Chapter 604: Peace Is Relative

    Chapter 604: Peace Is Relative

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    "Alright." Gai Guangyi immediately agreed. Thereafter, he seemed to recall something and he continued, "Brother Mo, the Cape of Peace is in the gulf in between the West Moat Ocean and the Great Desolate Sea Domain. If the Vast Ocean Immortal School really finds us at the Cape of Peace, we could try to hide at the Great Desolate Sea Domain."

    "Great Desolate Sea Domain?" Mo Wuji stared at Gai Guangyi in doubt.

    Gai Guangyi explained, "The Great Desolate Sea Domain is the true endless ocean. It is boundless and limitless; very few in the Immortal World are able to traverse across the entire Great Desolate Sea Domain. In the depths of the Great Desolate Sea Domain, there's countless treasures and opportunities, but only innumerable dangers. Typically, one could stay in the depths of the Great Desolate Sea Domain for ten years, and that's already considered very lucky. Actually, the reason why we are heading to the Cape of Peace is because we have intentions of going to the Great Desolate Sea Domain."

    "Why? Didn't you say that there's the Peace Resthouse?" Mo Wuji was increasingly confused. Peace Resthouse was even able to block an Immortal Emperor, so why's there still a need to leave the Cape of Peace?

    Gai Guangyi laughed ruefully, "There's something that Brother Mo doesn't know. The prices of Peace Resthouse are staggering; it's 10,000 high grade immortal crystals a day. Think about it, who would be able to afford that."

    Mo Wuji released a breath of cold air. 10,000 high grade crystals a day; that would be millions of high grade crystals in a year. Even he wouldn't be able to afford it. No, that wasn't an apt example; even an Immortal Emperor wouldn't be able to afford it. If it's really like that, then this Peace Resthouse really didn't deserve its name.

    Gai Guangyi gave a bitter smile, "In reality, there are very few who could afford to stay at Peace Resthouse. Most people stay at another resthouse nearby. Once they receive notice that an Immortal Emperor was coming, they would rush to Peace Resthouse. That way, they would be able to save on their immortal crystals. Of course, there are risks with that method."

    "He's really a money maker," Mo Wuji could not help but sigh in praise. That Zhuo Pingan was really quite smart to use such a method to earn immortal crystals. Of course, this was based on the premise that he had true capabilities.

    "I have also heard of some people that stay in Peace Resthouse for prolonged times; the longest time is already more than a century and that person still hasn't left." Gai Guangyi added when he heard Mo Wuji's lamentation.

    A century? How many immortal crystals was that? That was a number counted in the billions. Before this, Mo Wuji thought that he was rather wealthy, but in front of these billionaires, he really wasn't anything much.

    Regardless of how expensive the Cape of Peace was, Mo Wuji still intended to take a look. After all, the people he had offended were rather strong.

    Mo Wuji invited the trio on his flying shuttle. His flying shuttle was a Grade 7 immortal equipment and there basically weren't any powerful beasts in this part of West Moat Ocean, so their journey went very smoothly. After a few days, during their hearty conversations, Mo Wuji discovered some land in his spiritual will.

    In Mo Wuji's perspective, a land within the sea was either an island or a reef. Thus, that's what he expected the Cape of Peace to be. But in Mo Wuji's spiritual will, he saw that this land was actually like an ordinary city. There was no jutting mountains; it was simply a flat city square built on the ocean. Not only that, the land seemed to be on the same level as the sea.

    The Cape of Peace was protected by arrays, thus not a single drop of the violent waves were able to seep in.

    "Brother Mo, we will have to stop the flying shuttle here. The Cape of Peace only allows ships to sail in from the sea; no flying equipments are allowed to enter through the sky," Gai Guangyi explained by the side.

    Even without Gai Guangyi explaining, Mo Wuji had already stopped his flying shuttle. It wasn't because he knew the rules, but because his spiritual will detected another grand sight. Past the Cape of Peace, there was another ocean. However, the seawater in that ocean was actually dark red.

    "Brother Gai, could that red sea be the Great Desolate Sea Domain?" Mo Wuji asked in astonishment.

    Gai Guangyi nodded, "Yes, the seawater in the Great Desolate Sea Domain is entirely dark red in colour."

    Mo Wuji sighed; this was truly a mystical place. Mo Wuji had gone to the Red Sea before; the red colour of the Red Sea was completely different and it was caused by sea sawdust. Moreover, it only turned red during certain seasons and the area didn't encompass the entire sea. This Great Desolate Sea Domain was countless of times wider than the Red Sea; clearly, this dark red colour wouldn't be because of sea sawdust.

    Gai Guangyi brought out a small boat. This small boat could fit seven to eight people.

    The pier at the Cape of Peace wasn't very big. Moreover, Mo Wuji didn't even see a single vessel docked at the pier.

    Gai Guangyi's little boat soon approached the pier; at the pier, there was only an ordinary looking cultivator standing guard.

    After the four stepped onto the pier, that cultivator scanned the four of them and said, "Grand Yi Immortals and above need to pay 50,000 high grade immortal crystals each."

    Gai Guangyi took the initiative to hand a storage ring to that cultivator and said, "The four of us intend to stay on Cape of Peace for sometime. Here is 200,000 high grade immortal crystals."

    The cultivator accepted Gai Guangyi's storage ring, then brought out four jade tokens and handed them to Gai Guangyi, "Go in then. I wish you good luck. Remember to inscribe your names on the jade tokens."

    As they exited the pier, Mo Wuji asked, "Brother Gai, everyone needs to pay 50,000 high grade immortal crystals just to enter?"

