Chapter 611: Han Clan Ruins

    Chapter 611: Han Clan Ruins

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    When Mo Wuji finished speaking, he tried to imitate what Han Long did: raising his hand and slitting his wrist. Thereafter, he dropped his blood on the space in front of them.

    However, nothing happened. Mo Wuji said puzzledly, "Don't tell me we have to attack it?"

    Han Long hurriedly waved his hand, "No need. There's no need to attack anything. Let me do it."

    With that, Han Long sprinkled some fresh blood. Indeed, it was just as she said; a pathway appeared in front of them. It was exactly the same pathway that Mo Wuji saw with his spiritual will.

    "Dao Friend Han, are you of some ancient bloodline?" Mo Wuji looked at Han Long with a bemused expression on his face.

    Han Long hurriedly waved her hand, "No. The reason why I'm able to cultivate to this stage has nothing to do with bloodline, but my own hardwork."

    Even though Mo Wuji was still quite confused, he didn't continue asking. The two of them followed along the path to the end, there, they saw an immortal puppet. It was clearly deficient in spiritual energy as it didn't even move after a long time.

    Behind the immortal puppet, there was indeed the faint outline of an immortal herb garden.

    "I know a bit about arrays. If the two of us join forces, we would need three years at the most to open this concealment array," Han Long pointed to the array behind the immortal puppet and said.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "There's no need to worry about the array for now. Let me research on this immortal puppet first."

    This immortal puppet looked extremely ugly [1]. Clearly, the person who forged this puppet didn't put much effort into it. Logically, if that was the case, the grade of the puppet shouldn't be too high. However, Mo Wuji could feel an intensely strong energy from within this immortal puppet. As he stood in front of this puppet, he felt like nothing more than an ant.

    A puppet that couldn't move could actually evoke such an extraordinary feeling. It was indeed quite peculiar.

    Mo Wuji condensed some immortal spiritual energy and struck it against that immortal puppet.

    That immortal puppet seemed to have been enraged as its stagnant arms suddenly sped up and it actually attacked Mo Wuji.

    Before Mo Wuji could even react, he felt an intense force looming towards him. Mo Wuji wasn't even able to resist as this force struck heavily on his chest. He instantly coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood as he was sent flying backwards, crashing against the path.

    "You can't touch the immortal puppet. Even though it doesn't have enough spiritual energy, its ability to counterattack is very strong. I suffered under it once before." Seeing Mo Wuji attack that puppet, Han Long cried out anxiously.

    Mo Wuji sat on the ground. He waved his hand towards Han Long, indicating for her to stop talking. He tried to recall that immortal puppet's attack; that attack contained an indescribable dao energy. Even though it seemed very simple, that move actually contained some great heavenly dao. It gave the impression of complexity within simplicity. That move seemed to grab the entire space between them, and smashed it against him.

    At this instant, a new insight appeared within Mo Wuji's mind. This was the kind of power than only Immortal Kings and above could demonstrate; it borrowed the power of the heavenly daos, and with a simple gesture, it created supreme might.

    In Mo Wuji's path of cultivation, he had created his own technique and skills; with this attack from this puppet, he was able to grasp that dao energy from within. This dao energy continuously circulated within Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel, and thereafter, it become Mo Wuji's understanding towards the Dao.

    By the side, Han Long could also feel that Mo Wuji was in a state of understanding. She didn't say another word and waited silently by the side.

    Multiple days later, Mo Wuji suddenly stood up. He uttered a long sigh and muttered to himself, "I understand."

    He did understand; he understood why he was unable to concoct Tier 7 pills. It was because Tier 7 pills were meant for Grand Luo Immortals to advance to become Immortal Kings; such pills must contain a heavenly dao, or the dao energy from an Immortal King or above.

    He was just a Grand Yi Immortal and he hadn't made any contact with such a dao energy. It would be weird if he was able to concoct Tier 7 immortal pills. This wasn't related to his current standards with the Pill Dao.

    But now, he had glimpsed upon on such a heavenly dao, and he continued to ruminate on this bit of insight with his dao revelation channel. Mo Wuji believed that he would finally be able to concoct Tier 7 pills at the Grand Yi Immortal Stage.

    This time, his trip was not in vain; just this insight alone made Mo Wuji feel that this trip had been very worthwhile.

    "This puppet is not bad. I hope to keep it." Mo Wuji's eyes turned away from the puppet and onto Han Long.

    Han Long smiled, "I don't have any interest in this puppet. Since Pill Master Mo wants it, then feel free to take it."

    Han Long was only interested in advancing and becoming an Immortal King, so she really didn't have any interest in this presumably Grade 7 immortal puppet. Moreover, this puppet was extremely ugly; as a girl, she did prefer beautiful things. Whether it was a beast, or a puppet, she wanted one that was cute.

    "Many thanks Dao Friend Han. After I refine this immortal puppet, we can break this array." Mo Wuji hurriedly expressed his gratitude. In his eyes, this puppet definitely wasn't as simple as being only Grade 7; Mo Wuji suspected that this puppet was at least at the pinnacle of Grade 8, or even Grade 9.

    As long as he didn't attack this puppet, the puppet wouldn't counterattack. Mo Wuji approached this puppet and his spiritual will was easily able to pentrate in.

