Chapter 612: The Tragic Tian Ji Sect Disciples

    Chapter 612: The Tragic Tian Ji Sect Disciples

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    Han Long looked at the crumbled statue in a daze. She only regained her countenance after some time. She carefully placed the crushed stones into her storage ring then she turned to Mo Wuji and said apologetically, "Pill Master Mo, I'm truly sorry. I thought that this place was an immortal herb garden that even contained the Emperor Dao Fruit. I didn't expect that it was the resting place of my Han Clan ancestor."

    Mo Wuji hurriedly waved his hand, "It's okay. I have many Tier 7 immortal herbs which are already enough for me to advance and become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor. Whether there are immortal herbs here doesn't really make a big impact on me."

    With that, Mo Wuji waved his hand again and brought that immortal puppet out, "Dao Friend Han, since this is left behind by your Han Clan ancestor, then you should keep it."

    Han Long shook her head, "No. Since I obtained my ancestor's ruins, these items are mine. I have already agreed to give it to you. Moreover, I'm even asking Pill Master Mo to concoct pills for me..."

    When Han Long got here, she suddenly stopped. She retrieved five green crystals and handed them to Mo Wuji and said, "Pill Master Mo, my ancestor left eight of these crystals. There should be used to fuel the puppet. I'm keeping three and I will five to you."

    If not for the fact that he had far too many enemies, Mo Wuji would definitely have rejected it. This was equivalent to receiving gifts from Han Long for free. But now, he really couldn't reject the crystals. He accepted the five crystals and was about to express his thanks. However, the moment those crystals landed in his paln, the pure immortal spiritual energy left him stunned. This thing was not only more concentrated in spiritual energy than high grade immortal crystals, it seemed to be at an even higher grade than his immortal essence crystals.

    It didn't merely contain immortal spiritual energy; there was even a sort of dao energy.

    This was definitely some good stuff. Mo Wuji carefully took a jade box out and stored the five crystals. Then, he took out a Seven Flower Fire Heartstone and handed it to Han Long and said, "Dao Friend Han, I really obtained a lot this time because of you. In the future, if you need my help, I definitely won't reject you. I'm giving this Seven Flower Heartstone to you; I no longer need it."

    No matter what, he really owed Han Long a considerable debt of favour.

    Han Long accepted the Fire Heartstone and laughed, "We're already considered friends. In the future, we should mutually help one another. However, Pill Master Mo, we shouldn't return to the Cape of Peace now. Let's find someplace and enter seclusion. I will wait for you to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor."

    Mo Wuji smiled proudly, "There's no need to find some other place, here is enough. I have confidence that I will become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor in half a year. Moreover, it's not necessary that we don't return to the Cape of Peace. That immortal puppet definitely isn't weaker than Lun Cai."

    Han Long directly ignored the last part of Mo Wuji's words. She asked in pleasant surprise, "Pill Master Mo, you're saying that you can concoct the Draining Immortal King Pills in half a year?"

    No one could understand Han Long's desire for the Draining Immortal King Pill.

    "That's right. I'm sure that I will definitely be able to concoct the Drainining Immortal King Pill in half a year." To sooth Han Long's heart, Mo Wuji continued speaking in a voice of certainty. In reality, after he gained enlightenment on the foundations of a Tier 7 immortal pill, he did have that much certainty and confidence.

    "Alright, we'll enter closed doors here," Han Long said promptly. Her wish to advance to the Immortal King Stage was always hanging on her heart.

    Mo Wuji retrieved some array flags and started to install an array. He was going to stay here to continue trying to concoct Tier 7 immortal pills. Previously, he felt a sort of heavenly dao from that puppet; it was extremely useful to his understanding of concocting Tier 7 immortal pills. During this closed doors session, organising his understanding and thoughts was his utmost priority.


    Ding Po Immortal City. One of the number cities in Luo Ling Immortal Domain.

    At this instant tall bare-footed man with golden hair was walking into the immortal city. The moment this man appeared, he immediately caught the attention of the crowd.

    The reason why people were looking at him wasn't because of his bare foot or his golden hair, but because of the spear that he carried on his shoulder. There wasn't anything special about the spear; what was unique was the people the hanging on the spear.

    That's right, there were people hung on the spear. It was not just one person, but four people.

    The four people were naked; not even a single shred of skin could be seen in their entire bodies. Their entire bodies were dipping with blood. What caused people's hearts to turn cold was that the four people were impaled through their collarbones, and their heads were drooping on the spear.

    As the bare-footed man walked into the immortal city, a trail of blood could be seen behind him. It was unknown whether the four on his spear were dead or alive.

    "How cruel..." A cultivator muttered softly outside the city gates.

    However, before his words could fully form, his companion hurriedly pulled him away and scolded him in a hushed voice, "Feng Yi, are you tired of living? Do you know what that is? That's the Great Sword Path Immortal Reverent Sa Jian's direct disciple, Ni Ju. In Sa Jian's Honorable Sword School, he's status is only second to Huang Sha. The four people hanging on his spear should be the survivors from Tian Ji Sect."

    "Ah..." When he heard that this person was Great Sword Path Sa Jian's disciple, that cultivator exclaimed in fear.

