Chapter 602: Mo Wujis Saber Dao

    Chapter 602: Mo Wuji's Saber Dao

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    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart; a mere early stage Grand Luo Immortal, he really didn't have any fear. So what if this fella had a higher cultivation than him? Only ability matters. Even though this violet robed youth's spiritual will was indeed strong, Mo Wuji did not think that this fella was stronger than himself. Since he dared to stand here in front of this fella, it meant that he did not worry that this fella was a Grand Luo Immortal.

    After he advanced into the Grand Yi Immortal Stage, Mo Wuji had really been considering searching for a Grand Luo Immortal to test his saber. This violet robed youth in front of him was the perfect target. If he could, he would have directly gotten those three people who he had blocked to escape. Regardless, he didn't want to the reason why these three people lost their lives; this was not his principle.

    "Leave the flying shuttle behind, chop off one of your arms then f*ck off," The violet robed youth said coldly.

    The killing intent within his eyes made it apparent that even if Mo Wuji did according to what this violet robed youth said, the other party wouldn't have let him go.

    This time, Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered to reply. His palm opened and his saver appeared. At the same time, an engulfing saber light shot outwards.

    Since they were going to fight, why was there any need for chit chat?

    The saber light exploded, transforming into minute sand which filled the sky. These minute sand soon condensed to form a huge desert.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's saber, this violet robed youth's eyes squinted. Just with the strength of Mo Wuji's saber, he knew that the Gai Guangyi trio could not compare with Mo Wuji.

    The moment the saber formed this desert, the West Moat Ocean beneath their feet disappeared without a trace. In its place, was raw, boundless killing intent.

    Each grain of sand within the Grand Desert was filled with killing intent, and these killing intent condensed with one another.

    The violet robed youth turned serious and he burst forth with seething immortal elemtnal energy, his Grand Luo Domain flooded towards Mo Wuji like waves.

    Following which, he also wielded a saber. With a single slash, the saber conjured a myriad of brilliant coloured glass which enveloped Mo Wuji's desert.

    Mo Wuji's saber sacred art was indeed very impressive, but in this violet robed youth's perspective, Mo Wuji's cultivation shouldn't be as high as his. As long as his cultivation was higher, his domain would be able to suppress Mo Wuji's domain. His coloured glass slash would tell Mo Wuji was a true Saber Dao.

    "Boom!" The two's domains clashed with one another. This violet robed youth's wave-like domain did not meet with a towering dam, but a black hole-like whirlpool. No matter how high his waves got, no matter how many waves his domain sent out, it would be sucked away by Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain. Not a single drop was left behind.

    The violet robed youth's heart sunk. In that clash of domains, he already came to a realisation: Mo Wuji was definitely not weaker than him. If the others entered the fray, then he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

    At this instant, since his domain had been suppressed he could only use his Saber Dao to compete with Mo Wuji.

    This violet robed youth was sure that Mo Wuji's cultivation hadn't even reached the Grand Luo Immortal Stage. A cultivator that wasn't at the Grand Luo Immortal Stage was actually able to evenly match him. If this news were to get out, then wouldn't he, Wan Ping, lose all his face?

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The myriad of coloured glass clashed against Mo Wuji's desert of killing intent. The killing intent within the desert dissipated, but the desert continued to grow. At the same time, the radiant coloured glass also disappeared.

    "Coloured Glass Strike!" The violet robed youth's killing intent pervaded into the air. Even though he didn't manage to get even half of an upper hand in the clash of domains, he still didn't retreat, but even pounced towards Mo Wuji.

    A dazzling saber light of killing intent suddenly appeared above the ocean. Within that dazzling light, there was a unique energy and saver intent. At this moment, whether it was Mo Wuji's spiritual will, or Mo Wuji's eyes, they were all sealed by this dazzling saber intent. He was unable to feel or sense anything else in his surroundings.

    Even the three people in the distance fell into the entrancement of this dazzling light. They had never seen such beautiful light before, no, it should be, they had never seen such beautiful saber light before. It was like a pretty piece of coloured glass.

    However, they soon reacted. This was no coloured glass, but an attack. The moment this Coloured Glass Strike appeared, their eyes and spiritual will wouldn't be able to see anything else but this light.

    Mo Wuji was not the same as them. The moment his eyes weren't able to see anything, he simply closed them. At this moment, he hadn't even opened his spiritual eye.

    Even though he knew that he would be able to see through everything the moment he opened his spiritual eye, it wasn't important to Mo Wuji at all.

    The grey saber in his hand slashed out. This was his second slash: Winding River!

    Back when he was battling with Jin Yiren, he wasn't able to display the full power of his second slash. But, he wasn't the same as he used to be; he was now a true Grand Yi Immortal; he was a Grand Yi Immortal who created the meridian cultivation method.

    Under the violet robed youth's Coloured Glass Strike, Mo Wuji's Grand River finally dispersed. But at the same time, a bright silver river welcomed the violet robed youth's coloured glass saber light.

    The waters cascade down from three thousand chi above,

    like the Heaven's silver river descending from the top!

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's Winding River was that silver river descending from the Heaven. This silver river's radiance seemed otherworldly as it directly swallowed that dazzling coloured glass saber light.

    Beautiful, moving, surging, and even a bit arrogant...

    This was the first time Mo Wuji truly displayed his Winding River, but this Winding River left his heart reverberating in shock. It was more than 10 times stronger than he had expected.

