Chapter 609: The Spatial Channel To Leave The Immortal World

    Chapter 609: The Spatial Channel To Leave The Immortal World

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    Mo Wuji's ordinary looking blade radiance suddenly evolved into countless of blade radiances. These countless of blade radiance was so overwhelming that it looked like a great desert was about to sweep her in.

    Gou Wuyu was naturally not an idiot as she knew straightaway that Mo Wuji's desert attack was definitely a peak grade sacred art.

    Initially, Gou Wuyu didn't even regard Mo Wuji highly but now, she was anxious to draw out her own magic treasure which was a pink Mixed Gold Bucket.

    The moment the Mixed Gold Bucket was brought out, it acted like a massive mouth which was trying to swallow Mo Wuji's boundless desert.

    Just when she felt that her Mixed Gold Bucket was able to fend against Mo Wuji's Grand Desert Blade, she saw a blade radiance hacking from the sky locked onto her forehead even before she could take a breather.

    A chilling sensation was felt throughout her body before letting out a sharp cry. She instantly took out a green coloured handkerchief as she spat out a mouthful of blood which was quickly spreaded across the handkerchief.

    Kuang Benhou, who was initially feeling disdainful of everything, saw that Gou Wuyu was struggling in her fight against Mo Wuji so he couldn't bear to continue watching without doing anything. In the next instance, he grabbed a handful of black sand before charging towards Mo Wuji.

    No matter how inexperienced Han Long was, she knew that she shouldn't let Kuang Benhou attack Mo Wuji while Mo Wuji was dealing with Gou Wuyu. In that same instance, she drew out her Remnant Lamp and blocked out Kuang Benhou.

    The light overspread and when it clashed against Kuang Benhou's black clouds of sand, there was yet another overwhelming explosion of immortal energy in the sky.

    Han Long's cultivation level was slightly higher than Kuang Benhou so even if Kuang Benhou didn't think highly of Han Long, he had no choice but to give up on the idea of attacking Mo Wuji and focus on Han Long.

    "Bang!" Mo Wuji's Winding River was actually blocked out by the darker green coloured handkerchief while the pale Gou Wuyu was blown off tens of metres by the sheer force of the blade.

    Mo Wuji knew that this was not because his Winding River was incapable or because his cultivation level was not high enough but because his Winding River was far from being completed.

    Mo Wuji didn't continue to execute his Setting Sun because his Setting Sun was similar to his Wheel of Life and Death. Not only was it extremely powerful, it brought along some killing intent of the dao spirituality.

    The Setting Sun was one of his trump card and there wasn't a need to use his trump card at this moment. Moreover, his Winding River was still far from completion, let alone his Setting Sun which he had never executed properly. Despite not being able to kill off Gou Wuyu, Mo Wuji was strong enough for her to forget about taking advantage of him.

    At the instance Gou Wuyu's handkerchief managed to block off Mo Wuji's Winding River, Mo Wuji took a step forward and released a punch.

    Ever since Mo Wuji started his attacks, Gou Wuyu had been on the receiving end with no power to retaliate at all. In other words, Mo Wuji had been attacking and she had been defending.

    It wasn't because there was a vast difference between Mo Wuji and Gou Wuyu's strength but because Gou Wuyu had looked down on Mo Wuji from the very beginning. In the end, Mo Wuji caught her by surprise so she could only defend herself all these while.

    Mo Wuji was too experienced in battles so why would he allow Gou Wuyu to regain her composure to fight back? After the Domain Crushing Fist, Mo Wuji executed a spatial imprisonment.

    To kill you while you are sick and weak. This was the mindset that Mo Wuji had throughout this fight so he would not go easy on her. Not only was Gou Wuyu's cultivation level much higher than Wan Ping, her strength and combat experience were something Wan Ping didn't have. If Gou Wuyu didn't underestimate Mo Wuji and allowed him to take the initiative to attack her with his stunning blade sacred art, Mo Wuji would have found it tough to gain the upperhand in this fight.

    After fending off two blade attacks from Mo Wuji, Gou Wuyu didn't loosen her muscles as she was well aware that Mo Wuji was incredibly as strong or even stronger than herself.

    What she experienced proved her point because Mo Wuji's domain brought along a whirlpool which was shockingly not restrained by her own domain.

    Furthermore, this was the first time she had seen a fist with a domain.

    Mo Wuji's fist brought along a fist domain which was capable of crushing her domain.

    At the moment her domain was split apart, the space around her started moving and she was trapped in that very instance.

    Gou Wuyu was astonished as she spat out a faint yellow radiance before screaming out, "Stop."

    She had already tried everything within her means and if Mo Wuji was still able to counter it, she could only suffer the force of his attack. If she didn't escape, she would simply be waiting for her death.

    The yellow radiance that Gou Wuyu spat out turned into a faintly discernible large net as it seemed to be wrapping around Mo Wuji's Domain Crushing Fist.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's Domain Crushing Fist instantly broke this large net and under the explosion of the immortal energy, Gou Wuyu's outerwear was almost torn off.

    Mo Wuji stopped and in countless of battles, Mo Wuji had heard countless of people shouting 'stop'. This was the first time, he actually complied with the opponent and stopped.

    This wasn't because Mo Wuji's heart turned soft but because he was clear that even if he didn't stop, he wouldn't be strong enough to kill Gou Wuyu. Since he was unable to kill her off and while the opponent shouted in desperation for him to stop, he shall turn this into a discussion. Therefore, after he stopped attacking, Mo Wuji's spatial imprisonment was still undulating around Gou Wuyu's body.