    At the same time, in another corner outside the city gate, a veiled woman's entire body was trembling. Tears was staining the veil on her face.

    Beside this woman, there was a thin looking youth. When he saw the situation, he whispered, "Senior Sister Su, what do we do now?"

    That veiled woman anxiously pulled the thin youth and the two swiftly walked off. Only when they were far from Ding Po Immortal City, that woman said in a sobbing tone, "The people impaled on Ni Ju's spear are all my fellow disciples of Tian Ji Sect. That person is truly too cruel. It's not bad enough that he's killing the disciples of Tian Ji Sect, but he even used such vicious methods..."

    "That beast. Unfortunately, big brother is not around. If big brother was here, he would definitely take revenge." That thin youth clenched his fists tightly and scolded.

    These two were exactly Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er. When Grand Emperor Lun Cai sent people to destroy Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pill Court, the two of them coincidentally weren't around. When Tian Ji Pill Court's array was still blocking the other party, Yi Lan hurriedly sent them a message, allowing them to preserve their lives. However, Yi Lan, Bian Huiyu, as well as two Tian Ji Sect disciples that they saved, were killed.

    Because Mo Wuji left behind large amounts of pills and cultivation resources in Tian Ji Sect, Dou Hualong is already at the early Golden Immortal Stage, while Su Rou'Er had just advanced into the Xuan Immortal Stage.

    After Dou Hualong uttered that sentence, he recalled the rumours that Mo Wuji had already died, and he sighed. He didn't continue speaking any further. Previously, he was a useless oddjob, but because he got to know Brother Mo, he was able to get to where he was today.

    Su Rou'Er also turned silent; the two of them didn't know where they should go. The Immortal World was so big but they realised that they didn't have any place that they could take refuge in.

    "Senior Sister Su, I heard that Brother Mo is from Yong Ying Immortal Domain. Why don't we go there." Dou Hualong said after some time. His anger had already faded, grief took its place.

    Before Su Rou'Er could respond, they heard two cultivators discussing loudly not far from them.

    "Grand Emperor Lun Cai really fought with Grand Emperor Pingan?"

    "That's definitely true, one of my friends witness it personally. The power from their battle seemed to be able to turn the entire Cape of Peace into a wasted ruins. If not for Grand Emperor Pingan having a sacred art that was no weaker than Grand Emperor Lun Cai, then there might no longer be a Cape of Peace."

    "Has Lun Cai gone mad? He actually went to offend Grand Emperor Pingan? Doesn't he know that Grand Emperor Pingan is an expert that shouldn't be offended?"

    "I heard that Mo Wuji took refuge in the Cape of Peace. Thereafter, Lun Cai tried to find Mo Wuji, and ended up angering Grand Emperor Pingan..."

    As the two talked, they had already walked into the distance. However, Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong stopped. They had just received some important news: Mo Wuji was in the Cape of Peace.

    "Senior Sister Su, why don't we go over to the Cape of Peace to look for big brother." When he heard that Mo Wuji was alive, a hint of spirit appeared within Dou Hualong's eyes. In his eyes, Mo Wuji was a god-like existence that no one else could compare to.

    When Su Rou'Er heard that Mo Wuji was alive, she also seemed to have a new sense of direction. She calmed down and after a brief moment of contemplation, she said seriously, "I heard of the Cape of Peace before. Without a large amount of immortal crystals, you won't be able to enter that place. With the immortal crystals that both of us have combined, we might not even be able to enter the shores of the Cape of Peace.

    Moreover, since Brother Mo is in the Cape of Peace, we would only be causing him trouble. With Brother Mo's character, he definitely wouldn't let things go now that such unfortunate things happened to him. I think, we should search for a remote place to cultivate and wait for more news about Brother Mo."

    "Senior Sister Su, I'll listen to you. Where should we go?" Dou Hualong didn't have much opinions of his own. Now that Su Rou'Er had brought up such a logical argument, he would naturally agree with it.

    "I hear that Water Ying Immortal City had gotten a lot of benefits from Brother Mo. Why don't we hide in Water Ying Immortal City," Su Rou'Er answered.


    Mo Wuji, who had been behind closed doors for two months, was now concocting a batch of Trio Revolving Blood Solitary Pill. Initially, he wanted to integrate that puppet's heavenly dao with his own Pill Dao. However, after practising and trying for two months, Mo Wuji came to a conclusion: he wasn't able to do it.

    Firstly, he wasn't able to do it. Secondly, that heavenly dao was diametrically opposite with the dao that he was cultivating. It was like walking in the opposite direction.

    On theory, even if one walked in opposite direction, as long as he continued to persevere, he would still be able to reach his destination eventually, albeit he would have to spend much effort and time. For instance, if you want to get from your front door to your back door, you only need to cross the distance of your living room. But if you choose to take the other way, you would still be able to get to your back door. It's just that instead of the distance of a living room, you would be crossing the distance of the entire planet.

    Mo Wuji didn't have the effort to cross the distance of the entire planet. He was going to use his own Great Dao and insert it into the pill and concoct a Tier 7 immprtal pill.

    His Great Dao was about turning the mortal into an immortal. If he treated these immortal herbs as ordinary items, then with his own Pill Dao, as well as his own Great Dao, he would turn these ordinary objects into unordinary ones.
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