingly ignored the fact that Xiao Lishi was the Alliance Head of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, as he shook his head and replied without hesitation, "This may not be the case. That Mo Wuji is probably not even a hundred years old, but he's already a Tier 5 Honoured Grade Pill King, and his knowledge of refining immortal herbs is even more frightening. He could actually refine the Jade Pomegranate Immortal Grass to almost 100% purity. With time, he would likely become a Pill Emperor."

    "Who is this Mo Wuji? A Tier 5 Honoured Grade Immortal Pill King who's not even a hundred years old? He could really refine the Jade Pomegranate Immortal Grass to almost 100% purity?" Xiao Lishi stopped in his tracks, and was completely surprised, firing off a barrage of questions.

    As a pill refiner about to advance to Tier 9 Pill Emperor, Xiao Lishi was more aware than anyone else what a Tier 5 Honoured Immortal Pill King under 100 meant. Even if it were him, the hardest part of pill refining was refining the immortal herbs. Jade Pomegranate Immortal Grass was not that high a grade, but the difficulty in refining it was very well known. This sort of immortal herb, even he was unable to refine to near 100% purity.

    If such a person did exist, how talented was this guy's pill refining? No, not only pill refining, his talent for cultivation would definitely be unparalleled.

    Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's Vice Alliance Head, Hu Zhenyu, quickly went forward to speak, "Alliance Head, the story behind this is quite long. Let's continue back in the hall."

    Yet, Xiao Shili did not bother with Hu Zhenyu at all, instead staring straight at Gong Yangxue, "All those here are elders of my Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. If there's really a Tier 5 Honoured Grade Pill King under 100, then he will undoubtedly become number 1 in Immortal World's pill dao. No, even in terms of cultivation level, there will not be many that can surpass him."

    To Xiao Lishi, it would take at least a Grand Yi Immortal Stage cultivator to be able to concoct Tier 5 Unique Grade Immortal Pills. Naturally, he did not know that Mo Wuji cultivated with meridians, and had 108 meridians, with no spiritual roots and an ordinary body. Even his pill dao was different for the mainstream pill dao.

    Who could actually refine immortal herbs to almost 100% purity? Mo Wuji could, but who could use a spirit storage channel to concoct pills? Mo Wuji could.

    Gong Yangxue was not really interested in power, and all he bothered about was pill dao. To him, the news of Mo Wuji was nothing more than a routine report of another Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's elders perishing and subsequently being found. He was not aware of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance's dealings with Grand Emperor Lun Cai, and neither did he want to know.

    This sentence of Xiao Lishi was obviously targeted at Hu Zhenyu. After he finished speaking, he then turned towards Hu Zhenyu, and said one word, "Speak."

    In his heart, Hu Zhenyu felt a jolt. How could he not understand what the alliance head meant? Xiao Lishi was aware that Gong Yangxue was focused on pill dao and did not care about anything else. Despite that, the alliance head still spoke in such a manner, which reflected the extent of unhappiness that the alliance head had towards him. It was probably because Xiao Lishi felt that things were important and urgent, but Hu Zhenyu actually said that it wasn't important and even hard to explain.

    Thus, Hu Zhenyu did not dare to beat around the bush any further, and reported, "Mo Wuji's understanding of pill dao is frightening, and the first time he entered the Pill Dao Pagoda, he had already become a Tier 4 Honoured Grade Pill King, and subsequently also our alliance's elder and an elder of the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins branch..."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji was already an elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, Xiao Lishi heaved a small sigh of relief. What he had to do next was to meet Mo Wuji.

    But what Hu Zhenyu said next made his face turn blacker with every word. When he heard that Mo Wuji had died in the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, and the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance then struck a deal with Grand Emperor Lun Cai to make a move against those close to Mo Wuji, Xiao Lishi couldn't keep it in any longer, stepping forward and unleasing a slap.

    "Splat!" Hu Zhenyu flew under the slap from Xiao Lishi, and many of his teeth fell onto the ground.