    When Mo Wuji felt the boundless runes and enigmatic seals within the immortal puppet, he came to realise that his scant of array knowledge was truly not worth mentioning. Mo Wuji didn't even understand many of the runes, much less to be learnt about them. Fortunately, he was only refining this puppet and he didn't need to learn about these arrays.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will from both his spirit storage channel and his sea of consciousness landed on this immortal puppet. He soon began to forget where he even was. If not for his elemental storage channels, anyone could easily assassinate him.

    The moment Mo Wuji started refining this puppet, Han Long sighed. She knew that Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't awaken for quite some time. With her Array Dao standards, it was basically impossible for her to break this array alone. As she thought of this, she decided to train and condense her immortal elemental energy.

    Time passed like that. In the blink of an eye, a year passed.

    On this day, the puppet emitted an ear-piercing shrill. The closed eyed Han Long immediately opened her eyes and she discovered that Mo Wuji was already standing up, carressing this child sized immortal puppet with a brilliant smile on his face.

    "Pill Master Mo, you've already refined this immortal puppet?" Han Long only needed a single glance at Mo Wuji's expression to know that he had succeeded.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes, thanks for bringing me here and even acting as my defender. This immortal puppet is very useful to me."

    "What grade is this immortal puppet?" Han Long couldn't quell her curiosity.

    Mo Wuji contemplated, but he still shook his head, "It's not that I don't want to tell you, but I don't really know what grade this immortal puppet is. I feel that this puppet should at least be Grade 9, but unfortunately, I've never seen an Immortal Emperor fight before, so I don't know what's the gap between this puppet and an Immortal Emperor. However, this immortal puppet doesn't seem to be powered by immortal crystals."

    "Ah..." As she continued to hear about the puppet, Han Long's expression turned from shock to muddlement. She looked at Mo Wuji in confusion; if this immortal puppet didn't use immortal crystals, then what did it use?

    Mo Wuji did not lie to Han Long, "I can faintly feel that its powered by a crystal that is at an even higher grade than an immortal crystals. Even though the grade of this immortal puppet isn't low, I'm not able to display its full power."

    As he said this, Mo Wuji felt deep regret.

    "Perhaps we'll find that crystal inside. Let's work together to open this concealment array." Han Long pointed at the array behind the immortal puppet.

    "I'm enough to deal with this array. Actually, the first step here was to refine this immortal puppet, then we would naturally be able to open this array." Mo Wuji explained. After refining this immortal puppet, he already came to understand this array.

    Actually, before he refined this puppet, Mo Wuji already knew how to open this array. However, he would need to use his spiritual eye. But now, he didn't even need to use his spiritual eye. With just ten array flags, and less than ten breaths of time, this array was opened.

    Han Long never expected that the array she thought would require a few years to break, would now be casually opened by Mo Wuji. Before she could even sigh in praise, she was stunned still be the statue that appeared before her.

    This statue actually looked similar to her, especially the eyes and the nose. That was not the main point, the main point was that she recognised this statue. This statue actually had a 90% resemblance to her Han Clan ancestor, Han Yi. Her Han Clan ancestor, Han Yi, was the number one person in the entire Planet High Hope. It was because of this Han Yi, that the Han Clan's name spread throughout Planet High Hope and in the countless of years, no one dared to lay hands on the Han Clan.

    Mo Wuji also noticed that this statue looked similar to Han Long. His spiritual will then turned towards the jade letter in the statue's hand. The jade letter wasn't sealed so Mo Wuji was easily able to see the contents, "Since you're able to come here, it must mean that you are related to the Han Clan. My name is Han Yi, I came from Planet High Hope's Han Clan. In the Very High Heavens, I was plotted against by Hu Chisheng and I fled to the Great Desolate Sea Domain. Hu Chisheng is extremely powerful, so no matter who obtains this storage ring, you must not seek revenge for me.

    That immortal puppet isn't from the Immortal World, nor is it from the Very High Heavens. I managed to obtain it by chance, and in the ring, there's six crystals which can power the puppet, use them frugally. The ring requires blood to be refined, otherwise, it would be destroyed."

    Han Long had already picked up the jade letter and her spiritual will soon saw the contents within.

    "Pa!" The jade letter fell onto the floor. No wonder why she had never been able to find her ancestor Han Yi. It turns out that her ancestor had already perished in the Great Desolate Sea Domain. There was also no wonder why she seemed to feel some calling when she passed by this array. So this was a place prepared by her Han Clan ancestor.

    Mo Wuji also came to an understanding; this was the ruins of a Han Clan ancestor. The reason why Han Long could enter this place wasn't because of some ancient bloodline, but because of the Han blood that flowed within her.

    From the looks of it, that puppet that he obtained was Han Long's. This left Mo Wuji slightly disappointed. However, he was soon able to cast this disappointment aside. Even without the puppet, he could negotiate with Zhuo Pingan. He did not believe that there was no place in the Immortal World that he couldn't run to.

    After some time, Han Long walked to the ring agitatedly. She dripped a drop of blood on it and that ring landed in her hand. That ring disappeared. Then the statue crumbled.

    Mo Wuji didn't say a word.

    There were indeed immortal herbs here but they were all withered. From outside the array previously, that Emperor Dao Fruit looked normal but when Mo Wuji entered, he could feel that there wasn't any sort of immortal spiritual energy or dao energy within it.
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