Chapter 610: Scram, Lun Cai

    Chapter 610: Scram, Lun Cai

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    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan through it and a clear azimuth map of the Great Desolate Sea Domain appeared in his brain. Mo Wuji was impressed at this woman's self made azimuth crystal ball.

    After keeping the crystal ball, Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual will and said coldly, "Scram, don't fall into my hands in the future."

    The moment she sensed that her surrounding had eased up, Gou Wuyu fled instantly.

    Kuang Benhou saw that his wife had escaped to a safe place before heaving a sigh of relief and said in the same tone as Mo Wuji, "I want to say the same thing to you. Don't let us meet you again."

    Soon after, Kuang Benhou's body shifted and he hurried behind his wife into the depths of the Great Desolate Sea Domain.

    Han Long finally managed to catch her breath as she looked at Mo Wuji with a newfound respect and admiration. When she first travelled with Mo Wuji, she felt that Mo Wuji was much weaker than her and according to her sources, Mo Wuji was only a Xuan Immortal.

    Now, she realised that Mo Wuji was definitely not a Xuan Immortal but a Grand Yi Immortal whose strength was not any weaker than a Grand Luo Immortal. Even so, not every Grand Luo Immortal was able to restrain Gou Wuyu back or at least, Han Long herself was not able to do so.

    "Let me take the helm and we shall head towards the place you mentioned," After receiving Gou Wuyu's positioning ball, he was feeling very satisfied. Since he was unable to concoct Tier 7 immortal pills, he would not force himself at this moment.

    With this positioning ball, if he couldn't defeat or had nowhere to go, he would leave the Immortal World immediately. His only concern would be Cen Shuyin as he wondered how was Cen Shuyin coping now.

    "Dao Friend Han, the Moon Seeking Mountain of the Devil Moon Immortal School had been razed so did you know about the whereabouts of Lin Gu? The one who invited me to treat her mother," At the thought of Cen Shuyin, Mo Wuji couldn't help but to ask.

    Han Long knew that Mo Wuji was friends with Lin Gu and she wouldn't even be surprised if there was something between them. Therefore, when Mo Wuji asked about Lin Gu, it wasn't much to her surprise, "I am not sure about Lin Gu but Lin Gu's mother, Shi Gulan, managed to escape with severe injuries with the help of Elder Gu of the Devil Moon Immortal School.

    Hearing that Shi Gulan managed to escape, his heart felt lighter.

    Since Lin Gu was Shi Gulan's daughter, she wouldn't have neglected her if she managed to escape out alive.


    The Cape of Peace had been welcoming countless of experts and all of these experts had been asking about the whereabouts of Mo Wuji. There were even two Immortal Emperors who came looking for Mo Wuji.

    However, now that Mo Wuji was not in the Cape of Peace, even these Immortal Emperors were helpless.

    Today, an extremely unordinary person had came to the Cape of Peace. He was a skinny and tall man wearing a black and white immortal robe.

    This man was already tall but when there was an extra crown on his head, he looked extremely outstanding even from far away. This was not the most eye-catching part about him because he had a pair of triangular eyes. This triangular eyes were far too distinct for one to miss it.

    No matter who it was, everyone who saw this man bowed respectfully towards him. Even though this man didn't even take a look at those who bowed and greeted him, no one dared to do otherwise.

    Everyone was aware of who this man was because he was Grand Emperor Lun Cai of the Unfettered Emperor Palace. If someone were to pick out ten most eccentric experts of the Immortal World, Lun Cai would definitely be one of them. If someone were to pick out the top five, Lun Cai would still be within the rankings.

    This man's cultivation level was extremely high and he does things based on his mood. When he got angry, his anger might even result in the deaths of many innocent people.

    He could ignore you even when you greet him but if you choose not to greet him and angered him, he would slap you into ashes with one hand.

    Moreover, nobody dared to offend his Unfettered Emperor Palace. He was the only one who could offend others and not the other way round. In other words, those who offended him would no longer be in this world.

    Even though Emperor Luncai was rude and arrogant, he wasn't an idiot to know that he was in the territory of the Cape of Peace. This was why after he entered the Cape of Peace, he took the initiative to contribute 100,000 immortal crystals. In the Cape of Peace, any personnel above the ranks of a Immortal King would have to contribute 100,000 immortal crystals.

    Contributing the immortal crystals didn't mean that this fella would be a law-abiding person. The moment he set foot on the Cape of Peace, his immortal energy was agitated as he shouted, "Those who can tell me the whereabouts of Mo Wuji would be rewarded handsomely by me. If someone knew about Mo Wuji but choose not to tell me, if I were to find out, you would not have a second life..."

    "Ah..." The moment Grand Emperor Lun Cai finished his piece, a sarcastic voice could be heard, "Lun Cai, this is not your Unfettered Emperor Palace so you shouldn't act so arrogant here. Scram."


    It had been way too many years since Lun Cai heard someone asking him to scram. Immense killing intent shrouded his body and a few weaker cultivators who were greeting him died on the spot.

    The remaining cultivators scrambled to get away from him because no matter would be able to handle the wrath of Grand Emperor Lun Cai. If this old fella actually extended his domain, everyone caught within his domain would definitely be wiped out.