    This made Gou Wuyu extremely uncomfortable because even though she wasn't trapped in Mo Wuji's spatial imprisonment, the constant fluctuations of energy around her body was locked onto her and readied to trap her at any moment.

    Kuang Benhou and Han Long stopped fighting when they saw Mo Wuji holding back his attacks and Han Long landed right beside Mo Wuji. Just when Kuang Benhou was about to move towards Gou Wuyu, Mo Wuji shouted, "Kuang Benhou, if you dare move a single inch, I will make Gou Wuyu suffer. Try me if you dare because I am confident I can cleave one of her arm off."

    This was not a meaningless threaten because Mo Wuji was confident he would be able to do so if he were to use all his energy.

    Indeed, Kuang Benhou stopped when he heard Mo Wuji's threaten because he didn't think that it was purely a scare. He was Gou Wuyu's husband for many years so he could sense that Gou Wuyu was clearly feeling very uncomfortable.

    If she hadn't fought against Mo Wuji, she would treat whatever Mo Wuji was saying as fart but now, she really didn't dare to move. She believed that Mo Wuji was truly capable of doing what he said and she had a feeling that there was more to Mo Wuji's Winding River. This would mean that Mo Wuji had even more powerful sacred art which he had yet to execute. Additionally, Mo Wuji knew spatial imprisonment so once she was trapped, it wouldn't take more than half a breath worth of time to cleave off one of her arm.

    To her, she could recover her arm very quickly but the arm would never be comparable to her original arm. She didn't temper her physique so the damage to the fleshly body would be equivalent to the damage to her blood and dao spirituality. This was a crucial period of time for her as she was preparing to advance into the Immortal King Stage. Once she suffered damages to her fleshly body, how long more must she wait before being readied to advance once more?

    "What do you want?" Kuang Benhou controlled his anger as he said one word at a time.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly, "Since the two of you had been raiding people in the Great Desolate Sea Domain for so many years, I believe that you must have plenty of good items with you. Show me both of your storage ring for me to choose one or two items."

    "Haha..." Kuang Benhou laughed, "Does Your Excellency want to form a deadly feud with us? Fight me if you want to see the storage ring."

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart because if it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't kill these two fellas, he would have acted without spouting all these nonsense. As for the deadly feud, it was already formed when they obstructed his path and was finding trouble with him. Mo Wuji also knew that it would be impossible for him to get them to pass him their storage rings. Hence, he was thinking of a way to cleave off one of Gou Wuyu's arm at the instance she tried to escape.

    Gou Wuyu gave Mo Wuji a death stare and was sensing for any changes in the space around her. She didn't dare to move because she was worried that the second she moved, Mo Wuji would attack.

    She and her husband had never encountered a situation like today because they would always pick the correct target before acting and never failed once. However, this time round, they had actually misjudged their target.

    This was not because they were too careless but because Mo Wuji really looked too ordinary. Even though Mo Wuji was this close to hurting her, she still couldn't tell that how dangerous Mo Wuji actually was. In other words, even if this young man in front of her acted like a mortal, she wouldn't have her suspicion.

    Kuang Benhou grunted and threw three items in the air, "Choose either one of this three treasures."

    A Grade 6 Immortal equipment, Tier 7 Immortal Fruit and a Grade 7 ore.

    For a normal Grand Yi Immortal, this would be a peak grade item but to Mo Wuji, these were all thrash.

    Mo Wuji raised his hand and all three items were thrown away by him. That Immortal Fruit was destroyed into pieces while his killing intent surged. Mo Wuji decided to teach these two fellas a lesson. This was the first time Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to enter his whirlpool domain and the space started trembling wildly. Gou Wuyu cried out in pain, "Stop, I know of a spatial channel which could lead you out of the immortal domain..."

    Spatial channel to leave the immortal domain? Mo Wuji's killing intent ceased.

    Kuang Benhou's face turned pale because he never expected this youth to be so arrogant that he treated the items he brought out as thrash. These three items might not be the best items he had with him but it should be considered to be valuable treasures to any other ordinary cultivators.

    "Say it, this would be your last chance as I would definitely not stop for the third time," Mo Wuji's said this as his spirit storage channel was already sketching the Wheel of Life and Death's imprint.

    Previously, Mo Wuji's Wheel of Life and Death was executed openly but he intended to use his spirit storage channel and elemental storage channel to execute the imprint this time round. The effectiveness of using this method would be significantly lowered but it should be more than enough to cleave off one of this woman's arm or leg. Even if he failed to kill her and he was hit with the after effect, Mo Wuji didn't mind. While others executed the Wheel of Life and Death, only one could live while the other had to die. For him, he had the vitality channel so even if his opponent didn't die, he wouldn't die either.

    On the surface, Mo Wuji appeared as though he had stopped his attack but the deathly energy around them surged tremendously. Even Han Long, who was standing beside Mo Wuji, could sense the deathly aura and took a few steps back subconsciously.

    The pale face Kuang Benhou looked even more awful as he could also feel the that energy even though he didn't see Mo Wuji doing anything.

    The one being targeted, Gou Wuyu, could feel it even more evidently as she said anxiously, "In the depths of the Great Desolate Sea Domain, there is a channel which could lead people out of the Immortal World. As to where it leads to, I am not very sure. This is a map which I made myself."

    As she spoke, Gou Wuyu threw a crystal ball to Mo Wuji. Ever since she started cultivation, she had never felt such clear deathly aura looming around her.
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