Chapter 599: Hidden Dragon Valley

    Chapter 599: Hidden Dragon Valley

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    Mo Wuji let a small sigh of relief. He stopped the physique tempering too. It had already been years since he had entered the spatial gate from the bottom of the ocean, and in those years, he advanced from Spirit Physique Level 4 to Level 9, a rather heaven defying pace.

    In such an environment, if he continued training, he would not be able to advance to Immortal Physique either. Firstly, it was unsuitable. Secondly, he had to prepare some top frade physique tempering immortal herbs to advance to Spirit Physique.

    Now his body had reached Spirit Physique Level 9, which was already stronger than ordinary Immortal Kings. One had to note that some immortals would only stagnate around Spirit Physique.

    "Boom!" Strong waves of energy brought Mo Wuji along with them, slamming him against a hard wall. His Spirit Physique Level 9 body almost broke due to the impact.

    Soon Mo Wuji realised that this was probably the end of the path to Hidden Dragon Valley.

    He quickly stabilised his body, and swept his spiritual will out, which detected a black ring. As he lightly pulled down on it, a series of crackling noises echoed out.

    Although the sounds weren't that loud, but in an area that was deathly quiet, they were extremely sharp to the ears.

    This made Mo Wuji increasingly worried. If this led to Hidden Dragon Valley, wouldn't the Dragon Clan find out with such a big commotion?

    After the crackling noises stopped, a single door that could fit only one person appeared before him. Upon close inspection by his spiritual will, he determined that the door had nothing dangerous about it, and entered speedily.

    A pitch blac environment enveloped him, followed by immortal spiritual energy and dragon essence of the greatest density.

    There wasn't any actvity nearby, and also not a single member of the dragon clan cultivating here. Just as he was about to extend his spiritual will further out to scan the area, Mo Wuji shockingly discovered that the entrance he came in had disappeared. With his level in array dao, he still could not determine whether the vanishing door was hidden in a concealment array.

    In his heart, Mo Wuji thought to himself, how exactly did Yan Li's mother find the path leading to the cultivation world? The way out had seemingly left no traces behind.

    Although he couldn't find any traces of the door, he knew that he would never go out from here, but still left a small mark behind just in case.

    Other than having dense dragon essence and immortal spiritual energy, Hidden Dragon Valley was filled with darkness, and restricted one's spiritual will to a certain radius.

    As Mo Wuji was worried that there would be others around, he did not dare to sweep out with his spiritual will haphazardly, instead forming his spiritual eye.

    His spiritual eye had become stronger together with his cultivation level. It didn't matter that it was pitch black and spiritual will was restricted, he could still see clearly through his spiritual eye.

    This was indeed very deep valley which wasn't that wide. Mo Wuji's spiritual eye could even see the whole valley. There were five corners at the bottom of the valley, and its radius was no more than a thousand meters. In the center of the five corners, there was a pool of bubbling dragon essence. On top of the dragon essence, the immortal spiritual energy within was much denser too. Yet at this moment there were no dragon cultivating in it.

    At the edge of the pool, there was a stone slab with three words on it: Hidden Dragon Pool.

    Mo Wuji looked around a few more times, but still could not find any way out of here. The whole Hidden Dragon Valley seemed like a well, and he was at the bottom of it.

    With a single step, he reached the center of the pool, dense immortal spiritual energy surrounded him, causing him to almost want to cultivate on the spot. He was almost sure that if he could cultivate here for a period of time, then he would definitely be propelled into the Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    Thankfully, Mo Wuji still remembered what place this was: one of the greatest secrets of the Dragon Clan. If he dared to cultivate here and got found out, even if he were an Immortal Emperor, it wouldn't be that easy to walk away.

    Four hours passed, and Mo Wuji was lost. There was simply no way out of there. The walls of the valley were slick and smooth, so climbing out was off the table. Moreover, the center of the Hidden Dragon Valley had spatial and elemental restrictions, so Mo Wuji couldn't use the Wind Escape Technique or teleportation to leave either.

    Another day passed. Mo Wuji had lost all hope by then. Since he entered the Hidden Dragon Valley, he couldn't leave at all. Perhaps he could only wait for someone to bring him out, but he didn't know anyone from the Dragon Clan, and once someone found him here, the first thing they would do as probably to kill him.

    Since there was no way back, and no way forward, he could only cultivate here, and wait for an opportunity to appear.

    He did not blame Yan Li for his predicament though. He was sure that Yan Li likely did not know that this would be the case. Back when Yan Li left the Hidden Dragon Valley, she could have been a young child, or possibly even wrapped up in someone or personally sent off by her mother. Since she had never come back, it would be unusual for Yan Li to know what lay within the valley.

    The only thing Mo Wuji could do was to set up a warning array, so he would be notified whenever someone enters Hidden Dragon Valley, even if he was cultivating. This way, he would be able to hide at one corner and use the guy to find an exit.

    Regardless whether he could ever get out, cultivating in the Hidden Dragon Valley was an extremely satisfying experience.

    Mo Wuji did not have to use any pills or immortal crystals. The boundless immortal spiritual energy circulated through his 108 meridians without stopping. This immortal energy was converted to increases in cultivation level by him, while the dragon essence continuously tempered his body, making his Spirit Physique Level 9 body more solid and perfect.