    "Zhuo Pingan, do you really think that because we are in the Cape of Peace, I, Lun Cai, wouldn't dare to do anything?" Lun Cai's killing intent extended outwards and the energy destroyed a few neighbourhood shophouses instantly.

    Under this immense killing energy, tens of innocent cultivators lost their life just like that.

    This killing intent was blocked immediately as a similarly terrifying energy surged from the depths of the Cape of Peace and then an ordinary looking fan was waving in front of Lun Cai.

    Lun Cai's Immortal Emperor Domain was actually tearing apart by this fan and a pale face scholar walked out. He had no killing intent around his body and while Lun Cai's killing intent was approaching him, he managed to disperse it when it came close to him. This pale face scholar looking man was indeed the ruler of the Cape of Peace, Zhuo Pingan.

    A warning alarm rang in the head of every cultivator in the Cape of Peace as if even the space around them was about to collapse.

    Lun Cai looked even more imposing than ever as he reached out his arm to grab a ten feet long red pole that was as wide an as arm.

    Zhuo Pingan looked just as serious as he knew that this wasn't an ordinary red pole but Lun Cai's famous magic treasure, the Blazing Babel Pillar.

    If he were to allow this Blazing Babel Pillar to let loose in his Cape of Peace, there wouldn't be a point even if he were to make Lun Cai retreat. Therefore, before Lun Cai could swing his Blazing Babel Pillar, Zhuo Pingan's foldable fan opened up. A seemingly lifeless grey world enveloped the entire space around them and Lun Cai seemed to have been brought out of the Immortal World, into this world that Zhuo Pingan brought out.

    Lun Cai grunted coldly as his Blazing Babel Pillar skyrocketed abruptly in an attempt to destroy Zhuo Pingan's grey world. Zhuo Pingan wouldn't let Lun Cai have his way as his grey world instantly wrapped around the Blazing Babel Pillar to prevent the flame from the pillar to burst apart. Concurrently, some grey colour pierced through Lun Cai's domain and banged against Lun Cai's chest.

    It was as if his immortal domain was smashed apart as Lun Cai's face turned pale before spitting a mouthful of fresh blood. Following which, Lun Cai couldn't be bothered about executing his attack with his Blazing Babel Pillar as he retreated instantaneously. After half a breath later, he returned to a place which was miles away from the Cape of Peace.

    "Zhuo Pingan, I will remember your plot against me today," Lun Cai's cold voice could be heard even from the western sea.

    Zhuo Pingan couldn't be bothered with Lun Cai as he walked back instead of going after him. He forcefully swallowed some blood because in the short clash with Lun Cai earlier on, he looked like he won a beautiful battle but the truth was that he didn't have the upper hand.

    He didn't chase after Lun Cai because he knew that Lun Cai would not come after him too. Any other person who dared to kill and destroy people and buildings in his Cape of Peace, he would never let them go no matter how far they escaped. However, there was nothing Zhuo Pingan could do against Lun Cai.

    An earth shattering battle between two great forces ended in a jiffy. Even though the battle ended, the topic it left behind became a topic for conversation in the Cape of Peace.

    It was an honourable experience to be able to witness the fight of two Immortal Emperors and who would honestly care about the tens of cultivators who had been killed?


    "This is it," In the Great Desolate Sea Domain, Han Long indicated for Mo Wuji to stop the flying shuttle and pointed to a place.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan that place and even the sea domain underneath his feet only to look suspiciously at Han Long, "Dao Friend Han, are you wasting my time? There are nothing here."

    There was indeed nothing around here with neither hidden arrays nor island reefs. After saying this, Mo Wuji appeared to have thought of something as he condensed his spiritual eye immediately. With the aid of his spiritual eye, a faint shadow appeared.

    "Hold on..." Han Long didn't know that Mo Wuji had already noticed something odd with his spiritual eye but after she told Mo Wuji to hold on, she raised her hand to cut herself. Following which, she brought her bloodstains to sprinkle in the space in front of them before using her light to shine at where the bloodstain was.

    There was initially nothing there but a pitch black spatial whirlpool suddenly appeared in front of them. Han Long turned to Mo Wuji and said, "Pill Master Mo, follow me in quickly. The first space that I open would be the biggest and I might not be able to do the same once it closes,"

    With that said, Han Long jumped into the whirlpool.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he kept his flying shuttle and jumped right in too. The two of them landed on solid ground and they couldn't see the Great Desolate Sea Domain anymore.

    Both of them were standing on a black stone with radius of about less than 10 feet and behind the rock, there was a faint ripple. Mo Wuji predicted that this ripple would be the way out.

    Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye once more and he really did see a long pathway in front of this rock. There seemed to be a puppet standing right at the end of the pathway.

    "Wait for me to sprinkle some more blood, a pathway will appear here. Afterwards, we would follow the path and we would meet a Puppet Beast. Behind the puppet would be a massive array and we would be able to tell that there are still immortal herbs in it," Han Long finished her piece and was prepared to release more of her blood.

    Mo Wuji stopped Han Long's action and said, "Dao Friend Han, hold on and let me try."
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