Chapter 608: Wu Ben Husband and Wife

    Chapter 608: Wu Ben Husband and Wife

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    Mo Wuji felt very satisfied looking at the 12 high grade Immortal Copious Pills. After reaching the Grand Yi Stage, Mo Wuji felt that he would be able to concoct high grade Immortal Copious Pill. Now that his Scholar's Heart had advanced into a Grade 7 immortal flame, everything he couldn't do in the past became simple to him just like how he expected it. The very first batch of pills he concocted was the 12 high grade Immortal Copious Pills.

    Given his understandings towards Pill Dao, it was certain that the future pills he concoct would not be any lower than high grade.

    Mo Wuji grabbed a bunch of immortal herbs once again as he prepared to concoct the second furnace of Immortal Copious Pills.

    A capable pill master would need at least a few hours to concoct a batch of Tier 6 immortal pills and the weaker ones might even need a few days to concoct the same batch. However, Mo Wuji only took one hour and the second batch of Immortal Copious Pills were fresh out from the furnace.

    It was not unexpected that it was a full furnace worth of 12 pills that were produced. This time round, the only difference would be that there were 4 unique grade Immortal Copious Pills within the 12 successfully concocted pills.

    For the third batch, Mo Wuji didn't continue concocting the Immortal Copious Pills but chose the Grand Luo Immortal Pills instead.

    The Grand Luo Immortal Pill was an extremely valuable Tier 6 immortal pill because it would increase the probability of advancing from a Grand Zhi Immortal to a Grand Luo Immortal. Whenever this pill went up on sale in any market, there would be intense auctions for it.

    Mo Wuji had more than enough materials needed to spend as freely as he wished for the concoction of the Grand Luo Immortal Pill.

    Even though the Grand Luo Immortal Pill was much harder to concoct than the Immortal Copious Pill, Mo Wuji managed to concoct a full batch of 12 Grand Luo Immortal Pills with six of them being unique grade on his third try.

    On the fourth attempt, Mo Wuji managed to concoct nine unique grade Grand Luo Immortal Pills and 11 unique grade Grand Luo Immortal Pills on his fifth try. Finally, Mo Wuji managed to concoct a full batch of unique pills on his sixth attempt.

    After Mo Wuji stopped concocting the Grand Luo Immortal Pills, he felt slightly emotional. Back when he was a Xuan Immortal, no matter how hard he tried, he could at most concoct low grade Grand Luo Immortal Pills.

    Today, he managed to use only six attempts to raise himself up to the standard of a Honoured Grade Tier 6 Immortal King.

    Mo Wuji was well aware that the reason why he couldn't concoct unique grade Tier 6 immortal pills previously was not because of insufficient knowledge of the Pill Dao but because of the restriction on his strength.

    Now that he had advanced to become a Grand Yi Immortal and his flame turned into a Grade 7 immortal flame, concocting the Tier 6 immortal pills became a matter of course.

    Mo Wuji cleaned the pill furnace but didn't start concocting Tier 7 immortal pills. Even though he had many Tier 7 immortal herbs on him, he didn't want to waste it. He wanted to reflect and summarise the gains and losses when concocting the Tier 6 immortal pills before starting the concoction of the Tier 7 immortal pills.

    The value of Tier 7 immortal herbs was definitely not comparable to Tier 6 immortal herbs. The reason why he would be able to obtain this many Tier 7 immortal herbs was because he took advantage of Kui Fengyun. Kui Fengyun's secret was exposed and found by Mo Wuji so all the immortal herbs ended up in Mo Wuji's bag.

    Mo Wuji believed that with his level of understanding of the Pill Dao and the amount of Tier 7 immortal herbs he had on him, advancing to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor would not be too difficult.

    In fact, he was certain that no other Tier 6 Pill King would be able to be as luxurious as he was when progressing to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor with a pile of Tier 7 immortal herbs readied for him. Other Pill Emperors would accumulate the experience by spending a lot of time while Mo Wuji couldn't afford that much time so he compensate with the vast amount of herbs he had.

    Three days later, Mo Wuji took out the first batch of Tier 7 immortal herbs as he intended to start by concocting the Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill. The Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill was neither the hardest nor the easiest Tier 7 Immortal pill to concoct. It might be a little too expensive for other pill refiners to practice with this pill but it was comparatively suitable for Mo Wuji.

    The Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill's main immortal herb was the Mourning Blood Rattan, a rattan which would let out a solution like blood when broken. Even though this was a considered to be a more expensive herb as compared to the other Tier 7 immortal herbs, the Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill concocted could be used to replenish a cultivator's blood essence. Because Mo Wuji found a sizeable amount of Mourning Blood Rattan in the Yunxian Immortal Valley, he decided to use this for practice.

    The reason why it was difficult to concoct high grade immortal pills was because of the difficulty in controlling the immortal medicinal properties of the immortal herbs. The higher the tier of the immortal herb, the harder it would be to control the properties which would mean an increased chance of failure.

    Mo Wuji's flame was a Grade 7 immortal flame but his pill furnace was only a Grade 6 immortal equipment and this would mean a greater difficulty in his concoction.

    Stalks of Tier 7 immortal herbs were sent into the pill furnace and under the flame of the Scholar's Heart, Mo Wuji managed to purify the essence skillfully.

    As for any other matters, Mo Wuji wouldn't dare to speak about it but when it came to purification of immortal herbs, he believed that no one would be more capable than he was.

    After just four hours, all the immortal herbs were completely purified by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief as he started to fuse the solution. Mo Wuji never found this step difficult and even though he had failed in his concoction plenty of times, he had never found a problem at this step.

    However, after just half an incense, the pill furnace let out a 'bang' as some of the immortal herb essence exploded within the furnace.