    Gai Guangyi nodded, "Yes, and that's not the only fee. There will still be all sorts of various fees later. For example, living fees, cultivation fees, safety fees. That 50,000 that we just paid was merely the shoring fee."

    Mo Wuji lamented in his heart: What a sinister man. With such methods, it was hard for this Zhuo Pingan not to get rich.

    Gai Guangyi handed the jade tokens out, "Remember to inscribe your names on the jade token."

    Mo Wuji accepted the jade token. On it, there was today's date. From the looks of it, any random name could be carved on the jade token. It seems like the Cape of Peace didn't care what your name was, but how long you stayed.

    Mo Wuji casually inscribed his name on the jade token as he said, "Brother Gai, I will hand you the 50,000 high grade immortal crystals later."

    Gai Guangyi hurriedly waved his hands and said, "Brother Mo, we're all in the same boat together. Also, for this trip to the Cape of Peace, I have already prepared quite a number of immortal crystals. I can still afford a mere 50,000 immortal crystals."

    Since Gai Guangyi had already said this, Mo Wuji didn't add anything further. He wanted to make some inquiries here in the Cape of Peace so he wouldn't be leaving so quickly. When he leaves, he would hand Gai Guangyi some immortal crystals then.

    "Boom!" The force of immortal elemental energy colliding swept over. Mo Wuji and co. immediately stopped in their tracks. In his astonishment, Mo Wuji saw two cultivators fighting not far away. There were even people spectating by the sides. The cultivator that was in the the disadvantage was entirely covered in blood.

    Mo Wuji stared at Gai Guangyi in confusion, "Brother Gai, isn't this the Cape of Peace? Why are people fighting here?"

    Gai Guangyi smiled bitterly, "Brother Mo, there's something you don't know. Fighting in the Cape of Peace is very normal. Only if you stay in Peace Resthouse, then no one would dare to provoke you. However, these fights aren't lethal because if you kill a person in the Cape of Peace, you would be killed. These fights only result in physical injuries and the losing party would hand over some immortal crystals as compensation. That's about it."

    Just as Gai Guangyi finished speaking, that injured cultivator indeed threw a storage bag to the victorious cultivator. After grabbing the storage bag, that cultivator left hurriedly. Since the fight had already ended, the spectators also dispersed in their separate ways.

    Mo Wuji was speechless; how could this be considered mere physical injuries? He clearly saw that the injured cultivator had damaged muscles and bones, and even his dantian was injured. Even though they could be healed, these injuries would require expensive immortal pills.

    Gai Guangyi seemed to know what was on Mo Wuji's mind. He explained, "Actually, there's a way to avoid conflict with other people, that is to stay in a resthouse for the entire day and cultivate.

    Mo Wuji's lips twitched as he asked, "But staying in a resthouse probably isn't cheap, right?"

    Gai Guangyi sighed, "indeed. The cheapest one already requires 100,000 high grade immortal crystals a year. Thus, many people would take the risk to go to the Great Desolate Sea Domain to search for materials to sell. It's just that everytime you leave the Cape of Peace, you would need 100,000 high grade immortal crystals."

    Mo Wuji finally understood; every aspect of living in the Cape of Peace required immortal crystals. Not having any immortal crystals was akin to waiting for death. To put things plainly, this was a money squandering establishment that brought no form of pleasure whatsoever.

    "Brother Gai, why didn't anyone come and find trouble for us? Logically, we are newcomers so we should be easy targets," Wu Nian asked softly.

    Gai Guangyi explained, "It's exactly because we're newcomers that no one would cause trouble for us. In the first month, we wouldn't be in any trouble. But when it comes to the second month, you will see for yourself whether anyone would come causing trouble for you. Usually, weak cultivators wouldn't have enough immortal crystals so they wouldn't even be able to come to the Cape of Peace. In this world, peace is relative. How can there be absolute peace."

    Mo Wuji acknowledged Gai Guangyi's words. Indeed, peace was relative in this world.

    "The few of you should be newcomers, right? Why don't you come to our Peace Hotel? Our Peace Hotel is surrounded by rich immortal spiritual energy and the service is excellent. Cultivating in there is many levels higher than cultivating outside." A slightly tanned man walked in front of the four of them, giving an introduction as saliva and splitter splattered out of his mouth.

    From Gai Guangyi's previous explanation, Mo Wuji already understood that fighting wasn't allowed in any resthouse in the Cape of Peace. Thus, this fella is using immortal spiritual energy and service to draw in customers. In reality, the immortal spiritual energy in the Cape of Peace was extremely scarce. Even if it was many folds higher than the Cape of Peace, the resthouse probably wouldn't be any good.

    Gai Guangyi asked, "May I ask how much your Peace Hotel charges a year?"

    This man hurriedly laughed, "Not much, not much, just 150,000 immortal crystals per person. If the four of you need four rooms and pay together, then it would only need 550,000 immortal crystals a year."

    Gai Guangyi shook his head, "That's too expensive. We aren't able to afford it."

    This man clearly wasn't someone to give up easily. He hurriedly took another step forward and said, "In the Cape of Peace, the cheapest resthouse already costs 100,000 a year, and the conditions are extremely lacking. Not only does my Peace Hotel have a beautiful environment, the rooms are big and we even provide stall windows for you to sell anything. Those only cost 1,000 high grade immortal crystals a day."

    Gai Guangyi seemed to want to say something, but Mo Wuji smiled and said, "Let's go in and take a look."
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