    Half a year later, he had melted into the immortal spiritual energy of Hidden Dragon Valley. In that half a year, who knew how much immortal spiritual energy he had absorbed, but the density of immortal spiritual energy in the valley did not decrease one bit. The walls of Hidden Dragon Valley were like immortal spiritual energy generators. Every time the immortal spiritual energy density decreased by a little, more would seep out to replenish the supply.

    Another year passed, and Mo Wuji's bones seemed to have gone through an additional round of restructuring. Sound of his skeleton cracking did not give him the pain of physique tempering, instead filling him with happiness and comfort.

    Although the dragon essence in Hidden Dragon Valley did not strengthen Mo Wuji's physical body, but it made it filled with hidden potential. This meant that he would become much more accomplished in physique tempering in the future.

    While his bones were cracking, waves of immortal elemental energy penetrated all of Mo Wuji's meridians, and at this moment, his spiritual will and immortal elemental energy suddenly got a breakthrough in quality.

    Within the short one year timespan, Mo Wuji advanced from intermediate Xuan Immortal to advanced Xuan Immortal Stage, all while he wildly cultivated with the Reverse Circulation Immortal Mortal Technique.

    The instant Mo Wuji reached advanced Xuan Immortal Stage, a set of ethereal stairs appeared over his head, but being engrossed in cultivation, he did not notice them at all.

    What was the least precious commodity for cultivation? Time. Another year passed just like that, and only when Mo Wuji felt the lightning tribulation of the Grand Yi Immortal Stage coming did he suddenly get jolted away.

    Even if he could undergo heavenly tribulation to reach Grand Yi Immortal Stage in the Hidden Dragon Valley, he wouldn't dare to.

    Thus, he stopped cultivating. Since he couldn't advance to Grand Yi Immortal, there was no meaning in cultivating any more.

    Once he did so, he noticed the ethereal stairs above his head.

    I can go out now? Who put stairs there? Mo Wuji was utterly shocked.

    But soon, he regained his composure. One possibility that came to mind was that one had to advance by one stage in the Hidden Dragon Valley after entering before one would get the chance to exit. Advancing from intermediate Xuan Immortal to advanced Xuan Immortal Stage counted as rising by one stage it seemed.

    Both his spiritual will and spiritual eye detected no danger in the stairs, hence Mo Wuji carefully stepped onto the invisible steps.

    Although they were ethereal, but the steps were very solid. After Mo Wuji stepped onto them, there was no signs of instability.

    Step by step he climbed, and two hours later, Mo Wuji's spiritual will Mo Wuji's spiritual will found an exit. It was a stone slab. But before he could inspect the exit in detail, a droplet of some liquid dripped onto the back of his hand.

    Was this blood? Mo Wuji confirmed it very quickly. It was indeed a drop of blood. As he had cultivated in the Hidden Dragon Valley for two years, and had his body tempered with dragon essence, he could recognise that this was dragon blood at first sight.

    Just like a chain reaction, many more droplets of blood follow after the first.

    "Drip, drip, drip..." The blood dripped onto Mo Wuji's hand. This made him rather worried, and he moved his hand away, allowing the dragon blood to drip straight into the Hidden Dragon Pool.

    Mo Wuji did not think that a disciple of the Dragon Clan had made a mistake and was being punished. The Dragon Clan was one of the top clans in the Immortal World, so even though there weren't many dragons, but bring a member of the clan meant a certain level of nobility.

    Such a noble clan would definitely not use such methods to punish their disciples. Even if they did, they wouldn't allow the disciple's blood to drip into the Hidden Dragon Valley.

    For a clan as big as the Dragon Clan, it was even more impossible for personal fights to occur at a secret location like the Hidden Dragon Valley.

    Thus, the only possibility left was that the Dragon Clan was faced with a great opponent, and this opponent even fought his way to their way to right outside of Hidden Dragon Valley, killing Dragon Clan disciples openly here.

    This thought made Mo Wuji pause for a moment. He didn't know whether he should stay inside or get out. There was a good chance that he would be intercepted outside, as this enemy had even massacred the Dragon Clan in their own home. As a mere cultivator in the Great Circle of Xuan Immortal Stage, he wouldn't even be a good warmup for those outside.

    However, he was also worried that once someone discovered the Hidden Dragon Valley, he would be a sitting duck waiting there.

    After a moment's hesitation, Mo Wuji decided to go out. Hiding was not his style, and since someone had fought their way to the Dragon Clan, why wouldn't they take a look in a place as established as the Hidden Dragon Valley?

    His cultivation technique was the Immortal Mortal Technique, and he didn't have spiritual roots or spirituality either. Once he hid himself in a corner, even an Immortal Emperor might not be able to find him

    As he thought of his, Mo Wuji took a few steps upwards, placing his hands on the stone slab. He intended to push the slab open, but as his hand touched the stone slab, a diagram on the center of it started spinning, following which a mysterious force dragged him away.

    This was a one way transfer array...

    Just when he realised that, all energy was drained from his body.

    "Plop!" Mo Wuji fell onto the ground, and the scene before him made him take in a deep breath of cold air.
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