    Moreover, this saber was but a scant of the enlightenment that he got from that river. A superficial saber sacred art was already so powerful and grand. By the time he fully understood Winding River, he would even be able to match an Immortal King.

    Perhaps it was a misconception, but this misconception left Mo Wuji filled with lofty ambitions; he started to have a grand and open ambition and courage.

    If it was before this, Mo Wuji merely felt that this violet robed youth only had a higher cultivation but he might not be stronger. But now, Mo Wuji had complete confidence that he would defeat this violet robed youth. Whether this confidence matched his actual strength, Mo Wuji was currently feeling at the top of the world.

    "Qiang!" It was clearly a clash of saber light, but the heavy sound of metals clashing reverberated through the air.

    Even though the space was stable and wouldn't tear because of the two's battle, the three people spectating the battle could clearly feel the intense vibrations in the air.

    "Pff!" A faint blood light exploded. The violet robed youth felt his coloured flass saber light instantly dispersed. Following which, an intense sensation of emptiness inundated him; his forehead turned cold and he hurriedly retreated backward.

    Mo Wuji wasn't feeling all too good as well. His Winding River was clearly superior to his opponent's Coloured Glass Strike by several levels, but because his cultivation level was insufficient, and his understanding of the Winding River was only at the early stages, he felt that he wasn't able to fully exhibit its power.

    The Winding River clearly had some leftover power but it was unable to cause any lethal damage to the other party.

    Not only that, his hand was slightly trembling. He was unable to continue with his third slash: Setting Sun.

    Mo Wuji inhaled deeply; he was sure that he could continue and use his Setting Sun, this violet robed youth wouldn't be walking any further; this youth would directly perish under his slash. No, there was no need to even his use Setting Sun. If he had fully displayed his Winding River, that one slash wouldn't have merely sliced a blood trail on the violet robed youth's forehead, but sliced the other party in half.

    "You're very strong, but do you know who I am?" The violet robed youth was no longer as arrogant as he was previously. The faint blood trail on his forehead had already disappeared.

    He knew that even if Mo Wuji wasn't as strong as him, he wouldn't be able to keep Mo Wuji here. There was no need to talk about keeping Mo Wuji here, it probably wouldn't even be possible for him to defeat Mo Wuji. That trail of blood on his forehead already made things clear. The Saber Dao of this youth in front of him was much stronger than his. If not for his higher cultivation, then he, Wan Ping, would be the one fleeing for his life.

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly, but he wasn't looking at the violet robed youth, but at the grey saber in his hand.

    To be honest, his saber was slightly lacking. Just now, he wasn't able to attain the upper hand was partly due to his saber. The grade of his saber was truly too low for his sacred art.

    "Why haven't the three of you escaped?" Mo Wuji's attention turned to the trio.

    The middle aged man with a huge beard hurriedly went forward and bowed to Mo Wuji, "This friend has helped the three of us, if the three of us run away like that, how could we still be considered human? Even if we know that we won't be able to offer any help, we would only leave after this friend leaves."

    Even though they clearly know that they wouldn't be a match for the violet robed youth, they still said such words. This really changed Mo Wuji's impression of them.

    Seeing Mo Wuji blatantly ignore him, the violet robed youth fumed with anger. However, he was helpless as Mo Wuji had no reason to fear him. He could only suppress the fire in his heart as he said, "This immortal here is Wan Ping, I'm from Zero Heaven Immortal Domain's Vast Ocean Immortal School. Friend, are you sure you want to make an enemy of my Vast Ocean Immortal School?"

    It would have been better if this fella didn't mention 'Vast Ocean Immortal School'. The moment Mo Wuji heard Vast Ocean Immortal School, his heart instantly exploded with killing intent.

    He was the one who killed Vast Ocean Immortal School's Bai Chitian. Back during the Yong Ying Grand Alchemy Competition, he was pursued by Wan Fan, and he almost died in the other party's hands. If not for his flying shuttle, he would already have been killed by Wan Fan.

    So what if they were from Vast Ocean Immortal School? If they want to kill him, Mo Wuji, they would have to pay the price.

    "Friend, Vast Ocean Immortal School's Grand Elder Jin Yusheng is a late stage Immortal Emperor Expert. Also Vast Ocean Immortal School's Sect Head Wan Fan is Wan Fan's uncle. It's said that he is at the Great Circle of the Immortal Reverent Stage and is about to step into the Immortal Emperor Stage." That bearded middle aged man hurriedly transmitted a message to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji stared at Wan Ping. In his heart, he was thinking: This guy is really courting death. No matter what, he was going to kill this fella.

    As he thought of this, he transmitted a message to the bearded middle-aged man, "When I take action, the three of you help me to hold this fella down. Of course, if you guys aren't willing to offend Vast Ocean Immortal Scool, then please take your leave first. I can stay here on my own."

    That bearded middle-aged man chuckled, "There's no need to talk about how friend is only here because of the three of us. Even if you aren't, would I, Gai Guangyi, be scared about fighting someone from the Vast Ocean Immortal School? Wu Nian, Ji Cai, we will attack together!"

    As he finished saying that, he didn't even wait for Mo Wuji as he charged towards Wan Ping.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with appreciation; this fella was not only smart, but decisive. He clearly knew that Mo Wuji was going to kill Wan Ping so he directly charged to the front. Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't send these three people to their deaths; he directly crossed the distance between them and slashed out with his saber.
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