Chapter 600: Dragon Clan Orphans

    Chapter 600: Dragon Clan Orphans

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    His current position was inside a large hall, but the empty hall was fill of bloodstains. Many dragons had been killed inside, some even missing their horns and bones.

    The bloodstains had not dried yet, which meant that the culprit had not left for long.

    All of Mo Wuji's clothing were soaked with blood, a truly frightening scene.

    What cruel people. Mo Wuji sucked in a breath of cold air. He had seen revenge killings before, as he had wiped out the Lei Clan and Yan Clan, and even Mirage Mountain a few years back. But was there the need to make things to bloody and brutal? It seemed like the person that took action was a psychopath. An expert of that level, even if he wanted to wipe out the Dragon Clan, did not have to make such a scene.

    Mo Wuji carefully stood up, his spiritual will circling the area, not daring to extend too far out. He was afraid that it would be detected by other experts.

    The hall was very spacious, hence Mo Wuji deduced that the entrance to the Hidden Dragon Valley was not here. It was also because the place he came out from was a one way transfer array. The gist of a one way transfer array was that a spatial array would transport people and items from one side of stone wall to another side, and it was not possible to be transported back.

    Once this kind of transfer array had been set up, both sides of the stone wall would not be able to use their spiritual will to probe to the other side. However, blood could indeed pass through the transfer array, which was why he saw dripping blood back in Hidden Dragon Valley.

    Regardless, this was not a good place to stay for long. But just as Mo Wuji wanted to leave, two people suddenly descended from above.

    His first reaction was to take out his magic treasure, but soon he realised that these two people posed no threat to him.

    Two children had come in, one boy and one girl, and both of them were bloodied, pale, and frightened. At the center of each of their foreheads, there was a faint dragon shaped marking.

    Mo Wuji had interacted with Yan Li, and also just came out of the Hidden Dragon Valley, so he knew straight away that these two kids were disciples of the Dragon Clan.

    "Ah..." The two of them saw Mo Wuji at the same time.

    Just as he was about to explain that he was not the one who killed the members of the Dragon Clan here, there was a disturbance at the border of his spiritual will.

    Although he did not see anyone yet, he knew that someone was coming. With one swift motion of his hand, he withdrew his spiritual will and swept both children away, then entered his Undying World in a flash.

    His Undying World turned into a speck of dust and landed at a corner of the hall. It was still incomplete, but because Mo Wuji cultivated with the Immortal Mortal Technique, and he was also an ordinary mortal without spiritual roots, the speck of dust had nothing exceptional about it. In other words, it was a real speck of dust. Unless there was someone else like Mo Wuji who could use something as heaven defying as the spiritual eye, or was extremely strong, no one would be able to see that this speck of dust was different from any other speck of dust.

    As Mo Wuji just finished hiding, a figure burst into the hall.

    It was a yellow robed, middle aged man, with a sharp nose, wide mouth, and large hands.

    "Eh!" The person's gaze swept through the entire hall, before he exclaimed. Some time later, he mumbled to himself, "I'm quite sure that that was a transfer talisman for this hall, so how could they have disappeared? Something's not right, even if there was a transfer array, they shouldn't be that fast. There were no spatial ripples either..."

    The yellow robed man did not give up, and swept the are with his spiritual will again and again, then seemed to remember something, quickly leaving in a hurry. Only after Mo Wuji sensed that the other party was really gone, did he bring both kids out from the Undying World.

    Once he came out, he took out a crystal ball to record everything that had happened. Such spatial records would degrade and become more blurry over time, before completely vanishing.

    Thankfully, the yellow robed man did not think that anyone would take a spatial recording, so he did not remove the spatial records of his appearance.

    After Mo Wuji had completed the recording in the crystal ball, the young girl pulled the young boy and bowed respectfully, "Thank you elder for saving us."

    Mo Wuji replied with a question, "How do you know that I'm not one of those guys?"

    To that, the young girl responded, "Elder, you have no killing intent, and we saw most of the disciples of the Dragon Clan being killed. It was done by a yellow robed man and a golden robed man."

    "Elder, where did you bring us to hide just now? Why didn't that yellow robed guy see us when he came in?" The young boy might have been young, but the first question that came out of his mouth directly probed into Mo Wuji's secret.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji would not reveal the existence of the Undying World to them. When he brought both of them into the Undying World, he set some restrictions on them, so they could at most feel that they hid in a corner, but where that corner was, it was unclear.

    "I know some decent concealment magic. That's how we hid from that guy. By the way, who's that guy? He's actually that brutal? Does he want to eradicate the Dragon Clan completely?" Mo Wuji casually asked.

    The young girl shook her head, "We don't know either. When we came out, most of the experts of the Dragon Clan had been killed already. They just didn't have the time to bother about the two of us at first, so we used a talisman to escape here."

