Chapter 601: Grand Yi Immortal

    Chapter 601: Grand Yi Immortal

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    "Elder, can you make a copy of that crystal ball that you recorded with just now?" Ao Xia couldn't help but ask. Since he heard his elder sister call Mo Wuji 'elder', he dared not to call him 'brother' any more..

    Mo Wuji immediately made two copies of the crystal ball, one for Ao Xia, and another from Ao Sangzi, "I'm Mo Wuji. Next time just call me 'brother', I'm not really an elder. Both you you, quickly get into the transfer array. After I activate it, I'll be leaving too."

    He didn't bother asking where the two of them were going, as he already had some trouble taking care of himself at the moment.

    Activating the transfer array was easy. It didn't even require a single immortal crystal, so he activated the array and sent them on their way. mo Wuji didn't stay for a moment longer, instantly charging out from that wave shaped array gate.

    The transfer array that brought Ao Sangzi and Ao Xia away was built in a secret underwater location, and the aray gate that Mo Wuji went through was very obviously a transfer array gate too, but this one brought him from the bottom of the ocean to the surface.

    Just as he surfaced, a sharp killing intent came directed at him before he had the chance to survey his surroundings.

    Luckily, Mo Wuji was always on guard, and once the killing intent arrived, his domain went sweeping out together with a punch.

    "Boom!" Both streams of immortal energy clashed, causing whirlpools tens of meters high in the air to be formed. Even though Mo Wuji reacted quickly and blocked intime, but he couldn't completely defend against this wild wave of immortal elemental energy.

    After blocking a large part of the energy, the leftover immortal elemental energy still tore through Mo Wuji's bones and meridians as it slammed into his chest, causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

    "Stop! It's not what it looks like. I don't have any enmity with the Dragon Clan, I even saved some of the Dragon Clan members..." Mo Wuji frantically defended himself, seemingly finishing his sentences in the shortest time possible.

    The person that attacked him was a young woman, beautiful and elegant, and with one look Mo Wuji knew she was a member of the Dragon Clan.

    Because his opponent was a Dragon Clan member, he instantly understood what was going on. He had just come out from West Moat Ocean covered in dragon blood, so it was obvious that she would assume he killed Dragon Clan disciples. More importantly, this woman was very likely an advanced Grand Luo Immortal Stage expert, hence Mo Wuji wasn't her match at all.

    However, how would this Grand Yi Immortal dragon lady listen to Mo Wuji's words? Not only did she not stop, but instead she drew out her magic treasure, and produced greater killing intent than before.

    Now Mo Wuji knew that reasoning with her would not work, as sometimes reasoning had to be built on the foundation of strength. He didn't have the strength, so naturally he would not have the chance to reason with her either.

    As she leapt forward once more, Mo Wuji immediately activated his teleportation and Wind Escape Technique, vanishing from the spot in the shortest time possible. Any more talk and he would have to leave his life behind. With his impressive Wind Escape Technique, in half a day, the woman had been left in the dust.

    Making a stop, Mo Wuji quickly threw on a set of new clothes. Deep inside, he was rather frustrated. He should have changed out as soon as possible.

    In the end, even after he saved two Dragon Clan disciples, a Dragon Clan member still took him as the enemy and attacked him. Weak people indeed were not treated like a person, hence it was of utmost importance for him to find somewhere to advance to Grand Yi Immortal Stage.


    A day later. Mo Wuji stopped on a floating iceberg. He was utterly lost in West Moat Ocean, so he only option left for him was to undergo heavenly tribulation on an iceberg

    He was already at the Great Circle of Xuan Immortal Stage, so a single Grand Yi True Pill initiated the Grand Yi Immortal lightning tribulation.

    Bolts of jet black lightning rained down from above, and as those unrelenting, thick bolts struck Mo Wuji's body, he finally experienced the benefits of physique tempering.

    If he weren't at Spirit Physique Level 9, when facing such a wild lightning tribulation, even if he could absorb lightning essences, he wouldn't be able to avoid being severly injured. Just like back when he set up his Undying World, or when he advanced to Golden Immortal, he would lay there, seriously wounded after the lightning tribulation, and slowly recover on the spot.

    At this moment, he did not have to rush into Grand Yi Immortal Stage, instead, he could focus on absorbing lightning essence while the endless thick lightning bolts struck his body.

    After five waves of continuous lightning bolts, Mo Wuji's immortal elemental essence naturally broke through the barrier to Grand Yi Immortal Stage, following which his sea of consciousness began expanding rapidly, and his immortal elemental energy started condensing into a river. Mo Wuji had officially entered Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    Right as he advanced to Grand Yi Immortal, the lightning bolts suddenly weakened, and a wave of immortal spirit rainbow descended from above, healing his almost injury free body.

    Five days later, Mo Wuji stood up from the ocean surface. The iceberg had been blown to bits by the lightning bolts along time ago.

    Having undergone lightning tribulation, not only did his cultivation level advance to Grand Yi Immortal, but his physique tempering had progressed too. However, Mo Wuji was aware that if he didn't use some top notch natural treasures, it was difficult to temper his body to Immortal Physique before he advanced to Immortal King.