    Even Hu Zhenyu also knew that Xiao Lishi had gone easy on him, otherwise why would someone in the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage need a second strike to bring him down?

    "Alliance head, I didn't know that he was not dead." Hu Zhenyu would have continued to put up his tough guy act in front of other people, but in front of Xiao Lishi, he did not have the balls to do so.

    Sighing, Xiao Lishi spoke, "You're not suitable to be the Vice Alliance Head any more. Do you think that I slapped you because Mo Wuji did not die? My Pill Dao Immortal Alliance has stood at the top of the Immortal World for countless years, because all our members approve of us. But what have you done? No matter how valuable the slots for entering the Gods Tower are, is it worth it to give up the reputation that our alliance has built up over the years?

    So what if Grand Emperor Lun Cai is strong? My Pill Dao Immortal Alliance has never been threatened by others before. The reason we could become a fearsome existence, other than pill dao, is because of our strength. A Grand Emperor is still enough to threaten my alliance. If one can do so, then there's no reason for us to continue existing.

    Hu Zhenyu, do you know how much damage your decision has done to my Pill Dao Immortal Alliance? While those close to Mo Wuji were being killed, fractures had already been forming in the alliance. These fractures are not due to external factors, but internal ones. It is because once Grand Emperor Lun Cai made a move towards those longtime elders of the alliance, all pill masters and defenders understood one thing: if anything happens to them, the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance can no longer be relied upon for help. Who would dedicate their all for such an organisation?"

    However, Hu Zhenyu did not agree with what Xiao Lishi had just said. He felt that the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance was unique in the Immortal World. There was no way something as small as this could diminish the influence and control the alliance had over the rest of the Immortal World.

    Although this was what he thought, Hu Zhenyu still respectfully responded, "I will definitely bring Mo Wuji safely back to the Immortal World, and restore his position as elder of the alliance."

    These words made Xiao Lishi sigh again, "Making you the Vice Alliance Head of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance has been the biggest mistake I've ever made. I've never met Mo Wuji before, but do you think someone that made Tier 5 Honoured Grade Pill King is as dumb as you? If Lun Cai had not taken any actions yet, or his friends had not been killed yet, then your actions would still be a decent attempt at making it up to him. But now those close to him are all dead, so even if we kneel to beg for forgiveness, he will not forgive us for sure. A genius like him definitely has a big ego, and he would not allow any shadows to form in his heart. There's only one path left for us since we've offended such a person."

    Without continuing on, everyone could understand what Xiao Lishi meant. The Pill Dao Immortal Alliance had to kill Mo Wuji.

    The reason behind this was simply: someone as impressive as Mo Wuji would be an extraordinary person after he progressed further. If you could not make friends with this kind of people, then you should at least not offend him. Once you did, the only option left would be to nip him as a bud.

    As everyone was on the same page, Xiao Lishi did not carry on about Mo Wuji.

    Hu Zhenyu clearly knew that his position as vice alliance head could not be secured any longer. Sighing to himself, he stood forward and bowed again, "Zhenyu did not think things through before acting, please punish me."

    Xiao Lishi calmly replied, "Then you'll give up those two slots to two from the alliance that have the most potential. Resign from your post as vice alliance head and focus on your research into pill dao."

    "Roger." While he felt indignant about the outcome, he could only agree. The two slots he so painstakingly obtained were just given away together with his position as vice alliance head in the end, and he still couldn't go to the Gods Tower.

    What could be more frustrating than this?


    Over 10 tough blade radiances stabbed straight into Mo Wuji's bones, and his body began to slow down. Before the blade radiances had the chance to tear his bones to shred, his vitality channel had begun circulating vitality in a major circulation route. At the same time, his physique tempering technique kicked in to the maximum. Under the technique, the blade radiances seemed to be immortal essences, reforging Mo Wuji's body once more.

    His bones began to crackle like fireworks, and without any hesitation, Mo Wuji poured the Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow onto his body. With this round of training, his body advanced straight to Spirit Physique Level 9 before stopping.
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