    Now Mo Wuji suddenly recalled a couple of questions he wanted to ask in the first place, "Who are you two? Aren't you disciples of the Dragon Clan?"

    The young girl replied, "We cultivate with a different kind of dao technique in the Dragon Clan which required us to use an immortal pill to change to human form at birth. This type of immortal pill is very valuable, so there aren't many young Dragon Clan members that went through the process. Most Dragon Clan members only start transforming after they reach Immortal King Stage."

    Both these young dragon likely had high positions in the clan to be able to transform at a young age. But no matter how high their positions were, Mo Wuji was not interested in that. The Dragon Clan was a top notch clan, so there was definitely a reason behind why they were being massacred like this. He didn't care much about all this either, those questions before were just casual ones. He simply had too much on his plate at the moment.

    Seeming to feel that Mo Wuji was not that interested in them, the young girl seized this opportunity, "Elder, I am Ao Sangzi. This is my cousin Ao Xia. The Dragon Clan is facing a disaster, could elder please lend us a hand?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "Sangzi, you should know that I accidentally stumbled into this place. My cultivation level is only at Xuan Immortal Stage, so in what way can I help the Dragon Clan? I've already put my life at considerable risk by saving the two of you just now."

    Ao Sangzi quickly followed up,"Elder, you're mistaken. I didn't mean to ask you to help the Dragon Clan, but just to bring us out of this place..."

    At this point, Mo Wuji was in a difficult position. It wasn't that he didn't want to help. He had benefited from the Dragon Clan quite a bit, even tempering his physical body with dragon essence.

    However, he really could not help anyone. Even then, he was still in danger.

    "Elder, I know of a secret exit, but our cultivation levels are too low, so we can't leave through that place..." Ao Sangzi carried on after hearing Mo Wuji's words.

    Ao Xia's and her cultivation levels were not even at Heavenly Immortal Stage, hence it was rather low indeed.

    "Where is it?" Mo Wuji asked frantically.

    Now an ugly expression appeared on Ao Sangzi's face, but despite seeing that, Mo Wuji didn't bother about how polite or impolite he was, and quickly added on, "Don't worry, I really made my way here by accident. I will definitely not leak out any secrets of the Dragon Clan."

    In response, Ao Sangzi said, "That's not it elder. That place only allows members of the Dragon Clan to escape. Since elder is not a Dragon Clan member, you can only help us leave, but cannot leave with us."

    Upon hearing this, it was as though a bucket of cold water was poured over Mo Wuji. He also wanted to leave this place urgently, and he suspected that those experts that wiped out the Dragon Clan would not leave things at that, probably destroying the whole place in the end. Although he had the book of Luo, but could something like that be taken out in the Immortal World? Doing so would be courting death.

    "However, that place is very far away from the center of the Dragon Clan. Once elder sends both of us off, you can leave by yourself too. Just that we will leave through a transfer array, while elder can only leave though the West Moat Ocean..."

    Before Ao Sangzi could finish, Mo Wuji interrupted her, "No problem, quickly bring me there. I guarantee that both of you will be sent off before I leave."

    "Thank you elder." The young girl swiftly walked to a tile on the north, took out a talisman, mumbled a few forbidden words, and used a few hand techniques.

    A ethereal crack opened before Ao Sangzi, and she rushed to Mo Wuji to say, "Elder, you can bring us out from here."

    Mo Wuji was already waiting for those words from Ao Sangzi. The moment she finished, he charged straight in, bringing the both of them with him. Moments later, the crack disappeared.

    Not long after they left, rumbling sounds erupted around the hall.

    The instant they got transported away, Mo Wuji felt a burden being lifted from his heart, and that foreboding sense of danger seemed to disappear.

    The transfer endpoint was a small house made of rock that was not even five meters in radius. There was a ring on the rooftop of the house, and a transfer array at the center. There was even an wave shaped array tunnel on the roof too.

    Although Ao Sangzi was young, she was very familiar with doing things. She walked straight up, took the ring and passed it to Mo Wuji, "Elder, this is a ring that the Dragon Clan left behind in case of emergencies. I'll give it to you. Because this transfer array requires a Xuan Immortal and above to activate, we would like to request for elder to activate it and send us away. After that, elder can leave from the array gate on the roof."

    Mo Wuji knew that there was definitely a large amount of treasures in the ring, but he didn't intend to take it, hence he threw it back at Ao Sangzi while saying, "Just take it as we were helping each other. Without your guiding, I would not have made it here either. Since this ring was left behind by the Dragon Clan, you should keep it by your side."

    "Thank you elder." Ao Sangzi was more mature than others at the same age. After all, which kid would know how to insist on giving the gift a second time? Luckily, Mo Wuji really did not want the ring. As she heard Mo Wuji turn it down, she quickly kept the ring and thanked him.
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