    Since he had reached Grand Yi Immortal Stage, Mo Wuji naturally wanted his body to reach Immortal Physique too. Who knew how long it would be before he entered Immortal King Stage, so he wasn't willing to keep waiting.The best immortal herb to match his physique tempering to reach Immortal Physique was the Void Nirvana Root. It was extremely valuable, an existence beyond Tier 9 immortal herbs. This immortal herb could not only help cultivators temper their physique, and allow physique tempering cultivators to advance to Immortal Physique perfectly, but it could also be used to forge bodies. For cultivators that lost their body, using Void Nirvana Roots to reforge their body would have a better effect than other immortal herbs.

    Other than the Void Nirvana Root, there was also the Undying Holy Bamboo. It could help physique tempering cultivators advance to Immortal Physique, and was similarly difficult to obtain, because this was a real Tier 9 immortal herb.

    Coincidentally, Mo Wuji had three stalks of Undying Holy Bamboo on him which he obtained in the Yunxian Immortal Valley. This sort of Undying Holy Bamboo could be refined into the Undying Dao Pill too. If he couldn't find any Void Nirvana Roots, he was prepared to use the Undying Holy Bamboo to advance to Immortal Physique.

    A lightning fast figure shot through Mo Wuji's spiritual will, breaking his chain of thoughts. Sensing it, he quickly took out his flying shuttle to chase after it.

    Having lost his way in the West Moat Ocean, since he had finally found some traces of other people, naturally he would not miss this opportunity.

    Mo Wuji's flying shuttle was a Grade 7 immortal equipment, thus it was much faster than that flying treasure that just passed by. Within an incense's worth of time, that flying ship appeared in his field of vision.

    Seemingly sensing that Mo Wuji was chasing after it, the flying ship accelerated. But no matter how fast it went, it could not match up to the speed of Mo Wuji's flying shuttle. As it sensed that it could not escape from Mo Wuji, it stopped.

    "My friend, why are you chasing after my flying ship?" The flying ship had three people on board: a bearded middle aged man, a slightly elegant woman, and a tall and muscular youth. The person speaking was the middle aged man, and when he saw Mo Wuji exit the flying shuttle, he heaved a sigh of relief. Obviously he noticed that Mo Wuji's cultivation level was not higher than theirs.

    In terms of cultivation level, Mo Wuji's was indeed not as high as that bearded middle aged man. Although he had justed advanced to Grand Yi Immortal Stage and his cultivation was solid, but the spirituality around his body was not obvious, and there was nothing special about it, hence he looked in an ordinary cultivator from the outside.

    "Mo Wuji greets my fellow dao friends. I lost my way in the West Moat Ocean, and would like to ask for directions from you." Mo Wuji humbly asked as he bowed respectfully.

    Based on his assessment, the bearded middle aged man should have been in intermediate Grand Zhi Immortal Stage, while the woman and the fit youth were in advanced Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    Lost his way? The three of them stared at each other while silently sizing Mo Wuji up.

    It was a joke for a cultivator that could enter the depths of the West Moat Ocean to lose his way. Even though the West Moat Ocean was indeed large, but not to the point that it would make an immortal lose his way. A map of the West Moat Ocean was so common that you could buy it from any low level shops. The only thing that could happen to you in the West Moat Ocean was to be eaten up by demonic beasts or get killed, not lose your way

    Even if you really lost your way, it wouldn't be in the West Moat Ocean, but in the Great Desolate Sea Domain beyond West Moat Ocean. Compared to the Great Desolate Sea Domain, the West Moat Ocean was just a small insignificant dot. If Mo Wuji said these words in the Great Desolate Sea Domain, then it might have been more believable.

    "I have a sea chart here. If dao friend needs it, you can make a copy." The bearded man took out a crystal ball and tossed it to Mo Wuji.

    "Many thanks." Mo Wuji quickly took the crystal ball and started recording down all of the information within it

    Just as he passed the crystal ball back to the bearded middle aged man, he heard a loud guffaw, "Three ants actually made me chase them for a few days. I guessed that you guys were going to the Cape of Peace, and indeed I was right. Let's see how the three of you will escape my glass sword!"

    A purple robed youth stepped forward after speaking, landing in between the middle aged man and Mo Wuji.

    This made the expression of the middle aged man took a change for the worse, and he immediately took a step back, staying away from Mo Wuji as far as possible. He suspected that Mo Wuji was also one of the people chasing after them, and used an excuse to make them stop.

    Mo Wuji also understood what was going on. No wonder that bearded middle aged young man was speeding away, so he was actually being chased down by someone. This purple robed youth was probably at least in Grand Luo Immortal Stage, so the three of them added together wouldn't be a match for him.

    Regardless, this problem was caused by him. If he hadn't stopped them, they could have escaped.

    As he thought about this, Mo Wuji stepped out and bowed respectfully to the purple robed youth, "Dao friend, I was the one that stopped those three. If anything happens here, it will not rest well with me. Why don't you let these three leave for a period of time before you continue chasing them again?"

    "Who are you to control what i do... Eh, this flying shuttle of yours is not bad..." The purple robed youth scolded Mo Wuji as his gaze fell onto Mo Wuji's flying shuttle.
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