    If Mo Wuji wasn't in Immortal Physique Level 9, he would have been hurt.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath as he wasn't too surprised that he failed in his first concoction of the Tier 7 immortal pills. Instead, he was surprised at how he failed at the fusing stage.

    After cleaning up the pill furnace, Mo Wuji started to concoct the second batch of Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill. Just like the first batch, the solution exploded after about four hours.

    The third batch, fourth batch...

    After having nine batches of the Trio Revolving Solitary Blood Pill exploding, Mo Wuji couldn't help but to stop his concoction. This was not an issue of experience because the nine consecutive batches failed during the fusion process. Only two batches made it through the fusion stage only to explode very shortly after.

    After consolidating his thoughts for half a month, Mo Wuji still could not find the reason. He had an intuition that there was no problem with his technique or experience but the same problem he faced when he was trying to breakthrough into a Tier 5 Pill King. The problem was because he was not in a higher cultivation realm that he was supposed to be to be a Tier 7 Pill Emperor.

    However, the difference was that even if his cultivation level was too low, he had to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor as soon as possible. If he were to wait for his cultivation level to become a Immortal King before becoming a Tier 7 Pill Emperor, that would take way too long.

    Just when Mo Wuji was preparing to try concocting other Tier 7 immortal pill, Han Long sent an urgent message that the flying shuttle was blocked.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will extended outwards immediately and realised that it was a man and woman who was obstructing his flying shuttle. Mo Wuji kept his pill furnace and landed right on the deck of his flying shuttle within one step.

    "It is the Wu Ben husband and wife. I doubt this will be anything good," The moment Mo Wuji came out, Han Long whispered to Mo Wuji.

    "Wu Ben husband and wife?" Mo Wuji replied in doubt because he had not heard of anything like that before. The man and woman standing in front of Mo Wuji's shuttle didn't look too old as the man's look was average with a black face. Mo Wuji didn't know if this was because of his cultivation method or any other reasons.

    The woman looked gentle, pleasant and was slightly more good looking than Han Long too. Her skin was the complete opposite of the man as she was extremely fair. Her hands were very delicate as well and it could be considered to be perfect. Just based on her appearance, Mo Wuji believed that this woman was a very intellectual lady.

    Since the two of them were obstructing his flying shuttle coupled with Han Long's claim that they were some Wu Ben husband and wife, Mo Wuji knew that what he saw was only superficies.

    "So it was merely an ant," The black face man noticed Mo Wuji's appearance and his tone was filled with traces of ridicule.

    Mo Wuji didn't speak as he noticed that these two fellas were both in the Grand Luo Immortal Stage. The man should be in the advanced Grand Luo Immortal Stage while the woman should be in the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage already.

    Han Long continued to transmit a message to Mo Wuji, "The Wu Ben husband and wife was a couple who escaped to the Cape of Peace and eventually escaped to the Great Desolate Sea Domain. The man is called Kuang Benhou while the woman is called Gou Wuyu. These two were already numbed to killing as their livelihood in the Great Desolate Sea Domain were largely dependent on killing others. Moreover, they have a unique technique to escape as well as to detect danger. Others might consider themselves lucky to be able to survive 10 years in the Great Desolate Sea Domain but this couple had been here for over hundreds of years. Their cultivation level also improved from the Grand Zhi Stage to the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage as they continually became stronger.

    These two were much stronger than those of the same stage as them and they never go easy on anyone. Up till now, there was less than 10 people who managed to escape from their clutches. Because they were ruthless, vicious and earned quite a fair bit from what they were doing, they have earned the nickname of Wu Ben husband and wife because there were the word 'Wu' and 'Ben' in their names. More terrifyingly, their flying magic treasure was also a Grade 7 one so it would be extremely difficult for us to escape from them by our flying shuttle."

    While Han Long was transmitting the message to Mo Wuji, she had already decided to fight for her life here. Mo Wuji's cultivation level was definitely lower than them and even though she was also in the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, she was definitely not as strong in combat as either of the couple.

    "Brother Ben, get them to leave their things behind before getting them to commit suicide. This way, we could at least let them die with a complete body," Gou Wuyu said.

    Her voice was so gentle as she spoke with a merciful tone that made others want to thank her for her kindness.

    Mo Wuji extended his arm and a grey saber appeared in his palm before turning to Han Long, "Since we are unable to avoid them, let's fight them. We will take one each and I shall deal with Gou Wuyu while you take on Kuang Benhou. Don't be anxious to win the battle because all you need to do is to hold him back."

    Han Long's cultivation level was similar to Gou Wuyu and was slightly higher than Kuang Benhou. Despite Han Long having a higher cultivation level than Kuang Benhou, Mo Wuji was well aware that she was still not a match for Kuang Benhou. As for Gou Wuyu, she was the terrifying one. Mo Wuji was unsure of Han Long's combat ability but according to his judgement, Mo Wuji believed that she had no chance of defeating Kuang Benhou.

    Therefore, he initiated to deal with that woman.

    "Ah..." Han Long heard Mo Wuji's words and let out an 'ah' and before she could respond, Mo Wuji's saber had already been swung at Gou Wuyu.

    Gou Wuyu stared blankly at the incoming Mo Wuji and waited for the saber radiance to turn into tens of blade radiance before turning to Kuang Benhou, "Brother Ben, I finally know what is the meaning of the stupid being fearless.

    As for that Mo Wuji's attack, she appeared as if she didn't see it at all.

    "Hahaha..." Kuang Benhou laughed out loud, "Please don't forget my favourite part of the body to eat and not let too much of the spiritual energy seep out."

    Gou Wuyu chuckled and took a step out before appearing as if she was strolling through Mo Wuji's blade radiance. However, at this very moment, her expression changed drastically.
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